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Topps Star Wars Force Attax Series 2

Topps Star Wars Force Attax Series 2

Year: 2011
Total cards: 244

Collection preview (99% scanned images)

collecting: 45 / completed: 15


1Anakin SkywalkerJedi KnightBase Card480.50
2Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightBase Card6100.60
3Ahsoka TanoJedi KnightBase Card5130.38
4YodaJedi KnightBase Card5110.45
5Mace WinduJedi KnightBase Card690.67
6Shaak TiJedi KnightBase Card6100.60
7Saesee TiinJedi KnightBase Card7150.47
8Kit FistoJedi KnightBase Card5120.42
9Aayla SecuraJedi KnightBase Card4120.33
10Plo KoonJedi KnightBase Card5110.45
11Luminara UnduliJedi KnightBase Card7100.70
12Barriss OffeeJedi KnightBase Card6120.50
13Ima-Gun DiJedi KnightBase Card4140.29
14Nahdar VebbJedi KnightBase Card5140.36
15Tera SinubeJedi KnightBase Card5120.42
16Bolla RopalJedi KnightBase Card5100.50
17Eeth KothJedi KnightBase Card4130.31
18Jocasta NuJedi KnightBase Card5130.38
19R2-D2DroidBase Card5110.45
20C-3PODroidBase Card3140.21
21R6-H5DroidBase Card6100.60
22R3-S6DroidBase Card5130.38
23R7-F5DroidBase Card5130.38
24TB-2 Medical DroidDroidBase Card4130.31
25Treadwell DroidDroidBase Card4130.31
26Police DroidDroidBase Card5140.36
27Clone Commander CodyClone TrooperBase Card7110.64
28Clone Captain RexClone TrooperBase Card5130.38
29Clone TrooperClone TrooperBase Card6130.46
30Clone Captain KeeliClone TrooperBase Card4100.40
31Clone Trooper BlackoutClone TrooperBase Card7110.64
32Clone ARF TrooperClone TrooperBase Card3140.21
33ARF TrooperClone TrooperBase Card7140.50
34Clone Commander WolffeClone TrooperBase Card4100.40
35Clone Commando FixerClone TrooperBase Card7130.54
36Clone Commando BossClone TrooperBase Card5110.45
37Clone Commando SevClone TrooperBase Card8130.62
38Clone Commando ScorchClone TrooperBase Card7110.64
39ARF TrooperClone TrooperBase Card4120.33
40Clone Trooper EchoClone TrooperBase Card7120.58
41Clone Trooper FivesClone TrooperBase Card6130.46
42Clone Arc Commander BlitzClone TrooperBase Card7110.64
43Clone Commander ColtClone TrooperBase Card6160.38
44Clone ARC Commander HavocClone TrooperBase Card7120.58
45Clone Pilot HawkClone TrooperBase Card5120.42
46Senate Guard CommandoClone TrooperBase Card8110.73
47Clone Senate Riot TrooperClone TrooperBase Card9110.82
48Clone Trooper OxClone TrooperBase Card6130.46
49Flamethrower Clone TrooperClone TrooperBase Card8170.47
50Clone MedicNavyBase Card7140.50
51Captain TarkinNavyBase Card6150.40
52Clone Flight Deck CrewmanNavyBase Card5170.29
53Senate Orn Free TaaSenateBase Card5100.50
54Senate Mon MothmaSenateBase Card4140.29
55Jar Jar BinksSenateBase Card6150.40
56Doge Nakha UrusSenateBase Card5140.36
57Kin RobbSenateBase Card4170.24
58SiloodSenateBase Card5150.33
59Senate Onaconda FarrSenateBase Card8110.73
60Senate KharrusSenateBase Card5150.33
61King KatuunkoSenateBase Card5100.50
62Senate Ryo ChuchiSenateBase Card4150.27
63Padm AmidalaSenateBase Card5100.50
64Captain TyphoSoldierBase Card4130.31
65Naboo GuardSoldierBase Card4120.33
66Toydarian Royal GuardSoldierBase Card9120.75
67Nala SeKaminoanBase Card6120.50
68Chairman Chi ChoPantoranBase Card3200.15
69Cham SyndullaRevolutionaryBase Card5130.38
70Lieutenant Tan DivoPoliceBase Card6140.43
71ChewbaccaWookieeBase Card7120.58
72Tee Watt KaaLurmenBase Card5130.38
73Medcha WantoTalzBase Card690.67
74Republic Assault ShipVehicleBase Card4170.24
75Republic FrigateVehicleBase Card6180.33
76Republic Medical FrigateVehicleBase Card7150.47
77Republic Attack ShuttleVehicleBase Card6160.38
78Republic Drop ShipVehicleBase Card6150.40
79Republic Mobile Command CentreVehicleBase Card4160.25
80TwilightVehicleBase Card5130.38
81Padm's StarshipVehicleBase Card5110.45
82AT-RT WalkerVehicleBase Card6160.38
