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Topps Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi 1983

Topps Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi 1983

Year: 1983
Total cards: 308

Collection preview (79% scanned images)

collecting: 5 / completed: 2


1Title CardSeries 1Base card303.00
2LUKE SKYWALKERSeries 1Base card303.00
3DARTH WADERSeries 1Base card303.00
4HAN SOLOSeries 1Base card404.00
5PRINCESS LEIA ORGANASeries 1Base card303.00
6LANDO CALRISSIANSeries 1Base card303.00
7CHEWBACCASeries 1Base card303.00
8C-3PO and R2-D2Series 1Base card303.00
9The New DEATH STARSeries 1Base card303.00
10The InspectionSeries 1Base card303.00
11Toward The Desert PalaceSeries 1Base card303.00
12BIB FORTUNASeries 1Base card303.00
13Court of EvilSeries 1Base card303.00
14JABBA THE HUTTSeries 1Base card303.00
15Intergalactic GangsterSeries 1Base card303.00
16SALACIOUS CRUMBSeries 1Base card303.00
17A Message For JABBA THE HUTTSeries 1Base card303.00
18Dungeons OF JABBA THE HUTTSeries 1Base card303.00
19BEEDO And A JAWASeries 1Base card303.00
20SY SNOOTLES And The REBO BANDSeries 1Base card303.00
21DROOPY McCOOLSeries 1Base card303.00
22SY SNOOTLESSeries 1Base card303.00
23Watched By BOBBA FETTSeries 1Base card313.00
24BOUSHH's CaptiveSeries 1Base card303.00
25The Bounty Hunter BOUSHHSeries 1Base card303.00
26The Vilains ConferSeries 1Base card303.00
27HAN SOLO's PlightSeries 1Base card303.00
28The ResquerSeries 1Base card313.00
29Decarbonized!Series 1Base card303.00
30PRINCESS LEIA To The Rescue!Series 1Base card303.00
31Heroes In DisquiseSeries 1Base card303.00
32The Princess EnslavedSeries 1Base card303.00
33LUKE SKYWALKER ArrivesSeries 1Base card303.00
34The Yound JEDISeries 1Base card303.00
35The Court In Chaos!Series 1Base card303.00
36The RANCOR PITSeries 1Base card303.00
37Facing JABBA THE HUTTSeries 1Base card303.00
38The SAIL BADGE And The Desert SkiffSeries 1Base card303.00
39JABBA THE HUTT's New Dancing GirlSeries 1Base card303.00
40On The SAIL BADGESeries 1Base card303.00
41A Monstrous Fate!Series 1Base card303.00
42The Battle BeginsSeries 1Base card303.00
43LANDO CALRISSIAN's Fight For LifeSeries 1Base card303.00
44Fury Of The JEDI!Series 1Base card303.00
45PRINCESS LEIA Strikes Back!Series 1Base card303.00
46The Demise Of JABBA THE HUTTSeries 1Base card303.00
47BOBA FETT's Last StandSeries 1Base card303.00
48The ResqueSeries 1Base card303.00
49GAMORREAN GuardSeries 1Base card303.00
50The Deadly CannonSeries 1Base card313.00
51The Raging BattleSeries 1Base card303.00
52PRINCESS LEIA Swings Into Action!Series 1Base card303.00
53Swing To SafetySeries 1Base card313.00
54On The DEATH STARSeries 1Base card303.00
55Guards Of The EMPERORSeries 1Base card303.00
56The DecidersSeries 1Base card303.00
57THE EMPERORSeries 1Base card303.00
58YODA THE JEDI MASTERSeries 1Base card303.00
59A Word With BEN (OBI-WAN)KENOBISeries 1Base card303.00
60The ALLIES MEETSeries 1Base card303.00
61A New ChallengeSeries 1Base card303.00
62Pondering The RaidSeries 1Base card303.00
63Mission: Destroy The DEATH STAR!Series 1Base card303.00
64MON MOTHMASeries 1Base card303.00
65The Friends DepartSeries 1Base card303.00
66Benevolent CreatureSeries 1Base card303.00
67The Plan BeginsSeries 1Base card303.00
68Forest Of ENDORSeries 1Base card303.00
69DROIDS On The MoveSeries 1Base card303.00
70Blasting A SPEEDER BIKESeries 1Base card303.00
71Approaching The PrincessSeries 1Base card303.00
