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Topps Star Wars Force Attax Series 3

Topps Star Wars Force Attax Series 3

Year: 2012
Total cards: 247

Collection preview (97% scanned images)

collecting: 39 / completed: 17


1Anakin SkywalkerJedi KnightBase card690.67
2Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightBase card580.63
3Ahsoka TanoJedi KnightBase card670.86
4YodaJedi KnightBase card280.25
5Mace WinduJedi KnightBase card790.78
6Plo KoonJedi KnightBase card350.60
7Kit FistoJedi KnightBase card890.89
8Aayla SecuraJedi KnightBase card480.50
9Quinlan VosJedi KnightBase card3140.21
10Pong KrellJedi KnightBase card3100.30
11Captain AckBarMon CalamariBase card580.63
12Prince Lee-CharMon CalamariBase card670.86
13Mon Cala SoldierMon CalamariBase card390.33
14Meena TillsMon CalamariBase card3140.21
15Brother LemckeMon CalamariBase card5110.45
16ChewbaccaWookieeBase card490.44
17TarffulWookieeBase card4110.36
18Governor RoshtiTogrutaBase card7110.64
19InsectomorphDugBase card580.63
20Boss LyonieGunganBase card3120.25
21Gungan SoldierGunganBase card480.50
22King ManchuchoAleenaBase card4100.40
23OrphneAleenaBase card5100.50
24KindaloAleenaBase card590.56
25Padme AmidalaSenateBase card780.88
26Jar Jar BinksSenateBase card580.63
27Senator Bail OrganaSenateBase card360.50
28Ion PapanoidaSenateBase card4110.36
29Sio BibbleGovernorBase card771.00
30Iego AngelIegoBase card790.78
31Mandalorian Royal GuardSoldierBase card7130.54
32CasissFelucianBase card5100.50
33DilanniFelucianBase card280.25
34Dr. Sionver BollScientistBase card680.75
35R2-D2DroidBase card780.88
36C-3PODroidBase card790.78
37Du-3 Pit DroidDroidBase card790.78
38Astromech DroidDroidBase card580.63
39Bartender DroidDroidBase card480.50
40Science DroidDroidBase card590.56
41Lep Servant DroidDroidBase card7120.58
42Nanny DroidDroidBase card670.86
43Clone Commander CodyClone TrooperBase card6100.60
44Clone Commander FoxClone TrooperBase card680.75
45Clone Commander MonnkClone TrooperBase card690.67
46Clone Commander WolffeClone TrooperBase card590.56
47Clone Captain RexClone TrooperBase card5100.50
48Clone Trooper FivesClone TrooperBase card690.67
49Scuba Clone TrooperClone TrooperBase card460.67
50Clone Trooper SinkerClone TrooperBase card6120.50
51Clone Trooper BoostClone TrooperBase card4120.33
52Clone Trooper KixClone TrooperBase card890.89
53Clone Trooper HardcaseClone TrooperBase card790.78
54Clone Trooper JesseClone TrooperBase card6100.60
55Clone TrooperClone TrooperBase card670.86
56Clone Trooper DogmaClone TrooperBase card690.67
57Clone Trooper TupClone TrooperBase card771.00
58Clone 99Clone TrooperBase card890.89
59Clone Pilot WarthogClone TrooperBase card4100.40
60Clone TrooperClone TrooperBase card661.00
61Clone Sergeant CrasherClone TrooperBase card4100.40
62Admiral CoburnNavyBase card7100.70
63ARC-170 StarfighterVehicleBase card4110.36
64Jedi StarfighterVehicleBase card5110.45
65Jedi Light CruiserVehicleBase card6130.46
66Jedi Ambassador ShuttleVehicleBase card380.38
67Pantoran CruiserVehicleBase card570.71
68Republic SubmarineVehicleBase card570.71
69Jedi T-6 ShuttleVehicleBase card290.22
70Stun TankVehicleBase card5100.50
71RGC-16 LandspeederVehicleBase card6120.50
72Mandalorian Police SpeederVehicleBase card580.63
73Mandalorian ShuttleVehicleBase card2110.18
74Jedi Turbo SpeedersVehicleBase card780.88
75Bail Organa's SpeederVehicleBase card690.67
76Taylander ShuttleVehicleBase card590.56
77Toydarian SpeederVehicleBase card761.17
78Police Barc SpeederVehicleBase card5120.42
79Naboo Scout CarrierVehicleBase card7110.64
80Republic FrigateVehicleBase card4100.40
81Naboo Star SkiffVehicleBase card470.57
82Republic Escape PodVehicleBase card690.67
