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Topps Star Wars Heritage

Topps Star Wars Heritage

Year: 2004
Total cards: 207

Collection preview (68% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 0


1The Blockade Runner attacked!Star WarsBase Card202.00
2Darth Vader's furyStar WarsBase Card202.00
3No escape for the princess!Star WarsBase Card202.00
4Sandcrawler droidStar WarsBase Card202.00
5Discovering the holo-messageStar WarsBase Card202.00
6Will Leia betray the Rebellion?Star WarsBase Card202.00
7The Mos Eisley CantinaStar WarsBase Card212.00
8Don't mess with Ben Kenobi!Star WarsBase Card202.00
9Greedo's prisonerStar WarsBase Card202.00
10A visit from JabbaStar WarsBase Card202.00
11Facing Grand Moff TarkingStar WarsBase Card202.00
12He made a fair move!Star WarsBase Card202.00
13Striking back at the EmpireStar WarsBase Card202.00
14It came from the garbage chuteStar WarsBase Card202.00
15Your powers are weak, old man!Star WarsBase Card202.00
16Ben Kenobi's sacrificeStar WarsBase Card202.00
17Old friends reunitedStar WarsBase Card202.00
18Star pilot Luke SkywalkerStar WarsBase Card202.00
19Death Star under attackStar WarsBase Card202.00
20The battle station obliterated!Star WarsBase Card202.00
21There's more to him than moneyStar WarsBase Card212.00
22Honored for their heroismStar WarsBase Card202.00
23Fury of the WampaThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
24That's Two You Owe Me!The Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
25Probot Attack on HothThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
26Aboard the ExecutorThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
27You Have Failed Me!The Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
28AT-ATs on the MarchThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
29Speeders against the EnemyThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
30Firepower of the AT-ATThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
31Luke...Nearly Stomped!The Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
32Never Tell Me the Odds!The Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
33A Jedi Master on DagobahThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
34The Princess and the PirateThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
35Darth Vader's SchemeThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
36Beheading a TyrantThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
37Darth Vader and Boba FettThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
38The Carbon-Frozen CaptainThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
39The Great ConfrontationThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
40Jedi against SithThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
41Truth and ConsequencesThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
42Luke's TemptationThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
43A New Hand for LukeThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
44We'll Get Him BackThe Empire Strikes BackBase Card202.00
45Luke Bargains for SoloReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
46Entertaining Jabba's DenizensReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
47The Unfreezing of HanReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
48Enslaved by Jabba the HuttReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
49Challenge of the RancorReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
50Luke's CounterattackReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
51Facing Off against FettReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
52Prey of the SarlaccReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
53A Walk on the Dark SideReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
54The Passing of YodaReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
55Ben's RevelationsReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
56United against the EmpireReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
57Two on a Speeder BikeReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
58Perilous Bike Chase!Return of the JediBase Card202.00
59Against the New Death StarReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
60Skirmish at the BunkerReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
61Father versus SonReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
62Will the Dark Side Prevail?Return of the JediBase Card202.00
63The Last of AnakinReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
64His Soul RedeemedReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
65A Family Made WholeReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
66Blessings from BeyondReturn of the JediBase Card202.00
67Trapped by the Trade Federation!Star Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
68Don't let them escape!Star Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
69An undersea kingdomStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
70Boss Nass of the GungansStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
71Help from astromech droidsStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
72Bargaining with WattoStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
73Sebulba's boastStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
74C-3PO, meet R2-D2!Star Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
75Day of the podraceStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
76Watching from the standsStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
77High-speed daredevilsStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
78A farewell to momStar Wars Episode IBase Card212.00
79Attacked by Darth MaulStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
80Onward against the invadersStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
81An army of battle droidsStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
82Penetrating the palaceStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
83Amidala's bold assaultStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
84Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth MaulStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
85Obi-Wan's greatest challengeStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
86Anakin joins the battle!Star Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
87Galactic combatStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
88Yoda's misgivingsStar Wars Episode IBase Card202.00
89A Noble SacrificeAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
90The Eager ApprenticeAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
91Death of a Bounty HunterAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
92Help from Dexter JettsterAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
93Troubled Young LoversAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
94Kamino's Master ClonersAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
95Battle with Jango FettAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
96The Fate of Shmi SkywalkerAttack of the ClonesBase Card212.00
97Held Captive by the CountAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
98Droid Factory Peril!Attack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
99Spearing an AcklayAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
