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Topps The Flintstones

Topps The Flintstones

Year: 1993
Total cards: 103

Collection preview (95% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 1


1The Flintstones!-Base Card101.00
2A Man Called Flintstone-Base Card101.00
3Best Buddy Barney-Base Card101.00
4Fred's Better Half-Base Card101.00
5Wilma's Pal Betty-Base Card101.00
6Stone-Age Toddlers-Base Card101.00
7An Executive Snake-Base Card101.00
8Fred's "Personal" Secretary-Base Card101.00
9Smarter than the Average Bird-Base Card101.00
10Sinister Eyes-Base Card101.00
11Another Day, Another Boulder-Base Card101.00
12The Whistle Bird-Base Card101.00
13Yabba-Dabba-Doo!-Base Card101.00
14Punching Out-Base Card101.00
15Down at the Drive-In-Base Card101.00
16Stone-Age Serenade-Base Card101.00
17Homecoming King-Base Card101.00
18Bad Boy!-Base Card101.00
19Crisis in the Kitchen-Base Card101.00
20Say "Aaah!"-Base Card101.00
21The Missing Money-Base Card101.00
22New Baby Blues-Base Card101.00
23The Rubbles' Troubles-Base Card101.00
24It's a Boy!-Base Card101.00
25A Titanic Toddler-Base Card101.00
26One Happy Family-Base Card101.00
27Twinkletoes Flintstone-Base Card101.00
28It's Lava Time!-Base Card101.00
29Executive Material?!-Base Card101.00
30The Old Switcheroo-Base Card101.00
31A Change of Heart-Base Card101.00
32The Winner!-Base Card101.00
33Faithful Fred-Base Card101.00
34A Smooth Ride-Base Card101.00
35Executive Perks-Base Card101.00
36A Bird in the Hand-Base Card101.00
37Schemers at Work!-Base Card101.00
38Executive Action-Base Card101.00
39Teacher's Threat-Base Card101.00
40You're Fired!-Base Card101.00
41Bad Aptitude-Base Card101.00
42Car Trouble-Base Card101.00
43The Quarry of the Future!-Base Card101.00
44Shopping with Wilma-Base Card101.00
45Forms for Fred-Base Card101.00
46Too Close for Comfort-Base Card101.00
47Lonely at the Top-Base Card101.00
48Mashed Model-Base Card101.00
49Go Directly to Jail-Base Card101.00
50Money-Mad Fred-Base Card101.00
51Clothes Make the Caveman!-Base Card101.00
52The Car of His Dreams-Base Card101.00
53Backyard Barney-Base Card101.00
54Kitchen Chores-Base Card101.00
55A Night on the Town-Base Card101.00
56Barney the Bus Boy?!-Base Card101.00
57An Angry Mob-Base Card101.00
58A Tearful Farewell!-Base Card101.00
59Wilma Walks Out!-Base Card101.00
60Life in the Wild-Base Card101.00
61Flintstone Is Unfair!-Base Card101.00
62Second Thoughts-Base Card101.00
63Fred the Fugitive!-Base Card101.00
64Under Cover-Base Card101.00
65Discovered!-Base Card101.00
66An Old-Fashioned Man-Base Card101.00
67Flight Plan-Base Card101.00
68Solo Flight-Base Card101.00
69A Feathered Friend?-Base Card101.00
70Hanging Party!-Base Card101.00
71Together Till the End-Base Card101.00
72The Whole Truth-Base Card101.00
73Cavenapped!-Base Card101.00
74The Bird of the Kids-Base Card101.00
75A Fair Trade-Base Card101.00
76Take the Money and Run-Base Card101.00
77Taking a Ride-Base Card101.00
78An Immovable Object-Base Card101.00
79Take a Bite Out of Cliff-Base Card101.00
80Wrong-Way Flintstone!-Base Card101.00
81Sneak Attack!-Base Card101.00
82Fred Takes a Stand-Base Card101.00
83Steee-rike!-Base Card101.00
84Poor, Pour Cliff-Base Card101.00
85Under Arrest-Base Card101.00
86What Is This Stuff?-Base Card101.00
87Back to the Quarry-Base Card101.00
88Wil-maa!-Base Card101.00
F-1Wilma & Fred!Etched FoilChase Card101.00
F-2The RubblesEtched FoilChase Card202.00
F-3Dino! Pebbles' Purple Pal!Etched FoilChase Card101.00
F-4WILMA!Etched FoilChase Card101.00
S-2Say "Da-Da" Bamm-Bamm!-Stickers101.00
S-3Welcome Aboard... Flintstone!-Stickers101.00
S-4Pebbles' Pet: Dino!-Stickers111.00
S-5B.C. B.B.Q.!-Stickers101.00
S-6Quarry Quittin' Time!-Stickers202.00
S-7From Rocks to Riches-Stickers101.00
S-8Twinkle Toes-Stickers101.00
S-9Chisels Down!-Stickers101.00
S-10Bedrock Shopping Spree-Stickers101.00
S-11A Rocky Rescue-Stickers202.00
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