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Topps UEFA Champions League 2021-2022

Topps UEFA Champions League 2021-2022

Year: 2021
Total stickers: 764

collecting: 703 / completed: 68


1Topps LogoIntroduction-1143460.33
2UEFA Champions League LogoIntroduction-1083270.33
3UEFA Champions League Trophy
4UEFA Champions League Trophy
51993 Final Munich: AC Milan 0-1 Olympique de MarseilleUCL Classic Finals-1153480.33
61994 Final Athens: AC Milan 4-0 FC BarcelonaUCL Classic Finals-1143470.33
71995 Final Vienna: AFC Ajax 0-1 AC MilanUCL Classic Finals-1103570.31
81996 Final Rome: AFC Ajax 1-1 JuventusUCL Classic Finals-1711161.47
91997 Final Munich: Borussia Dortmund 3-1 JuventusUCL Classic Finals-1701131.50
101998 Final Amsterdam: Juventus 0-1 Real Madrid C.F.UCL Classic Finals-1183570.33
111999 Final Barcelona: Manchester United 2-1 FC Bayern MünchenUCL Classic Finals-1811441.26
122000 Final Paris: Valencia CF 0-3 Real Madrid C.F.UCL Classic Finals-1741291.35
132001 Final Milan: FC Bayern München 1-1 Valencia CFUCL Classic Finals-1571561.01
142002 Final Glasgow: Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1-2 Real Madrid C.F.UCL Classic Finals-1681441.17
152003 Final Manchester: Juventus 0-0 AC MilanUCL Classic Finals-1641331.23
162004 Final Gelsenkirchen: AS Monaco FC 0-3 FC PortoUCL Classic Finals-1811191.52
172005 Final Istanbul: AC Milan 3-3 Liverpool FCUCL Classic Finals-1641211.36
182006 Final Paris: FC Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal FCUCL Classic Finals-1871121.67
192007 Final Athens: AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool FCUCL Classic Finals-1731171.48
202008 Final Moscow: Chelsea FC 1-1 Manchester United FCUCL Classic Finals-1153540.32
212009 Final Rome: FC Barcelona 2-0 Manchester UnitedUCL Classic Finals-1163600.32
222010 Final Madrid: FC Bayern München 0-2 FC Internazionale MilanoUCL Classic Finals-197922.14
232011 Final London: FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester UnitedUCL Classic Finals-1871281.46
242012 Final Munich: FC Bayern München 1-1 Chelsea FCUCL Classic Finals-1731211.43
252013 Final London: Borussia Dortmund 1-2 FC Bayern MünchenUCL Classic Finals-1641231.33
262014 Final Lisbon: Real Madrid C.F. 4-1 Atlético de MadridUCL Classic Finals-1581271.24
272015 Final Berlin: Juventus 1-3 FC BarcelonaUCL Classic Finals-1671401.19
282016 Final Milan: Real Madrid C.F. 1(5)-1(3) Atlético de MadridUCL Classic Finals-1601361.18
292017 Final Cardiff: Juventus 1-4 Real Madrid C.F.UCL Classic Finals-1701131.50
302018 Final Kiev: Real Madrid C.F. 3-1 Liverpool FCUCL Classic Finals-1611091.48
312019 Final Madrid: Liverpool FC 2-0 Tottenham HotspurUCL Classic Finals-1641351.21
322020 Final Lisbon: Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 FC Bayern MünchenUCL Classic Finals-1771121.58
332021 Final Portugal: Manchester City FC 0-1 Chelsea FCUCL Classic Finals-1691401.21
342022 Final Russia: Saint Petersburg StadiumUCL Classic Finals-1671171.43
35Manchester City FC BadgeGroup Stages / Group Afoil1901021.86
36Paris Saint-Germain BadgeGroup Stages / Group Afoil1671111.50
37RB Leipzig BadgeGroup Stages / Group Afoil1781211.47
38Club Brugge BadgeGroup Stages / Group Afoil1951041.88
39Atlético de Madrid BadgeGroup Stages / Group Bfoil1901061.79
40Liverpool FC BadgeGroup Stages / Group Bfoil1601201.33
41FC Porto BadgeGroup Stages / Group Bfoil1801111.62
42AC Milan BadgeGroup Stages / Group Bfoil191952.01
43Sporting Clube de Portugal BadgeGroup Stages / Group Cfoil1681561.08
44Borussia Dortmund BadgeGroup Stages / Group Cfoil1541770.87
45AFC Ajax BadgeGroup Stages / Group Cfoil1731681.03
46Beşiktaş JK BadgeGroup Stages / Group Cfoil1761391.27
47FC Internazionale Milano BadgeGroup Stages / Group Dfoil1641551.06
48Real Madrid C.F. BadgeGroup Stages / Group Dfoil1431840.78
49FC Shakhtar Donetsk BadgeGroup Stages / Group Dfoil1561700.92
50FC Sheriff BadgeGroup Stages / Group Dfoil1581391.14
51FC Bayern München BadgeGroup Stages / Group Efoil1971081.82
52FC Barcelona BadgeGroup Stages / Group Efoil1871321.42
53SL Benfica BadgeGroup Stages / Group Efoil1781191.50
54FC Dynamo Kyiv BadgeGroup Stages / Group Efoil1891161.63
55Villarreal CF BadgeGroup Stages / Group Ffoil1821111.64
56Manchester United BadgeGroup Stages / Group Ffoil1831181.55
57Atalanta B.C. BadgeGroup Stages / Group Ffoil1741231.41
58BSC Young Boys BadgeGroup Stages / Group Ffoil1951191.64
59LOSC Lille BadgeGroup Stages / Group Gfoil1881261.49
60Sevilla FC BadgeGroup Stages / Group Gfoil1731271.36
61FC Salzburg BadgeGroup Stages / Group Gfoil1841241.48
62VfL Wolfsburg BadgeGroup Stages / Group Gfoil1911001.91
63Chelsea FC BadgeGroup Stages / Group Hfoil1851111.67
64Juventus BadgeGroup Stages / Group Hfoil1851021.81
65FC Zenit BadgeGroup Stages / Group Hfoil1681251.34
66Malmö FF BadgeGroup Stages / Group Hfoil1811111.63
67City of Manchester Stadium
Group A / Manchester City FC-1681471.14
68City of Manchester Stadium
Group A / Manchester City FC-1721251.38
69Kevin De Bruyne – Hot ShotGroup A / Manchester City FCbig1551361.14
70EdersonGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1731191.45
71Kyle WalkerGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1721261.37
72João CanceloGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1611371.18
73John StonesGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1541431.08
74Ferran Torres – Rising StarGroup A / Manchester City FCbig1601071.50
75Aymeric LaporteGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1591141.39
76Rúben DiasGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1641261.30
77Jack GrealishGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1631331.23
78Fernandinho – CaptainGroup A / Manchester City FCgold shiny, figured1821161.57
79İlkay GündoğanGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1561281.22
80Kevin De BruyneGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1701271.34
81Riyad MahrezGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1601111.44
82Phil FodenGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1721161.48
83Raheem SterlingGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1441441.00
84Gabriel JesusGroup A / Manchester City FCfigured1751201.46
85Parc des Princes
Group A / Paris Saint-Germain-1611501.07
86Parc des Princes
Group A / Paris Saint-Germain-1761191.48
87Neymar Jr – Hot ShotGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainbig1851161.59
88Gianluigi DonnarummaGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1901121.70
89Achraf HakimiGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1731141.52
90Presnel KimpembeGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1651221.35
91Marquinhos – CaptainGroup A / Paris Saint-Germaingold shiny, figured1661221.36
92Xavi Simons – Rising StarGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainbig1871121.67
93Abdou DialloGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1621241.31
94Sergio RamosGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1651151.43
