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Upper Deck Hockey 1997-1998

Upper Deck Hockey 1997-1998

Year: 1997
Total cards: 770

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1Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
1gTeemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
2Steve RucchinAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
3Kevin ToddAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
4Darren Van ImpeAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
5Mark JanssensAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
6Guy HebertAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
7Sean ProngerAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
8Jason AllisonBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
9Ray BourqueBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
9gRay BourqueBoston BruinsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
10Landon WilsonBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
11Anson CarterBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
12Jean-Yves RoyBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
13Kyle McLarenBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
14Don SweeneyBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
15Brian HolzingerBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
16Matthew BarnabyBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
17Wayne PrimeauBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
18Steve ShieldsBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
19Jason DaweBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
20Donald AudetteBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
21Dixon WardBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
22Hnat DomenichelliCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
23Trevor KiddCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
24Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
25Sandy McCarthyCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
26Marty McInnisCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
27Jonas HoglundCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
28Aaron GaveyCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
29Keith PrimeauCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
30Geoff SandersonCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
30gGeoff SandersonCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
31Sean BurkeCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
32Steven RiceCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
33Stu GrimsonCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
34Jeff O`NeillCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
35Curtis LeschyshynCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
36Chris CheliosChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
37Sergei KrivokrasovChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
38Jeff HackettChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
39Bob ProbertChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
40Chris TerreriChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
41Eric DazeChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
42Alexei ZhamnovChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
43Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
43gPatrick RoyColorado AvalancheS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
44Sandis OzolinshColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
45Eric MessierColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
46Adam DeadmarshColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
47Claude LemieuxColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
47gClaude LemieuxColorado AvalancheS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
48Mike RicciColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
49Stephane YelleColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
50Joe NieuwendykDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
51Derian HatcherDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
52Jere LehtinenDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
53Roman TurekDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
54Darryl SydorDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
55Todd HarveyDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
56Mike ModanoDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
57Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
57gSteve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
58Martin LapointeDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
59Darren McCartyDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
59gDarren McCartyDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
60Mike VernonDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
60gMike VernonDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
61Kirk MaltbyDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
62Kris DraperDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
63Vladimir KonstantinovDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
63gVladimir KonstantinovDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
64Todd MarchantEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
64gTodd MarchantEdmonton OilersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
65Doug WeightEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
66Jason ArnottEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
67Mike GrierEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
68Mats LindgrenEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
69Bryan MarchmentEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
70Rem MurrayEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
71Radek DvorakFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
72John VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
72gJohn VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
73Robert SvehlaFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
74Bill LindsayFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
75Paul LausFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
76Kirk MullerFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
77David NemirovskyFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
78Roman VopatLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
79Jan VopatLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
80Dimitri KhristichLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
81Glen MurrayLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
82Mattias NorstromLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
83Ian LaperriereLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
84Mark RecchiMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
84gMark RecchiMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
85Jose TheodoreMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
85gJose TheodoreMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
86Vincent DamphousseMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
87Sebastien BordeleauMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
88Darcy TuckerMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
89Martin RucinskyMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
90Jocelyn ThibaultMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
91Doug GilmourNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
91gDoug GilmourNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
