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Topps UEFA Champions League 2018-2019. Match Attax

Topps UEFA Champions League 2018-2019. Match Attax

Year: 2018
Total cards: 518

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 586 / completed: 252


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1Club BadgeFC BarcelonaClub Badge491900.26
2Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaBase card421720.24
3Clément LengletFC BarcelonaBase card312280.14
4Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaBase card371770.21
5Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaBase card371720.22
6Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaBase card411750.23
7Sergi RobertoFC BarcelonaBase card411730.24
8Nélson SemedoFC BarcelonaBase card461590.29
9Arturo VidalFC BarcelonaBase card371770.21
10Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaPass Master98452.18
11ArthurFC BarcelonaBase card322060.16
12Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaBase card421730.24
13Philippe CoutinhoFC BarcelonaBase card312250.14
14MalcomFC BarcelonaBase card223260.07
15Ousmane DembéléFC BarcelonaSpeed King84591.42
16Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaBase card183520.05
17Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaGoal Machine127383.34
18Jordi Alba / Sergi RobertoFC BarcelonaDefensive Duo381850.21
19Club BadgeClub Atlético de MadridClub Badge312250.14
20Jan OblakClub Atlético de MadridBase card223430.06
21JuanfranClub Atlético de MadridBase card143510.04
22Filipe LuísClub Atlético de MadridBase card321850.17
23Diego GodínClub Atlético de MadridBase card341780.19
24José GiménezClub Atlético de MadridBase card331820.18
25Stefan SavićClub Atlético de MadridBase card281900.15
26Santiago AriasClub Atlético de MadridBase card371780.21
27Lucas HernándezClub Atlético de MadridBase card301750.17
28RodriClub Atlético de MadridBase card381690.22
29Saúl ÑíguezClub Atlético de MadridBase card301850.16
30KokeClub Atlético de MadridPass Master94621.52
31Thomas ParteyClub Atlético de MadridBase card222270.10
32Thomas LemarClub Atlético de MadridBase card302130.14
33Gelson MartinsClub Atlético de MadridBase card401700.24
34Antoine GriezmannClub Atlético de MadridSpeed King101511.98
35Diego CostaClub Atlético de MadridGoal Machine80441.82
36Saúl Ñíguez / KokeClub Atlético de MadridMidfield Duo321890.17
37Club BadgeReal Madrid CFClub Badge421580.27
38Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid CFBase card381410.27
39Dani CarvajalReal Madrid CFBase card441700.26
40MarceloReal Madrid CFBase card361720.21
41Nacho FernándezReal Madrid CFBase card391640.24
42Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFBase card471520.31
43Raphaël VaraneReal Madrid CFBase card441690.26
44Álvaro OdriozolaReal Madrid CFBase card421730.24
45Marco AsensioReal Madrid CFBase card461570.29
46CasemiroReal Madrid CFBase card391560.25
47IscoReal Madrid CFPass Master461800.26
48Luka ModrićReal Madrid CFBase card481350.36
49Toni KroosReal Madrid CFBase card411520.27
50Gareth BaleReal Madrid CFSpeed King511520.34
51Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFGoal Machine471560.30
52Lucas VázquezReal Madrid CFBase card321680.19
53Vinícius JúniorReal Madrid CFBase card511490.34
54Marcelo / Dani CarvajalReal Madrid CFDefensive Duo94521.81
55Club BadgeValencia CFClub Badge202270.09
56NetoValencia CFBase card371620.23
57Cristiano PicciniValencia CFBase card341900.18
58José GayàValencia CFBase card311870.17
59Ezequiel GarayValencia CFBase card371840.20