95Idrissa GueyeGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1721091.58
96Marco VerrattiGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1691181.43
97Ángel Di MaríaGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1661221.36
98Georginio WijnaldumGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1681271.32
99Lionel MessiGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured242693.51
100Mauro IcardiGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1741311.33
101Neymar JrGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured1901001.90
102Kylian MbappéGroup A / Paris Saint-Germainfigured217693.14
103RB Arena
Group A / RB Leipzig-1631251.30
104RB Arena
Group A / RB Leipzig-1611301.24
105Emil Forsberg – Hot ShotGroup A / RB Leipzigbig1551301.19
106Péter Gulácsi – CaptainGroup A / RB Leipziggold shiny, figured1841191.55
107AngeliñoGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1591371.16
108Lukas KlostermannGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1491281.16
109Willi OrbanGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1711171.46
110Tyler Adams – Rising StarGroup A / RB Leipzigbig1611191.35
111Marcel HalstenbergGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1681191.41
112Joško GvardiolGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1801301.38
113Amadou HaidaraGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1691281.32
114Kevin KamplGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1731131.53
115Dominik SzoboszlaiGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1681251.34
116Christopher NkunkuGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1681261.33
117Dani OlmoGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1741041.67
118Emil ForsbergGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1681411.19
119André SilvaGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1841041.77
120Yussuf PoulsenGroup A / RB Leipzigfigured1431590.90
121Jan Breydelstadion
Group A / Club Brugge-1711491.15
122Jan Breydelstadion
Group A / Club Brugge-1781071.66
123Hans Vanaken – Hot ShotGroup A / Club Bruggebig1741341.30
124Senne LammensGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1671331.26
125Brandon MecheleGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1791131.58
126Jack HendryGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1741351.29
127Noa Lang – Rising StarGroup A / Club Bruggebig1641351.21
128Clinton MataGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1541181.31
129Eduard SobolGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1701261.35
130Faitout MaouassaGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1651161.42
131Stanley NsokiGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1621211.34
132Éder BalantaGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1671221.37
133Mats RitsGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1551181.31
134Ruud Vormer – CaptainGroup A / Club Bruggegold shiny, figured1951061.84
135Hans VanakenGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1381490.93
136Charles De KetelaereGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1611341.20
137Bas DostGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1741351.29
138WesleyGroup A / Club Bruggefigured1671241.35
139Estadio Metropolitano
Group B / Atlético de Madrid-1531291.19
140Estadio Metropolitano
Group B / Atlético de Madrid-1671261.33
141João Félix – Hot ShotGroup B / Atlético de Madridbig1721061.62
142Jan OblakGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1531481.03
143Kieran TrippierGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1451391.04
144FelipeGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1501520.99
145José María GiménezGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1491311.14
146Renan Lodi – Rising StarGroup B / Atlético de Madridbig1571421.11
147Stefan SavićGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1751371.28
148Geoffrey KondogbiaGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1571491.05
149Marcos LlorenteGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1491471.01
150Rodrigo De PaulGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1621571.03
151Koke – CaptainGroup B / Atlético de Madridgold shiny, figured1731161.49
152Yannick CarrascoGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1601221.31
153Antoine GriezmannGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1581301.22
154Ángel CorreaGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1581311.21
155João FélixGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1461331.10
156Luis SuárezGroup B / Atlético de Madridfigured1691061.59
Group B / Liverpool FC-1731221.42
Group B / Liverpool FC-1531311.17
159Mohamed Salah – Hot ShotGroup B / Liverpool FCbig1651261.31
160Alisson BeckerGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1691351.25
161Trent Alexander-ArnoldGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1651271.30
162Joe GomezGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1361900.72
163Virgil van DijkGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1471391.06
164Curtis Jones – Rising StarGroup B / Liverpool FCbig1731061.63
165Andy RobertsonGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1411710.82
166Ibrahima KonatéGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1551261.23
167James MilnerGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1541521.01
168FabinhoGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1611391.16
169Jordan Henderson – CaptainGroup B / Liverpool FCgold shiny, figured1651141.45
170Thiago AlcántaraGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1681321.27
171Sadio ManéGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1671261.33
172Mohamed SalahGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1811011.79
173Diogo JotaGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1641011.62
174Roberto FirminoGroup B / Liverpool FCfigured1621221.33
175Estádio do Dragão
Group B / FC Porto-1641381.19
176Estádio do Dragão
Group B / FC Porto-1541401.10
177Mehdi Taremi – Hot ShotGroup B / FC Portobig1631291.26
178Agustín MarchesínGroup B / FC Portofigured1481421.04
179Pepe – CaptainGroup B / FC Portogold shiny, figured1811111.63
180Zaidu SanusiGroup B / FC Portofigured1681391.21
181Fábio Vieira – Rising StarGroup B / FC Portobig1631221.34
182Wilson ManafáGroup B / FC Portofigured1391750.79
183Chancel MbembaGroup B / FC Portofigured1661461.14
184Marko GrujićGroup B / FC Portofigured1671461.14
185Matheus UribeGroup B / FC Portofigured1701421.20
186Sérgio OliveiraGroup B / FC Portofigured1481381.07
187João MárioGroup B / FC Portofigured1641201.37
188OtávioGroup B / FC Portofigured1551421.09
189Luis DíazGroup B / FC Portofigured1661321.26
190Jesús CoronaGroup B / FC Portofigured1601311.22
191Mehdi TaremiGroup B / FC Portofigured1561321.18
192Toni MartínezGroup B / FC Portofigured1601261.27
193Stadio San Siro
Group B / AC Milan-1751121.56
