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Topps X-Men Movie

Topps X-Men Movie

Year: 2000
Total cards: 126

Collection preview (57% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 2


1Title Card-Base card101.00
2Professor X-Base card000.00
3Magneto-Base card101.00
4Jean Grey-Base card101.00
5Cyclops-Base card000.00
6Wolverine-Base card101.00
7Sabretooth-Base card000.00
8Rogue-Base card101.00
9Storm-Base card101.00
10Mystique-Base card101.00
11Senator Kelly-Base card101.00
12Toad-Base card101.00
13The Nazi Trauma-Base card101.00
14Love Can Kill-Base card101.00
15Are Mutants Dangerous?-Base card101.00
16Two Old Friends-Base card101.00
17A Bout with Wolverine-Base card101.00
18The Feral Fury-Base card101.00
19A Gun against Wolverine-Base card000.00
20Adamantium Attack!-Base card101.00
21Two for the Road-Base card101.00
22Sabretooth Terror!-Base card101.00
23Primal Combatants-Base card101.00
24Snow Titans-Base card000.00
25Unexpected Rescue-Base card101.00
26Kelly's Crusade-Base card101.00
27The Awakening-Base card101.00
28Inside X Headquarters-Base card101.00
29The World of "X"-Base card101.00
30Xavier's Offer-Base card101.00
31The Capture of Kelly-Base card010.00
32Inside Story-Base card000.00
33Facing Magneto-Base card101.00
34Magneto's Mad Plan-Base card101.00
35The Senator Transformed-Base card101.00
36Logan's Dream-Base card101.00
37Absorbing His Power-Base card101.00
38Kelly's Escape-Base card000.00
39Mutant Misjudgment-Base card101.00
40What's Wrong with Kelly?-Base card101.00
41Kindred Spirits-Base card101.00
42Surprised by a Monster-Base card101.00
43Terminal Mayhem-Base card000.00
44Thrashed by the Enemy-Base card000.00
45Unscheduled Stop-Base card101.00
46Invading a Train-Base card101.00
47Three the Hard Way-Base card000.00
48Saved by Psychic Power-Base card101.00
49Death of a Mutant-Base card010.00
50It's Up to Team X-Base card101.00
51Assault on Liberty Island-Base card101.00
52Dr. Grey's Gamble-Base card000.00
53Heroes on the Scene-Base card000.00
54Psychic Slugfest-Base card101.00
55Burning It Off-Base card000.00
56Deadly Deception-Base card000.00
57Good vs. Evil-Base card101.00
58The Tables Turned-Base card000.00
59Power against Power-Base card101.00
60Sacrificing Rogue-Base card000.00
61The Final Struggle-Base card101.00
62Destroying the Machine-Base card101.00
63Toward Tomorrow-Base card101.00
64Fantastic Epic-Base card101.00
65Action and Drama-Base card101.00
66Logan's Fun-Base card101.00
67Set Pieces-Base card101.00
68Mutant Perils-Base card101.00
69Girl Power-Base card101.00
70Mad Machinery-Base card000.00
71The Challenge-Base card101.00
72Checklist-Base card000.00
0Mutants Among Us-Promo card101.00
X1Wolverine-Promo card101.00
X2Cyclops-Promo card101.00
X3Storm-Promo card101.00
X4Magneto-Promo card000.00
X-F1Professor XavierX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F2CyclopsX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F3Jean GreyX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F4StormX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F5WolverineX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F6RogueX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F7MagnetoX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F8MystiqueX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F9SabretoothX-FoilChase card101.00
X-F10ToadX-FoilChase card101.00
CL1Cyclops (Photo)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL2Jean GreyClear ClingChase card101.00
CL3Storm (Photo)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL4Wolverine (Photo)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL5Cyclops (Art)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL6Wolverine (Art)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL7Magneto (Photo)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL8MystiqueClear ClingChase card101.00
CL9Sabretooth (Photo)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL10Toad (Photo)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL11Toad (Art)Clear ClingChase card101.00
CL12Magneto (Art)Clear ClingChase card101.00
C1Professor XavierChromeChase card101.00
C2CyclopsChromeChase card101.00
C3Jean GreyChromeChase card101.00
C4StormChromeChase card101.00
C5WolverineChromeChase card101.00
C6RogueChromeChase card101.00
C7MagnetoChromeChase card101.00
C8MystiqueChromeChase card101.00
C9SabretoothChromeChase card101.00
C10ToadChromeChase card101.00
M1Cyclops' Costume
MemorabiliaChase card101.00
M2Wolverine's Costume
MemorabiliaChase card101.00
M3Storm's Costume
MemorabiliaChase card101.00
M4Jean Grey's Costume
MemorabiliaChase card101.00
AC1Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC2Lauren Shuler Donner (Producer)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC3Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC4Famke Janssen (Jean Grey)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC5Tyler Mane (Sabretooth)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC6James Marsden (Cyclops)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC7Sir Ian McKellen (Magneto)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC8John Myhre (Production Designer)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC9Bryan Singer (Director)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC10Anna Paquin (Rogue)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC11Ray Park (Toad)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC12Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
AC13Patrick Stewart (Professor X)
Autographs CardsChase card101.00
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