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Topps UEFA Champions League 2015-2016. Match Attax

Topps UEFA Champions League 2015-2016. Match Attax

Year: 2015
Total cards: 3704

Card numbers:

1, LE1: International Edition (English)
1pl, LE1-pl: Polish Edition / Polska Edycja
1es, LE1-es: Spanish Edition / Español Edición
1it, LE1-it: Italian Edition / Edizione Italiana
1de, LE1-de: German Edition / Deutsch Auflage
1fr, LE1-fr: French Edition / Édition Française
1pt, LE1-pt: Portuguese Edition / Edição Português

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Full checklist (Total cards: 3704)
1Petr ČechArsenalBase card30940.32
2Laurent KoscielnyArsenalBase card24850.28
3Kieran GibbsArsenalBase card24960.25
4Per MertesackerArsenalBase card23820.28
5Mathieu DebuchyArsenalBase card33720.46
6Nacho MonrealArsenalBase card191160.16
7Héctor BellerínArsenalBase card33690.48
8Gabriel PaulistaArsenalBase card25850.29
9Jack WilshereArsenalBase card28900.31
10Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainArsenalBase card26920.28
11Aaron RamseyArsenalBase card171550.11
12Mesut ÖzilArsenalBase card32790.41
13Santi CazorlaArsenalBase card27820.33
14Mikel ArtetaArsenalCaptain28950.29
15Theo WalcottArsenalBase card28900.31
16Olivier GiroudArsenalBase card181400.13
17Alexis SánchezArsenalStar Player171860.09
18Laurent Koscielny / Per MertesackerArsenalDefensive Duo181960.09
19Iker CasillasPortoBase card231330.17
20Iván MarcanoPortoBase card26780.33
22Bruno Martins IndiPortoBase card261000.26
23Aly CissokhoPortoBase card21890.24
24José ÁngelPortoBase card32960.33
25Maxi PereiraPortoBase card24880.27
26EvandroPortoBase card33760.43
27Héctor HerreraPortoBase card32740.43
28Danilo PereiraPortoBase card34760.45
29Rúben NevesPortoBase card201380.14
30Gilbert ImbulaPortoBase card28960.29
31Yacine BrahimiPortoStar Player172040.08
32Pablo OsvaldoPortoBase card211000.21
33Cristian TelloPortoBase card29950.31
34Alberto BuenoPortoBase card36730.49
35Vincent AboubakarPortoBase card181270.14
36Héctor Herrera / Gilbert ImbulaPortoMidfield Duo191850.10
37Joe HartManchester CityBase card211130.19
38Bacary SagnaManchester CityBase card25940.27
39Martín DemichelisManchester CityBase card221160.19
40Vincent KompanyManchester CityCaptain191020.19
41Gaël ClichyManchester CityBase card27890.30
42Eliaquim MangalaManchester CityBase card26870.30
43Aleksandar KolarovManchester CityBase card201320.15
44Fabian DelphManchester CityBase card27790.34
45FernandoManchester CityBase card35700.50
46Jesús NavasManchester CityBase card33650.51
47Yaya TouréManchester CityBase card141570.09
48FernandinhoManchester CityBase card32670.48
49David SilvaManchester CityBase card31890.35
50Kevin De BruyneManchester CityBase card28890.31
51Raheem SterlingManchester CityBase card26890.29
52Sergio AgüeroManchester CityStar Player141960.07
53Wilfried BonyManchester CityBase card191410.13
54David Silva / Raheem SterlingManchester CityMidfield Duo151780.08
55Kevin TrappParis Saint-GermainBase card22930.24
56Layvin KurzawaParis Saint-GermainBase card23970.24
57MaxwellParis Saint-GermainBase card25980.26
58MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainBase card28990.28
59Thiago SilvaParis Saint-GermainCaptain251090.23
60David LuizParis Saint-GermainBase card211090.19
61Serge AurierParis Saint-GermainBase card37680.54
62Blaise MatuidiParis Saint-GermainBase card30740.41
63Thiago MottaParis Saint-GermainBase card24990.24
64Marco VerrattiParis Saint-GermainBase card191410.13
65Lucas MouraParis Saint-GermainBase card33720.46
66Javier PastoreParis Saint-GermainBase card23910.25
67Adrien RabiotParis Saint-GermainBase card33710.46
68Ángel Di MaríaParis Saint-GermainBase card25660.38
69Ezequiel LavezziParis Saint-GermainBase card181560.12
70Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainStar Player141890.07
71Zlatan IbrahimovićParis Saint-GermainBase card30930.32
72Lucas Moura / Javier PastoreParis Saint-GermainMidfield Duo211880.11
73Keylor NavasReal Madrid CFBase card32900.36
74MarceloReal Madrid CFBase card28780.36
75DaniloReal Madrid CFBase card29790.37
76Dani CarvajalReal Madrid CFBase card29930.31
77PepeReal Madrid CFBase card221080.20
78Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFCaptain30880.34
79Raphaël VaraneReal Madrid CFBase card34770.44
80Alvaro ArbeloaReal Madrid CFBase card30820.37
81IscoReal Madrid CFBase card37680.54
82Mateo KovačićReal Madrid CFBase card271030.26
83Luka ModrićReal Madrid CFBase card33810.41
84Toni KroosReal Madrid CFBase card28880.32
85Gareth BaleReal Madrid CFBase card211020.21
86James RodríguezReal Madrid CFStar Player201880.11
87JeséReal Madrid CFBase card37610.61
88Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFBase card191270.15
89Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFBase card48680.71
90Luka Modrić / Toni KroosReal Madrid CFMidfield Duo181810.10
91RobertoOlympiacosBase card181570.11
92Alberto BotiaOlympiacosBase card26880.30
93Omar ElabdellaouiOlympiacosBase card23950.24
94Arthur MasuakuOlympiacosBase card26960.27
95Manuel Da CostaOlympiacosBase card271000.27
96Dimitris SiovasOlympiacosBase card33760.43
97Leandro SalinoOlympiacosBase card28800.35
98Luka MilivojevićOlympiacosBase card32770.42
99Giannis ManiatisOlympiacosCaptain271050.26
100Kostas FortounisOlympiacosBase card33780.42
101Esteban CambiassoOlympiacosBase card27740.36
102Pajtim KasamiOlympiacosStar Player131920.07
103Alejandro DomínguezOlympiacosBase card151470.10
104Andreas BouchalakisOlympiacosBase card221020.22
105Ideye BrownOlympiacosBase card171510.11
106Felipe PardoOlympiacosBase card31960.32
107Alfred FinnbogasonOlympiacosBase card22930.24
108Leandro Salino / Dimitris SiovasOlympiacosDefensive Duo181470.12
109Diego BenaglioVfL WolfsburgCaptain34920.37
110Sebastian JungVfL WolfsburgBase card29840.35
111NaldoVfL WolfsburgBase card181400.13
112Robin KnocheVfL WolfsburgBase card31990.31
113Ricardo RodriguezVfL WolfsburgStar Player171880.09
114Timm KloseVfL WolfsburgBase card261010.26
115VieirinhaVfL WolfsburgBase card29980.30
116DanteVfL WolfsburgBase card26870.30
117Luiz GustavoVfL WolfsburgBase card28710.39
118Josuha GuilavoguiVfL WolfsburgBase card37650.57
119Daniel CaligiuriVfL WolfsburgBase card31750.41
120Julian DraxlerVfL WolfsburgBase card211640.13
121André SchürrleVfL WolfsburgBase card30790.38
122Maximilian ArnoldVfL WolfsburgBase card30930.32
123Nicklas BendtnerVfL WolfsburgBase card181470.12
124Max KruseVfL WolfsburgBase card241020.24
125Bas DostVfL WolfsburgBase card27900.30
126Luiz Gustavo / Josuha GuilavoguiVfL WolfsburgMidfield Duo181430.13
127Thibaut CourtoisChelseaBase card32890.36
128César AzpilicuetaChelseaBase card26970.27
129John TerryChelseaCaptain27960.28
130Gary CahillChelseaBase card201350.15
131Branislav IvanovićChelseaBase card29730.40
132Kurt ZoumaChelseaBase card34920.37
133John Obi MikelChelseaBase card30760.39
134RamiresChelseaBase card32680.47
135Nemanja MatićChelseaBase card25900.28
136Cesc FàbregasChelseaBase card26990.26
137WillianChelseaBase card241180.20
138OscarChelseaBase card33780.42
139Eden HazardChelseaBase card41700.59
140Pedro RodriguezChelseaBase card27740.36
141Radamel FalcaoChelseaBase card27920.29
142Loïc RémyChelseaBase card221310.17
143Diego CostaChelseaStar Player182000.09
144César Azpilicueta / Branislav IvanovićChelseaDefensive Duo161720.09
145Jeroen ZoetPSV EindhovenBase card32750.43
146Santiago AriasPSV EindhovenBase card26810.32
147Jeffrey BrumaPSV EindhovenBase card32810.40
148Nicolas Isimat-MirinPSV EindhovenBase card221430.15