194Stadio San Siro
Group B / AC Milan-1711311.31
195Zlatan Ibrahimović – Hot ShotGroup B / AC Milanbig1861051.77
196Mike MaignanGroup B / AC Milanfigured1711271.35
197Davide CalabriaGroup B / AC Milanfigured1641361.21
198Fikayo TomoriGroup B / AC Milanfigured1561191.31
199Alessio Romagnoli – CaptainGroup B / AC Milangold shiny, figured1821231.48
200Brahim Díaz – Rising StarGroup B / AC Milanbig1641321.24
201Theo HernándezGroup B / AC Milanfigured1631291.26
202Simon KjærGroup B / AC Milanfigured1591411.13
203Franck KessiéGroup B / AC Milanfigured1611221.32
204Sandro TonaliGroup B / AC Milanfigured1691221.39
205Alexis SaelemaekersGroup B / AC Milanfigured1641151.43
206Daniel MaldiniGroup B / AC Milanfigured1811151.57
207Olivier GiroudGroup B / AC Milanfigured1741561.12
208Rafael LeãoGroup B / AC Milanfigured1741271.37
209Ante RebićGroup B / AC Milanfigured1661061.57
210Zlatan IbrahimovićGroup B / AC Milanfigured1631241.31
211Estádio José Alvalade
Group C / Sporting Clube de Portugal-1501540.97
212Estádio José Alvalade
Group C / Sporting Clube de Portugal-1601371.17
213Pedro Gonçalves – Hot ShotGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalbig1691361.24
214Antonio AdánGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1691341.26
215Sebastián Coates – CaptainGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalgold shiny, figured1541670.92
216Pedro PorroGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1331690.79
217Zouhair FeddalGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1531421.08
218Tiago Tomás – Rising StarGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalbig1771221.45
219Rúben VinagreGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1501421.06
220Ricardo EsgaioGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1701291.32
221Gonçalo InácioGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1771351.31
222Matheus NunesGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1631311.24
223João PalhinhaGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1641121.46
224Daniel BragançaGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1651171.41
225Pedro GonçalvesGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1811101.65
226PaulinhoGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1721341.28
227Nuno SantosGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1711331.29
228Jovane CabralGroup C / Sporting Clube de Portugalfigured1601431.12
229BVB Stadion Dortmund
Group C / Borussia Dortmund-1581341.18
230BVB Stadion Dortmund
Group C / Borussia Dortmund-1701351.26
231Erling Haaland – Hot ShotGroup C / Borussia Dortmundbig207932.23
232Gregor KobelGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1611351.19
233Manuel AkanjiGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1591291.23
234Mats HummelsGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1561351.16
235Raphaël GuerreiroGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1501401.07
236Youssoufa Moukoko – Rising StarGroup C / Borussia Dortmundbig1741231.41
237Thomas MeunierGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1601491.07
238Mahmoud DahoudGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1641401.17
239Axel WitselGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1741341.30
240Emre CanGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1661341.24
241Jude BellinghamGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1621321.23
242Giovanni ReynaGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1581211.31
243Thorgan HazardGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1581431.10
244Donyell MalenGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured1611251.29
245Marco Reus – CaptainGroup C / Borussia Dortmundgold shiny, figured1551810.86
246Erling HaalandGroup C / Borussia Dortmundfigured211902.34
247Johan Cruijff ArenA
Group C / AFC Ajax-1541391.11
248Johan Cruijff ArenA
Group C / AFC Ajax-1531201.28
249Dušan Tadić – Hot ShotGroup C / AFC Ajaxbig1521341.13
250Maarten StekelenburgGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1411800.78
251Noussair MazraouiGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1631441.13
252Daley BlindGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1491281.16
253Nico TagliaficoGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1561331.17
254Jurriën Timber – Rising StarGroup C / AFC Ajaxbig1571411.11
255Lisandro MartínezGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1481301.14
256Edson ÁlvarezGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1581341.18
257Ryan GravenberchGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1551341.16
258Davy KlaassenGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1491491.00
259Mohammed KudusGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1551401.11
260David NeresGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1551331.17
261Steven BerghuisGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1581401.13
262AntonyGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1721411.22
263Sébastien HallerGroup C / AFC Ajaxfigured1781401.27
264Dušan Tadić – CaptainGroup C / AFC Ajaxgold shiny, figured1721671.03
265Beşiktaş Park
Group C / Beşiktaş JK-1651251.32
266Beşiktaş Park
Group C / Beşiktaş JK-1771221.45
267Cyle Larin – Hot ShotGroup C / Beşiktaş JKbig1751261.39
268Ersin DestanoğluGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1611221.32
269Domagoj VidaGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1611321.22
270Francisco MonteroGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1601391.15
271Ajdin Hasic – Rising StarGroup C / Beşiktaş JKbig1741501.16
272WelintonGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1621481.09
273Valentin RosierGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1701301.31
274Miralem PjanićGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1651281.29
275JosefGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1591391.14
276Atiba Hutchinson – CaptainGroup C / Beşiktaş JKgold shiny, figured1641411.16
277Alex TeixeiraGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1651471.12
278Georges-Kévin NkoudouGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1551391.12
279Rachid GhezzalGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1671351.24
280Michy BatshuayiGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1531431.07
281Kenan KaramanGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1601441.11
282Cyle LarinGroup C / Beşiktaş JKfigured1631331.23
283Stadio San Siro
Group D / FC Internazionale Milano-1741251.39
284Stadio San Siro
Group D / FC Internazionale Milano-1571191.32
285Edin Džeko – Hot ShotGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanobig1721301.32
286Samir Handanovič – CaptainGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanogold shiny, figured1641601.03
287Milan ŠkriniarGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1521570.97
288Stefan de VrijGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1581261.25
