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Upper Deck Collector's Choice NBA 1997-1998

Upper Deck Collector's Choice NBA 1997-1998

Year: 1997
Total cards: 876

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
2Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
3Eldridge RecasnerAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
4Christian LaettnerAtlanta HawksS1. Base card101.00
5Tyrone CorbinAtlanta HawksS1. Base card111.00
6Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
7Eric WilliamsBoston CelticsS1. Base card111.00
8Dana BarrosBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
9David WesleyCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
10Dino RadjaBoston CelticsS1. Base card101.00
11Vlade DivacCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card111.00
12Dell CurryCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
13Muggsy BoguesCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card111.00
14Tony SmithCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card111.00
15Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
16Anthony MasonCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card101.00
17Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
18Brian WilliamsChicago BullsS1. Base card111.00
19Toni KukocChicago BullsS1. Base card111.00
20Jason CaffeyChicago BullsS1. Base card111.00
21Steve KerrChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
22Luc LongleyChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
23Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
24Chris MillsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card111.00
25Tyrone HillCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card101.00
26Vitaly PotapenkoCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card111.00
27Bob SuraCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card111.00
28Robert PackDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
29Ed O'BannonDallas MavericksS1. Base card111.00
30Michael FinleyDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
31Shawn BradleyDallas MavericksS1. Base card111.00
32Khalid ReevesDallas MavericksS1. Base card111.00
33Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. Base card111.00
34Ervin JohnsonMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card111.00
35Dale EllisDenver NuggetsS1. Base card101.00
36Bryant StithDenver NuggetsS1. Base card111.00
37Tom HammondsDenver NuggetsS1. Base card111.00
38Otis ThorpeDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
39Lindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
40Grant LongDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
41Aaron McKieDetroit PistonsS1. Base card101.00
42Randolph ChildressDetroit PistonsS1. Base card111.00
43Scott BurrellGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card111.00
44Bimbo ColesGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
45B.J. ArmstrongGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
46Mark PriceGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
47Latrell SprewellGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card101.00
48Felton SpencerGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card111.00
49Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
50Mario ElieHouston RocketsS1. Base card111.00
51Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
52Kevin WillisHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
53Antonio DavisIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
54Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
55Dale DavisIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
56Mark JacksonIndiana PacersS1. Base card101.00
57Erick DampierIndiana PacersS1. Base card111.00
58Pooh RichardsonLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card111.00
59Terry DehereLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card111.00
60Brent BarryLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
61Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card111.00
62Lorenzen WrightLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card111.00
63Eddie JonesLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
64Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card101.00
65Elden CampbellLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card111.00
66Corie BlountLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card111.00
67Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card111.00
68Dan MajerleMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
69P.J. BrownMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
70Tim HardawayMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
71Isaac AustinMiami HeatS1. Base card111.00
72Jamal MashburnMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
73Ray AllenMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
74Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
75Armon GilliamMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card111.00
76Johnny NewmanMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card111.00
77Elliot PerryMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card111.00
78Sherman DouglasMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card101.00
79Doug WestMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card111.00
80Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
81Sam MitchellMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card111.00
82Tom GugliottaMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card111.00
83Terry PorterMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
84Chris CarrMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card111.00
85Kevin EdwardsNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
86Jayson WilliamsNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
87Kendall GillNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
88Kerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
89Chris GatlingNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card111.00
90John StarksNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
91Charlie WardNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
92Larry JohnsonNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
93Charles OakleyNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
94Chris ChildsNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
95Allan HoustonNew York KnicksS1. Base card101.00
96Horace GrantOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
97Darrell ArmstrongOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
98Rony SeikalyOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
99Dennis ScottOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
100Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
101Brian ShawOrlando MagicS1. Base card101.00
102Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
103Rex WaltersPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
104Don MacLeanNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
105Derrick ColemanPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
106Lucious HarrisNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card101.00
107Clarence WeatherspoonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card111.00
108Cedric CeballosPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
109Danny ManningPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
110Jason KiddPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
111Loren MeyerPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
112Wesley PersonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
113Steve NashPhoenix SunsS1. Base card101.00
114Isaiah RiderPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
115Stacey AugmonPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
116Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
117Kenny AndersonPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
118Jermaine O'NealPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
119Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card111.00
120Michael SmithSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
121Kevin GambleSacramento KingsS1. Base card111.00
122Olden PolyniceSacramento KingsS1. Base card111.00
123Billy OwensSacramento KingsS1. Base card111.00
124Corliss WilliamsonSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
125Cory AlexanderSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card111.00
126Vinny Del NegroSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
127Sean ElliottSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