149Simon PoulsenPSV EindhovenBase card221050.21
150Joshua BrenetPSV EindhovenBase card261090.24
151Héctor MorenoPSV EindhovenBase card32760.42
152Jorrit HendrixPSV EindhovenBase card301010.30
153Stijn SchaarsPSV EindhovenBase card28800.35
154Andrés GuardadoPSV EindhovenStar Player142070.07
155Adam MaherPSV EindhovenBase card31990.31
156Davy PröpperPSV EindhovenBase card211460.14
157Luciano NarsinghPSV EindhovenBase card231080.21
158Gastón PereiroPSV EindhovenBase card231380.17
159Maxime LestiennePSV EindhovenBase card24960.25
160Jürgen LocadiaPSV EindhovenBase card30800.38
161Luuk de JongPSV EindhovenCaptain27930.29
162Luuk de Jong / Luciano NarsinghPSV EindhovenForward Duo171640.10
163Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenBase card31690.45
164RafinhaFC Bayern MünchenBase card32760.42
165Jérôme BoatengFC Bayern MünchenBase card33890.37
166Juan BernatFC Bayern MünchenBase card37730.51
167Philipp LahmFC Bayern MünchenCaptain43700.61
168David AlabaFC Bayern MünchenBase card221350.16
169Medhi BenatiaFC Bayern MünchenBase card26730.36
170Sebastian RodeFC Bayern MünchenBase card26910.29
171Thiago AlcantaraFC Bayern MünchenBase card20950.21
172Xabi AlonsoFC Bayern MünchenBase card34710.48
173Douglas CostaFC Bayern MünchenBase card221420.15
174Arturo VidalFC Bayern MünchenBase card32740.43
175Mario GötzeFC Bayern MünchenBase card31850.36
176Franck RibéryFC Bayern MünchenBase card30910.33
177Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenStar Player131890.07
178Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenBase card35830.42
179Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenBase card191190.16
180Xabi Alonso / Mario GötzeFC Bayern MünchenMidfield Duo201630.12
181Júlio CésarSL BenficaBase card181300.14
182LuisãoSL BenficaCaptain27870.31
183EliseuSL BenficaBase card26970.27
184JardelSL BenficaBase card33950.35
185Nélson SemedoSL BenficaBase card391080.36
186André AlmeidaSL BenficaBase card29970.30
187Lisandro LópezSL BenficaBase card31780.40
188Mehdi Carcela-GonzálezSL BenficaBase card33690.48
189Andreas SamarisSL BenficaBase card35690.51
190Nicolás GaitánSL BenficaStar Player191900.10
191Ljubomir FejsaSL BenficaBase card23890.26
192Adel TaarabtSL BenficaBase card241550.15
193PizziSL BenficaBase card34710.48
194JonasSL BenficaBase card39800.49
195TaliscaSL BenficaBase card32820.39
196Raúl JiménezSL BenficaBase card31950.33
197Kostas MitroglouSL BenficaBase card191460.13
198Talisca / JonasSL BenficaForward Duo211780.12
199Bernd LenoBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card26890.29
200Roberto HilbertBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card25890.28
201Tin JedvajBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card29800.36
202Ömer ToprakBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card30920.33
203Sebastian BoenischBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card27930.29
204WendellBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card25970.26
205Kyriakos PapadopoulosBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card181390.13
206Jonathan TahBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card251020.25
207Giulio DonatiBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card27900.30
208Christoph KramerBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card191040.18
209Hakan ÇalhanoğluBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card24960.25
210Lars BenderBayer 04 LeverkusenCaptain34680.50
211Karim BellarabiBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card191460.13
212Julian BrandtBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card33760.43
213Stefan KießlingBayer 04 LeverkusenStar Player171990.09
214Admir MehmediBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card33840.39