289Alessandro BastoniGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1631241.31
290Federico Dimarco – Rising StarGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanobig1651281.29
291Denzel DumfriesGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1651291.28
292Stefano SensiGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1591381.15
293Arturo VidalGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1691341.26
294Marcelo BrozovićGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1691311.29
295Nicolò BarellaGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1741151.51
296Ivan PerišićGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1661281.30
297Hakan ÇalhanoğluGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1601351.19
298Edin DžekoGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1571321.19
299Joaquín CorreaGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1671481.13
300Lautaro MartínezGroup D / FC Internazionale Milanofigured1701311.30
301Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Group D / Real Madrid C.F.-1641111.48
302Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Group D / Real Madrid C.F.-1571361.15
303Karim Benzema – Hot ShotGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.big1551381.12
304Thibaut CourtoisGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1571091.44
305David AlabaGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1661221.36
306Éder MilitãoGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1761261.40
307Ferland MendyGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1851131.64
308Rodrygo – Rising StarGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.big1731061.63
309Marcelo – CaptainGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.gold shiny, figured1381780.78
310CasemiroGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1601241.29
311Federico ValverdeGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1711241.38
312Luka ModrićGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1711191.44
313Toni KroosGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1831111.65
314Eden HazardGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1701261.35
315Eduardo CamavingaGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1971091.81
316Gareth BaleGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1781291.38
317Karim BenzemaGroup D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1801051.71
318Vinícius Jr.Group D / Real Madrid C.F.figured1771191.49
319NSC Olimpiyskyi
Group D / FC Shakhtar Donetsk-1651111.49
320NSC Olimpiyskyi
Group D / FC Shakhtar Donetsk-1601281.25
321Tetê – Hot ShotGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskbig1761371.28
322Andriy Pyatov – CaptainGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskgold shiny, figured1541720.90
323DodôGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1781311.36
324Mykola MatviyenkoGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1621161.40
325MarlonGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1641431.15
326Vitão – Rising StarGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskbig1621331.22
327IsmailyGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1681381.22
328Taras StepanenkoGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1641191.38
329MayconGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1691001.69
330Marcos AntônioGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1641381.19
331Alan PatrickGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1531301.18
332Yevhen KonoplyankaGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1601361.18
333MarlosGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1661351.23
334TetêGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1651191.39
335Manor SolomonGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1691141.48
336Lassina TraoréGroup D / FC Shakhtar Donetskfigured1701131.50
337Sheriff Stadion
Group D / FC Sheriff-1701141.49
338Sheriff Stadion
Group D / FC Sheriff-1671171.43
339Frank Castañeda – Hot ShotGroup D / FC Sheriffbig1511371.10
340Georgios AthanasiadisGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1701251.36
341CristianoGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1751051.67
342Gustavo DulantoGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1631221.34
343Danilo ArboledaGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1681251.34
344Keston Julien – Rising StarGroup D / FC Sheriffbig1711251.37
345Stjepan RadeljićGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1601211.32
346Fernando CostanzaGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1771301.36
347Charles PetroGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1791181.52
348Edmund AddoGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1731121.54
349Sébastien ThillGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1841271.45
350Dimitrios KolovosGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1741141.53
351Lovro BizjakGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1621211.34
352Adama TraoréGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1681271.32
353Momo YansaneGroup D / FC Sherifffigured1591171.36
354Frank Castañeda – CaptainGroup D / FC Sheriffgold shiny, figured1651541.07
355Fußball Arena München
Group E / FC Bayern München-1571221.29
356Fußball Arena München
Group E / FC Bayern München-1741201.45
357Robert Lewandowski – Hot ShotGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenbig1791071.67
358Manuel Neuer – CaptainGroup E / FC Bayern Münchengold shiny, figured1951111.76
359Benjamin PavardGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1801271.42
360Bouna SarrGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1701391.22
361Dayot UpamecanoGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1741111.57
362Jamal Musiala – Rising StarGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenbig1651231.34
363Niklas SüleGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1601511.06
364Lucas HernándezGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1601401.14
365Alphonso DaviesGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1651411.17
366Joshua KimmichGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1501391.08
367Leon GoretzkaGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1501341.12
368Leroy SanéGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1601431.12
369Serge GnabryGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1611251.29
370Eric Maxim Choupo-MotingGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1611331.21
371Thomas MüllerGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1621401.16
372Robert LewandowskiGroup E / FC Bayern Münchenfigured1841231.50
373Camp Nou
Group E / FC Barcelona-1153660.31
374Camp Nou
Group E / FC Barcelona-1213560.34
375Memphis Depay – Hot ShotGroup E / FC Barcelonabig1551191.30
376Marc-André ter StegenGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1651321.25