72A New Found FriendSeries 1Base card303.00
73PRINCESS LEIA's SmileSeries 1Base card303.00
74Under Attack!Series 1Base card303.00
75IMPERIAL Scout Peril!Series 1Base card303.00
76Entering The THRONE ROOMSeries 1Base card303.00
77The SKYWALTER FactorSeries 1Base card303.00
78Captured By The EWOKSSeries 1Base card303.00
79The Netted DroidSeries 1Base card303.00
80All Hail SEE-THREEPIO!Series 1Base card303.00
81Royal TreatmentSeries 1Base card303.00
82Sitting With RoyaltySeries 1Base card303.00
83Leviatated By LUKESeries 1Base card303.00
84The EWOK LeadersSeries 1Base card303.00
85LOGRAY and CHIEF CHIRPASeries 1Base card303.00
86Help From PRINCESS LEIASeries 1Base card303.00
87Will HAN SOLO Be Dinner?Series 1Base card303.00
88The Baby EWOKSeries 1Base card303.00
89The Forest CreaturesSeries 1Base card303.00
90The DROID And The EWOKSeries 1Base card303.00
91R2-D2 Meet WICKETSeries 1Base card303.00
92Unexpected AliensSeries 1Base card303.00
93Serious SituationSeries 1Base card303.00
94LUKE SKYWALKER's DestinySeries 1Base card303.00
95Quiet, SEE-THREEPIO!Series 1Base card303.00
96IMPERIAL BIKER SCOUTSeries 1Base card303.00
97BIKER SCOUT And The BattlefieldSeries 1Base card303.00
98HAN SOLO's ApproachSeries 1Base card303.00
99The Ultimate MissionSeries 1Base card303.00
100Ready For Action!Series 1Base card313.00
101Ambushed By THE EMPIRESeries 1Base card303.00
102Observed By The EWOKSSeries 1Base card303.00
103The Courageous EWOKSSeries 1Base card303.00
104Prisoners!Series 1Base card303.00
105Revising Their PlanSeries 1Base card303.00
106AT-ST (ALL TERRAIN SCOUT TRANSPORT)Series 1Base card303.00
107The Forest Fighters!Series 1Base card303.00
108Break The Freedom!Series 1Base card313.00
109ARTOO-DETOO-Hit!Series 1Base card303.00
110CHEWBACCA Triumphant!Series 1Base card303.00
111EWOKS To The Resque!Series 1Base card303.00
112Battle In The ForestSeries 1Base card303.00
113STORMTROOPER Attack!Series 1Base card303.00
114The Victorious REBELSSeries 1Base card313.00
115Time Out For LoveSeries 1Base card303.00
116Facing The EMPERORSeries 1Base card303.00
117Master Of TerrorSeries 1Base card303.00
118The EMPEROR's OfferSeries 1Base card303.00
119Battle Of The JEDISeries 1Base card303.00
120LIGHTSABER Battle!Series 1Base card303.00
121DARTH VADER Is Down!Series 1Base card303.00
122The ConfrontationSeries 1Base card303.00
123The DEATH STARSeries 1Base card303.00
124Military Leader ADMIRAL ACKBARSeries 1Base card303.00
125Within The DEATH STARSeries 1Base card303.00
126Victory Celebration!Series 1Base card303.00
127Congratulating WEDGESeries 1Base card303.00
128The Triumhant TrioSeries 1Base card303.00
129The Heroic DROIDSSeries 1Base card303.00
130Toward Brighter TomorrowsSeries 1Base card303.00
131Checklist I (1-66)Series 1Checklist303.00
132Checklist II (67-132)Series 1Checklist303.00
133Title CardSeries 2Base card404.00
134Path To DestinySeries 2Base card404.00
135Captured!Series 2Base card404.00
136The Courageous JEDISeries 2Base card404.00
137The VictorsSeries 2Base card404.00
138WICKET And PRINCESS LEIASeries 2Base card404.00
139The EMPEROR's Arrival!Series 2Base card404.00
140SAIL BARGE Battle!Series 2Base card404.00
141LUKE SKYWALKER,The JEDISeries 2Base card404.00
142The Approach Of WICKETSeries 2Base card404.00
143A Close Call!Series 2Base card404.00
144Above The SARLACC PITSeries 2Base card404.00
145ADMIRAL AKBAR's DefendersSeries 2Base card404.00