128Will PerdueSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
129Carl HerreraSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card111.00
130Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
131Hersey HawkinsSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card111.00
132Nate McMillanSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
133Craig EhloSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card111.00
134Detlef SchrempfSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
135Sam PerkinsSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card101.00
136Sharone WrightToronto RaptorsS1. Base card111.00
137Doug ChristieToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
138Popeye JonesToronto RaptorsS1. Base card111.00
139Shawn RespertToronto RaptorsS1. Base card111.00
140Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsS1. Base card101.00
141Adam KeefeUtah JazzS1. Base card111.00
142Karl MaloneUtah JazzS1. Base card111.00
143John StocktonUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
144Greg OstertagUtah JazzS1. Base card101.00
145Chris MorrisUtah JazzS1. Base card111.00
146Shareef Abdur-RahimVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
147Roy RogersVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
148George LynchVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card111.00
149Anthony PeelerVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
150Lee MayberryVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
151Calbert CheaneyWashington WizardsS1. Base card101.00
152Harvey GrantWashington WizardsS1. Base card101.00
153Rod StricklandWashington WizardsS1. Base card101.00
154Tracy MurrayWashington WizardsS1. Base card111.00
155Chris WebberWashington WizardsS1. Base card101.00
156Atlanta HawksAtlanta HawksS1. Base card111.00
157Boston CelticsBoston CelticsS1. Base card111.00
158Charlotte HornetsCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card120.50
159Chicago BullsChicago BullsS1. Base card111.00
160Cleveland CavaliersCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card111.00
161Dallas MavericksDallas MavericksS1. Base card101.00
162Denver NuggetsDenver NuggetsS1. Base card111.00
163Detroit PistonsDetroit PistonsS1. Base card111.00
164Golden State WarriorsGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card111.00
165Houston RocketsHouston RocketsS1. Base card101.00
166Indiana PacersIndiana PacersS1. Base card111.00
167Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card101.00
168Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card120.50
169Miami HeatMiami HeatS1. Base card101.00
170Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card111.00
171Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card101.00
172New Jersey NetsNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card111.00
173New York KnicksNew York KnicksS1. Base card111.00
174Orlando MagicOrlando MagicS1. Base card111.00
175Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card101.00
176Phoenix SunsPhoenix SunsS1. Base card111.00
177Portland Trail BlazersPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card101.00
178Sacramento KingsSacramento KingsS1. Base card101.00
179San Antonio SpursSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card101.00
180Seattle SuperSonicsSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card111.00
181Toronto RaptorsToronto RaptorsS1. Base card111.00
182Utah JazzUtah JazzS1. Base card111.00
183Vancouver GrizzliesVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card101.00
184Washington WizardsWashington WizardsS1. Base card101.00
1851997 NBA FinalsChicago Bulls / Utah JazzS1. Base card101.00
186Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
187Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
188Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
189Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
190Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card111.00
191Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
192Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
193Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
194Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
195Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card101.00
196Checklist #1-S1. Base card111.00
197Checklist #2-S1. Base card111.00
198Checklist #3-S1. Base card101.00
199Checklist #4-S1. Base card101.00
200Checklist #5-S1. Base card101.00
201Steve SmithAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
202Chris CrawfordAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
203Ed GrayAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
204Alan HendersonAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
205Walter McCartyBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
206Dee BrownBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
207Chauncey BillupsBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
208Ron MercerBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
209Travis KnightBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
210Andrew DeClercqBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
211Tyus EdneyBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
212Matt GeigerCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
213Tony DelkGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
214J.R. ReidCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
215Bobby PhillsCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
216David WesleyCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
217Ron HarperChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
218Scottie PippenChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
219Scott BurrellChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
220Keith BoothChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
221Bill WenningtonChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
222Shawn KempCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
223Zydrunas IlgauskasCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
224Brevin KnightCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
225Danny FerryCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
226Derek AndersonCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
227Wesley PersonCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
228A.C. GreenDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
229Samaki WalkerDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
230Hubert DavisDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
231Erick StricklandDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
232Dennis ScottDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
233Tony BattieDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
234LaPhonso EllisDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
235Eric WilliamsDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
236Bobby JacksonDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
237Anthony GoldwireDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
238Danny FortsonDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
239Joe DumarsDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
240Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
241Malik SealyDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
242Brian WilliamsDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
243Theo RatliffDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
244Scot PollardDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
245Erick DampierGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
246Duane FerrellGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
247Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
248Todd FullerGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
249Adonal FoyleGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
250Othella HarringtonHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
251Matt MaloneyHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
252Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
253Rodrick RhodesHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
254Eddie JohnsonHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
255Brent PriceHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
256Austin CroshereIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
257Derrick McKeyIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
258Chris MullinIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
259Rik SmitsIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
