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Upper Deck Fantastic Four

Upper Deck Fantastic Four

Year: 2005
Total cards: 119

Collection preview (85% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Fantastic 4-Base Card101.00
2Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic-Base Card101.00
3Sue Storm - The Invisible Woman-Base Card101.00
4Johnny Storm - The Human Torch-Base Card101.00
5Ben Grimm - The Thing-Base Card101.00
6Victor Von Doom - Dr. Doom-Base Card101.00
7Debbie - Ben's Fiancee-Base Card101.00
8Alicia Masters-Base Card101.00
9Leonardo - Dr. Doom's Assistant-Base Card101.00
10Mission into Space-Base Card101.00
11The Team Reunited-Base Card101.00
12Until We Meet Again-Base Card101.00
13Tomorrow's Heroes-Base Card101.00
14On the Space Station-Base Card101.00
15Suited for Danger-Base Card101.00
16In the Airlock-Base Card101.00
17Victor's Surprise-Base Card101.00
18Close the Shields! Now!!-Base Card101.00
19Space Walk Peril-Base Card101.00
20The Cosmic Storm-Base Card101.00
21After Effects-Base Card101.00
22Temperature Rising-Base Card101.00
23Going Invisible-Base Card101.00
24Bend and Stretch...-Base Card101.00
25Flame On-Base Card101.00
26Breaking in on Ben-Base Card101.00
27The Fifth Mutant-Base Card101.00
28This Man... This Monster-Base Card101.00
29A Tragic Farewell-Base Card101.00
30One Way to Stop Traffic-Base Card101.00
31A Little Help Here?!-Base Card101.00
32Simply Fantastic!-Base Card101.00
33Makeshift Rescue-Base Card101.00
34Invisible Beauty-Base Card101.00
35Firetruck Peril!-Base Card101.00
36Power of the Thing-Base Card101.00
37Sudden Celebrities-Base Card101.00
38Hero... or Horror?-Base Card101.00
39Under Analysis-Base Card101.00
40Inside the Thing-Base Card101.00
41The Siblings Reborn-Base Card101.00
42Perils of Supernova-Base Card101.00
43A "Specimen" Strikes Back-Base Card101.00
44The Doctor's Doom-Base Card101.00
45A Way Back to Normal-Base Card101.00
46Grimm's Lonely Nights-Base Card101.00
47At the Pub-Base Card101.00
48Kindred Spirits-Base Card101.00
49Johnny Storm - Superstar!-Base Card101.00
50The Ladies Call Him Torch-Base Card101.00
51Grimm's Grim Warning-Base Card101.00
52Divided They Fall-Base Card101.00
53Heroes in Conflict-Base Card101.00
54The Torch Steamed Up-Base Card101.00
55You Two Need a Time-Out-Base Card101.00
56Crackle of Doom-Base Card101.00
57The Killing of Ned Cecil-Base Card101.00
58What Is That Thing?-Base Card101.00
59How Bad Could It Be-Base Card101.00
60Some Thing About You...-Base Card101.00
61Kindness Is Blind-Base Card101.00
62Under the Stars-Base Card101.00
63Divide and Conquer-Base Card101.00
64Friend against Friend-Base Card101.00
65The Thing on a Rampage-Base Card101.00
66Taking a Major Step-Base Card101.00
67Ben Grimm Restored!-Base Card101.00
68Disaster at Fantastic 4 Central-Base Card101.00
69The Fate of Two Mutants-Base Card101.00
70Firing a Heat-Seeker-Base Card101.00
71Target: The Human Torch-Base Card101.00
72Monarch of Menace-Base Card101.00
73To Save Reed's Life-Base Card101.00
74Facing Doctor Doom-Base Card101.00
75Against His Fiendish Fury-Base Card101.00
76Grasp of a Madman-Base Card101.00
77Return of the Thing-Base Card101.00
78It's Clobberin' Time!-Base Card101.00
79A Punch Long Awaited-Base Card101.00
80Super Streetfighter-Base Card101.00
81Too Much for Grimm?-Base Card101.00
82Heroes on the Scene!-Base Card101.00
83... And Johnny Makes Four!-Base Card101.00
84Fighting a Metallic Maniac-Base Card101.00
85The Challenge of Doom-Base Card101.00
86Their Powers Combined-Base Card101.00
87Defeat of Dr. Doom-Base Card101.00
88Metamorphosis-Base Card101.00
89Doom's Dark Monument-Base Card101.00
90A Team for All Time-Base Card101.00
91Directing Outer Space-Base Card101.00
92Building a Better Thing-Base Card101.00
93The Quasimodo Effect-Base Card101.00
94Preparing Dr. Doom-Base Card101.00
95The Wildcard-Base Card101.00
96Recreating the Locations-Base Card101.00
97Lights! Camera! Super-Action!-Base Card101.00
98An Invisible Woman's Place...-Base Card101.00
99Fantastic Filmmaking-Base Card101.00
100Fun with the Fantastic Founder-Base Card101.00
DD1Victor Von Doom (Costume Cards 1)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
DD2Victor Von Doom (Costume Cards 2)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
DD3Dr. Doom (Costume Cards 3)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
DD4Dr. Doom (Costume Cards 4)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF1Human Torch (Costume Cards 5)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF2Human Torch (Costume Cards 6)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF3Mr. Fantastic (Costume Cards 7)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF4Mr. Fantastic (Costume Cards 8)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF5Invisible Woman (Costume Cards 9)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF6Invisible Woman (Costume Cards 10)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF7The Thing (Costume Cards 11)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF8The Thing (Costume Cards 12)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
FF9Sue Storm (Costume Cards 13)
Movie MemorabiliaChase Card101.00
GSP1Dr. Doom - Victor VonDoomGameStop PromosPromo Card101.00
GSP2Fantastic 4GameStop PromosPromo Card101.00
GSP3Invisible Woman - Sue StormGameStop PromosPromo Card101.00
GSP4Mr. Fantastic - Reed RichardsGameStop PromosPromo Card101.00
GSP5The Human Torch - Johnny StormGameStop PromosPromo Card101.00
GSP6The Thing - Ben GrimmGameStop PromosPromo Card101.00
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