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Upper Deck Glasgow Rangers FC 1997-1998

Upper Deck Glasgow Rangers FC 1997-1998

Year: 1997
Total cards: 92

Collection preview (97% scanned images)

collecting: 9 / completed: 4


1Richard GoughRangers LegendsBase card350.60
2Ally McCoistRangers LegendsBase card360.50
3Davie CooperRangers LegendsBase card250.40
4John GreigRangers LegendsBase card340.75
5Jim BaxterRangers LegendsBase card360.50
6George YoungRangers LegendsBase card250.40
7Bob McPhailRangers LegendsBase card350.60
8Alan MortonRangers LegendsBase card360.50
9Andy GoramThe SquadBase card350.60
10Alex ClelandThe SquadBase card370.43
11David RobertsonThe SquadBase card360.50
12Gordon PetricThe SquadBase card270.29
13Alan McLarenThe SquadBase card370.43
14Joachim BjorklundThe SquadBase card360.50
15Stuart McCallThe SquadBase card270.29
16Erik Bo AndersenThe SquadBase card370.43
17Ian FergusonThe SquadBase card380.38
18Charlie MillerThe SquadBase card360.50
19Jorg AlbertzThe SquadBase card370.43
20Craig MooreThe SquadBase card370.43
21Paul GascoigneThe SquadBase card360.50
22Derek McInnesThe SquadBase card360.50
23Gordon DurieThe SquadBase card450.80
24Brian LaudrupThe SquadBase card360.50
25Sebastian RozentalThe SquadBase card380.38
26Stephen WrightThe SquadBase card450.80
27Jonas ThernThe SquadBase card360.50
28Lorenzo AmorusoThe SquadBase card480.50
29Sergio PorriniThe SquadBase card460.67
30Stale StensaasThe SquadBase card350.60
31Season 1988-89Nine in a RowBase card360.50
32Season 1989-90Nine in a RowBase card370.43
33Season 1990-91Nine in a RowBase card360.50
34Season 1991-92Nine in a RowBase card370.43
35Season 1992-93Nine in a RowBase card370.43
36Season 1993-94Nine in a RowBase card360.50
37Season 1994-95Nine in a RowBase card450.80
38Season 1995-96Nine in a RowBase card350.60
39Season 1996-97Nine in a RowBase card450.80
40William StruthManagersBase card360.50
41Scot SymonManagersBase card350.60
42William WaddellManagersBase card450.80
43Jock WallaceManagersBase card460.67
44Graeme SounessManagersBase card350.60
45Walter SmithManagersBase card350.60
46Paul GascoigneMagic and MagiciansBase card441.00
47Marco NegriMagic and MagiciansBase card331.00
48Brian LaudrupMagic and MagiciansBase card450.80
49Gennaro GattusoMagic and MagiciansBase card441.00
50Mark WaltersMagic and MagiciansBase card331.00
51Davie CooperMagic and MagiciansBase card340.75
52Ian DurrantMagic and MagiciansBase card350.60
53Alexei MikhailichenkoMagic and MagiciansBase card331.00
54Ray WilkinsModern LegendsBase card340.75
55Terry ButcherModern LegendsBase card340.75
56Trevor StevenModern LegendsBase card431.33
57Mark HateleyModern LegendsBase card450.80
58Chris WoodsModern LegendsBase card331.00
59Pieter HuistraModern LegendsBase card340.75
60Gary StevensModern LegendsBase card431.33
61John BrownModern LegendsBase card340.75
62Graeme SounessModern LegendsBase card441.00
63Maurice JohnstonModern LegendsBase card340.75
64Marco NegriItalian CollectionBase card350.60
65Marco NegriItalian CollectionBase card531.67
66Lorenzo AmorusoItalian CollectionBase card331.00
67Lorenzo AmorusoItalian CollectionBase card340.75
68Sergio PorriniItalian CollectionBase card340.75
69Sergio PorriniItalian CollectionBase card450.80
70Gennaro GattusoItalian CollectionBase card340.75
71Gennaro GattusoItalian CollectionBase card431.33
72Ally McCoistAlly.Ally.Ally Goals.Goals.GoalsBase card340.75
73Ally McCoistAlly.Ally.Ally Goals.Goals.GoalsBase card331.00
74Ally McCoistAlly.Ally.Ally Goals.Goals.GoalsBase card340.75
75Ally McCoistAlly.Ally.Ally Goals.Goals.GoalsBase card441.00
76IbroxStadiumBase card331.00
77The Trophy RoomStadiumBase card340.75
78The Ibrox GatesStadiumBase card431.33
79Archie Knox / Walter SmithThe TrebleBase card360.50
80European CupCup Winners CupBase card431.33
81Brian Laudrup. Checklist 1-45ChecklistBase card350.60
82Lorenzo Amoruso. Checklist 46-90TChecklistBase card321.50
83Richard Gough
The GersChase card414.00
84Paul Gascoigne
The GersChase card414.00
85Brian Laudrup
The GersChase card414.00
86Jonas Thern
The GersChase card414.00
87Lorenzo Amoruso
The GersChase card414.00
88Sergio Porrini
The GersChase card414.00
89Stale Stensaas
The GersChase card414.00
90RAlly McCoist
Rangers LegendsAutograph707.00
90TAlly McCoist
Rangers LegendsRedemption card707.00
TGlasgow Rangers 1997 / Glasgow Rangers 1972
TeamTeam card606.00