215Javier HernándezBayer 04 LeverkusenBase card181350.13
216Wendell / Roberto HilbertBayer 04 LeverkusenDefensive Duo191910.10
217Yann SommerBorussia MönchengladbachBase card30980.31
218Tony JantschkeBorussia MönchengladbachBase card311070.29
219Andreas ChristensenBorussia MönchengladbachBase card34790.43
220Julian KorbBorussia MönchengladbachBase card191460.13
221Martin StranzlBorussia MönchengladbachCaptain271040.26
222Oscar WendtBorussia MönchengladbachBase card30910.33
223Fabian JohnsonBorussia MönchengladbachBase card39650.60
224Roel BrouwersBorussia MönchengladbachBase card33950.35
225Granit XhakaBorussia MönchengladbachBase card161420.11
226Ibrahima TraoréBorussia MönchengladbachBase card34970.35
227Thorgan HazardBorussia MönchengladbachBase card32860.37
228André HahnBorussia MönchengladbachBase card29980.30
229Lars StindlBorussia MönchengladbachBase card301020.29
230Patrick HerrmannBorussia MönchengladbachBase card33710.46
231Josip DrmićBorussia MönchengladbachBase card38800.48
232Branimir HrgotaBorussia MönchengladbachBase card181580.11
233RaffaelBorussia MönchengladbachStar Player161960.08
234André Hahn / Thorgan HazardBorussia MönchengladbachMidfield Duo211770.12
235Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaBase card37690.54
236Dani AlvesFC BarcelonaBase card36640.56
237Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaBase card23850.27
238Javier MascheranoFC BarcelonaBase card33910.36
239Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaBase card28930.30
240Jérémy MathieuFC BarcelonaBase card28800.35
241Marc BartraFC BarcelonaBase card28960.29
242Adriano CorreiaFC BarcelonaBase card28870.32
243Thomas VermaelenFC BarcelonaBase card25960.26
244Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaBase card29840.35
245Rafael AlcântaraFC BarcelonaBase card25900.28
246Sergi RobertoFC BarcelonaBase card28950.29
247Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaBase card24920.26
248Andrés IniestaFC BarcelonaCaptain36710.51
249Neymar JrFC BarcelonaBase card34700.49
250Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaStar Player211870.11
251Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaBase card49550.89
252Ivan Rakitić / Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaMidfield Duo181680.11
253Yuri LodyginFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card241030.23
254Aleksandr AnyukovFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card261000.26
255Domenico CriscitoFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card39790.49
256Nicolas LombaertsFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card201430.14
257Igor SmolnikovFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card301010.30
258Ezequiel GarayFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card281010.28
259Luís NetoFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card26970.27
260Oleg ShatovFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card281040.27
261Viktor FayzulinFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card251050.24
262Javi GarcíaFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card38840.45
263Axel WitselFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card201040.19
264DannyFC Zenit Saint PetersbergCaptain271080.25
265Aleksandr RyazantsevFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card171630.10
266Artur YusupovFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card291140.25
267HulkFC Zenit Saint PetersbergStar Player171900.09
268Artem DzyubaFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card181320.14
269Pavel DolgovFC Zenit Saint PetersbergBase card35890.39
270Axel Witsel / Javi GarcíaFC Zenit Saint PetersbergMidfield Duo221510.15
271Sergio RicoSevilla FCBase card34950.36