60Gabriel PaulistaValencia CFBase card331710.19
61Jeison MurilloValencia CFBase card352050.17
62Rúben VezoValencia CFBase card251900.13
63Mouctar DiakhabyValencia CFBase card301860.16
64Francis CoquelinValencia CFBase card381870.20
65Geoffrey KondogbiaValencia CFBase card281840.15
66Daniel ParejoValencia CFPass Master92392.36
67Carlos SolerValencia CFBase card311930.16
68Daniel WassValencia CFBase card301910.16
69Michy BatshuayiValencia CFBase card331670.20
70Rodrigo MorenoValencia CFSpeed King89541.65
71Santi MinaValencia CFGoal Machine85501.70
72Rodrigo Moreno / Simone ZazaValencia CFForward Duo301900.16
73Club BadgeFC Bayern MünchenClub Badge381960.19
74Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenBase card371780.21
75Joshua KimmichFC Bayern MünchenBase card262370.11
76David AlabaFC Bayern MünchenPass Master87551.58
77Mats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenBase card361690.21
78Jérôme BoatengFC Bayern MünchenBase card361720.21
79Niklas SüleFC Bayern MünchenBase card361780.20
80Javi MartínezFC Bayern MünchenBase card331850.18
81Thiago AlcántaraFC Bayern MünchenBase card381820.21
82Corentin TolissoFC Bayern MünchenBase card282330.12
83Leon GoretzkaFC Bayern MünchenBase card351830.19
84Franck RibéryFC Bayern MünchenBase card471730.27
85James RodríguezFC Bayern MünchenBase card381660.23
86Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenBase card322110.15
87Kingsley ComanFC Bayern MünchenSpeed King93591.58
88Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenGoal Machine92531.74
89Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenBase card252510.10
90Joshua Kimmich / David AlabaFC Bayern MünchenDefensive Duo331930.17
91Club BadgeFC Schalke 04Club Badge341890.18
92Ralf FährmannFC Schalke 04Base card351950.18
93Matija NastasicFC Schalke 04Base card391850.21
94NaldoFC Schalke 04Base card301900.16
95Bastian OczipkaFC Schalke 04Base card411860.22
96Salif SanéFC Schalke 04Base card291920.15
97Benjamin StambouliFC Schalke 04Base card361950.18
98Omar MascarellFC Schalke 04Base card331870.18
99Alessandro SchöpfFC Schalke 04Base card341840.18
100Daniel CaligiuriFC Schalke 04Base card341820.19
101Nabil BentalebFC Schalke 04Pass Master86541.59
102Amine HaritFC Schalke 04Base card212370.09
103Yevhen KonoplyankaFC Schalke 04Speed King86621.39
104Suat SerdarFC Schalke 04Base card262190.12
105Breel EmboloFC Schalke 04Base card341910.18
106Guido BurgstallerFC Schalke 04Base card262310.11
107Mark UthFC Schalke 04Goal Machine91751.21
108Omar Mascarell / Nabil BentalebFC Schalke 04Midfield Duo411830.22
109Club BadgeTSG 1899 HoffenheimClub Badge381840.21
110Oliver BaumannTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card301880.16
111Joshua BrenetTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card331790.18
112Kevin VogtTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card311770.18
113Benjamin HübnerTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card352000.18
114Pavel KaderábekTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card371920.19
115Leonardo BittencourtTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card321940.16
116Vincenzo GrifoTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card342030.17
117Nico SchulzTSG 1899 HoffenheimSpeed King80511.57
118Steven ZuberTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card291870.16
119Florian GrillitschTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card261790.15
120Kerem DemirbayTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card272000.14