92Brian RolstonNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
93Jay PandolfoNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
94John MacLeanNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
95Scott StevensNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
96Dave AndreychukNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
97Denis PedersonNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
98Bryan BerardNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
98gBryan BerardNew York IslandersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
99Zigmund PalffyNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
100Bryan McCabeNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
101Rich PilonNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
102Eric FichaudNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
103Todd BertuzziNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
104Robert ReichelNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
105Christian DubeNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
105gChristian DubeNew York RangersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
106Niklas SundstromNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
107Mike RichterNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
107gMike RichterNew York RangersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
108Adam GravesNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
109Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
109gWayne GretzkyNew York RangersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
110Bruce DriverNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
111Esa TikkanenNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
112Daniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
112gDaniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
113Ron TugnuttOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
114Steve DuchesneOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
115Bruce GardinerOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
116Sergei ZholtokOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
117Alexandre DaigleOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
118Wade ReddenOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
118gWade ReddenOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
119Mikael RenbergPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
120Trent KlattPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
121Rod Brind`AmourPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
121gRod Brind`AmourPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
122Danius ZubrusPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
123John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
124Janne NiinimaaPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
124gJanne NiinimaaPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
125Vaclav ProspalPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
126Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
126gKeith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
127Jeremy RoenickPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
128Mike GartnerPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
129Nikolai KhabibulinPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
130Chad KilgerPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
131Shane DoanPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
132Cliff RonningPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
133Patrick LalimePittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
133gPatrick LalimePittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
134Greg JohnsonPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
135Ron FrancisPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
135gRon FrancisPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
136Darius KasparaitisPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
137Petr NedvedPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
138Jason WooleyPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
139Fredrik OlaussonPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
140Harry YorkSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
141Brett HullSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
141gBrett HullSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
142Chris ProngerSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
143Jim CampbellSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
143gJim CampbellSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
144Libor ZabranskySt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
145Grant FuhrSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
146Pavol DemitraSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
147Owen NolanSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
147gOwen NolanSan Jose SharksS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
148Stephen GuollaSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
149Marcus RagnarssonSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
150Bernie NichollsSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
151Todd GillSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
152Shean DonovanSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
153Corey SchwabTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
154Dino CiccarelliTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
154gDino CiccarelliTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
155Chris GrattonTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
156Alexander SelivanovTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
157Roman HamrlikTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
158Daymond LangkowTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
159Paul YsebaertTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
160Steve SullivanToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
161Sergei BerezinToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
162Fredrik ModinToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
163Todd WarrinerToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
164Wendel ClarkToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
165Jason PodollanToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
166Darby HendricksonToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
167Martin GelinasVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
168Pavel BureVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
168gPavel BureVancouver CanucksS1. Base card / Game Dated000.00
169Trevor LindenVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
170Mike SillingerVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
171Corey HirschVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
172Lonny BohonosVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
173Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
174Steve KonowalchukWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
175Dale HunterWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
176Joe JuneauWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
177Adam OatesWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
178Bill RanfordWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
179Pat PeakeWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
180Sergei GoncharWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
181Mike LeClercAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Star Rookie000.00
182Randy RobitailleBoston BruinsS1. Star Rookie000.00