83Z - 95 HeadhunterVehicleBase card6120.50
84AT - RT WalkerVehicleBase card6100.60
85Darth MaulSithBase card570.71
86Savage OpressSithBase card751.40
87Count DookuSithBase card680.75
88Asajj VentressSithBase card3100.30
89General GrievousSithBase card5100.50
90Osi SobeckPrison WardenBase card5120.42
91Atai MolecPrime MinisterBase card8110.73
92Queen Miraj ScintelZygerrianBase card3130.23
93AgrussZygerrianBase card480.50
94Lo - TarenTrandoshanBase card690.67
95GarnacTrandoshanBase card780.88
96LagonTrandoshanBase card590.56
97Umbaran SoldierSoldierBase card6100.60
98Mortis SonThe OnesBase card761.17
99Mortis FatherThe OnesBase card270.29
100Pre VizslaMandalorianBase card871.14
101Bo - KatanMandalorianBase card6120.50
102Death Watch TrooperMandalorianBase card890.89
103Karina The GreatGeonosianBase card6110.55
104Geonosian WarriorGeonosianBase card2100.20
105Geonosian DroneGeonosianBase card5120.42
106Rish LooGunganBase card4120.33
107Nossor RiQuarrenBase card490.44
108Quarren SoldierQuarrenBase card4100.40
109Lux BonteriOnderonBase card6120.50
110Senator Mina BonteriOnderonBase card6100.60
111Senator Rush ClovisSenateBase card7100.70
112General Grievous' StarfighterVehicleBase card790.78
113Commerce Guild DestroyerVehicleBase card4100.40
114Trandoshan SpeederVehicleBase card661.00
115Nightsister SpeederVehicleBase card5110.45
116Quarren Turbo SledVehicleBase card5110.45
117Skytop StationVehicleBase card3110.27
118Umbaran Crawler TankVehicleBase card570.71
119Umbaran Hover TankVehicleBase card490.44
120Separatist TransportVehicleBase card2110.18
121Umbaran StarfighterVehicleBase card360.50
122Sniper DroidDroidBase card690.67
123Aqua DroidDroidBase card6110.55
124Droid Tri - FightersDroidBase card4100.40
125Battle DroidDroidBase card6110.55
126IG - 100 MagnaguardDroidBase card790.78
127Commando DroidDroidBase card771.00
128Battle Droid 513DroidBase card2100.20
129Jabba The HuttCrime LordBase card5100.50
130Gardulla The HuttCrime LordBase card6110.55
131Marlo The HuttCrime LordBase card590.56
132Mama The HuttCrime LordBase card6160.38
133Gorga The HuttCrime LordBase card3110.27
134Cad BaneBounty HunterBase card480.50
135Moralo EvalBounty HunterBase card490.44
136DerrownBounty HunterBase card690.67
137TwazziBounty HunterBase card350.60
138Aurra SingBounty HunterBase card790.78
139Boba FettBounty HunterBase card590.56
140Todo 360Bounty HunterBase card6110.55
141GreedoBounty HunterBase card6100.60
142BuldugaBounty HunterBase card790.78
143JakoliBounty HunterBase card2100.20
144MantuBounty HunterBase card470.57
145Rako HardeenBounty HunterBase card4130.31
146Kiera SwanBounty HunterBase card6120.50
147OncaBounty HunterBase card5120.42
148KO - 5DPirateBase card6130.46
149R5 - P8PirateBase card551.00
150CS - 321PirateBase card590.56
151HH - 87 StarhopperVehicleBase card590.56
152Moogan Smuggler ShipVehicleBase card3100.30
153HaloVehicleBase card4100.40
154Marauder (Pirate Ship)VehicleBase card4130.31
155Tecora (Slave Ship)VehicleBase card490.44
156Spartan (Slave Ship)VehicleBase card490.44
157AnoobasBeastBase card7100.70
158KaaduBeastBase card5110.45
159Hydroid MedusaBeastBase card3100.30
160Tee - MusBeastBase card6100.60
161VixuBeastBase card680.75
162Umbaran BansheeBeastBase card690.67
163BlixusBeastBase card7110.64
164FalumpasetBeastBase card771.00
165BrezakBeastBase card6110.55
166Plo Koon (puzzle 1)Jedi KnightStrike Force6120.50
167Kit Fisto (puzzle 2)Jedi KnightStrike Force871.14
168Aayla Secura (puzzle 3)Jedi KnightStrike Force560.83
169Ahsoka Tano (puzzle 4)Jedi KnightStrike Force4120.33
170Anakin Skywalker (puzzle 5)Jedi KnightStrike Force761.17
171Obi-Wan Kenobi (puzzle 6)Jedi KnightStrike Force7100.70