121Nadiem AmiriTSG 1899 HoffenheimPass Master79641.23
122Dennis GeigerTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card311980.16
123Ishak BelfodilTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card331990.17
124Ádám SzalaiTSG 1899 HoffenheimBase card371940.19
125Andrej KramaricTSG 1899 HoffenheimGoal Machine87571.53
126Pavel Kaderábek / Kevin VogtTSG 1899 HoffenheimDefensive Duo321870.17
127Club BadgeBorussia DortmundClub Badge321840.17
128Roman BürkiBorussia DortmundBase card252260.11
129Łukasz PiszczekBorussia DortmundBase card351880.19
130Marcel SchmelzerBorussia DortmundBase card341790.19
131Abdou DialloBorussia DortmundBase card232400.10
132Ömer ToprakBorussia DortmundBase card252410.10
133Manuel AkanjiBorussia DortmundBase card312000.16
134Axel WitselBorussia DortmundBase card341720.20
135Christian PulisicBorussia DortmundSpeed King96601.60
136Shinji KagawaBorussia DortmundBase card381870.20
137Julian WeiglBorussia DortmundPass Master87461.89
138Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundBase card361940.19
139Marius WolfBorussia DortmundBase card401910.21
140Mahmoud DahoudBorussia DortmundBase card361840.20
141Thomas DelaneyBorussia DortmundBase card312050.15
142Maximilian PhilippBorussia DortmundBase card342230.15
143Marco ReusBorussia DortmundGoal Machine90581.55
144Manuel Akanji / Abdou DialloBorussia DortmundDefensive Duo271840.15
145Club BadgeManchester City FCClub Badge391720.23
146EdersonManchester City FCBase card311680.18
147Kyle WalkerManchester City FCBase card381570.24
148Benjamin MendyManchester City FCBase card321920.17
149Vincent KompanyManchester City FCBase card351770.20
150Nicolás OtamendiManchester City FCBase card381790.21
151John StonesManchester City FCBase card282060.14
152Aymeric LaporteManchester City FCBase card272370.11
153FernandinhoManchester City FCBase card291830.16
154Riyad MahrezManchester City FCBase card312180.14
155David SilvaManchester City FCBase card361610.22
156Kevin De BruyneManchester City FCPass Master95481.98
157Bernardo SilvaManchester City FCBase card371840.20
158Raheem SterlingManchester City FCBase card371890.20
159Leroy SanéManchester City FCSpeed King98551.78
160Gabriel JesusManchester City FCBase card262180.12
161Sergio AgüeroManchester City FCGoal Machine80581.38
162Bernardo Silva / Leroy SanéManchester City FCMidfield Duo331770.19
163Club BadgeManchester United FCClub Badge471830.26
164David de GeaManchester United FCBase card382140.18
165Antonio ValenciaManchester United FCSpeed King84531.58
166Ashley YoungManchester United FCBase card311940.16
167Chris SmallingManchester United FCBase card311860.17
168Phil JonesManchester United FCBase card321770.18
169Eric BaillyManchester United FCBase card361850.19
170FredManchester United FCBase card282050.14
171Jesse LingardManchester United FCBase card331960.17
172Ander HerreraManchester United FCBase card341930.18
173Paul PogbaManchester United FCBase card371660.22
174Marouane FellainiManchester United FCBase card401690.24
175Juan MataManchester United FCPass Master95601.58
176Alexis SánchezManchester United FCBase card242330.10
177Romelu LukakuManchester United FCGoal Machine88521.69
178Anthony MartialManchester United FCBase card391710.23
179Marcus RashfordManchester United FCBase card282320.12
180Alexis Sánchez / Romelu LukakuManchester United FCForward Duo461740.26
181Club BadgeTottenham HotspurClub Badge292320.13
182Hugo LlorisTottenham HotspurBase card221790.12
183Kieran TrippierTottenham HotspurBase card261950.13
184Danny RoseTottenham HotspurSpeed King97621.56
