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Topps Star Wars Episode 1

Topps Star Wars Episode 1

Year: 1999
Total cards: 175

Collection preview (60% scanned images)

collecting: 6 / completed: 1


1Episode 1: The Phantom Menace-Base Card414.00
2Trade Federation Rendezvous-Base Card505.00
3The Guardians of Peace-Base Card505.00
4Begin Landing Your Troops!-Base Card404.00
5Protocol Droid Surprise-Base Card414.00
6Over Nabod Swampland-Base Card414.00
7An Awkward Introduction-Base Card414.00
8New Friend of the Jedi-Base Card414.00
9Destination: Otoh Gunga-Base Card404.00
10... In Big Dudu Dis Time!-Base Card404.00
11Jar Jar's Life-Debt-Base Card414.00
12The Gungan Sub-Base Card404.00
13What Lurks Behind ...-Base Card414.00
14Tongue of Terror-Base Card414.00
15Escaping the Opee Sea Killer-Base Card414.00
16The Sando Aqua Monster-Base Card404.00
17The Colo Claw Fish-Base Card505.00
18The Queen's Palace in Theed-Base Card404.00
19An Emergency Escape-Base Card422.00
20Aboard the Transport Ship-Base Card505.00
21The Dark Lord Called Maul-Base Card404.00
22A Brave Little R2 Unit-Base Card505.00
23Refueling and Repairing-Base Card404.00
24Space Junk for Sale-Base Card505.00
25Bargaining with Watto-Base Card414.00
26A Message from Mos Espa-Base Card505.00
27Obi-Wan On Board-Base Card404.00
28A Tasty Treat for Jar Jar-Base Card414.00
29Snagged by Sebulba-Base Card505.00
30Anakin Confronts His Rival-Base Card505.00
31Conscience of the Queen-Base Card414.00
32Sid Bibble's Plea-Base Card422.00
33Hit by a Sandstorm-Base Card505.00
34Dinner in a Slave Hovel-Base Card414.00
35Padmé Doesn't Approve-Base Card505.00
36Either Way, You Win-Base Card505.00
37Young Hero ... Or Bug Squash?-Base Card505.00
38Podrace Preparations-Base Card414.00
39A Mouthful of Energy-Base Card505.00
40Hard-Working Astromech Droid-Base Card404.00
41Darth Maul on Tatooine-Base Card404.00
42Inside the Podrace Hangar-Base Card414.00
43Skeptical Toydarian-Base Card505.00
44A Day at the Podrace-Base Card414.00
45Presiding over the Podrace-Base Card404.00
46They're Off!-Base Card515.00
47Intergalactic Spectators-Base Card515.00
48He's on the Leader-Base Card505.00
49Skywalker Rules!-Base Card414.00
50The Call to Destiny-Base Card422.00
51Escape from Tatooine-Base Card404.00
52On the Way to Coruscant-Base Card414.00
53Palpatine's Political Ploy-Base Card414.00
54Qui-Gon and the Jedi Council-Base Card505.00
55The Galactic Senate-Base Card404.00
56Twelve Concerned Jedi-Base Card404.00
57Tested He Will Be-Base Card414.00
58Facing Mace Windu-Base Card414.00
59Judgement of the Jedi-Base Card414.00
60Unspeakable Alliance-Base Card404.00
61Binks Leads the Way-Base Card404.00
62An Audience with Boss Nass-Base Card404.00
63Her True Identity Revealed-Base Card404.00
64The Mysterious Enemy-Base Card505.00
65Trade Federation Tanks Close In-Base Card404.00
66Orders from OOM-9-Base Card404.00
67Battle Droid Formation-Base Card404.00
68Preparing for the Assault-Base Card404.00
69The Battle Droid Army-Base Card505.00
70Qui-Gon's Fight for Life-Base Card404.00
71Star Pilot Ric Olie'-Base Card422.00
72Attacking a Space Station-Base Card404.00
73Unexpected Help from Anakin-Base Card505.00
74Jedi vs. Sith-Base Card505.00
75Young Skywalker's Gamble-Base Card414.00
76Defeat of the Battle Droids-Base Card505.00
77Their Evil Scheme Shattered!-Base Card505.00
78The Lightsaber Duel-Base Card414.00
79A Jedi Falls-Base Card404.00
80Star Wars Episode I Checklist-Base Card404.00
X-1Pit Droids at WorkPodraceChase Card / Expansion515.00
X-2A Jarred Jar JarPodraceChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-3Droids in Watto's Junk ShopPodraceChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-4Anakin's PodracerPodraceChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-5Watching from On HighPodraceChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-6Monitoring the PodracePodraceChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-7A Final Word from WattoPodraceChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-8Sebulba Gets Ready To RacePodraceChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-9Flying Across the DesertPodraceChase Card / Expansion515.00
X-10Winning the PodracePodraceChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-11With a Pal Like Jar Jar ...Jedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-12Streets of Mos EspaJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-13Knights of Light and DarkJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-14Dark Lord of the SithJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-15The Jedi CouncilJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-16Can This Boy Be a Jedi?Jedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion515.00