83Anakin's Jedi StarfighterVehicleBase Card6150.40
84Obi-Wan's Jedi StarfighterVehicleBase Card5120.42
85Kit Fisto's Jedi StarfighterVehicleBase Card3110.27
86Toydarian Royal StarshipVehicleBase Card5160.31
87Freeco BikeVehicleBase Card5120.42
88BARC Speeder: AnakinVehicleBase Card6120.50
89BARC Speeder: Obi-WanVehicleBase Card5160.31
90IG-100 MagnaguardDroidBase Card6130.46
91Super Battle DroidDroidBase Card5150.33
92Dwarf Spider DroidDroidBase Card5140.36
93Retail DroidDroidBase Card5150.33
94Corporate Alliance Tank DroidDroidBase Card6140.43
95Commando DroidDroidBase Card5140.36
96A4-D Medical DroidDroidBase Card5100.50
97TA-175 Tactical DroidDroidBase Card5150.33
98Firefighter Battle DroidDroidBase Card5130.38
99AAT Driver Battle DroidDroidBase Card6180.33
100Pre VizslaMandalorianBase Card890.89
101Death Watch TrooperMandalorianBase Card5120.42
102Nute GunrayViceroyBase Card5130.38
103Wat TamborForemanBase Card8120.67
104Poggle The LesserArchdukeBase Card580.63
105Admiral TrenchNavyBase Card6140.43
106Dr. Nuvo VindiScientistBase Card5180.28
107Geonosian WarriorSoldierBase Card6150.40
108Geonosian Zombie WarriorSoldierBase Card4140.29
109Lok DurdGeneralBase Card5140.36
110Savage OpressSithBase Card4110.36
111Count DookuSithBase Card6110.55
112Asajj VentressSithBase Card5150.33
113Darth SidiousSithBase Card5140.36
114General GrievousSithBase Card4110.36
115Separatist Escort ShuttleVehicleBase Card8180.44
116MalevolenceVehicleBase Card4170.24
117Trident Drill ShipVehicleBase Card5140.36
118Banking Clan FrigateVehicleBase Card4180.22
119Trade Federation Landing ShipVehicleBase Card4140.29
120Count Dooku's Solar SailerVehicleBase Card4170.24
121AATVehicleBase Card5160.31
122Trade Federation BattleshipVehicleBase Card6160.38
123MTT Troop CarrierVehicleBase Card5150.33
124Cad BaneBounty HunterBase Card6120.50
125Aurra SingBounty HunterBase Card5170.29
126EmboBounty HunterBase Card4120.33
127SugiBounty HunterBase Card4180.22
128BosskBounty HunterBase Card4120.33
129Boba FettBounty HunterBase Card4170.24
130Ione MarcyBounty HunterBase Card5130.38
131Cato ParasittiBounty HunterBase Card6170.35
132SeripasBounty HunterBase Card4120.33
133Rumi ParamitaBounty HunterBase Card6110.55
134RoboninoBounty HunterBase Card5140.36
135BricBounty HunterBase Card790.78
136El-LesBounty HunterBase Card6180.33
137Gha NachktBounty HunterBase Card5130.38
138Turk FalsoPirateBase Card5130.38
139Hondo OhnakaPirateBase Card6110.55
140Dagu FlaskPirateBase Card4180.22
1414A-2R Spy DroidDroidBase Card5160.31
142R5-P8 Pirate DroidDroidBase Card6140.43
143TC-70 Translator DroidDroidBase Card6190.32
144Jabba The HuttCrime LordBase Card5170.29
145Ziro The HuttCrime LordBase Card6180.33
146Rotta The HuttHuttBase Card4170.24
147JawaScavengerBase Card4140.29
148Pirate Speeder BikeVehicleBase Card5180.28
149Weequay Pirate TankVehicleBase Card5160.31
150Vulture's ClawVehicleBase Card4150.27
151Jabba's Cargo SkiffVehicleBase Card6150.40
152Rapier OneVehicleBase Card4150.27
153Jabba's Sail BargeVehicleBase Card4120.33
154Swamp SpeederVehicleBase Card6110.55
155Can-CellBeastBase Card5130.38
156Mastiff PhaloneBeastBase Card680.75
157Carrier ButterflyBeastBase Card4130.31
158Kwazel MawBeastBase Card6140.43
159RancorBeastBase Card5180.28
160GutkurrBeastBase Card7130.54
161BanthaBeastBase Card7130.54
162EopieBeastBase Card5140.36
163GorBeastBase Card5130.38
164GundarkBeastBase Card4130.31
165NeebrayBeastBase Card5110.45
166SkalderBeastBase Card5150.33
167NarglatchBeastBase Card7120.58
168Zilo BeastBeastBase Card7130.54
169ShaakBeastBase Card6150.40
170BlurrgBeastBase Card6150.40
171Anakin Skywalker vs Count DookuForce DuelBase Card / Force Duel7130.54
172Asajj Ventress vs Anakin SkywalkerForce DuelBase Card / Force Duel7110.64
173Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Asajj VentressForce DuelBase Card / Force Duel590.56
174Anakin Skywalker vs Savage OpressForce DuelBase Card / Force Duel6120.50
175Savage Opress vs Obi-Wan KenobiForce DuelBase Card / Force Duel4160.25
176Obi-Wan Kenobi vs General GrievousForce DuelBase Card / Force Duel6160.38
177Pre Vizsla vs Obi-Wan KenobiForce DuelBase Card / Force Duel6100.60
178Jedi Knight №1-1Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force5120.42
179Jedi Knight №1-2Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force7110.64
180Jedi Knight №1-3Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force3150.20
181Mandalorian №1MandalorianBase Card / Strike Force4120.33
182Mandalorian №2MandalorianBase Card / Strike Force4130.31
183Mandalorian №3MandalorianBase Card / Strike Force5160.31
184Jedi Knight №2-1Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force6130.46
185Jedi Knight №2-2Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force4120.33
186Jedi Knight №2-3Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force6100.60
187Jedi Knight №2-4Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force5180.28
188Jedi Knight №2-5Jedi KnightBase Card / Strike Force6130.46
189Sith №1-1SithBase Card / Strike Force4120.33
190Sith №1-2SithBase Card / Strike Force5160.31
191Sith №1-3SithBase Card / Strike Force6160.38
192Sith №1-4SithBase Card / Strike Force6130.46
193Anakin SkywalkerJedi KnightStar Card580.63
194Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightStar Card790.78
195Ahsoka TanoJedi KnightStar Card10120.83
196YodaJedi KnightStar Card780.88
197Aayla SecuraJedi KnightStar Card551.00
198Mace WinduJedi KnightStar Card871.14
199Plo KoonJedi KnightStar Card6120.50
200Shaak TiJedi KnightStar Card7140.50
201Padm AmidalaSenateStar Card7100.70
202Clone Captain RexClone TrooperStar Card991.00
203Clone Commander WolffeClone TrooperStar Card961.50
204Clone Commander CodyClone TrooperStar Card981.13
205R2-D2DroidStar Card9110.82
206ChewbaccaWookieeStar Card6110.55
207Count DookuSithStar Card8120.67
208Savage OpressSithStar Card771.00
209Asajj VentressSithStar Card661.00
210General GrievousSithStar Card8100.80
211Super Battle DroidDroidStar Card5120.42
212Boba FettBounty HunterStar Card6120.50
213Obi-Wan & AnakinJedi KnightPower Up5100.50
214Anakin & AhsokaJedi KnightPower Up6110.55
215R2-D2 & C-3PODroidPower Up6110.55
216Chewbacca & Ahsoka TanoWookiee/JediPower Up670.86
217Jar Jar Binks & Padm AmidalaSenatePower Up8120.67
218Yoda & Mace WinduJedi KnightPower Up7100.70
219Eeth Koth & Ima-Gun DiJedi KnightPower Up790.78
220Plo Koon & Ima-Gun DiJedi KnightPower Up9110.82
221Count Dooku & Savage OpressSithPower Up8120.67
222Savage Opress & Asajj VentressSithPower Up7110.64
223Death Watch WarriorsMandalorianPower Up690.67
224Cad Bane & Aurra SingBounty HunterPower Up6130.46
225Anakin SkywalkerJedi KnightForce Master670.86
226Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightForce Master861.33
227Ahsoka TanoJedi KnightForce Master991.00
228YodaJedi KnightForce Master981.13
229Mace WinduJedi KnightForce Master961.50
230Aayla SecuraJedi KnightForce Master1091.11
231Kit FistoJedi KnightForce Master741.75
232Tera SinubeJedi KnightForce Master780.88
233Plo KoonJedi KnightForce Master1091.11
234Ima-Gun DiJedi KnightForce Master580.63
235ChewbaccaWookieeForce Master1152.20
236Padm AmidalaSenateForce Master1061.67
237Asajj VentressSithForce Master1071.43
238Count DookuSithForce Master771.00
239Savage OpressSithForce Master1181.38
240General GrievousSithForce Master1052.00
LE1ChewbaccaWookieeLimited Edition6110.55
LE2Savage OpressSithLimited Edition1527.50
LE3General GrievousSithLimited Edition24024.00
LE4Pre VizslaMandalorianLimited Edition19119.00
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