185Toby AlderweireldTottenham HotspurBase card331710.19
186Jan VertonghenTottenham HotspurBase card371970.19
187Ben DaviesTottenham HotspurBase card381900.20
188Dávinson SánchezTottenham HotspurBase card292260.13
189Dele AlliTottenham HotspurBase card301800.17
190Eric DierTottenham HotspurBase card371910.19
191Harry WinksTottenham HotspurBase card351830.19
192Erik LamelaTottenham HotspurBase card341880.18
193Mousa DembéléTottenham HotspurBase card341720.20
194Christian EriksenTottenham HotspurPass Master93501.86
195Lucas MouraTottenham HotspurBase card312340.13
196Harry KaneTottenham HotspurGoal Machine87521.67
197Heung-Min SonTottenham HotspurBase card391820.21
198Dele Alli / Christian EriksenTottenham HotspurMidfield Duo361850.19
199Club BadgeLiverpool FCClub Badge441630.27
200Alisson BeckerLiverpool FCBase card401630.25
201Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool FCBase card421570.27
202Dejan LovrenLiverpool FCBase card342260.15
203Virgil van DijkLiverpool FCBase card322130.15
204Daniel SturridgeLiverpool FCBase card411640.25
205Andrew RobertsonLiverpool FCBase card341800.19
206Xherdan ShaqiriLiverpool FCBase card371610.23
207James MilnerLiverpool FCBase card381820.21
208Jordan HendersonLiverpool FCBase card421760.24
209Georginio WijnaldumLiverpool FCBase card401650.24
210Naby KeïtaLiverpool FCPass Master88581.52
211Adam LallanaLiverpool FCBase card381780.21
212FabinhoLiverpool FCBase card262080.13
213Mohamed SalahLiverpool FCGoal Machine105571.84
214Sadio ManéLiverpool FCSpeed King104512.04
215Roberto FirminoLiverpool FCBase card391780.22
216Andrew Robertson / Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool FCDefensive Duo292280.13
217Club BadgeSSC NapoliClub Badge341790.19
218Orestis KarnezisSSC NapoliBase card351820.19
219Elseid HysajSSC NapoliBase card361840.20
220Mário RuiSSC NapoliBase card421840.23
221Raúl AlbiolSSC NapoliBase card252310.11
222Kalidou KoulibalySSC NapoliBase card371870.20
223Sebastiano LupertoSSC NapoliBase card421980.21
224Marek HamšíkSSC NapoliPass Master89591.51
225Fabián RuizSSC NapoliBase card282230.13
226Amadou DiawaraSSC NapoliBase card341990.17
227Marko RogSSC NapoliBase card311760.18
228AllanSSC NapoliBase card351720.20
229Arkadiusz MilikSSC NapoliBase card241920.13
230Simone VerdiSSC NapoliBase card341780.19
231Dries MertensSSC NapoliGoal Machine101601.68
232Lorenzo InsigneSSC NapoliSpeed King96581.66
233José CallejónSSC NapoliBase card381750.22
234José Callejón / Lorenzo InsigneSSC NapoliForward Duo362010.18
235Club BadgeAS RomaClub Badge471510.31
236Robin OlsenAS RomaBase card311810.17
237Alessandro FlorenziAS RomaBase card411720.24
238Aleksandar KolarovAS RomaBase card302100.14
239Federico FazioAS RomaBase card371790.21
240Kostas ManolasAS RomaBase card441680.26
241Juan JesusAS RomaBase card381760.22
242Iván MarcanoAS RomaBase card332320.14
243Steven NzonziAS RomaBase card421770.24
244Daniele De RossiAS RomaBase card361770.20
245Javier PastoreAS RomaPass Master84531.58
246Justin KluivertAS RomaBase card531910.28
247Luca PellegriniAS RomaBase card362200.16
248Cengiz ÜnderAS RomaSpeed King97551.76
249Diego PerottiAS RomaBase card272270.12
250Stephan El ShaarawyAS RomaBase card361750.21
251Edin DžekoAS RomaGoal Machine103551.87
252Aleksandar Kolarov / Alessandro FlorenziAS RomaDefensive Duo381910.20
253Club BadgeFC Internazionale MilanoClub Badge381830.21
254Samir HandanovićFC Internazionale MilanoBase card341620.21
255Stefan de VrijFC Internazionale MilanoSpeed King85561.52
