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Topps The X-Files Series One

Topps The X-Files Series One

Year: 1995
Total cards: 163

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1Title Card-Base Card202.00
2Introduction-Base Card202.00
3Introduction-Base Card202.00
4Mulder, FoxProfilesBase Card202.00
5Scully, Dana KatherineProfilesBase Card202.00
6Deep ThroatProfilesBase Card202.00
7The Cigarette Smoking ManProfilesBase Card202.00
8Skinner, Walter S.ProfilesBase Card202.00
9The Lone GunmenProfilesBase Card202.00
101X79 "Pilot Episode"EpisodesBase Card202.00
111X01 "Deep Throat"EpisodesBase Card202.00
121X02 "Squeeze"EpisodesBase Card202.00
131X03 "Conduit"EpisodesBase Card202.00
141X04 "The Jersey Devil"EpisodesBase Card202.00
151X05 "Shadows"EpisodesBase Card202.00
161X06 "Ghost in the Machine"EpisodesBase Card202.00
171X07 "Ice"EpisodesBase Card202.00
181X08 "Space"EpisodesBase Card202.00
191X09 "Fallen Angel"EpisodesBase Card202.00
201X10 "Eve"EpisodesBase Card202.00
211X11 "Fire"EpisodesBase Card202.00
221X12 "Beyond the Sea"EpisodesBase Card202.00
231X13 "Genderbender"EpisodesBase Card202.00
241X14 "Lazarus"EpisodesBase Card202.00
251X15 "Young at Heart"EpisodesBase Card202.00
261X16 "E.B.E."EpisodesBase Card202.00
271X17 "Miracle Man"EpisodesBase Card202.00
281X18 "Shapes"EpisodesBase Card202.00
291X19 "Darkness Falls"EpisodesBase Card202.00
301X20 "Tooms"EpisodesBase Card202.00
311X21 "Born Again"EpisodesBase Card202.00
321X22 "Roland"EpisodesBase Card202.00
331X23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask"EpisodesBase Card202.00
34Opening Titles-Base Card202.00
35Opening Titles-Base Card202.00
36Opening Titles-Base Card202.00
37HomunculusParanormalsBase Card202.00
38Eugene ToomsParanormalsBase Card202.00
39Jersey DevilParanormalsBase Card202.00
40Parasitic WormsParanormalsBase Card202.00
41Face of MarsParanormalsBase Card202.00
42Cecil L'IvelyParanormalsBase Card202.00
43ManitouParanormalsBase Card202.00
44Prehistoric InsectsParanormalsBase Card202.00
45Alien FetusParanormalsBase Card202.00
46Anti-Gravity AircraftProductionBase Card202.00
47UFO Concept DesignProductionBase Card202.00
48Runway EncounterProductionBase Card202.00
49Government UFOProductionBase Card202.00
50Caught in the BeamProductionBase Card202.00
51The UFO AboveProductionBase Card202.00
52Tooms Scales the WallProductionBase Card202.00
53Unearthly ElongationProductionBase Card202.00
54Tooms Squeezes into ChimneyProductionBase Card202.00
55Tooms StoryboardsProductionBase Card202.00
56Jersey Devil Concept DesignsProductionBase Card202.00
57Parasitic WormsProductionBase Card202.00
58Invaded HostProductionBase Card202.00
59Fallen Angel Concept DesignsProductionBase Card202.00
60Salamander HandProductionBase Card202.00
61Serial Killer John BarnettProductionBase Card202.00
62Skeletal RemainsProductionBase Card202.00
63Alien EmbryosProductionBase Card202.00
64Fox and Mulder Poster IllustrationSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
65Poster IllustrationSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
66IceSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
67ShadowsSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
68Fallen AngelSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
69ShapesSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
70SpaceSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
71Trust No OneSeason in ReviewBase Card202.00
72Checklist-Base Card202.00
i1Do Not Open Until X-masEtched FoilChase Card202.00
i2A Dismemberance of Things PastEtched FoilChase Card202.00
i3The ReturnEtched FoilChase Card202.00
i4Firebird Part One: Khobka's LamentEtched FoilChase Card202.00
i5Firebird Part Two: Crescit EundoEtched FoilChase Card202.00
i6Firebird Part Three: A Brief AuthorityEtched FoilChase Card202.00
X1Agents Mulder and ScullyFinest ChromiumChase Card202.00
X2The Erlenmeyer FlaskFinest ChromiumChase Card202.00
X3Fox MulderFinest ChromiumChase Card202.00
X4Dana ScullyFinest ChromiumChase Card202.00
0Mulder and ScullyAlbum CardChase Card202.00
P1Trade Shows-Promo Card202.00
P2WonderCon-Promo Card202.00
P3General Distribution-Promo Card212.00
P4Wizard Magazine-Promo Card202.00
P5Cards Illustrated Magazine-Promo Card202.00
P6Non-Sport Update Magazine-Promo Card212.00
TXFM1X-FilesFinest ChromiumPromo Card212.00
TXFM2X-FilesFinest ChromiumPromo Card202.00
1fTitle Card-Base Card / Foil202.00
2fIntroduction-Base Card / Foil202.00
3fIntroduction-Base Card / Foil202.00
4fMulder, FoxProfilesBase Card / Foil202.00
5fScully, Dana KatherineProfilesBase Card / Foil202.00
6fDeep ThroatProfilesBase Card / Foil202.00
7fThe Cigarette Smoking ManProfilesBase Card / Foil202.00