183Paxton SchaferBoston BruinsS1. Star Rookie000.00
184Rumun NdurBuffalo SabresS1. Star Rookie000.00
185Christian LaflammeChicago BlackhawksS1. Star Rookie000.00
186Wade BelakColorado AvalancheS1. Star Rookie000.00
187Mike KnubleDetroit Red WingsS1. Star Rookie000.00
188Steve KellyEdmonton OilersS1. Star Rookie000.00
189Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsS1. Star Rookie000.00
190Ken BelangerNew York IslandersS1. Star Rookie000.00
191Colin ForbesPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Star Rookie000.00
192Juha YlonenPhoenix CoyotesS1. Star Rookie000.00
193David CooperToronto Maple LeafsS1. Star Rookie000.00
194D.J. SmithToronto Maple LeafsS1. Star Rookie000.00
195Jaroslav SvejkovskyWashington CapitalsS1. Star Rookie000.00
196Tie DomiToronto Maple LeafsS1. Fan Favorites000.00
197Bob ProbertChicago BlackhawksS1. Fan Favorites000.00
198Doug GilmourNew Jersey DevilsS1. Fan Favorites000.00
199Dino CiccarelliTampa Bay LightningS1. Fan Favorites000.00
200Martin GelinasVancouver CanucksS1. Fan Favorites000.00
201Tony TwistSt. Louis BluesS1. Fan Favorites000.00
202Claude LemieuxColorado AvalancheS1. Fan Favorites000.00
203Vladimir KonstantinovDetroit Red WingsS1. Fan Favorites000.00
204Ulf SamuelssonNew York RangersS1. Fan Favorites000.00
205Chris SimonWashington CapitalsS1. Fan Favorites000.00
206Gino OdjickVancouver CanucksS1. Fan Favorites000.00
207Mike GrierEdmonton OilersS1. Fan Favorites000.00
208Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksS1. Fan Favorites000.00
209Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS1. Checklist000.00
210Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheS1. Checklist000.00
211Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
211gPaul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
212Jean-Jacques DaigneaultAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card010.00
213Dmitri MironovAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
214Joe SaccoAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card010.00
215Richard ParkAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card010.00
216Espen KnutsenAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
217David KarpaAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card010.00
218Joe ThorntonBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
218gJoe ThorntonBoston BruinsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
219Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
219gSergei SamsonovBoston BruinsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
220Per-Johan AxelssonBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
221Ted DonatoBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
222Dean ChynowethBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
223Rob TallasBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
224Mattias TimanderBoston BruinsS2. Base card010.00
225Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
225gDominik HasekBuffalo SabresS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
226Erik RasmussenBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
227Mike PecaBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
227gMike PecaBuffalo SabresS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
228Rob RayBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
229Vaclav VaradaBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
230Curtis BrownBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
231Jay McKeeBuffalo SabresS2. Base card010.00
232Theoren FleuryCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
232gTheoren FleuryCalgary FlamesS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
233Derek MorrisCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
234Chris DingmanCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
235Chris O`SullivanCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
236Rick TabaracciCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
237Tommy AlbelinCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
238Todd SimpsonCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
239Sami KapanenCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
240Gary RobertsCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
240gGary RobertsCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
241Kevin DineenCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
242Kevin HallerCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
243Nelson EmersonCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
244Glen WesleyCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
245Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
245gTony AmonteChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
246Eric WeinrichChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card010.00
247Daniel ClearyChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
248Jeff ShantzChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card010.00
249Jean-Yves LerouxChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
250Ethan MoreauChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card010.00
251Craig MillsChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
252Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
252gPeter ForsbergColorado AvalancheS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
253Joe SakicColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
253gJoe SakicColorado AvalancheS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
254Valeri KamenskyColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
255Adam FooteColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
256Josef MarhaColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
257Christian MatteColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
258Aaron MillerColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
259Ed BelfourDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
260Jamie LangenbrunnerDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
261Juha LindDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
262Pat VerbeekDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
263Sergei ZubovDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
264Dave ReidDallas StarsS2. Base card010.00
265Greg AdamsDallas StarsS2. Base card010.00
266Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
266gSergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
267Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
267gNicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
268Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
268gBrendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
269Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
270Aaron WardDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card010.00
271Vyacheslav KozlovDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
271gVyacheslav KozlovDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
272Kevin HodsonDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
273Curtis JosephEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
273gCurtis JosephEdmonton OilersS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
274Ryan SmythEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
274gRyan SmythEdmonton OilersS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
275Dean McAmmondEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
276Boris MironovEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
277Dennis BonvieEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