256Šime VrsaljkoFC Internazionale MilanoBase card381610.24
257Danilo D'AmbrosioFC Internazionale MilanoBase card342300.15
258Milan ŠkriniarFC Internazionale MilanoBase card272320.12
259MirandaFC Internazionale MilanoBase card301960.15
260Andrea RanocchiaFC Internazionale MilanoBase card321850.17
261Radja NainggolanFC Internazionale MilanoBase card381730.22
262Borja ValeroFC Internazionale MilanoBase card351850.19
263Antonio CandrevaFC Internazionale MilanoBase card281780.16
264Marcelo BrozovićFC Internazionale MilanoPass Master89591.51
265Matías VecinoFC Internazionale MilanoBase card461800.26
266Ivan PerišićFC Internazionale MilanoBase card391720.23
267Kwadwo AsamoahFC Internazionale MilanoBase card252370.11
268Mauro IcardiFC Internazionale MilanoGoal Machine103661.56
269Lautaro MartínezFC Internazionale MilanoBase card272190.12
270Matías Vecino / Marcelo BrozovićFC Internazionale MilanoMidfield Duo371800.21
271Club BadgeParis Saint-GermainClub Badge262260.12
272Gianluigi BuffonParis Saint-GermainBase card312180.14
273Dani AlvesParis Saint-GermainBase card311840.17
274Layvin KurzawaParis Saint-GermainBase card421880.22
275Presnel KimpembeParis Saint-GermainBase card282210.13
276Thiago SilvaParis Saint-GermainBase card321800.18
277Thomas MeunierParis Saint-GermainBase card361850.19
278MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainBase card341670.20
279Colin DagbaParis Saint-GermainBase card381800.21
280Giovani Lo CelsoParis Saint-GermainBase card332230.15
281Marco VerrattiParis Saint-GermainPass Master96531.81
282Julian DraxlerParis Saint-GermainBase card321850.17
283Ángel Di MaríaParis Saint-GermainBase card421790.23
284Adrien RabiotParis Saint-GermainBase card351860.19
285Kylian MbappéParis Saint-GermainSpeed King122482.54
286Neymar JrParis Saint-GermainBase card301900.16
287Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainGoal Machine94452.09
288Adrien Rabiot / Marco VerrattiParis Saint-GermainMidfield Duo381970.19
289Club BadgeAS Monaco FCClub Badge361950.18
290Danijel SubašićAS Monaco FCBase card262050.13
291Djibril SidibéAS Monaco FCSpeed King91461.98
292Andrea RaggiAS Monaco FCBase card331820.18
293JemersonAS Monaco FCBase card272280.12
294Kamil GlikAS Monaco FCBase card232310.10
295Almamy TouréAS Monaco FCBase card281810.15
296Ronaël Pierre-GabrielAS Monaco FCBase card341630.21
297Antonio BarrecaAS Monaco FCBase card311900.16
298Jean-Eudes AholouAS Monaco FCBase card361910.19
299Youri TielemansAS Monaco FCPass Master100591.69
300Aleksandr GolovinAS Monaco FCBase card321720.19
301Rony LopesAS Monaco FCBase card272540.11
302Sofiane DiopAS Monaco FCBase card401710.23
303Jordi MboulaAS Monaco FCBase card361880.19
304Radamel FalcaoAS Monaco FCGoal Machine77591.31
305Stevan JovetićAS Monaco FCBase card282320.12
306Jean-Eudes Aholou / Youri TielemansAS Monaco FCMidfield Duo321940.16
307Club BadgeOlympique LyonnaisClub Badge341780.19
308Anthony LopesOlympique LyonnaisBase card321870.17
309Rafael da SilvaOlympique LyonnaisBase card352000.18
310Ferland MendyOlympique LyonnaisBase card391920.20
311MarceloOlympique LyonnaisBase card411880.22
312Jérémy MorelOlympique LyonnaisBase card321880.17
313Kenny TeteOlympique LyonnaisBase card331930.17
314MarçalOlympique LyonnaisBase card301960.15
315Lucas TousartOlympique LyonnaisBase card341850.18
316Jordan FerriOlympique LyonnaisBase card281900.15
317Tanguy NdombeleOlympique LyonnaisBase card281930.15
318Houssem AouarOlympique LyonnaisBase card321860.17
319Maxwel CornetOlympique LyonnaisBase card281840.15
320Bertrand TraoréOlympique LyonnaisSpeed King93471.98
