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Upper Deck Anastasia

Upper Deck Anastasia

Year: 1998
Total cards: 126

Collection preview (96% scanned images)

collecting: 8 / completed: 1


1Palace green (puzzle 1)-Base card221.00
2Palace green (puzzle 2)-Base card221.00
3Palace green (puzzle 3)-Base card221.00
4Red distance (puzzle 1)-Base card240.50
5Red distance (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
6Red distance (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
7Rasputin closeup (puzzle 1)-Base card240.50
8Rasputin closeup (puzzle 2)-Base card130.33
9Rasputin closeup (puzzle 3)-Base card120.50
10Green river (puzzle 1)-Base card120.50
11Green river (puzzle 2)-Base card130.33
12Green river (puzzle 3)-Base card221.00
13Snow sunset (puzzle 1)-Base card240.50
14Snow sunset (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
15Snow sunset (puzzle 3)-Base card140.25
16Olive snow (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
17Olive snow (puzzle 2)-Base card130.33
18Olive snow (puzzle 3)-Base card130.33
19Parade dance (puzzle 1)-Base card130.33
20Parade dance (puzzle 2)-Base card120.50
21Parade dance (puzzle 3)-Base card240.50
22Blue mansion (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
23Blue mansion (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
24Blue mansion (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
25Snow signpost (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
26Snow signpost (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
27Snow signpost (puzzle 3)-Base card221.00
28Brown lobby (puzzle 1)-Base card120.50
29Brown lobby (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
30Brown lobby (puzzle 3)-Base card240.50
31Ghostly dance (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
32Ghostly dance (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
33Ghostly dance (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
34Czar approach (puzzle 1)-Base card221.00
35Czar approach (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
36Czar approach (puzzle 3)-Base card140.25
37Minions Bartok (puzzle 1)-Base card240.50
38Minions Bartok (puzzle 2)-Base card140.25
39Minions Bartok (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
40Minion bugs (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
41Minion bugs (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
42Minion bugs (puzzle 3)-Base card240.50
43Red Rasputin (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
44Red Rasputin (puzzle 2)-Base card221.00
45Red Rasputin (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
46Caboose green (puzzle 1)-Base card130.33
47Caboose green (puzzle 2)-Base card221.00
48Caboose green (puzzle 3)-Base card120.50
49Train blue (puzzle 1)-Base card221.00
50Train blue (puzzle 2)-Base card130.33
51Train blue (puzzle 3)-Base card221.00
52Fiery loco (puzzle 1)-Base card221.00
53Fiery loco (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
54Fiery loco (puzzle 3)-Base card130.33
55Forest stroll (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
56Forest stroll (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
57Forest stroll (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
58Ship Tasha (puzzle 1)-Base card130.33
59Ship Tasha (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
60Ship Tasha (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
61Minion chase (puzzle 1)-Base card221.00
62Minion chase (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
63Minion chase (puzzle 3)-Base card240.50
64Patio suit (puzzle 1)-Base card140.25
65Patio suit (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
66Patio suit (puzzle 3)-Base card240.50
67Morris dance (puzzle 1)-Base card130.33
68Morris dance (puzzle 2)-Base card212.00
69Morris dance (puzzle 3)-Base card130.33
70Driving brown (puzzle 1)-Base card221.00
71Driving brown (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
72Driving brown (puzzle 3)-Base card250.40
73Bedroom orange (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
74Bedroom orange (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
75Bedroom orange (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
76Ladies orange (puzzle 1)-Base card140.25
77Ladies orange (puzzle 2)-Base card120.50
78Ladies orange (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
79Candles green (puzzle 1)-Base card221.00
80Candles green (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
81Candles green (puzzle 3)-Base card130.33
82Stairway orange (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
83Stairway orange (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
84Stairway orange (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
85Outer stairs (puzzle 1)-Base card140.25
86Outer stairs (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
87Outer stairs (puzzle 3)-Base card130.33
88Rasputin threat (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
89Rasputin threat (puzzle 2)-Base card221.00
90Rasputin threat (puzzle 3)-Base card221.00
91Anya hanging (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
92Anya hanging (puzzle 2)-Base card240.50
93Anya hanging (puzzle 3)-Base card230.67
94Spotlights orange (puzzle 1)-Base card230.67
95Spotlights orange (puzzle 2)-Base card130.33
96Spotlights orange (puzzle 3)-Base card221.00
97Lovers together (puzzle 1)-Base card250.40
98Lovers together (puzzle 2)-Base card230.67
99Lovers together (puzzle 3)-Base card120.50
100AnastasiaPortrait Die-CutsChase card313.00
101AnyaPortrait Die-CutsChase card313.00
102AnyaPortrait Die-CutsChase card404.00
103AnastasiaPortrait Die-CutsChase card303.00
104AnastasiaPortrait Die-CutsChase card303.00
105AnastasiaPortrait Die-CutsChase card505.00
106Czar NicholasPortrait Die-CutsChase card404.00
107MariePortrait Die-CutsChase card404.00
108PookaPortrait Die-CutsChase card313.00
109DimitriPortrait Die-CutsChase card303.00
110DimitriPortrait Die-CutsChase card414.00
111DimitriPortrait Die-CutsChase card404.00
112VladimirPortrait Die-CutsChase card404.00
113SophiePortrait Die-CutsChase card303.00
114RasputinPortrait Die-CutsChase card321.50
115RasputinPortrait Die-CutsChase card505.00
116MinionsPortrait Die-CutsChase card414.00
117BartokPortrait Die-CutsChase card303.00
118Anastasia (puzzle 1)Puzzle CardChase card414.00
119Anastasia (puzzle 2)Puzzle CardChase card303.00
120Anastasia (puzzle 3)Puzzle CardChase card414.00
121Anastasia (puzzle 4)Puzzle CardChase card414.00
122Anastasia (puzzle 5)Puzzle CardChase card313.00
123Anastasia (puzzle 6)Puzzle CardChase card414.00
124Head bowingLenticular CardChase card120.50
125Human kissLenticular CardChase card313.00
126Mousely kissLenticular CardChase card202.00
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