272CokeSevilla FCCaptain351020.34
273MarianoSevilla FCBase card32890.36
274Adil RamiSevilla FCBase card29960.30
275Benoît TrémoulinasSevilla FCBase card221420.15
276Yevhen KonoplyankaSevilla FCBase card291060.27
277Steven NzonziSevilla FCBase card34810.42
278José Antonio ReyesSevilla FCBase card35830.42
279Michael Krohn-DehliSevilla FCBase card27870.31
280Éver BanegaSevilla FCBase card30840.36
281Grzegorz KrychowiakSevilla FCStar Player201850.11
282Gaël KakutaSevilla FCBase card34740.46
283VitoloSevilla FCBase card32750.43
284Vicente IborraSevilla FCBase card161490.11
285Fernando LlorenteSevilla FCBase card33820.40
286Ciro ImmobileSevilla FCBase card221250.18
287Kévin GameiroSevilla FCBase card29920.32
288Éver Banega / Grzegorz KrychowiakSevilla FCMidfield Duo271940.14
289Oleksandr ShovkovskiyFC Dynamo KyivCaptain31760.41
290Domagoj VidaFC Dynamo KyivBase card221220.18
291Danilo SilvaFC Dynamo KyivBase card241190.20
292Aleksandar DragovićFC Dynamo KyivBase card271050.26
293AntunesFC Dynamo KyivBase card29910.32
294Yevhen KhacheridiFC Dynamo KyivBase card32830.39
295Denys GarmashFC Dynamo KyivBase card29730.40
296Miguel VelosoFC Dynamo KyivStar Player221970.11
297Oleh GusevFC Dynamo KyivBase card43650.66
298Serhiy RybalkaFC Dynamo KyivBase card27990.27
299Serhiy SydorchukFC Dynamo KyivBase card231350.17
300Younès BelhandaFC Dynamo KyivBase card271100.25
301Vitaliy BuyalskiyFC Dynamo KyivBase card281010.28
302Andriy YarmolenkoFC Dynamo KyivBase card271050.26
303Artem KravetsFC Dynamo KyivBase card30910.33
304Derlis GonzálezFC Dynamo KyivBase card191540.12
305Júnior MoraesFC Dynamo KyivBase card38700.54
306Yevhen Khacheridi / Aleksandar DragovicFC Dynamo KyivDefensive Duo221510.15
307Matz SelsKAA GentBase card30990.30
308Lasse NielsenKAA GentBase card27990.27
309Erik JohanssonKAA GentBase card231170.20
310Nana AsareKAA GentBase card221400.16
311RafinhaKAA GentBase card27970.28
312Brecht DejaegereKAA GentBase card28900.31
313Marko PoletanovićKAA GentBase card34940.36
314Thomas FoketKAA GentBase card35930.38
315Renato NetoKAA GentBase card31810.38
316Sven KumsKAA GentCaptain45800.56
317Hannes Van Der BruggenKAA GentBase card30930.32
318Danijel MilicevicKAA GentBase card281020.27
319Kenneth SaiefKAA GentBase card30910.33
320Kalifa CoulibalyKAA GentBase card271090.25
321Benito RamanKAA GentBase card221480.15
322Moses SimonKAA GentBase card27970.28
323Laurent DepoitreKAA GentStar Player231690.14
324Renato Neto / Sven KumsKAA GentMidfield Duo271380.20
325David de GeaManchester United FCBase card38650.58
326Luke ShawManchester United FCBase card39680.57
327Marcos RojoManchester United FCBase card301000.30
328Daley BlindManchester United FCBase card201720.12
329Chris SmallingManchester United FCBase card30960.31
330Matteo DarmianManchester United FCBase card26920.28
331Juan MataManchester United FCStar Player231800.13
332Bastian SchweinsteigerManchester United FCBase card25970.26
333Morgan SchneiderlinManchester United FCBase card31720.43
334Michael CarrickManchester United FCBase card181420.13
335Marouane FellainiManchester United FCBase card26980.27
336Ashley YoungManchester United FCBase card291000.29
337Ander HerreraManchester United FCBase card33950.35
338Antonio ValenciaManchester United FCBase card35700.50
339Anthony MartialManchester United FCBase card27940.29
340Memphis DepayManchester United FCBase card23990.23
341Wayne RooneyManchester United FCCaptain33890.37
342Bastian Schweinsteiger / Morgan SchneiderlinManchester United FCMidfield Duo211940.11
343Igor AkinfeevPFC CSKA MoscowCaptain31880.35
344Sergei IgnashevichPFC CSKA MoscowBase card271160.23
345Kirill NababkinPFC CSKA MoscowBase card291130.26
346Aleksei BerezutskiPFC CSKA MoscowBase card281000.28
347Mário FernandesPFC CSKA MoscowBase card25880.28