321Nabil FekirOlympique LyonnaisPass Master88641.38
322Memphis DepayOlympique LyonnaisGoal Machine83471.77
323Mariano DiazOlympique LyonnaisBase card311850.17
324Lucas Tousart / Tanguy NdombeleOlympique LyonnaisMidfield Duo301810.17
325Club BadgeClub BruggeClub Badge331870.18
326Karlo LeticaClub BruggeBase card302020.15
327Dion CoolsClub BruggeBase card401750.23
328Stefano DenswilClub BruggeBase card361930.19
329Benoît PoulainClub BruggeBase card371900.19
330Ivan TomečakClub BruggeBase card361890.19
331Saulo DecarliClub BruggeBase card341870.18
332Matej MitrovićClub BruggeBase card321890.17
333Mats RitsClub BruggeBase card361870.19
334Marvelous NakambaClub BruggeBase card282170.13
335Ruud VormerClub BruggeBase card311800.17
336Hans VanakenClub BruggePass Master88611.44
337Arnaut DanjumaClub BruggeBase card342000.17
338Siebe SchrijversClub BruggeBase card371910.19
339Jelle VossenClub BruggeBase card411820.23
340Emmanuel Bonaventure DennisClub BruggeSpeed King87591.47
341WesleyClub BruggeGoal Machine95462.07
342Ruud Vormer / Hans VanakenClub BruggeMidfield Duo212300.09
343Club BadgeFC PortoClub Badge361840.20
344Iker CasillasFC PortoBase card322250.14
345Maxi PereiraFC PortoBase card401900.21
346Alex TellesFC PortoBase card341880.18
347Diogo LeiteFC PortoBase card361870.19
348FelipeFC PortoBase card342000.17
349João PedroFC PortoBase card381920.20
350Danilo PereiraFC PortoBase card281880.15
351Héctor HerreraFC PortoBase card242330.10
352Sérgio OliveiraFC PortoBase card351900.18
353Óliver TorresFC PortoBase card381770.21
354OtávioFC PortoBase card232490.09
355André PereiraFC PortoBase card351870.19
356Vincent AboubakarFC PortoGoal Machine93641.45
357Moussa MaregaFC PortoSpeed King88601.47
358Yacine BrahimiFC PortoPass Master94671.40
359Jesús CoronaFC PortoBase card331740.19
360Moussa Marega / Vincent AboubakarFC PortoForward Duo332430.14
361Club BadgeGalatasaray AŞClub Badge361740.21
362Fernando MusleraGalatasaray AŞBase card342020.17
363Ahmet ÇalıkGalatasaray AŞBase card311840.17
364Yuto NagatomoGalatasaray AŞBase card351780.20
365MaiconGalatasaray AŞBase card381820.21
366Serdar AzizGalatasaray AŞBase card311850.17
367Lionel CaroleGalatasaray AŞBase card292500.12
368Martin LinnesGalatasaray AŞBase card311850.17
369Ryan DonkGalatasaray AŞBase card371920.19
370Selçuk İnanGalatasaray AŞBase card262420.11
371FernandoGalatasaray AŞPass Master86591.46
372Sofiane FeghouliGalatasaray AŞBase card361830.20
373Younès BelhandaGalatasaray AŞBase card262420.11
374Garry RodriguesGalatasaray AŞSpeed King85571.49
375Henry OnyekuruGalatasaray AŞBase card232350.10
376Eren DerdiyokGalatasaray AŞBase card291940.15
377Bafetimbi GomisGalatasaray AŞGoal Machine83501.66
378Maicon / Serdar AzizGalatasaray AŞDefensive Duo281980.14
379Club BadgeJuventusClub Badge351660.21
380Wojciech SzczęsnyJuventusBase card401640.24
381João CanceloJuventusSpeed King95481.98
382Alex SandroJuventusBase card331600.21
383Giorgio ChielliniJuventusBase card341650.21
384Andrea BarzagliJuventusBase card361750.21
385Leonardo BonucciJuventusBase card361660.22
386Medhi BenatiaJuventusBase card371880.20
387Sami KhediraJuventusBase card331740.19
388Blaise MatuidiJuventusBase card481640.29
389Miralem PjanićJuventusPass Master83521.60
390Emre CanJuventusBase card441730.25
391Federico BernardeschiJuventusBase card401720.23
392Douglas CostaJuventusBase card331680.20
393Paulo DybalaJuventusBase card401710.23
394Cristiano RonaldoJuventusGoal Machine139393.56
395Mario MandžukićJuventusBase card371740.21