278Kelly BuchbergerEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
279Kevin LoweEdmonton OilersS2. Base card010.00
280Ray SheppardFlorida PanthersS2. Base card010.00
281Rob NiedermayerFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
282Scott MellanbyFlorida PanthersS2. Base card010.00
282gScott MellanbyFlorida PanthersS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
283Terry CarknerFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
284Ed JovanovskiFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
285Gord MurphyFlorida PanthersS2. Base card010.00
286Tom FitzgeraldFlorida PanthersS2. Base card010.00
287Jamie StorrLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
288Olli JokinenLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
289Vladimir TsyplakovLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
290Luc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
290gLuc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
291Vital YachmenevLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
292Donald MacLeanLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card010.00
293Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
294Andy MoogMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
295Patrice BriseboisMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
296Brad BrownMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
297Turner StevensonMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
298Shayne CorsonMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
299Brian SavageMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card010.00
300Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
300gMartin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
301Scott NiedermayerNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
302Krzysztof OliwaNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
303Valeri ZelepukinNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
304Bobby HolikNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
305Ken DaneykoNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
306Lyle OdeleinNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card010.00
307Travis GreenNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
308Steve WebbNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
309Dan PlanteNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
310Bryan SmolinskiNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
311Claude LapointeNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
312Kenny JonssonNew York IslandersS2. Base card010.00
313Ulf SamuelssonNew York RangersS2. Base card010.00
314Jeff BeukeboomNew York RangersS2. Base card010.00
315Mike KeaneNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
316Brian LeetchNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
316gBrian LeetchNew York RangersS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
317Shane ChurlaNew York RangersS2. Base card010.00
318Pat LaFontaineNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
319Alexei KovalevNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
320Radek BonkOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
321Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
322Damian RhodesOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card010.00
323Andreas DackellOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
324Magnus ArvedsonOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
325Chris PhillipsOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card010.00
325gChris PhillipsOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
326Marian HossaOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
327Chris GrattonPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
328Shjon PodeinPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card010.00
329Paul CoffeyPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
329gPaul CoffeyPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
330Luke RichardsonPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
331Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
331gEric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
332Eric DesjardinsPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
333Joel OttoPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
334Craig JanneyPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
335Oleg TverdovskyPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
335gOleg TverdovskyPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
336Teppo NumminenPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
337Jim McKenziePhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
338Dallas DrakePhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card010.00
339Rick TocchetPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
340Brad IsbisterPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
341Alexei MorozovPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
342Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
342gJaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
343Kevin HatcherPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
344Ken WreggetPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
345Chris TamerPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
346Robert DomePittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
347Neil WilkinsonPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card010.00
348Chris McAlpineSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
349Joe MurphySt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
350Robert PetrovickySt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
351Marc BergevinSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
352Al MacInnisSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
353Pierre TurgeonSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
353gPierre TurgeonSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
354Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
354gPatrick MarleauSan Jose SharksS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
355Marco SturmSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
356Mike VernonSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
357Al IafrateSan Jose SharksS2. Base card010.00
358Jeff FriesenSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
359Viktor KozlovSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
360Tony GranatoSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
360gTony GranatoSan Jose SharksS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
361Mikael RenbergTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
362Daren PuppaTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card010.00
363Roman HamrlikTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
364Rob ZamunerTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card010.00
365Cory CrossTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
366Patrick PoulinTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
367Felix PotvinToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
368Tie DomiToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
369Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
369gMats SundinToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
370Jeff WareToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
371Alyn McCauleyToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
372Mathieu SchneiderToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
373Craig WolaninToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card010.00