348Georgi SchennikovPFC CSKA MoscowBase card37770.48
349Vasili BerezutskiPFC CSKA MoscowBase card39790.49
350Pontus WernbloomPFC CSKA MoscowBase card27780.35
351Zoran TošićPFC CSKA MoscowBase card26840.31
352Georgi MilanovPFC CSKA MoscowBase card271070.25
353Bibras NatkhoPFC CSKA MoscowBase card171410.12
354Alan DzagoevPFC CSKA MoscowBase card39720.54
355Roman EremenkoPFC CSKA MoscowBase card35800.44
356Kirill PanchenkoPFC CSKA MoscowBase card33820.40
357Ahmed MusaPFC CSKA MoscowBase card211450.14
358Aleksandr GolovinPFC CSKA MoscowBase card291020.28
359Seydou DoumbiaPFC CSKA MoscowStar Player191970.10
360Zoran Tošić / Alan DzagoevPFC CSKA MoscowMidfield Duo261340.19
361Johan WilandMalmö FFBase card28920.30
362Kári ÁrnasonMalmö FFBase card29990.29
363Felipe CarvalhoMalmö FFBase card34660.52
364Anton TinnerholmMalmö FFBase card32720.44
365Yoshimar YotúnMalmö FFBase card37790.47
366Rasmus BengtssonMalmö FFBase card191500.13
367Guillermo MolinsMalmö FFBase card281080.26
368Vladimir RodićMalmö FFBase card281040.27
369Oscar LewickiMalmö FFStar Player221960.11
370Enoch Kofi AduMalmö FFBase card27830.33
371Erdal RakipMalmö FFBase card27970.28
372Magnus Wolff EikremMalmö FFBase card281030.27
373Nikola DjurdjićMalmö FFBase card38730.52
374Agon MehmetiMalmö FFBase card38780.49
375Tobias SanaMalmö FFBase card36800.45
376Markus RosenbergMalmö FFCaptain32700.46
377Jo Inge BergetMalmö FFBase card211390.15
378Enoch Kofi Adu / Oscar LewickiMalmö FFMidfield Duo241240.19
379Fernando MusleraGalatasaray SKBase card271030.26
380Aurélien ChedjouGalatasaray SKBase card27970.28
381Lionel CaroleGalatasaray SKBase card32980.33
382Tarık ÇamdalGalatasaray SKBase card281010.28
383Sabri SarıoğluGalatasaray SKBase card161370.12
384Hakan BaltaGalatasaray SKBase card35900.39
385José RodríguezGalatasaray SKBase card25990.25
386Yasin ÖztekinGalatasaray SKBase card31900.34
387Bilal KısaGalatasaray SKBase card29950.31
388Hamit AltıntopGalatasaray SKBase card171560.11
389Emre ÇolakGalatasaray SKBase card30960.31
390Selçuk İnanGalatasaray SKCaptain45670.67
391Wesley SneijderGalatasaray SKStar Player191930.10
392Olcan AdınGalatasaray SKBase card291020.28
393Burak YılmazGalatasaray SKBase card171420.12
394Lukas PodolskiGalatasaray SKBase card31760.41
395Umut BulutGalatasaray SKBase card361040.35
396Lukas Podolski / Umut BulutGalatasaray SKForward Duo211650.13
397Predrag RajkovićMaccabi Tel AvivBase card381060.36
398Yuval SpunginMaccabi Tel AvivBase card291140.25
399Omri Ben HarushMaccabi Tel AvivBase card331050.31
400Tal Ben HaimMaccabi Tel AvivBase card37720.51
401Eitan TibiMaccabi Tel AvivBase card31880.35
402Carlos GarcíaMaccabi Tel AvivBase card29920.32
403Gal AlbermanMaccabi Tel AvivBase card191340.14
404Nosa IgieborMaccabi Tel AvivStar Player251550.16
405Nikola MitrovićMaccabi Tel AvivBase card28980.29
406Eran ZahaviMaccabi Tel AvivCaptain34860.40
407Dor PeretzMaccabi Tel AvivBase card34810.42
408Gili VermouthMaccabi Tel AvivBase card37820.45
409Dor MichaMaccabi Tel AvivBase card33980.34
410Avi RikanMaccabi Tel AvivBase card261050.25
411Tal Ben ChaimMaccabi Tel AvivBase card34750.45
412Eden Ben BasatMaccabi Tel AvivBase card231280.18
413Barak YitzhakiMaccabi Tel AvivBase card311010.31
414Eitan Tibi / Tal Ben HaimMaccabi Tel AvivDefensive Duo281320.21
415EduardoGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card29940.31
416Alexandru MățelGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card37770.48
417Ivo PintoGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card32760.42
418Josip PivarićGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card33740.45
419Leonardo SigaliGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card37880.42
420Jérémy TaravelGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card201550.13