100Use the Force, Anakin!Attack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
101Jedi Knights...Surrounded!Attack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
102Outnumbered by Battle Droids!Attack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
103The Republic Strikes Back!Attack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
104Battlefield: GeonosisAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
105Anakin Takes on DookuAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
106Power of the Dark LordAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
107Fighting an Old FriendAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
108Saving His Jedi AlliesAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
109Begun, the Clone War Has!Attack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
110Sharing a Dark DestinyAttack of the ClonesBase Card202.00
111Galactic ConflictRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
112Ace Star Pilot SkywalkerRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
113A Dark AwakeningRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
114Palpatine's Protégé?Revenge of the SithBase Card202.00
115Anakin and the Jedi CouncilRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
116Mace Windu's ConcernsRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
117Yoda's DiscoveryRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
118Fear for the FutureRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
119A Jedi Knight EmergencyRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
120The Star Wars Saga / ChecklistRevenge of the SithBase Card202.00
AC1Carrie Fisher - Princess Leia Organa
Autograph CardChase Card303.00
AC2Mark Hamill - Luke Skywalker
Autograph CardChase Card303.00
AC3James Earl Jones - Darth Vader
Autograph CardChase Card303.00
AS1A KGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS2B XGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS3E IGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS4N TGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS5F 0GreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS6Y UGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS7S AGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS8M EGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS9C DGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS10R HGreenAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS11A VYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS12B PYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS13H EYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS14I RYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS15O UYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS16F SYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS17E TYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS18N CYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS19M GYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS20D AYellowAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS21A PBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS22B CBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS23E SBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS24O IBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS25U WBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS26Z TBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS27M NBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS28D RBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS29G JBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
AS30Q LBlueAlphabet Sticker303.00
EFC-W1-1Obi-Wan, Qui-GonWave 1Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W1-2Anakin SkywalkerWave 1Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W1-3Mace Windu, YodaWave 1Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W1-4Darth MaulWave 1Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W1-5Padmé AmidalaWave 1Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W1-6Zam, Jango, Aurra SingWave 1Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W2-1Chancellor PalpatineWave 2Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W2-2DroidsWave 2Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W2-3Shmi & AnakinWave 2Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W2-4Jedi Council in battleWave 2Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W2-5Twi'lek sistersWave 2Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
EFC-W2-6insectoid droidWave 2Chase Card / Etched Foil Card303.00
P1The Phantom Menace-Promo Card303.00
P2Attack of the Clones-Promo Card303.00
P3Episode III (San Diego Comic Con)-Promo Card303.00
P4A New Hope (Non-Sport Update)-Promo Card202.00
P5The Empire Strikes Back (Non-Sport Update)-Promo Card202.00
P6Return of the Jedi-Promo Card303.00
S1The Empire Strikes BackCase-Topper CardChase Card303.00
SCA1Ryan BenjaminSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA2Matt BuschSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA3Jeff CarlisleSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA4Brian ChingSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA5Joe CorroneySketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA6Cynthia CummensSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA7Christian Dalla VecchiaSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA8Dave DormanSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA9Jan DuursemaSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA10Tommy Lee EdwardsSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA11Chris EliopoulosSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA12David FabbriSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA13Tom HodgesSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA14James HodgkinsSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA15Jeff JohnsonSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA16Rafael KayananSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA17Ray LagoSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA18Mike LemosSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA19Mike LillySketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA20Randy MartinezSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA21John McCreaSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA22Brandon McKinneySketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA23Mary MitchellSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA24Jake MylerSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA25William O'NeilSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA26Dan ParsonsSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA27Dimitri PatelisSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA28Sean PhillipsSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA29Kilian PlunkettSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA30David RabbitteSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA31Ron RandallSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA32Paul RudishSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA33Robert TeranishiSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA34Chris TrevasSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
SCA35Russell WalksSketch Card ArtistChase Card303.00
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