260Jalen RoseIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
261Darrick MartinLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
262Lamond MurrayLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
263Maurice TaylorLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
264Rodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
265James RobinsonLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
266Rick FoxLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
267Nick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
268Sean RooksLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
269Derek FisherLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
270Jon BarryLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
271Robert HorryLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
272Terry MillsMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
273Charles SmithMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
274Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
275Voshon LenardMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
276Todd DayMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
277Ervin JohnsonMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
278Terrell BrandonMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
279Michael CurryMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
280Andrew LangMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
281Tyrone HillMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
282Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
283Cherokee ParksMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
284Stanley RobertsMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
285Paul GrantMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
286David BenoitNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
287Lucious HarrisNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
288Don MacLeanNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
289Sam CassellNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
290Keith Van HornNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
291Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
292Walter McCartyBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
293Chris DudleyNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
294Chris MillsNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
295Buck WilliamsNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
296Nick AndersonOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
297Derek StrongOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
298Gerald WilkinsOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
299Johnny TaylorOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
300Derek HarperOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
301Anthony ParkerPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
302Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
303Jim JacksonPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
304Eric MontrossPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
305Tim ThomasPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
306Kebu StewartPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
307Rex ChapmanPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
308Tom ChambersPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
309Kevin JohnsonPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
310John WilliamsPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
311Clifford RobinsonPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
312Antonio McDyessPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
313Rasheed WallacePortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
314Brian GrantPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
315Dontonio WingfieldPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
316Kelvin CatoPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
317Mahmoud Abdul-RaufSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
318Lawrence FunderburkeSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
319Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
320Tariq Abdul-WahadSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
321Terry DehereSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
322Michael StewartSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
323Tim DuncanSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
324Avery JohnsonSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
325David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
326Charles SmithSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
327Chuck PersonSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
328Monty WilliamsSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
329Jim McIlvaineSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
330Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
331Eric SnowSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
332Dale EllisSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
333Vin BakerSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
334Walt WilliamsToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
335Tracy McGradyToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
336Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
337Carlos RogersToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
338John WallaceToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
339Shandon AndersonUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
340Jeff HornacekUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
341Howard EisleyUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
342Jacque VaughnUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
343Bryon RussellUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
344Antoine CarrUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
345Antonio DanielsVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
346Pete ChilcuttVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
347Blue EdwardsVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
348Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
349Chris RobinsonVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
350Otis ThorpeVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
351Tim LeglerWashington WizardsS2. Base card101.00
352Juwan HowardWashington WizardsS2. Base card101.00
353God ShammgodWashington WizardsS2. Base card101.00
354Gheorghe MuresanWashington WizardsS2. Base card101.00
355Chris WhitneyWashington WizardsS2. Base card101.00
356Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS2. Base card101.00
357Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsS2. Base card101.00
358Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card101.00
359Scottie PippenChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
360Derek AndersonCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card101.00
361Michael FinleyDallas MavericksS2. Base card101.00
362LaPhonso EllisDenver NuggetsS2. Base card101.00
363Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. Base card101.00
364Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card101.00
365Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsS2. Base card101.00
366Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS2. Base card101.00
367Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card101.00
368Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card101.00
369Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. Base card101.00
370Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card101.00
371Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card101.00
372Kendall GillNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card101.00
373Allan HoustonNew York KnicksS2. Base card101.00
374Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS2. Base card101.00
375Tim ThomasPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card101.00
376Jason KiddPhoenix SunsS2. Base card101.00
377Kenny AndersonPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card101.00
378Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS2. Base card101.00
379Tim DuncanSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card101.00
380Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card101.00
381Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsS2. Base card101.00
382Karl MaloneUtah JazzS2. Base card101.00
383Shareef Abdur-RahimVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card101.00
384Chris WebberWashington WizardsS2. Base card101.00
385Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
386Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
387Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
388Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
389Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
390Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
391Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
392Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
393Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
394Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
395Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card101.00
396Checklist #1-S2. Base card101.00
397Checklist #2-S2. Base card101.00
398Checklist #3-S2. Base card101.00
399Checklist #4-S2. Base card101.00
400Checklist #5-S2. Base card101.00
AS1Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersAll StarQuest101.00
AS2Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsAll StarQuest101.00
AS3Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesAll StarQuest101.00
AS4Karl MaloneUtah JazzAll StarQuest101.00
AS5Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersAll StarQuest101.00
AS6Michael JordanChicago BullsAll StarQuest101.00
AS7Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicAll StarQuest101.00
AS8Grant HillDetroit PistonsAll StarQuest101.00
AS9Shawn KempCleveland CavaliersAll StarQuest101.00
AS10Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksAll StarQuest101.00
CA1Michael Jordan / Natural Born LeaderChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA2Michael Jordan / Strong FinishChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA3Michael Jordan / Shake and BakeChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA4Michael Jordan / Classic Jump ShotChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA5Michael Jordan / Media CircusChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA6Michael Jordan / Traveling Road ShowChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA7Michael Jordan / Championship DriveChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA8Michael Jordan / Favorite PastimesChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA9Michael Jordan / Finger RollChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
CA10Michael Jordan / Fast BreakChicago BullsCatch 23101.00
DT1Tim DuncanSan Antonio SpursDraft Trade101.00
DT2Keith Van HornNew Jersey NetsDraft Trade101.00
DT3Chauncey BillupsBoston CelticsDraft Trade101.00
DT4Antonio DanielsVancouver GrizzliesDraft Trade101.00
DT5Tony BattieDenver NuggetsDraft Trade101.00
DT6Ron MercerBoston CelticsDraft Trade101.00
DT7Tim ThomasPhiladelphia 76ersDraft Trade101.00
DT8Adonal FoyleGolden State WarriorsDraft Trade101.00
DT9Tracy McGradyToronto RaptorsDraft Trade101.00
DT10Danny FortsonDenver NuggetsDraft Trade101.00
C1Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C2Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C3Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C4Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C5Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C6Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C7Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C8Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C9Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
C10Michael JordanChicago BullsJumbos101.00
GN1Utah Jazz / Game NightUtah JazzJumbos101.00
GN2Los Angeles Lakers / Game NightLos Angeles LakersJumbos101.00
GN3Minnesota Timberwolves / Game NightMinnesota TimberwolvesJumbos101.00
GN4Orlando Magic / Game NightOrlando MagicJumbos101.00
GN5Chicago Bulls / Game NightChicago BullsJumbos101.00
MM1Michael JordanChicago BullsMemorable Moments101.00
MM2Grant HillDetroit PistonsMemorable Moments101.00
MM3Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicMemorable Moments101.00
MM4Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersMemorable Moments101.00
MM5Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesMemorable Moments101.00
MM6Jason KiddPhoenix SunsMemorable Moments101.00
MM7Karl MaloneUtah JazzMemorable Moments101.00
MM8Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsMemorable Moments101.00
MM9Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsMemorable Moments101.00
MM10Dennis RodmanChicago BullsMemorable Moments101.00
B1Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B2Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B3Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B4Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B5Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B6Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B7Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B8Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B9Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B10Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B11Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B12Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B13Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B14Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B15Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B16Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B17Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B18Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B19Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B20Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B21Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B22Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B23Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B24Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B25Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B26Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B27Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B28Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B29Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
B30Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. MJ Bullseye101.00
R1Michael Jordan 84-85Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R2Michael Jordan 85-86Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R3Michael Jordan 86-87Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R4Michael Jordan 87-88Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R5Michael Jordan 88-89Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R6Michael Jordan 89-90Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R7Michael Jordan 90-91Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R8Michael Jordan 91-92Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R9Michael Jordan 92-93Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R10Michael Jordan 94-95Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R11Michael Jordan 95-96Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R12Michael Jordan 96-97Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
R13Michael Jordan 97-98Chicago BullsS2. MJ Rewind Exchange101.00
M1Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M2Chauncey BillupsBoston CelticsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M3Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M4Scottie PippenChicago BullsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M5Bob SuraCleveland CavaliersS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M6Erick StricklandDallas MavericksS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M7Tony BattieDenver NuggetsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M8Joe DumarsDetroit PistonsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M9Adonal FoyleGolden State WarriorsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M10Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M11Dale DavisIndiana PacersS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M12Lamond MurrayLos Angeles ClippersS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M13Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M14Tim HardawayMiami HeatS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M15Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M16Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M17Keith Van HornNew Jersey NetsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M18Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M19Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M20Tim ThomasPhiladelphia 76ersS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M21Jason KiddPhoenix SunsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M22Isaiah RiderPortland Trail BlazersS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M23Mahmoud Abdul-RaufSacramento KingsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M24Tim DuncanSan Antonio SpursS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M25Detlef SchrempfSeattle SuperSonicsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M26Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M27John StocktonUtah JazzS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M28Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M29Juwan HowardWashington WizardsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