146R2-D2 On EndorSeries 2Base card404.00
147BOBA FETT Attacks!Series 2Base card404.00
148Deadly Plunge!Series 2Base card404.00
149LANDO CALRISSIAN's DisguiseSeries 2Base card404.00
150Soldiers Of The EMPIRESeries 2Base card404.00
151A Curious EWOKSeries 2Base card404.00
152A Pensive LUKE SKYWALKERSeries 2Base card404.00
153The Captive PrincessSeries 2Base card404.00
154LUKE SKYWALKER SurrendersSeries 2Base card404.00
155Thoughts of A JEDISeries 2Base card404.00
156The Jaws Of DeathSeries 2Base card404.00
157PRINCESS LEIA Has The Foce!Series 2Base card404.00
158Arrival Of The EMPERORSeries 2Base card404.00
159Reunion On ENDORSeries 2Base card404.00
160Toward The SARLACC PITSeries 2Base card404.00
161SAIL BARGE CreaturesSeries 2Base card404.00
162Friends Of The ALLIANCE!Series 2Base card404.00
163The Dreaded RANCORSeries 2Base card404.00
164Face Of TerrorSeries 2Base card404.00
165Inside JABBA THE HUTT'S PalaceSeries 2Base card404.00
166THE EWOK VillageSeries 2Base card404.00
167A Collection Of CreaturesSeries 2Base card404.00
168Alert To Danger!Series 2Base card404.00
169Walking The Plank!Series 2Base card404.00
170A GAMORREAN GUARD EmergesSeries 2Base card404.00
171THE IMPERIAL FleetSeries 2Base card404.00
172JABBA THE HUTT On THE SAIL BARGESeries 2Base card404.00
173Escorted To The EWOK VILLAGESeries 2Base card404.00
174A Monstrous Guest!Series 2Base card404.00
175Village Of The EWOKSSeries 2Base card404.00
176Aboard The Sail BargeSeries 2Base card404.00
177Confronting Their DestinySeries 2Base card404.00
178Where's PRINCESS LEIA?Series 2Base card404.00
179Horror From The PitSeries 2Base card404.00
180Give In To Your Hate!Series 2Base card404.00
181Awating His MajestySeries 2Base card404.00
182A MOTHER EWOK And ChildSeries 2Base card404.00
183A Concerned PRINCESS LEIASeries 2Base card404.00
184Lead Singer SY SNOOTLESSeries 2Base card404.00
185The Arrival Of BOUSHHSeries 2Base card404.00
186Master Of His CourtSeries 2Base card404.00
187Star LoversSeries 2Base card404.00
188LUKE SKYWALKER… Now A JEDI!Series 2Base card404.00
189Battle Of The Bunker!Series 2Base card404.00
190Portrait Of WICKETSeries 2Base card404.00
191Trapped By THE EMPIRESeries 2Base card404.00
192Their Secret RevealedSeries 2Base card404.00
193Rethinking The PlanSeries 2Base card404.00
194Snagged By THE EWOKSSeries 2Base card404.00
195HAN SOLO's In Trouble!Series 2Base card404.00
196Is HAN SOLO Giving Up!Series 2Base card404.00
197The ROYAL DROIDSeries 2Base card404.00
198PRINCESS LEIA IntercedesSeries 2Base card404.00
199Rescuing HAN SOLOSeries 2Base card404.00
200Father Versus SonSeries 2Base card404.00
201LUKE SKYWALKER, JEDI WARRIORSeries 2Base card404.00
202The Young JEDI KNIGHTSeries 2Base card404.00
203HAN SOLO Is Arrive!Series 2Base card404.00
204LANDO CALRISSIAN UndercoverSeries 2Base card404.00
205Horrendous CreatureSeries 2Base card404.00
206Corridors Of The IMPERIAL DESTROYERSeries 2Base card404.00
207Surrounded By EWOKSSeries 2Base card404.00
208GAMORREAN GUARD ProfileSeries 2Base card404.00
209Hulking GAMORREAN GUARDSeries 2Base card404.00
210Guests Of JABBA THE HUTTSeries 2Base card404.00
211A Full-Fledged JEDI!Series 2Base card404.00
212Bizzare Alien CreaturesSeries 2Base card404.00
213Headquaters FrigateSeries 2Base card404.00
214THE INTERCEPTOR (3/4 View)Series 2Base card404.00
215The Nearly Completed DEATH STARSeries 2Base card404.00
216REBEL CruiserSeries 2Base card404.00