396Alex Sandro / Andrea BarzagliJuventusDefensive Duo391520.26
397Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaMan of the Match181306.03
398Antoine GriezmannClub Atlético de MadridMan of the Match140285.00
399IscoReal Madrid CFMan of the Match71820.87
400Rodrigo MorenoValencia CFMan of the Match69880.78
401Thiago AlcantaraFC Bayern MünchenMan of the Match631090.58
402Guido BurgstallerFC Schalke 04Man of the Match661010.65
403Kerem DemirbayTSG 1899 HoffenheimMan of the Match561040.54
404Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundMan of the Match61840.73
405Gabriel JesusManchester City FCMan of the Match67990.68
406Alexis SánchezManchester United FCMan of the Match57940.61
407Christian EriksenTottenham HotspurMan of the Match65880.74
408Sadio ManéLiverpool FCMan of the Match69760.91
409Kalidou KoulibalySSC NapoliMan of the Match67950.71
410Edin DžekoAS RomaMan of the Match80781.03
411Mauro IcardiFC Internazionale MilanoMan of the Match631080.58
412Kylian MbappéParis Saint-GermainMan of the Match92751.23
413Kamil GlikAS Monaco FCMan of the Match60860.70
414Nabil FekirOlympique LyonnaisMan of the Match581030.56
415Siebe SchrijversClub BruggeMan of the Match701060.66
416Alex TellesFC PortoMan of the Match591070.55
417Garry RodriguesGalatasaray AŞMan of the Match661010.65
418Emre CanJuventusMan of the Match78890.88
419Thomas LemarClub Atlético de MadridMega Signing53970.55
420Naby KeïtaLiverpool FCMega Signing64980.65
421ArthurFC BarcelonaMega Signing72990.73
422Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid CFMega Signing64820.78
423Thomas DelaneyBorussia DortmundMega Signing144275.33
424Gianluigi BuffonParis Saint-GermainMega Signing75980.77
425Radja NainggolanFC Internazionale MilanoMega Signing71930.76
426Javier PastoreAS RomaMega Signing125294.31
427FredManchester United FCMega Signing62960.65
428Riyad MahrezManchester City FCMega Signing58810.72
429EdersonManchester City FC100 Club XI62950.65
430Joshua KimmichFC Bayern München100 Club XI68900.76
431Aleksandar KolarovAS Roma100 Club XI89671.33
432Raphaël VaraneReal Madrid CF100 Club XI66930.71
433Sergio RamosReal Madrid CF100 Club XI68880.77
434Kevin De BruyneManchester City FC100 Club XI80591.36
435Sergio BusquetsFC Barcelona100 Club XI74900.82
436Luka ModrićReal Madrid CF100 Club XI74780.95
437Edinson CavaniParis Saint-Germain100 Club XI63930.68
438Mohamed SalahLiverpool FC100 Club XI78830.94
439Roberto FirminoLiverpool FC100 Club XI76940.81
440Harry KaneTottenham HotspurHat-Trick Hero140304.67
441Layvin KurzawaParis Saint-GermainHat-Trick Hero125255.00
442Philippe CoutinhoFC BarcelonaHat-Trick Hero147255.88
443Sadio ManéLiverpool FCHat-Trick Hero135265.19
LE1David de GeaManchester United FCLimited Edition129423.07
LE2Vincent KompanyManchester City FCLimited Edition126502.52
LE3Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFLimited Edition140324.38
LE4Mats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition136482.83
LE5Virgil van DijkLiverpool FCLimited Edition129294.45
LE6Leroy SanéManchester City FCLimited Edition84890.94
LE7Radja NainggolanFC Internazionale MilanoLimited Edition103761.36
LE8Philippe CoutinhoFC BarcelonaLimited Edition114542.11
LE9Paul PogbaManchester United FCLimited Edition135314.35
LE10Mohamed SalahLiverpool FCLimited Edition100961.04
LE11Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaLimited Edition120761.58
LE12Harry KaneTottenham HotspurLimited Edition130442.95
LE13Neymar JrParis Saint-GermainLimited Edition341730.20
LE14Cristiano RonaldoJuventusLimited Edition124671.85