M30Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. NBA Miniatures101.00
SA1Michael JordanChicago BullsStar Attractions101.00
SA2Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsStar Attractions101.00
SA3Karl MaloneUtah JazzStar Attractions101.00
SA4Chauncey BillupsBoston CelticsStar Attractions101.00
SA5Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsStar Attractions101.00
SA6Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersStar Attractions101.00
SA7Jason KiddPhoenix SunsStar Attractions101.00
SA8Chris WebberWashington WizardsStar Attractions101.00
SA9Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersStar Attractions101.00
SA10Patrick EwingNew York KnicksStar Attractions101.00
SA11Tim DuncanSan Antonio SpursStar Attractions101.00
SA12Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesStar Attractions101.00
SA13Tony BattieDenver NuggetsStar Attractions101.00
SA14Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsStar Attractions101.00
SA15Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsStar Attractions101.00
SA16Antonio DanielsVancouver GrizzliesStar Attractions101.00
SA17Grant HillDetroit PistonsStar Attractions101.00
SA18Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicStar Attractions101.00
SA19Scottie PippenChicago BullsStar Attractions101.00
SA20Keith Van HornNew Jersey NetsStar Attractions101.00
SA1gMichael JordanChicago BullsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA2gJoe SmithGolden State WarriorsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA3gKarl MaloneUtah JazzStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA4gChauncey BillupsBoston CelticsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA5gCharles BarkleyHouston RocketsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA6gShaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA7gJason KiddPhoenix SunsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA8gChris WebberWashington WizardsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA9gAllen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA10gPatrick EwingNew York KnicksStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA11gTim DuncanSan Antonio SpursStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA12gKevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA13gTony BattieDenver NuggetsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA14gGary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA15gHakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA16gAntonio DanielsVancouver GrizzliesStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA17gGrant HillDetroit PistonsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA18gAnfernee HardawayOrlando MagicStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA19gScottie PippenChicago BullsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SA20gKeith Van HornNew Jersey NetsStar Attractions / Gold101.00
SQ1Dale DavisIndiana PacersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ2Jamal MashburnMiami HeatS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ3Christian LaettnerAtlanta HawksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ4Billy OwensSacramento KingsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ5Vlade DivacCharlotte HornetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ6Sean ElliottSan Antonio SpursS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ7Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ8Dana BarrosBoston CelticsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ9Rod StricklandWashington WizardsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ10Jim JacksonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ11Tyrone HillCleveland CavaliersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ12Ervin JohnsonMilwaukee BucksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ13Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ14Lorenzen WrightLos Angeles ClippersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ15Shawn BradleyDallas MavericksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ16John StarksNew York KnicksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ17Corliss WilliamsonSacramento KingsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ18Steve SmithAtlanta HawksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ19Chris MillsCleveland CavaliersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ20Vinny Del NegroSan Antonio SpursS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ21Jayson WilliamsNew Jersey NetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ22Anthony MasonCharlotte HornetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ23Dennis ScottOrlando MagicS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ24Mark JacksonIndiana PacersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ25Dino RadjaBoston CelticsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ26Greg OstertagUtah JazzS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ27Anthony PeelerVancouver GrizzliesS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ28Toni KukocChicago BullsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ29Michael FinleyDallas MavericksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ30Brent BarryLos Angeles ClippersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ31Wesley PersonPhoenix SunsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ32Horace GrantOrlando MagicS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ33Walt WilliamsToronto RaptorsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ34Bryant StithDenver NuggetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ35Ray AllenMilwaukee BucksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ36Otis ThorpeDetroit PistonsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ37Rasheed WallacePortland Trail BlazersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ38Charles OakleyNew York KnicksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ39Robert PackDallas MavericksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ40Kendall GillNew Jersey NetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ41Lindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ42Cedric CeballosPhoenix SunsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ43Allan HoustonNew York KnicksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ44Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ45Derrick ColemanPhiladelphia 76ersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ46Isaiah RiderPortland Trail BlazersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ47Detlef SchrempfSeattle SuperSonicsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ48Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ49Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ50Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ51Terrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ52Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ53Tom GugliottaMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ54Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ55Kenny AndersonPortland Trail BlazersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ56Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ57Tim HardawayMiami HeatS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ58Chris WebberWashington WizardsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ59Nick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ60Kerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ61Chris MullinGolden State WarriorsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ62Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ63Juwan HowardWashington WizardsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ64Larry JohnsonNew York KnicksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ65Shareef Abdur-RahimVancouver GrizzliesS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ66Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ67Vin