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Topps Superman Returns

Topps Superman Returns

Year: 2006
Total cards: 151

Collection preview (1% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Title Card-Base card101.00
2Superman-Base card101.00
3Clark Kent-Base card101.00
4Lois Lane-Base card101.00
5Richard White-Base card101.00
6Lex Luthor-Base card101.00
7Perry White-Base card101.00
8Jimmy Olsen-Base card101.00
9Kitty Kowalski-Base card101.00
10Martha Kent-Base card101.00
11Ben Hubbard-Base card101.00
12Jason-Base card101.00
13Stanford-Base card101.00
14Grant-Base card101.00
15Brutus-Base card101.00
16Riley-Base card101.00
17Bobbie Faye-Base card101.00
18Bo the Bartender-Base card101.00
19Where Is Superman?-Base card101.00
20Voyage to Krypton-Base card101.00
21Kal-El's Quest-Base card101.00
22Emergency Escape!-Base card101.00
23Landing in Smallville-Base card101.00
24Toward the Crash Site-Base card101.00
25To Save Her Son-Base card101.00
26Back from Beyond-Base card101.00
27The Groom of Doom-Base card101.00
28Gertrude's Millions-Base card101.00
29At the Kent Farm-Base card101.00
30Powers of a Super-Teen-Base card101.00
31An Unexpected Flight-Base card101.00
32Young Clark's Discovery-Base card101.00
33Legacy of the Cosmos-Base card101.00
34The Kryptonian Crystal-Base card101.00
35Burying the Spaceship-Base card101.00
36Descending into the Past-Base card101.00
37Mother Knows Best-Base card101.00
38Meeting Ben Hubbard-Base card101.00
39His Latest Mad Plan-Base card101.00
40Approaching the Fortress-Base card101.00
41The Secrets of Jor-El-Base card101.00
42A Return to Metropolis-Base card101.00
43The New Daily Planet-Base card101.00
44Welcome Back, Mr. Kent!-Base card101.00
45The More Things Change-Base card101.00
46Lois on Assignment-Base card101.00
47At the Bar with Bo-Base card101.00
48Lex's Master Plan-Base card101.00
49Luthor's Model City-Base card101.00
50Unlimited Power?-Base card101.00
51Old Times Interrupted-Base card101.00
52Trouble in Outer Space-Base card101.00
53Looks Like a Job For...-Base card101.00
54Out of the Broom Closet-Base card101.00
55Soaring to New Heights-Base card101.00
56A Family Affair-Base card101.00
57A Day at the Office-Base card101.00
58No Fan of Superman-Base card101.00
59Just Like Old Times?-Base card101.00
60The Caped Wonder Is Back!-Base card101.00
61A Happy Homemaker-Base card101.00
62Spaceborn Hero-Base card101.00
63The Museum Besieged-Base card101.00
64A Grateful World-Base card101.00
65A Superman Expert?-Base card101.00
66All in the Family-Base card101.00
67What's a Nice Girl Like Me...?-Base card101.00
68On the Planet Roof-Base card101.00
69Rooftop Rendezvous-Base card101.00
70The Kiss That Wasn't-Base card101.00
71An Enemy's Revenge-Base card101.00
72On the Trail of Trouble-Base card101.00
73Into a Lion's Den-Base card101.00
74Luthor's Hairy Lair-Base card101.00
75Lex Lets His Hair Down-Base card101.00
76Lex vs. Lois-Base card101.00
77A Fax in Time-Base card101.00
78Escape from Luthor's Yacht-Base card101.00
79A Challenge for Superman-Base card101.00
80Maker of a New World-Base card101.00
81Struck by an Earthquake-Base card101.00
82The Woirld in His Hands-Base card101.00
83His City Imperiled-Base card101.00
84Lex Luthor's Debacle-Base card101.00
85Praying for His Life-Base card101.00
86Superman's Loved Ones-Base card101.00
87The Man of Steel Forever?-Base card101.00
88A Starship for Superman-Base card101.00
89Creating Mini-Worlds-Base card101.00
90Checklist-Base card101.00
AC-1Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC-2Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC-3James Marsden as Richard White
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC-4Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalski
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC-5Brandon Routh as Superman
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC-6Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
MC-1Clark Kent's Three-Piece Suit
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-2Clark Kent's Trench Coat
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-3Kitty Kowalski's Flower Dress
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-4Kitty Kowalski's Zebra Dress
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-5Lex Luthor's Coat
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-6Lex Luthor's Three-Piece Suit
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-7Lois Lane's Pants
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-8Lois Lane's Skirt
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-9Perry White's Sports Coat
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-10Perry White's Three-Piece Suit
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-11Superman's Briefs
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-12Superman's Cape
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
MC-13Superman's Suit
Memorabilia CardChase Card101.00
EF-1SupermanEmbossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-2SupermanEmbossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-3SupermanEmbossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-4SupermanEmbossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-5SupermanEmbossed FoilChase Card101.00
M1Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M2Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M3Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M4Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M5Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M6Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M7Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M8Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
M9Superman ReturnsMagnetsChase Card101.00
S-1Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-2Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-3Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-4Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-5Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-6Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-7Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-8Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-9Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
S-10Superman Returns-Stickers101.00
AX-Ray VisionTin CardsChase Card101.00
BSuperman In CircleTin CardsChase Card101.00
CSuperman FlyingTin CardsChase Card101.00
DSuperman PunchingTin CardsChase Card101.00
ESuperman Holding PlanetTin CardsChase Card101.00
FSuperman In VortexTin CardsChase Card101.00
TS-1Superman's ReturnTin Story CardsChase Card101.00
TS-2Lex's Main SqueezeTin Story CardsChase Card101.00
TS-3A Crystal Clear GoalTin Story CardsChase Card101.00
TS-4Superman's ReturnTin Story CardsChase Card101.00
TS-5Man a Woman WantsTin Story CardsChase Card101.00
TS-6To Save His FriendsTin Story CardsChase Card101.00
B1SupermanBonus CardsChase Card101.00
B2Lex LuthorBonus CardsChase Card101.00
B3Kal-ElBonus CardsChase Card101.00
P1Superman-Promo Card101.00
P2Superman-Promo Card101.00
P3Superman-Promo Card101.00
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