172Mace Windu (puzzle 7)Jedi KnightStrike Force490.44
173Pong Krell (puzzle 8)Jedi KnightStrike Force7100.70
174Yoda (puzzle 9)Jedi KnightStrike Force7110.64
175Savage Opress (puzzle 1)SithStrike Force780.88
176IG - 100 Magnaguard (puzzle 2)SithStrike Force570.71
177Count Dooku (puzzle 3)SithStrike Force480.50
178Osi Sobeck (puzzle 4)SithStrike Force780.88
179Darth Maul (puzzle 5)SithStrike Force480.50
180Riff Tamson (puzzle 6)SithStrike Force390.33
181General Grievous (puzzle 7)SithStrike Force4100.40
182Super Battle Droid (puzzle 8)SithStrike Force881.00
183Asajj Ventress (puzzle 9)SithStrike Force690.67
184C - 21 Highsinger (puzzle 1)Bounty HunterStrike Force590.56
185Latts Razzi (puzzle 2)Bounty HunterStrike Force480.50
186Rako Hardeen (puzzle 3)Bounty HunterStrike Force680.75
187Kiera Swan (puzzle 4)Bounty HunterStrike Force690.67
188Cad Bane (puzzle 5)Bounty HunterStrike Force570.71
189Derrown (puzzle 6)Bounty HunterStrike Force670.86
190Jakoli (puzzle 7)Bounty HunterStrike Force690.67
191Boba Fett (puzzle 8)Bounty HunterStrike Force790.78
192Aurra Sing (puzzle 9)Bounty HunterStrike Force490.44
193Anakin SkywalkerJedi KnightStar Card761.17
194Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightStar Card723.50
195Ahsoka TanoJedi KnightStar Card832.67
196YodaJedi KnightStar Card580.63
197Mace WinduJedi KnightStar Card961.50
198Kit FistoJedi KnightStar Card570.71
199Pong KrellJedi KnightStar Card632.00
200Captain AckBarMon CalamariStar Card780.88
201Nossor RiQuarrenStar Card741.75
202Riff TamsonCommanderStar Card480.50
203Darth MaulSithStar Card790.78
204Savage OpressSithStar Card861.33
205Count DookuSithStar Card881.00
206General GrievousSithStar Card824.00
207Pre VizslaMandalorianStar Card871.14
208Bo - KatanMandalorianStar Card942.25
209Umbaran SoldierSoldierStar Card871.14
210Kage WarriorKageStar Card480.50
211Prince Lee-CharMon CalamariStar Card651.20
212Scuba Clone TrooperClone TrooperStar Card641.50
213Clone Commander CodyClone TrooperStar Card761.17
214Clone Captain RexClone TrooperStar Card560.83
215Clone Trooper FivesClone TrooperStar Card751.40
216Special Ops TrooperClone TrooperStar Card590.56
217Clone Commander MonnkClone TrooperStar Card942.25
218Clone Commander WolffeClone TrooperStar Card1042.50
219Gamorrean GuardGuardStar Card842.00
220Darts D'NarSlave TraderStar Card851.60
221Cad BaneBounty HunterStar Card961.50
222Boba FettBounty HunterStar Card680.75
223MantuBounty HunterStar Card651.20
224Rako HardeenBounty HunterStar Card651.20
225Anakin SkywalkerJedi KnightForce Master470.57
226Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightForce Master641.50
227Ahsoka TanoJedi KnightForce Master951.80
228YodaJedi KnightForce Master971.29
229Quinlan VosJedi KnightForce Master842.00
230Kit FistoJedi KnightForce Master1061.67
231Pong KrellJedi KnightForce Master871.14
232Darth MaulSithForce Master824.00
233Savage OpressSithForce Master861.33
234Osi SobeckPrison WardenForce Master842.00
235Bo - KatanMandalorianForce Master651.20
236LuceNight SisterForce Master871.14
237KarisNight SisterForce Master842.00
238Boba FettBounty HunterForce Master741.75
239DengarBounty HunterForce Master842.00
240BosskBounty HunterForce Master851.60
LE1Anakin SkywalkerJedi KnightEnglish/German Limited Edition971.29
LE2Darth MaulSithEnglish/German Limited Edition832.67
LE3Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightEnglish/German Limited Edition15115.00
LE4YodaJedi KnightEnglish/German Limited Edition15115.00
LE5Ahsoka TanoJedi KnightGerman Limited Edition19119.00
LE6General GrievousSithGerman Limited Edition20120.00
T1Obi-Wan KenobiJedi KnightEnglish Limited Edition (Art)13013.00
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