BakerMilwaukee BucksS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ68Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ69Eddie JonesLos Angeles LakersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ70Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ71Karl MaloneUtah JazzS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ72Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ73Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ74Jason KiddPhoenix SunsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ75Latrell SprewellGolden State WarriorsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ76David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ77Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ78Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ79Scottie PippenChicago BullsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ80Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ81Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ82Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ83Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ84Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ85Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ86Grant HillDetroit PistonsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ87Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ88Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ89John StocktonUtah JazzS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ90Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. StarQuest101.00
SQ91Billy OwensSacramento KingsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ92Derek AndersonCleveland CavaliersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ93Hersey HawkinsSeattle SuperSonicsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ94Bryon RussellUtah JazzS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ95Rik SmitsIndiana PacersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ96Tracy McGradyToronto RaptorsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ97Kendall GillNew Jersey NetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ98Tim ThomasPhiladelphia 76ersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ99Robert HorryLos Angeles LakersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ100Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ101Rodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ102Danny ManningPhoenix SunsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ103John StarksNew York KnicksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ104Mahmoud Abdul-RaufSacramento KingsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ105Chris ChildsNew York KnicksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ106Antonio DavisIndiana PacersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ107Lamond MurrayLos Angeles ClippersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ108Nick AndersonOrlando MagicS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ109Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ110Christian LaettnerAtlanta HawksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ111Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ112Tony BattieDenver NuggetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ113Vlade DivacCharlotte HornetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ114Kevin JohnsonPhoenix SunsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ115Erick StricklandDallas MavericksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ116Ray AllenMilwaukee BucksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ117Antonio DanielsVancouver GrizzliesS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ118Sean ElliottSan Antonio SpursS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ119Horace GrantOrlando MagicS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ120Walt WilliamsToronto RaptorsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ121Rony SeikalyOrlando MagicS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ122Allan HoustonNew York KnicksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ123Michael FinleyDallas MavericksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ124Rasheed WallacePortland Trail BlazersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ125Doug ChristieToronto RaptorsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ126Danny FerryCleveland CavaliersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ127Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ128Shandon AndersonUtah JazzS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ129Otis ThorpeVancouver GrizzliesS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ130Adonal FoyleGolden State WarriorsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ131Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ132Theo RatliffDetroit PistonsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ133Matt MaloneyHouston RocketsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ134Voshon LenardMiami HeatS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ135Danny FortsonDenver NuggetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ136Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ137Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ138Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ139Tom GugliottaMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ140Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ141Antonio McDyessPhoenix SunsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ142Kobe BryantLos Angeles LakersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ143Juwan HowardWashington WizardsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ144Tim HardawayMiami HeatS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ145Ron MercerBoston CelticsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ146Joe DumarsDetroit PistonsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ147Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ148Shareef Abdur-RahimVancouver GrizzliesS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ149LaPhonso EllisDenver NuggetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ150Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ151Chauncey BillupsBoston CelticsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ152Chris WebberWashington WizardsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ153Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ154Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ155Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ156Keith Van HornNew Jersey NetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ157Karl MaloneUtah JazzS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ158Terrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ159Sam CassellNew Jersey NetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ160Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ161Vin BakerSeattle SuperSonicsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ162Jason KiddPhoenix SunsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ163Charles BarkleyHouston RocketsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ164Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ165Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ166Scottie PippenChicago BullsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ167Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ168Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ169David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ170Shawn KempCleveland CavaliersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ171Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ172Tim DuncanSan Antonio SpursS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ173Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ174Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ175John StocktonUtah JazzS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ176Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ177Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ178Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ179Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS2. StarQuest101.00
SQ180Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. StarQuest101.00
STR1John StarksNew York KnicksStarQuest / Jumbos 5x7101.00