377Sergiño DestGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1481520.97
378Gerard PiquéGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1761141.54
379Clément LengletGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1611271.27
380Ronald Araújo – Rising StarGroup E / FC Barcelonabig1731211.43
381Jordi AlbaGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1621391.17
382Eric GarcíaGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1721431.20
383Sergio Busquets – CaptainGroup E / FC Barcelonagold shiny, figured1781271.40
384Frenkie de JongGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1661191.39
385PedriGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured205882.33
386Memphis DepayGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1691251.35
387Ansu FatiGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1861141.63
388Sergio AgüeroGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1661091.52
389Ousmane DembéléGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1651251.32
390Martin BraithwaiteGroup E / FC Barcelonafigured1561511.03
391Estádio da Luz
Group E / SL Benfica-1611461.10
392Estádio da Luz
Group E / SL Benfica-1741311.33
393Haris Seferović – Hot ShotGroup E / SL Benficabig1621421.14
394Odisseas VlachodimosGroup E / SL Benficafigured1551211.28
395Nicolás OtamendiGroup E / SL Benficafigured1601241.29
396Jan VertonghenGroup E / SL Benficafigured1681341.25
397Álex GrimaldoGroup E / SL Benficafigured1631431.14
398Gonçalo Ramos – Rising StarGroup E / SL Benficabig1721251.38
399André Almeida – CaptainGroup E / SL Benficagold shiny, figured1711231.39
400Julian WeiglGroup E / SL Benficafigured1671271.31
401Soualiho MeïtéGroup E / SL Benficafigured1601351.19
402João MárioGroup E / SL Benficafigured1651321.25
403Rafa SilvaGroup E / SL Benficafigured1671281.30
404PizziGroup E / SL Benficafigured1731291.34
405EvertonGroup E / SL Benficafigured1681331.26
406Roman YaremchukGroup E / SL Benficafigured1661421.17
407Darwin NúñezGroup E / SL Benficafigured1591161.37
408Haris SeferovićGroup E / SL Benficafigured1601281.25
409NSC Olimpiiskyi
Group E / FC Dynamo Kyiv-1063820.28
410NSC Olimpiiskyi
Group E / FC Dynamo Kyiv-1143470.33
411Viktor Tsygankov – Hot ShotGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivbig1721271.35
412Heorhii BushchanGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1651211.36
413Tomasz KędzioraGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1751251.40
414Oleksandr KaravaevGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1671271.31
415Vitaliy MykolenkoGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1631461.12
416Eric Ramírez – Rising StarGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivbig1491391.07
417Ilya ZabarnyiGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1611221.32
418Oleksandr SyrotaGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1621211.34
419Denys GarmashGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1611301.24
420Volodymyr ShepelievGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1771271.39
421Serhiy Sydorchuk – CaptainGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivgold shiny, figured1791201.49
422Vitali BuialskyiGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1791281.40
423Benjamin VerbičGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1631261.29
424Mykola ShaparenkoGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1581381.14
425Viktor TsygankovGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1721161.48
426Carlos de PenaGroup E / FC Dynamo Kyivfigured1651241.33
427Estadio de la Cerámica
Group F / Villarreal CF-1721241.39
428Estadio de la Cerámica
Group F / Villarreal CF-1741091.60
429Paco Alcácer – Hot ShotGroup F / Villarreal CFbig1501481.01
430Sergio AsenjoGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1481261.17
431Mario Gaspar – CaptainGroup F / Villarreal CFgold shiny, figured1801251.44
432Pau TorresGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1701201.42
433Raúl AlbiolGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1641241.32
434Yeremy – Rising StarGroup F / Villarreal CFbig1851201.54
435Juan FoythGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1631351.21
436Pervis EstupiñánGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1641081.52
437Francis CoquelinGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1531570.97
438Etienne CapoueGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1601531.05
439Manu TriguerosGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1591441.10
440Dani ParejoGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1611301.24
441Samuel ChukwuezeGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1601191.34
442Moi GómezGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1621331.22
443Paco AlcácerGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1551551.00
444Gerard MorenoGroup F / Villarreal CFfigured1671431.17
445Old Trafford
Group F / Manchester United-1621461.11
446Old Trafford
Group F / Manchester United-1651321.25
447Marcus Rashford – Hot ShotGroup F / Manchester Unitedbig1601471.09
448Dean HendersonGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1751161.51
449Aaron Wan-BissakaGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1681321.27
450Harry Maguire – CaptainGroup F / Manchester Unitedgold shiny, figured1771371.29
451Amad – Rising StarGroup F / Manchester Unitedbig1741071.63
452Luke ShawGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1711121.53
453Raphaël VaraneGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1791251.43
454Scott McTominayGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1391540.90
455Donny van de BeekGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1711411.21
456Paul PogbaGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1751061.65
457Bruno FernandesGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1851001.85
458Jadon SanchoGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1391540.90
459Edinson CavaniGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1811101.65
460Marcus RashfordGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1801281.41
461Cristiano RonaldoGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured258524.96
462Mason GreenwoodGroup F / Manchester Unitedfigured1831061.73
463Stadio di Bergamo
Group F / Atalanta B.C.-1671141.46
464Stadio di Bergamo
Group F / Atalanta B.C.-1651271.30
465Duván Zapata – Hot ShotGroup F / Atalanta B.C.big1811171.55
466Juan MussoGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1751181.48
467Rafael Toloi – CaptainGroup F / Atalanta B.C.gold shiny, figured1701181.44
468José Luis PalominoGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1761201.47
469Matteo Pessina – Rising StarGroup F / Atalanta B.C.big1601301.23
470Hans HateboerGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1671211.38
471Robin GosensGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1761101.60
472Joakim MæhleGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1621301.25