LE15Kevin De BruyneManchester City FCLimited Edition185218.81
RS1Ousmane DembeleFC BarcelonaRising Star128139.85
RS2Marco AsensioReal Madrid CFRising Star1291111.73
RS3Carlos SolerValencia CFRising Star119148.50
RS4Niklas SuleFC Bayern MünchenRising Star1221210.17
RS5Amine HaritFC Schalke 04Rising Star121139.31
RS6Abdou DialloBorussia DortmundRising Star122139.38
RS7Nadiem AmiriTSG 1899 HoffenheimRising Star120139.23
RS8Gabriel JesusManchester City FCRising Star119129.92
RS9Marcus RashfordManchester United FCRising Star1261012.60
RS10Davinson SanchezTottenham HotspurRising Star119148.50
RS11Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool FCRising Star128139.85
RS12Cengiz UnderAS RomaRising Star129149.21
RS13Kylian MbappeParis Saint-GermainRising Star1411211.75
RS14Lautaro MartinezFC Internazionale MilanoRising Star131149.36
RS15WesleyClub BruggeRising Star121139.31
SS1Luis SuarezFC BarcelonaSuper Striker132622.00
SS2Diego CostaClub Atlético de MadridSuper Striker122815.25
SS3Thomas MullerFC Bayern MünchenSuper Striker122815.25
SS4Marco ReusBorussia DortmundSuper Striker122717.43
SS5Sergio AgueroManchester City FCSuper Striker122717.43
SS6Romelu LukakuManchester United FCSuper Striker130914.44
SS7Harry KaneTottenham HotspurSuper Striker122913.56
SS8Roberto FirminoLiverpool FCSuper Striker128621.33
SS9Dries MertensSSC NapoliSuper Striker131718.71
SS10Edin DzekoAS RomaSuper Striker1321013.20
SS11Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainSuper Striker124913.78
SS12Santi MinaValencia CFSuper Striker122913.56
SS13Andrej KramaricTSG 1899 HoffenheimSuper Striker125913.89
SS14Moussa MaregaFC PortoSuper Striker121913.44
SS15Bafetimbi GomisGalatasaray AŞSuper Striker121815.13
SU1Philippe CoutinhoFC BarcelonaSuperstar1291111.73
SU2Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaSuperstar154917.11
SU3Diego GodinClub Atlético de MadridSuperstar119129.92
SU4Antoine GriezmannClub Atlético de MadridSuperstar1251210.42
SU5Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFSuperstar1311013.10
SU6Luka ModricReal Madrid CFSuperstar1401014.00
SU7Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenSuperstar126914.00
SU8Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenSuperstar1271012.70
SU9Kevin De BruyneManchester City FCSuperstar1201210.00
SU10Paul PogbaManchester United FCSuperstar1271111.55
SU11Mohamed SalahLiverpool FCSuperstar1351013.50
SU12Christian EriksenTottenham HotspurSuperstar121148.64
SU13Neymar JrParis Saint-GermainSuperstar1301310.00
SU14Marek HamsikSSC NapoliSuperstar1311310.08
SU15Mauro IcardiFC Internazionale MilanoSuperstar1271210.58
TW1Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaTitle Winner1321211.00
TW2Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaTitle Winner1311210.92
TW3Gerard PiqueFC BarcelonaTitle Winner1311210.92
TW4Toni KroosReal Madrid CFTitle Winner1301013.00
TW5MarceloReal Madrid CFTitle Winner128914.22
TW6Raphael VaraneReal Madrid CFTitle Winner1301013.00
TW7CasemiroReal Madrid CFTitle Winner1301111.82
TW8Gareth BaleReal Madrid CFTitle Winner131914.56
TW9Neymar JrParis Saint-GermainTitle Winner1321211.00
TW10Jérôme BoatengFC Bayern MünchenTitle Winner122139.38
TW11Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenTitle Winner1231111.18
TW12James RodriguezFC Bayern MünchenTitle Winner1231210.25
TW13Juan MataManchester United FCTitle Winner125139.62
TW14Ángel Di MariaParis Saint-GermainTitle Winner123139.46
TW15Iker CasillasFC PortoTitle Winner1231210.25
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