217TIE INTERCEPTOR (Front View)Series 2Base card404.00
218THE EMPEROR'S SHUTTLESeries 2Base card404.00
219Portrait Of CHEWBACCASeries 2Base card404.00
220Checklist (133-220)Series 2Checklist404.00
1aYodaSeries 1Sticker404.00
1bYodaSeries 1Sticker303.00
2aEwok Medicine ManSeries 1Sticker303.00
2bEwok Medicine ManSeries 1Sticker303.00
3aHorn PlayerSeries 1Sticker404.00
3bHorn PlayerSeries 1Sticker303.00
4aJabba The HuttSeries 1Sticker202.00
4bJabba The HuttSeries 1Sticker303.00
5aRee-YeesSeries 1Sticker505.00
5bRee-YeesSeries 1Sticker303.00
6aAdmiral AkbarSeries 1Sticker404.00
6bAdmiral AkbarSeries 1Sticker303.00
7aBoushhSeries 1Sticker303.00
7bBoushhSeries 1Sticker303.00
8aHan SoloSeries 1Sticker404.00
8bHan SoloSeries 1Sticker303.00
9aLeia OrganaSeries 1Sticker303.00
9bLeia OrganaSeries 1Sticker303.00
10aLuke SkywalkerSeries 1Sticker404.00
10bLuke SkywalkerSeries 1Sticker303.00
11aHan SoloSeries 1Sticker303.00
11bHan SoloSeries 1Sticker303.00
12aC-3POSeries 1Sticker404.00
12bC-3POSeries 1Sticker303.00
13aChewbaccaSeries 1Sticker404.00
13bChewbaccaSeries 1Sticker303.00
14aBand SingerSeries 1Sticker404.00
14bBang SingerSeries 1Sticker303.00
15aBaby EwokSeries 1Sticker404.00
15bBaby EwokSeries 1Sticker303.00
16aNien NumbSeries 1Sticker303.00
16bNien NumbSeries 1Sticker303.00
17aLando CalrissianSeries 1Sticker404.00
17bLando CalrissianSeries 1Sticker303.00
18aR2-D2Series 1Sticker303.00
18bR2-D3Series 1Sticker303.00
19aObi-Wan KenobiSeries 1Sticker404.00
19bObi-Wan KenobiSeries 1Sticker303.00
20aLuke SkywalkerSeries 1Sticker303.00
20bLuke SkywalkerSeries 1Sticker303.00
21aLuke SkywalkerSeries 1Sticker404.00
21bLuke SkywalkerSeries 1Sticker303.00
22aGammorean GuardSeries 1Sticker404.00
22bGammorean GuardSeries 1Sticker303.00
23aSalacious CrumbSeries 1Sticker404.00
23bSalacious CrumbSeries 1Sticker303.00
24aWicketSeries 1Sticker404.00
24bWicketSeries 1Sticker313.00
25aBobba FettSeries 1Sticker303.00
25bBobba FettSeries 1Sticker303.00
26aEwokSeries 1Sticker404.00
26bEwokSeries 1Sticker313.00
27aJaba The HuttSeries 1Sticker303.00
27bJaba The HuttSeries 1Sticker303.00
28aLando in Skiff DisguiseSeries 1Sticker404.00
28bLando in Skiff DisguiseSeries 1Sticker303.00
29aMax ReboSeries 1Sticker404.00
29bMax ReboSeries 1Sticker303.00
30aLeia On EndorSeries 1Sticker303.00
30bLeia On EndorSeries 1Sticker303.00
31aLeia OeganaSeries 1Sticker404.00
31bLeia OrganaSeries 1Sticker303.00
32aHan SoloSeries 1Sticker404.00
32bHan SoloSeries 1Sticker303.00
33aBiker ScoutSeries 1Sticker303.00
33bBiker ScoutSeries 1Sticker303.00
s34Darth VaderSeries 2Sticker505.00
s35Luke SkywalkerSeries 2Sticker505.00
s36Han SoloSeries 2Sticker505.00
s37Princess LeiaSeries 2Sticker505.00
s38See-ThreepioSeries 2Sticker505.00
s39Artoo-DetooSeries 2Sticker505.00
s40WicketSeries 2Sticker505.00
s41Admiral AkbarSeries 2Sticker505.00
s42ChewbaccaSeries 2Sticker505.00
s43The EmperorSeries 2Sticker505.00
s44Millenium FalconSeries 2Sticker505.00
s45Droids At The DoorSeries 2Sticker505.00
s46Hanging HanSeries 2Sticker505.00
s47Desert YachtSeries 2Sticker505.00
s48Nien Nunb And Lando At The HelmSeries 2Sticker505.00
s49Slave Girl LeiaSeries 2Sticker505.00
s50Rebels In The WoodsSeries 2Sticker505.00
s51Threepio, Chewy, And LeiaSeries 2Sticker505.00
s52Ele-VaderSeries 2Sticker505.00
s53R2 and EwoksSeries 2Sticker505.00
s54Pistol-Packin' HanSeries 2Sticker505.00
s55Salacious CrumbSeries 2Sticker505.00
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