421Gonçalo SantosGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card281030.27
422Ante ĆorićGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card30850.35
423Arijan AdemiGNK Dinamo ZagrebCaptain27990.27
424Paulo MachadoGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card33980.34
425Marko RogGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card32990.32
426Domagoj AntolićGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card37850.44
427Armin HodžićGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card30980.31
428Junior FernandesGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card211170.18
429Ángelo HenríquezGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card37800.46
430Marko PjacaGNK Dinamo ZagrebBase card251000.25
431El Arbi Hilal SoudaniGNK Dinamo ZagrebStar Player151860.08
432Marko Pjaca / Ángelo HenríquezGNK Dinamo ZagrebForward Duo231330.17
433Wojciech SzczęsnyAS RomaBase card261050.25
434Lucas DigneAS RomaBase card29990.29
435Kostas ManolasAS RomaBase card341060.32
436Leandro CastánAS RomaBase card32750.43
437MaiconAS RomaBase card33980.34
438Seydou KeitaAS RomaBase card31730.42
439Daniele De RossiAS RomaBase card34640.53
440Radja NainggolanAS RomaBase card331000.33
441Kevin StrootmanAS RomaBase card311060.29
442Miralem PjanićAS RomaStar Player201920.10
443Alessandro FlorenziAS RomaBase card32640.50
444Juan Manuel IturbeAS RomaBase card38690.55
445GervinhoAS RomaBase card34820.41
446Iago FalquéAS RomaBase card30960.31
447Mohamed SalahAS RomaBase card28970.29
448Francesco TottiAS RomaCaptain45690.65
449Edin DžekoAS RomaBase card291190.24
450Radja Nainggolan / Daniele De RossiAS RomaMidfield Duo211790.12
451Gianluigi BuffonJuventus FCCaptain38830.46
452Stephan LichtsteinerJuventus FCBase card321030.31
453Patrice EvraJuventus FCBase card30860.35
454Leonardo BonucciJuventus FCBase card33720.46
455Giorgio ChielliniJuventus FCStar Player192030.09
456Andrea BarzagliJuventus FCBase card30790.38
457Alex SandroJuventus FCBase card34810.42
458Roberto PereyraJuventus FCBase card36840.43
459Claudio MarchisioJuventus FCBase card29950.31
460Paul PogbaJuventus FCBase card35770.45
461HernanesJuventus FCBase card35800.44
462Sami KhediraJuventus FCBase card35630.56
463Paulo DybalaJuventus FCBase card38810.47
464Álvaro MorataJuventus FCBase card34910.37
465Simone ZazaJuventus FCBase card38740.51
466Juan CuadradoJuventus FCBase card30970.31
467Mario MandžukićJuventus FCBase card27850.32
468Stephan Lichtsteiner / Patrice EvraJuventus FCDefensive Duo191720.11
469Olivier GiroudArsenalMan of the Match381030.37
470Vincent AboubakarPortoMan of the Match32930.34
471Joe HartManchester CityMan of the Match28950.29
472Blaise MatuidiParis Saint-GermainMan of the Match321020.31
473Toni KroosReal Madrid CFMan of the Match341010.34
474Arthur MasuakuOlympiacosMan of the Match34830.41
475Ricardo RodriguezVfL WolfsburgMan of the Match38710.54
476Thibaut CourtoisChelseaMan of the Match34860.40
477Davy PröpperPSV EindhovenMan of the Match34740.46
478Franck RibéryFC Bayern MünchenMan of the Match37890.42
479TaliscaSL BenficaMan of the Match33870.38
480Hakan ÇalhanoğluBayer 04 LeverkusenMan of the Match35970.36
481Patrick HerrmannBorussia MönchengladbachMan of the Match30890.34
482Neymar JrFC BarcelonaMan of the Match40660.61
483Ezequiel GarayFC Zenit Saint PetersbergMan of the Match31970.32
484Éver BanegaSevilla FCMan of the Match331070.31
485Aleksandar DragovićFC Dynamo KyivMan of the Match30870.34
486Brecht DejaegereKAA GentMan of the Match28960.29
487Juan MataManchester United FCMan of the Match35860.41
488Ahmed MusaPFC CSKA MoscowMan of the Match271010.27
489Jo Inge BergetMalmö FFMan of the Match27940.29
490Lukas PodolskiGalatasaray SKMan of the Match271030.26