374Mark MessierVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
374gMark MessierVancouver CanucksS2. Base card / Game Dated000.00
375Kirk McLeanVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
376Donald BrashearVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
377Arturs IrbeVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
378Jyrki LummeVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
379Gino OdjickVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
380Mattias OhlundVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
381Jan BulisWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
382Andrew BrunetteWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
383Calle JohanssonWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
384Brendan WittWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
385Mark TinordiWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
386Ken KleeWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
387Chris SimonWashington CapitalsS2. Base card010.00
388Richard ZednikWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
389Ed JovanovskiFlorida PanthersS2. Physical Force000.00
390Darren McCartyDetroit Red WingsS2. Physical Force000.00
391Darius KasparaitisPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Physical Force000.00
392Bryan MarchmentEdmonton OilersS2. Physical Force000.00
393Matthew BarnabyBuffalo SabresS2. Physical Force000.00
394Chris CheliosChicago BlackhawksS2. Physical Force000.00
395Ulf SamuelssonNew York RangersS2. Physical Force000.00
396Scott StevensNew Jersey DevilsS2. Physical Force000.00
397Derian HatcherDallas StarsS2. Physical Force000.00
398Chris ProngerSt. Louis BluesS2. Physical Force000.00
399Mathieu ChouinardTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
400Jake McCrackenTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
401Bryan AllenTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
402Christian ChartierTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
403Jonathan GirardTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
404Abe HerbstTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
405Stephen PeatTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
406Robyn RegehrTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
407Blair BettsTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
408Eric ChouinardTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
409Brett DeCeccoTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
410Rico FataTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
411Simon GagneTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
412Vincent LecavalierTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
413Manny MalhotraTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
414Norm MilleyTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
415Justin PapineauTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
416Garett ProsofskyTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
417Mike RibeiroTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
418Brad RichardsTeam CanadaS2. Program of Excellence000.00
419Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS2. Checklist010.00
420Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheS2. Checklist000.00
S1Wayne Gretzky
New York RangersS1. The Specialists000.00
S1gWayne Gretzky
New York RangersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S2Patrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheS1. The Specialists000.00
S2gPatrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S3Jaromir Jagr
Pittsburgh PenguinsS1. The Specialists000.00
S3gJaromir Jagr
Pittsburgh PenguinsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S4Joe Sakic
Colorado AvalancheS1. The Specialists000.00
S4gJoe Sakic
Colorado AvalancheS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S5Mark Messier
Vancouver CanucksS1. The Specialists000.00
S5gMark Messier
Vancouver CanucksS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S6Eric Lindros
Philadelphia FlyersS1. The Specialists000.00
S6gEric Lindros
Philadelphia FlyersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S7John Vanbiesbrouck
Florida PanthersS1. The Specialists000.00
S7gJohn Vanbiesbrouck
Florida PanthersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S8Teemu Selanne
Anaheim Mighty DucksS1. The Specialists000.00
S8gTeemu Selanne
Anaheim Mighty DucksS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S9Paul Kariya
Anaheim Mighty DucksS1. The Specialists000.00
S9gPaul Kariya
Anaheim Mighty DucksS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S10Pavel Bure
Vancouver CanucksS1. The Specialists000.00
S10gPavel Bure
Vancouver CanucksS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S11Sergei Fedorov
Detroit Red WingsS1. The Specialists000.00
S11gSergei Fedorov
Detroit Red WingsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S12Peter Bondra
Washington CapitalsS1. The Specialists000.00
S12gPeter Bondra
Washington CapitalsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S13Mats Sundin
Toronto Maple LeafsS1. The Specialists000.00
S13gMats Sundin
Toronto Maple LeafsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S14Brendan Shanahan
Detroit Red WingsS1. The Specialists000.00
S14gBrendan Shanahan
Detroit Red WingsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S15Keith Tkachuk
Phoenix CoyotesS1. The Specialists000.00
S15gKeith Tkachuk
Phoenix CoyotesS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S16Brett Hull
St. Louis BluesS1. The Specialists000.00
S16gBrett Hull
St. Louis BluesS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S17Jeremy Roenick
Phoenix CoyotesS1. The Specialists000.00
S17gJeremy Roenick
Phoenix CoyotesS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S18Dominik Hasek
Buffalo SabresS1. The Specialists000.00
S18gDominik Hasek
Buffalo SabresS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S19Steve Yzerman
Detroit Red WingsS1. The Specialists000.00
S19gSteve Yzerman
Detroit Red WingsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S20John LeClair
Philadelphia FlyersS1. The Specialists000.00
S20gJohn LeClair
Philadelphia FlyersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S21Peter Forsberg
Colorado AvalancheS1. The Specialists000.00
S21gPeter Forsberg
Colorado AvalancheS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S22Zigmund Pallfy
New York IslandersS1. The Specialists000.00
S22gZigmund Pallfy
New York IslandersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S23Tony Amonte
Chicago BlackhawksS1. The Specialists000.00
S23gTony Amonte
Chicago BlackhawksS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S24Jarome Iginla
Calgary FlamesS1. The Specialists000.00
S24gJarome Iginla
Calgary FlamesS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S25Curtis Joseph
Edmonton OilersS1. The Specialists000.00
S25gCurtis Joseph
Edmonton OilersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S26Mike Modano
Dallas StarsS1. The Specialists000.00
S26gMike Modano
Dallas StarsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S27Ray Bourque
Boston BruinsS1. The Specialists000.00
S27gRay Bourque
Boston BruinsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S28Brian Leetch
New York RangersS1. The Specialists000.00
S28gBrian Leetch
New York RangersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S29Bryan Berard
New York IslandersS1. The Specialists000.00
S29gBryan Berard
New York IslandersS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
S30Martin Brodeur