X-17Questioning AnakinJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-18Of Destiny and Great DangerJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-19The Judgement of Mace WinduJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-20Holo-View of Darth SidiousJedi vs. SithChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-21Jar Jar of Otoh GungaAliensChase Card / Expansion515.00
X-22A Toydarian Named WattoAliensChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-23Four-Footed TransportationAliensChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-24Podrace FeverAliensChase Card / Expansion515.00
X-25Sebulba Coming Up Fast!AliensChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-26Anakin's Pals and HelpersAliensChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-27On-Screen Podrace ExcitementAliensChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-28It's All Up to Boss NassAliensChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-29Citizens of the SeaAliensChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-30Battle Droid Flanking ViceroyAliensChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-31Awaiting the JediDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-32Trade Federation Tanks Upon the HillDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-33Armored Warships AdvancingDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion606.00
X-34OOM-9 Surveys the BattlefieldDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-35The Trade Federation's FinestDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-36The ReconfiguratorsDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-37Wardroids on the MarchDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion404.00
X-38Naboo Fighter SurroundedDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-39Last Line of Droid DefenseDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion505.00
X-40Day of the Battle DroidDroid BattleChase Card / Expansion505.00
C1Palace of Queen Amidala-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
C2The Tatooine Adventure-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
C3Space Junk Dealer Watto-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
C4The Incomplete Threepio-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
C5Juggling Jar Jar Binks-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
C6Betting on Sebulba-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
C7A Gathering of Jedi-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
C8Forces of Justice Closing In-Chase Card / Chrome Card515.00
F1Anakin Skywalker-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F2Qui-Gon Jinn-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card505.00
F3Obi-Wan Kenobi-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F4Queen Amidala-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F5Jar Jar Binks-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F6Watto-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F7Darth Maul-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F8Nute Gunray-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F9Battle Droid-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
F10C-3P0 & R2-D2-Chase Card / Mirror Foil Card606.00
S1Qui-Gon Jinn-Sticker606.00
S2Obi-Wan Kenobi-Sticker606.00
S3The Neimoidians-Sticker606.00
S4Jar Jar Binks-Sticker606.00
S5Darth Sidious-Sticker505.00
S6Queen Amidala-Sticker606.00
S8Padmé Naberrie-Sticker606.00
S9Anakin Skywalker-Sticker606.00
S11Darth Maul-Sticker606.00
S12Mace Windu-Sticker606.00
S14Battle Droids-Sticker606.00
S15Boss Nass-Sticker606.00
S16The Galactic Senate-Sticker505.00
TBC1Anakin Skywalker-Chase Card / Tin Box Chrome Inserts606.00
TBC2Darth Maul-Chase Card / Tin Box Chrome Inserts606.00
TBC3Obi-Wan Kenobi-Chase Card / Tin Box Chrome Inserts606.00
TBC4Queen Amidala-Chase Card / Tin Box Chrome Inserts606.00
TBC5Qui-Gon-Chase Card / Tin Box Chrome Inserts606.00
H-1Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi-Chase Card / Trivia Card606.00
H-2Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda-Chase Card / Trivia Card606.00
H-3Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi-Chase Card / Trivia Card606.00
SW0Non-Sport Update Gummy Award-Promo Card606.00
SW1Star Wars Galaxy Collector #2-Promo Card606.00
SW2Star Wars Galaxy Collector #1-Promo Card606.00
SW3Star Wars Galaxy Collector #2-Promo Card606.00
SW4Star Wars Galaxy Collector #3-Promo Card606.00
SW5Star Wars Galaxy Collector #3-Promo Card606.00
SW6Star Wars Galaxy Collector #4-Promo Card606.00
SW7Star Wars Galaxy Collector #4-Promo Card606.00
SW8Star Wars Galaxy Collector #5-Promo Card606.00
SW9Star Wars Galaxy Collector #6-Promo Card606.00
0Episode One Official Souvenir MagazineChromiumPromo Card606.00
00Episode One Official Souvenir MagazineChromiumPromo Card606.00
000Star Wars Galaxy Collector #6ChromiumPromo Card606.00
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