8fSkinner, Walter S.ProfilesBase Card / Foil202.00
9fThe Lone GunmenProfilesBase Card / Foil202.00
10f1X79 "Pilot Episode"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
11f1X01 "Deep Throat"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
12f1X02 "Squeeze"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
13f1X03 "Conduit"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
14f1X04 "The Jersey Devil"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
15f1X05 "Shadows"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
16f1X06 "Ghost in the Machine"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
17f1X07 "Ice"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
18f1X08 "Space"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
19f1X09 "Fallen Angel"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
20f1X10 "Eve"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
21f1X11 "Fire"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
22f1X12 "Beyond the Sea"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
23f1X13 "Genderbender"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
24f1X14 "Lazarus"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
25f1X15 "Young at Heart"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
26f1X16 "E.B.E."EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
27f1X17 "Miracle Man"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
28f1X18 "Shapes"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
29f1X19 "Darkness Falls"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
30f1X20 "Tooms"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
31f1X21 "Born Again"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
32f1X22 "Roland"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
33f1X23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask"EpisodesBase Card / Foil202.00
34fOpening Titles-Base Card / Foil202.00
35fOpening Titles-Base Card / Foil202.00
36fOpening Titles-Base Card / Foil202.00
37fHomunculusParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
38fEugene ToomsParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
39fJersey DevilParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
40fParasitic WormsParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
41fFace of MarsParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
42fCecil L'IvelyParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
43fManitouParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
44fPrehistoric InsectsParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
45fAlien FetusParanormalsBase Card / Foil202.00
46fAnti-Gravity AircraftProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
47fUFO Concept DesignProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
48fRunway EncounterProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
49fGovernment UFOProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
50fCaught in the BeamProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
51fThe UFO AboveProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
52fTooms Scales the WallProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
53fUnearthly ElongationProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
54fTooms Squeezes into ChimneyProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
55fTooms StoryboardsProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
56fJersey Devil Concept DesignsProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
57fParasitic WormsProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
58fInvaded HostProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
59fFallen Angel Concept DesignsProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
60fSalamander HandProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
61fSerial Killer John BarnettProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
62fSkeletal RemainsProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
63fAlien EmbryosProductionBase Card / Foil202.00
64fFox and Mulder Poster IllustrationSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
65fPoster IllustrationSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
66fIceSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
67fShadowsSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
68fFallen AngelSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
69fShapesSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
70fSpaceSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
71fTrust No OneSeason in ReviewBase Card / Foil202.00
72fChecklist-Base Card / Foil202.00
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