473Marten de RoonGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1711211.41
474Remo FreulerGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1681221.38
475Aleksei MiranchukGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1471520.97
476Mario PašalićGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1721331.29
477Ruslan MalinovskyiGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1691321.28
478Luis MurielGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1661301.28
479Josip IličićGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1711381.24
480Duván ZapataGroup F / Atalanta B.C.figured1651221.35
481Stadion Wankdorf
Group F / BSC Young Boys-1851271.46
482Stadion Wankdorf
Group F / BSC Young Boys-1611471.10
483Jordan Siebatcheu – Hot ShotGroup F / BSC Young Boysbig1661141.46
484David von BallmoosGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1641311.25
485Silvan HeftiGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1651481.11
486Mohamed Ali CamaraGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1611311.23
487Cédric ZesigerGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1551531.01
488Fabian Rieder – Rising StarGroup F / BSC Young Boysbig1501391.08
489Ulisses GarciaGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1661371.21
490Fabian Lustenberger – CaptainGroup F / BSC Young Boysgold shiny, figured1901191.60
491Michel AebischerGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1541431.08
492Marvin SpielmannGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1621421.14
493Christian FassnachtGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1631341.22
494Nicolas Moumi NgamaleuGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1561271.23
495Meschack EliaGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1731121.54
496Felix MambimbiGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1541401.10
497Jean-Pierre NsameGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1611461.10
498Jordan SiebatcheuGroup F / BSC Young Boysfigured1571391.13
499Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Group G / LOSC Lille-1551570.99
500Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Group G / LOSC Lille-1621051.54
501Jonathan Ikoné – Hot ShotGroup G / LOSC Lillebig1641491.10
502Ivo GrbićGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1641151.43
503José Fonte – CaptainGroup G / LOSC Lillegold shiny, figured1951081.81
504Sven BotmanGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1621491.09
505Timothy Weah – Rising StarGroup G / LOSC Lillebig1691131.50
506Zeki ÇelikGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1621291.26
507Tiago DjalóGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1631231.33
508Reinildo MandavaGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1651261.31
509Benjamin AndréGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1631301.25
510Renato SanchesGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1391610.86
511XekaGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1721351.27
512Jonathan IkonéGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1711171.46
513Yusuf YaziciGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1691311.29
514Jonathan BambaGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1671151.45
515Jonathan DavidGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1741201.45
516Burak YilmazGroup G / LOSC Lillefigured1741201.45
517Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
Group G / Sevilla FC-1591241.28
518Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
Group G / Sevilla FC-1661491.11
519Youssef En-Nesyri – Hot ShotGroup G / Sevilla FCbig1461451.01
520BonoGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1381520.91
521Karim RekikGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1701291.32
522Diego CarlosGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1731281.35
523Jesús Navas – CaptainGroup G / Sevilla FCgold shiny, figured1701271.34
524Jules Koundé – Rising StarGroup G / Sevilla FCbig1761121.57
525Marcos AcuñaGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1651341.23
526FernandoGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1671401.19
527Erik LamelaGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1621421.14
528Ivan RakitićGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1581141.39
529Joan JordánGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1711261.36
530SusoGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1801271.42
531Lucas OcamposGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1581351.17
532Thomas DelaneyGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1651271.30
533Youssef En-NesyriGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1581511.05
534Papu GómezGroup G / Sevilla FCfigured1631281.27
535Stadion Salzburg
Group G / FC Salzburg-1771161.53
536Stadion Salzburg
Group G / FC Salzburg-1561291.21
537Benjamin Šeško – Hot ShotGroup G / FC Salzburgbig1741221.43
538Nico MantlGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1661081.54
539Andreas Ulmer – CaptainGroup G / FC Salzburggold shiny, figured1701121.52
540Rasmus KristensenGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1581191.33
541Karim Adeyemi – Rising StarGroup G / FC Salzburgbig1691251.35
542Maximilian WöberGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1671411.18
543BernardoGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1711431.20
544Oumar SoletGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1701211.40
545Nicolas SeiwaldGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1701311.30
546Antoine BernèdeGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1671171.43
547Zlatko JunuzovicGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1661161.43
548Nicolás CapaldoGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1791321.36
549Brenden AaronsonGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1711311.31
550Luka SučićGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1761181.49
551Noah OkaforGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1691151.47
552Benjamin ŠeškoGroup G / FC Salzburgfigured1811101.65
553VfL Wolfsburg Arena
Group G / VfL Wolfsburg-1721331.29
554VfL Wolfsburg Arena
Group G / VfL Wolfsburg-1641461.12
555Wout Weghorst – Hot ShotGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgbig1481431.03
556Koen Casteels – CaptainGroup G / VfL Wolfsburggold shiny, figured1821211.50
557Maxence LacroixGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1731221.42
558John Anthony BrooksGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1711211.41
559Sebastiaan Bornauw – Rising StarGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgbig1661181.41
560Kevin MbabuGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1661191.39
561Jérôme RoussillonGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1701291.32
562Josuha GuilavoguiGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1621241.31