S1Steve SmithAtlanta HawksS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S2Antoine WalkerBoston CelticsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S3Anthony MasonCharlotte HornetsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S4Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S5Terrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S6Michael FinleyDallas MavericksS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S7Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S8Grant HillDetroit PistonsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S9Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S10Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S11Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S12Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S13Shaquille O'NealLos Angeles LakersS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S14Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S15Vin BakerMilwaukee BucksS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S16Stephon MarburyMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S17Jim JacksonNew Jersey NetsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S18John StarksNew York KnicksS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S19Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S20Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S21Jason KiddPhoenix SunsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S22Kenny AndersonPortland Trail BlazersS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S23Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S24David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S25Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S26Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S27Karl MaloneUtah JazzS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S28Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S29Juwan HowardWashington WizardsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
S30Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Super Action Stick-Ums101.00
JD1Michael Jordan
Chicago BullsS1. The Jordan Dynasty101.00
JD2Michael Jordan
Chicago BullsS1. The Jordan Dynasty101.00
JD3Michael Jordan
Chicago BullsS1. The Jordan Dynasty101.00
JD4Michael Jordan
Chicago BullsS1. The Jordan Dynasty101.00
JD5Michael Jordan
Chicago BullsS1. The Jordan Dynasty101.00
C1aDikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C1bDikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C2aDana BarrosBoston CelticsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C2bDana BarrosBoston CelticsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C3aGlen RiceCharlotte HornetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C3bGlen RiceCharlotte HornetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C4aScottie PippenChicago BullsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C4bScottie PippenChicago BullsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C5aTerrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C5bTerrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C6aShawn BradleyDallas MavericksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C6bShawn BradleyDallas MavericksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C7aAntonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C7bAntonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C8aLindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C8bLindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C9aJoe SmithGolden State WarriorsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C9bJoe SmithGolden State WarriorsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C10aHakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C10bHakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C11aReggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C11bReggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C12aRodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C12bRodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C13aNick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C13bNick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C14aTim HardawayMiami HeatS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C14bTim HardawayMiami HeatS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C15aGlenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C15bGlenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C16aKevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C16bKevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C17aKerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C17bKerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C18aLarry JohnsonNew York KnicksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C18bLarry JohnsonNew York KnicksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C19aAnfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C19bAnfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C20aAllen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C20bAllen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C21aJason KiddPhoenix SunsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C21bJason KiddPhoenix SunsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C22aArvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C22bArvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C23aMitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C23bMitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C24aDavid RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C24bDavid RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C25aGary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C25bGary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C26aMarcus CambyToronto RaptorsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C26bMarcus CambyToronto RaptorsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C27aKarl MaloneUtah JazzS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C27bKarl MaloneUtah JazzS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C28aBryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C28bBryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C29aChris WebberWashington WizardsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C29bChris WebberWashington BulletsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C30aMichael JordanChicago BullsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
C30bMichael JordanChicago BullsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring101.00
RE1Dikembe MutomboAtlanta HawksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE2Dana BarrosBoston CelticsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE3Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE4Scottie PippenChicago BullsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE5Terrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE6Shawn BradleyDallas MavericksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE7Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE8Lindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE9Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE10Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE11Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE12Rodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE13Nick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE14Tim HardawayMiami HeatS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE15Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE16Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE17Kerry KittlesNew Jersey NetsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE18Larry JohnsonNew York KnicksS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE19Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE20Allen IversonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE21Jason KiddPhoenix SunsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE22Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE23Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE24David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE25Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE26Marcus CambyToronto RaptorsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE27Karl MaloneUtah JazzS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE28Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE29Chris WebberWashington BulletsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
RE30Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. You Crash the Game Scoring / Exchange101.00
IN1Memorabilia Mania Sweepstakes-Inserts101.00
PR1Avery JohnsonSan Antonio SpursPromos101.00
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