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Upper Deck England 1998

Upper Deck England 1998

Year: 1997
Total cards: 92

Collection preview (55% scanned images)

collecting: 21 / completed: 12


1Sir Alf RamseyCall Me CoachBase card1120.08
2Joe MercerCall Me CoachBase card0130.00
3Don RevieCall Me CoachBase card0120.00
4Ron GreenwoodCall Me CoachBase card1110.09
5Bobby RobsonCall Me CoachBase card1100.10
6Graham TaylorCall Me CoachBase card0130.00
7Terry VenablesCall Me CoachBase card1100.10
8Glenn HoddleCall Me CoachBase card1140.07
9David SeamanThe SquadBase card1140.07
10Tim FlowersThe SquadBase card0170.00
11Gary NevilleThe SquadBase card0130.00
12Stuart PearceThe SquadBase card2120.17
13Tony AdamsThe SquadBase card0150.00
14Steve McManamanThe SquadBase card0140.00
15Gareth SouthgateThe SquadBase card0120.00
16Sol CampbellThe SquadBase card0160.00
17Philip NevilleThe SquadBase card0130.00
18David BeckhamThe SquadBase card1120.08
19Graeme Le SauxThe SquadBase card0130.00
20Robert LeeThe SquadBase card0160.00
21Paul InceThe SquadBase card1110.09
22David BattyThe SquadBase card1140.07
23Paul GascoigneThe SquadBase card0130.00
24Paul ScholesThe SquadBase card0130.00
25Teddy SheringhamThe SquadBase card1130.08
26Alan ShearerThe SquadBase card0130.00
27Les FerdinandThe SquadBase card1130.08
28Robbie FowlerThe SquadBase card0120.00
29Jamie RedknappThe SquadBase card1150.07
30Ian WrightThe SquadBase card1120.08
31Bobby MooreEngland LegendsBase card1120.08
32Sir Bobby CharltonEngland LegendsBase card1110.09
33Geoff HurstEngland LegendsBase card0110.00
34Gordon BanksEngland LegendsBase card1130.08
35Kevin KeeganEngland LegendsBase card1100.10
36Bryan RobsonEngland LegendsBase card1110.09
37Peter ShiltonEngland LegendsBase card1140.07
38Gary LinekerEngland LegendsBase card0140.00
39Moldova 0 - England 3WC 1998 Just Get ThereBase card0130.00
40England 2 - Poland 1WC 1998 Just Get ThereBase card2150.13
41Georgia 0 - England 2WC 1998 Just Get ThereBase card0130.00
42England 0 - Italy 1WC 1998 Just Get ThereBase card0130.00
43England 2 - Georgia 0WC 1998 Just Get ThereBase card1150.07
44Poland 0 - England 2WC 1998 Just Get ThereBase card2120.17
45England 0 - Brazil 1WC 1998 Just Get ThereBase card1120.08
46World Champions. England - West Germany 1966Great MatchesBase card1130.08
47It's raining goals. Yugoslavia - England 1987Great MatchesBase card1120.08
48Shearer's scoring debut. England - France 1992Great MatchesBase card1140.07
49Against the odds. Brazil - England 1984Great MatchesBase card1140.07
50Turkey with the trimmings. Turkey - England 1984Great MatchesBase card0150.00
51Lineker's golden boot. Poland - England 1986Great MatchesBase card1140.07
52Lineker scores all four. Spain - England 1987Great MatchesBase card1150.07
53Africa's surprise packet. Cameroon - England 1990Great MatchesBase card1130.08
54Kept in suspense. Poland - England 1991Great MatchesBase card2150.13
55Orange night. England - Holland 1996Great MatchesBase card1130.08
56England draw a blank. USSR - England 1988Worst MomentsBase card1150.07
57England lose their crown. West Germany - England 1970Worst MomentsBase card1120.08
58The clown defies England. England - Poland 1973Worst MomentsBase card2140.14
59The hand of God. Argentina - England 1986Worst MomentsBase card0140.00
60The dreaded shoot-out. West Germany - England 1990Worst MomentsBase card0130.00
61Do I not like orange. Holland - England 1993Worst MomentsBase card1120.08
62More shoot-out misery. England - Germany 1996Worst MomentsBase card1130.08
63Zola's crucial strike. England - Italy 1997Worst MomentsBase card1110.09
64Nigel MartynOn the EdgeBase card1110.09
65Rio FerdinandOn the EdgeBase card1130.08
66Nicky ButtOn the EdgeBase card1110.09
67Darren HuckerbyOn the EdgeBase card0160.00
68Michael OwenOn the EdgeBase card0130.00
69Emile HeskeyOn the EdgeBase card0160.00
70Michael DuberryOn the EdgeBase card1120.08
71Andy ColeOn the EdgeBase card1120.08
72Billy WrightCenturionsBase card0120.00
73Bobby CharltonCenturionsBase card1100.10
74Bobby MooreCenturionsBase card0110.00
75Peter ShiltonCenturionsBase card0140.00
76WembleyStadiumBase card1130.08
77Rural WembleyStadiumBase card0110.00
78Wembley and the white horseStadiumBase card1120.08
79Jules Rimet TrophyTrophiesBase card1150.07
80FIFA World CupTrophiesBase card1120.08
81Paul Scholes. Checklist 1-45ChecklistBase card0180.00
82Ian Wright. Checklist 46-90TChecklistBase card0180.00
83David Seaman
Three LionsChase card732.33
84Gareth Southgate
Three LionsChase card909.00
85Sol Campbell
Three LionsChase card10010.00
86David Beckham
Three LionsChase card11011.00
87Paul Ince
Three LionsChase card717.00
88Paul Gascoigne
Three LionsChase card818.00
89Teddy Sheringham
Three LionsChase card616.00
90RGlenn Hoddle
Call Me CoachAutograph13013.00
90TGlenn Hoddle
Call Me CoachRedemption card12012.00
TEngland 1997 / England 1966
TeamTeam card12012.00
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