563Ridle BakuGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1701191.43
564Yannick GerhardtGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1731241.40
565Xaver SchlagerGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1781241.44
566Maximilian ArnoldGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1741421.23
567Renato SteffenGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1651231.34
568Lukas NmechaGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1721141.51
569Maximilian PhilippGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1611391.16
570Wout WeghorstGroup G / VfL Wolfsburgfigured1571361.15
571Stamford Bridge
Group H / Chelsea FC-1641291.27
572Stamford Bridge
Group H / Chelsea FC-1591461.09
573Christian Pulisic – Hot ShotGroup H / Chelsea FCbig1701201.42
574Edouard MendyGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1661401.19
575César Azpilicueta – CaptainGroup H / Chelsea FCgold shiny, figured1881171.61
576Thiago SilvaGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1571511.04
577Antonio RüdigerGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1571361.15
578Trevoh Chalobah – Rising StarGroup H / Chelsea FCbig1591531.04
579Reece JamesGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1401730.81
580N’Golo KantéGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1761281.38
581JorginhoGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1591161.37
582Saúl ÑíguezGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1641411.16
583Mason MountGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1651291.28
584Kai HavertzGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1731211.43
585Hakim ZiyechGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1601231.30
586Romelu LukakuGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1591491.07
587Christian PulisicGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1421570.90
588Timo WernerGroup H / Chelsea FCfigured1671361.23
589Juventus Stadium
Group H / Juventus-1801191.51
590Juventus Stadium
Group H / Juventus-1761121.57
591Paulo Dybala – Hot ShotGroup H / Juventusbig1781141.56
592Wojciech SzczęsnyGroup H / Juventusfigured1831121.63
593Leonardo BonucciGroup H / Juventusfigured1721101.56
594Matthijs de LigtGroup H / Juventusfigured1771091.62
595Giorgio Chiellini – CaptainGroup H / Juventusgold shiny, figured1871031.82
596Dejan Kulusevski – Rising StarGroup H / Juventusbig1871121.67
597DaniloGroup H / Juventusfigured1751361.29
598Alex SandroGroup H / Juventusfigured1751271.38
599Juan CuadradoGroup H / Juventusfigured1511491.01
600Adrien RabiotGroup H / Juventusfigured1771261.40
601Weston McKennieGroup H / Juventusfigured1611411.14
602Manuel LocatelliGroup H / Juventusfigured179981.83
603Federico ChiesaGroup H / Juventusfigured189912.08
604Aaron RamseyGroup H / Juventusfigured1661271.31
605Paulo DybalaGroup H / Juventusfigured1891121.69
606Álvaro MorataGroup H / Juventusfigured1871131.65
Group H / FC Zenit-1541221.26
Group H / FC Zenit-1591301.22
609Artem Dzyuba – Hot ShotGroup H / FC Zenitbig1541391.11
610Mikhail KerzhakovGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1431630.88
611Vyacheslav KaravaevGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1651311.26
612Dejan Lovren – CaptainGroup H / FC Zenitgold shiny, figured1641361.21
613Yaroslav RakitskiyGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1651171.41
614Danila Khotulev – Rising StarGroup H / FC Zenitbig1581371.15
615Douglas SantosGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1671271.31
616Magomed OzdoevGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1801201.50
617Wílmar BarriosGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1761221.44
618Aleksandr ErokhinGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1561181.32
619Aleksei SutorminGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1691351.25
620Andrei MostovoyGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1651121.47
621Daler KuzyaevGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1711331.29
622MalcomGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1651171.41
623Sardar AzmounGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1731201.44
624Artem DzyubaGroup H / FC Zenitfigured1731351.28
625Malmö New Stadium
Group H / Malmö FF-1731411.23
626Malmö New Stadium
Group H / Malmö FF-1591311.21
627Antonio Čolak – Hot ShotGroup H / Malmö FFbig1461480.99
628Johan DahlinGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1571181.33
629Eric LarssonGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1611431.13
630Niklas MoisanderGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1831101.66
631Franz BrorssonGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1691251.35
632Anel Ahmedhodžić – Rising StarGroup H / Malmö FFbig1661201.38
633Lasse NielsenGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1671231.36
634Felix BeijmoGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1751321.33
635Bonke InnocentGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1681271.32
636Oscar LewickiGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1751311.34
637Anders Christiansen – CaptainGroup H / Malmö FFgold shiny, figured1711211.41
638Jo Inge BergetGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1651341.23
639Veljko BirmančevićGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1651341.23
640Sergio PeñaGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1661321.26
641Ola ToivonenGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1651371.20
642Antonio ČolakGroup H / Malmö FFfigured1621241.31
643Jennifer Hermoso (FC Barcelona) – Top ScorerUEFA Women’s Champions League-1731281.35
644FC Barcelona – 2020/21 WinnersUEFA Women’s Champions League-1631301.25
L1Sticker L1LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2930293.00
L2Sticker L2LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2920292.00
L3Sticker L3LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2930293.00
L4Sticker L4LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2930293.00
L5Sticker L5LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2930293.00
L6Sticker L6LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2930293.00
L7Sticker L7LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2930293.00
L8Sticker L8LIVE / Matchday 1 - 2-2930293.00
L9Sticker L9LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2930293.00
L10Sticker L10LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2940294.00
L11Sticker L11LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2940294.00
L12Sticker L12LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2940294.00
L13Sticker L13LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2940294.00
L14Sticker L14LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2930293.00
L15Sticker L15LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2940294.00
L16Sticker L16LIVE / Matchday 3 - 4-2940294.00
L17Sticker L17LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2940294.00