491Eran ZahaviMaccabi Tel AvivMan of the Match30900.33
492Jérémy TaravelGNK Dinamo ZagrebMan of the Match311040.30
493Edin DžekoAS RomaMan of the Match331000.33
494Mario MandžukićJuventus FCMan of the Match32930.34
495Manuel NeuerFC Bayern München100 Club99273.67
496Sergio RamosReal Madrid CF100 Club88362.44
497Eden HazardChelsea100 Club91402.28
498Lionel MessiFC Barcelona100 Club118215.62
499UEFA Champions League LogoUEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Champions League202030.10
500UEFA Champions League TrophyUEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Champions League241500.16
LE1Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFLimited Edition / Bronze1381211.50
LE2Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaLimited Edition / Bronze92462.00
LE3Eden HazardChelseaLimited Edition / Bronze109195.74
LE4Yaya ToureManchester CityLimited Edition / Bronze1271012.70
LE5Yevhen KonoplyankaSevilla FCLimited Edition / Bronze81421.93
LE6Mesut ÖzilArsenalLimited Edition / Bronze146529.20
LE7Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition / Bronze87392.23
LE8André SchürrleVfL WolfsburgLimited Edition / Bronze150818.75
N1Markus RosenbergMalmö FFScandinavian Stars / Nordic1131110.27
N2Pontus WernbloomPFC CSKA MoscowScandinavian Stars / Nordic108195.68
N3Omar ElabdellaouiOlympiacosScandinavian Stars / Nordic108224.91
N4Zlatan IbrahimovićParis Saint-GermainScandinavian Stars / Nordic128149.14
N5Oscar WendtBorussia MönchengladbachScandinavian Stars / Nordic107157.13
N6Simon PoulsenPSV EindhovenScandinavian Stars / Nordic107234.65
N7Michael Krohn-DehliSevilla FCScandinavian Stars / Nordic109157.27
N8Diego CostaChelseaMega Stars / Nordic110147.86
N9Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenMega Stars / Nordic118186.56
N10Alexis SánchezArsenalMega Stars / Nordic118196.21
N11Sergio AgüeroManchester CityMega Stars / Nordic114167.13
N12James RodríguezReal Madrid CFMega Stars / Nordic121158.07
N13TaliscaSL BenficaRising Stars / Nordic109147.79
N14Memphis DepayManchester United FCRising Stars / Nordic109186.06
N15Héctor BellerínArsenalRising Stars / Nordic115138.85
N16Julian DraxlerVfL WolfsburgRising Stars / Nordic111195.84
P1Petr ČechArsenalPro 11124815.50
P2Santi CazorlaArsenalPro 11128914.22
P3John TerryChelseaPro 111341112.18
P4Diego CostaChelseaPro 111271012.70
P5Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaPro 11131149.36
P6Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaPro 11130177.65
P7David AlabaFC Bayern MünchenPro 11136719.43
P8Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenPro 111341310.31
P9Yevhen KhacheridiFC Dynamo KyivPro 11131621.83
P10Serhiy RybalkaFC Dynamo KyivPro 11134719.14
P11Yacine BrahimiPortoPro 11138527.60
P12Gilbert ImbulaPortoPro 111281111.64
P13DannyFC Zenit Saint PetersbergPro 111341013.40
P14HulkFC Zenit Saint PetersbergPro 11134719.14
P15Vincent KompanyManchester CityPro 111291012.90
P16Raheem SterlingManchester CityPro 111291210.75
P17Omar ElabdellaouiOlympiacosPro 11137622.83
P18Esteban CambiassoOlympiacosPro 11130914.44
P19Thiago SilvaParis Saint-GermainPro 111341013.40
P20Lucas MouraParis Saint-GermainPro 11136622.67
P21Jeroen ZoetPSV EindhovenPro 11137817.13
P22Andrés GuardadoPSV EindhovenPro 111321013.20
P23James RodríguezReal Madrid CFPro 111311210.92
P24Gareth BaleReal Madrid CFPro 111321112.00
P25Adil RamiSevilla FCPro 11136915.11
P26Grzegorz KrychowiakSevilla FCPro 11123148.79
P27LuisãoSL BenficaPro 11135816.88
P28JonasSL BenficaPro 11136915.11
P29Tony JantschkeBorussia MönchengladbachPro 11132914.67
P30RaffaelBorussia MönchengladbachPro 11133719.00
P31NaldoVfL WolfsburgPro 11135527.00
P32Max KruseVfL WolfsburgPro 111271012.70
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