L18Sticker L18LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2940294.00
L19Sticker L19LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2920292.00
L20Sticker L20LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2940294.00
L21Sticker L21LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2940294.00
L22Sticker L22LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2940294.00
L23Sticker L23LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2940294.00
L24Sticker L24LIVE / Matchday 5 - 6-2940294.00
L25Sticker L25LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L26Sticker L26LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L27Sticker L27LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L28Sticker L28LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L29Sticker L29LIVE / New Signings-2920292.00
L30Sticker L30LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L31Sticker L31LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L32Sticker L32LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L33Sticker L33LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L34Sticker L34LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L35Sticker L35LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L36Sticker L36LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L37Sticker L37LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L38Sticker L38LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L39Sticker L39LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L40Sticker L40LIVE / New Signings-2940294.00
L41Sticker L41LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L42Sticker L42LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L43Sticker L43LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L44Sticker L44LIVE / New Signings-2930293.00
L45Sticker L45LIVE / New Signings-2920292.00
L46Sticker L46LIVE / New Signings-2920292.00
L47Sticker L47LIVE / New Signings-2920292.00
L48Sticker L48LIVE / New Signings-2920292.00
L49Sticker L49LIVE / Round of 16-2910291.00
L50Sticker L50LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L51Sticker L51LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L52Sticker L52LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L53Sticker L53LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L54Sticker L54LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L55Sticker L55LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L56Sticker L56LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L57Sticker L57LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L58Sticker L58LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L59Sticker L59LIVE / Round of 16-2910291.00
L60Sticker L60LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L61Sticker L61LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L62Sticker L62LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L63Sticker L63LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L64Sticker L64LIVE / Round of 16-2920292.00
L65Sticker L65LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L66Sticker L66LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L67Sticker L67LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L68Sticker L68LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L69Sticker L69LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2910291.00
L70Sticker L70LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L71Sticker L71LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2910291.00
L72Sticker L72LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L73Sticker L73LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L74Sticker L74LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L75Sticker L75LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L76Sticker L76LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L77Sticker L77LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2910291.00
L78Sticker L78LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L79Sticker L79LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2910291.00
L80Sticker L80LIVE / Quarter-Finals-2920292.00
L81Sticker L81LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L82Sticker L82LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L83Sticker L83LIVE / Semi-Finals-2910291.00
L84Sticker L84LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L85Sticker L85LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L86Sticker L86LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L87Sticker L87LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L88Sticker L88LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L89Sticker L89LIVE / Semi-Finals-2910291.00
L90Sticker L90LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L91Sticker L91LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L92Sticker L92LIVE / Semi-Finals-2920292.00
L93Sticker L93LIVE / Final-2910291.00
L94Sticker L94LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L95Sticker L95LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L96Sticker L96LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L97Sticker L97LIVE / Final-2910291.00
L98Sticker L98LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L99Sticker L99LIVE / Final-2910291.00
L100Sticker L100LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L101Sticker L101LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L102Sticker L102LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L103Sticker L103
LIVE / Final-2920292.00
L104Sticker L104
LIVE / Final-2920292.00
LE-S1Raheem Sterling (Manchester City FC)Super Stars Limited Edition-182267.00
LE-S2Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)Super Stars Limited Edition-2001910.53
LE-S3Luka Modrić (Real Madrid C.F.)Super Stars Limited Edition-167692.42
LE-S4Jadon Sancho (Manchester United)Super Stars Limited Edition-173742.34
LE-S5Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool FC)Super Stars Limited Edition-177702.53
LE-S6Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern München)Super Stars Limited Edition-185742.50
LE-S7Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)Super Stars Limited Edition-178702.54
LE-S8Gianluigi Donnarumma (Paris Saint-Germain)Super Stars Limited Edition-182573.19
LE-S1cRaheem Sterling (Manchester City FC)Super Stars Limited Editioncard1731610.81
LE-S2cErling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)Super Stars Limited Editioncard1881413.43
LE-S3cLuka Modrić (Real Madrid C.F.)Super Stars Limited Editioncard162325.06
LE-S4cJadon Sancho (Manchester United)Super Stars Limited Editioncard157503.14
LE-S5cTrent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool FC)Super Stars Limited Editioncard165404.13
LE-S6cLeon Goretzka (FC Bayern München)Super Stars Limited Editioncard165493.37
LE-S7cGiorgio Chiellini (Juventus)Super Stars Limited Editioncard168344.94
LE-S8cGianluigi Donnarumma (Paris Saint-Germain)Super Stars Limited Editioncard170335.15
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