New Jersey DevilsS1. The Specialists000.00
S30gMartin Brodeur
New Jersey DevilsS1. The Specialists / Gold Die-Cut000.00
T1AEric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T1BWayne GretzkyNew York RangersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T1CPeter ForsbergColorado AvalancheS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T2ADominik HasekBuffalo SabresS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T2BPatrick RoyColorado AvalancheS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T2CJohn VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T3AJoe SakicColorado AvalancheS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T3BSteve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T3CPaul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T4ABryan BerardNew York IslandersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T4BBrian LeetchNew York RangersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T4CChris CheliosChicago BlackhawksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T5ATeemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T5BJaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T5CPavel BureVancouver CanucksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T6AOwen NolanSan Jose SharksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T6BBrendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T6CKeith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T7ASergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T7BNiklas SundstromNew York RangersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T7CMike PecaBuffalo SabresS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T8AJanne NiinimaaPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T8BSaku KoivuMontreal CanadiensS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T8CJere LehtinenDallas StarsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T9ATony AmonteChicago BlackhawksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T9BJohn LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T9CBrett HullSt. Louis BluesS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T10AMartin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T10BCurtis JosephEdmonton OilersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T10CMike RichterNew York RangersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T11ARay BourqueBoston BruinsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T11BMark MessierVancouver CanucksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T11CScott StevensNew Jersey DevilsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T12APatrick LalimePittsburgh PenguinsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T12BMarc DenisColorado AvalancheS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T12CJose TheodoreMontreal CanadiensS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T13AAdam DeadmarshColorado AvalancheS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T13BDoug WeightEdmonton OilersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T13CBill GuerinNew Jersey DevilsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T14ADaniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T14BMats SundinToronto Maple LeafsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T14CNiklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T15AJim CampbellSt. Louis BluesS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T15BDainius ZubrusPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T15CDaymond LangkowTampa Bay LightningS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T16AMike GrierEdmonton OilersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T16BMike ModanoDallas StarsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T16CJeremy RoenickPhoenix CoyotesS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T17AJason ArnottEdmonton OilersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T17BTrevor LindenVancouver CanucksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T17CRod Brind’AmourPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T18AAdam OatesWashington CapitalsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T18BDoug GilmourNew Jersey DevilsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T18CJoe JuneauWashington CapitalsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T19ASergei BerezinToronto Maple LeafsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T19BAlexander MogilnyVancouver CanucksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T19CAlexei ZhamnovChicago BlackhawksS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T20ADerian HatcherDallas StarsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T20BWade ReddenOttawa SenatorsS1. Three Star Selects000.00
T20CSandis OzolinshColorado AvalancheS1. Three Star Selects000.00
SG1Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG2Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG3Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG4Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG5Zigmund PalffyNew York IslandersS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG6Joe ThorntonBoston BruinsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG7Chris CheliosChicago BlackhawksS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG8Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG9Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG10Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG11Mark MessierVancouver CanucksS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG12Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG13Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG14Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG15Ed JovanovskiFlorida PanthersS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG16Brett HullSt. Louis BluesS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG17Brian RolstonNew Jersey DevilsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG18Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG19Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG20Doug WeightEdmonton OilersS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG21Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG22Brian LeetchNew York RangersS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG23Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG24Owen NolanSan Jose SharksS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG25Mike GrierEdmonton OilersS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG26Jere LehtinenDallas StarsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG27Vaclav ProspalPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG28Sandis OzolinshColorado AvalancheS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG29Mike ModanoDallas StarsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG30Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsS1. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG31Curtis JosephEdmonton OilersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG32Daymond LangkowTampa Bay LightningS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG33Doug GilmourNew Jersey DevilsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG34Bryan BerardNew York IslandersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG35Joe SakicColorado AvalancheS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG36Wade ReddenOttawa SenatorsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG37Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG38Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG39Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG40Patrick LalimePittsburgh PenguinsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG41Janne NiinimaaPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG42Oleg TverdovskyPhoenix CoyotesS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG43Vitali YachmenevLos Angeles KingsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG44Rob NiedermayerFlorida PanthersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG45Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG46Jim CampbellSt. Louis BluesS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG47Roman HamrlikTampa Bay LightningS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG48Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG49Brian HolzingerBuffalo SabresS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG50John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG51Sergei BerezinToronto Maple LeafsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG52Jaroslav SvejkovskyWashington CapitalsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG53Mike RichterNew York RangersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG54John VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG55Keith PrimeauCarolina HurricanesS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG56Adam OatesWashington CapitalsS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG57Jeremy RoenickPhoenix CoyotesS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG58Pavel BureVancouver CanucksS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG59Dainius ZubrusPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SG60Jose TheodoreMontreal CanadiensS2. Smooth Grooves000.00
SS1Wayne Gretzky
New York RangersS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS1wWayne Gretzky
New York RangersS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS2Jaromir Jagr
Pittsburgh PenguinsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS2wJaromir Jagr
Pittsburgh PenguinsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS3Sergei Fedorov
Detroit Red WingsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS3wSergei Fedorov
Detroit Red WingsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS4Brett Hull
St. Louis BluesS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS4wBrett Hull
St. Louis BluesS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS5Brian Leetch
New York RangersS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS5wBrian Leetch
New York RangersS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS6Joe Thornton
Boston BruinsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS6wJoe Thornton
Boston BruinsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS7Ray Bourque
Boston BruinsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS7wRay Bourque
Boston BruinsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS8Teemu Selanne
Anaheim Mighty DucksS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS8wTeemu Selanne
Anaheim Mighty DucksS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS9Paul Kariya
Anaheim Mighty DucksS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS9wPaul Kariya
Anaheim Mighty DucksS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS10Doug Weight
Edmonton OilersS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS10wDoug Weight
Edmonton OilersS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS11Mark Messier
Vancouver CanucksS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS11wMark Messier
Vancouver CanucksS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS12Adam Oates
Washington CapitalsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS12wAdam Oates
Washington CapitalsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS13Mats Sundin
Toronto Maple LeafsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS13wMats Sundin
Toronto Maple LeafsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS14Brendan Shanahan
Detroit Red WingsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS14wBrendan Shanahan
Detroit Red WingsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS15Saku Koivu
Montreal CanadiensS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS15wSaku Koivu
Montreal CanadiensS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS16Doug Gilmour
New Jersey DevilsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS16wDoug Gilmour
New Jersey DevilsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS17Eric Lindros
Philadelphia FlyersS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS17wEric Lindros
Philadelphia FlyersS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS18Tony Amonte
Chicago BlackhawksS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS18wTony Amonte
Chicago BlackhawksS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS19Joe Sakic
Colorado AvalancheS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS19wJoe Sakic
Colorado AvalancheS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS20Steve Yzerman
Detroit Red WingsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS20wSteve Yzerman
Detroit Red WingsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS21Peter Forsberg
Colorado AvalancheS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS21wPeter Forsberg
Colorado AvalancheS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS22Geoff Sanderson
Carolina HurricanesS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS22wGeoff Sanderson
Carolina HurricanesS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS23Keith Tkachuk
Phoenix CoyotesS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS23wKeith Tkachuk
Phoenix CoyotesS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS24Pavel Bure
Vancouver CanucksS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS24wPavel Bure
Vancouver CanucksS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS25Ron Francis
Pittsburgh PenguinsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS25wRon Francis
Pittsburgh PenguinsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS26Zigmund Palffy
New York IslandersS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS26wZigmund Palffy
New York IslandersS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS27Daniel Alfredsson
Ottawa SenatorsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS27wDaniel Alfredsson
Ottawa SenatorsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS28Bryan Berard
New York IslandersS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS28wBryan Berard
New York IslandersS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS29Mike Modano
Dallas StarsS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS29wMike Modano
Dallas StarsS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
SS30Patrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheS2. Sixth Sense / Masters000.00
SS30wPatrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheS2. Sixth Sense / Wizards000.00
GJ1Patrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ1aPatrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheS1. Game-Worn Jersey / Auto000.00
GJ2Patrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ3Dominik Hasek
Buffalo SabresS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ4Jarome Iginla
Calgary FlamesS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ5Sergei Fedorov
Detroit Red WingsS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ6Tony Amonte
Chicago BlackhawksS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ7Joe Sakic
Colorado AvalancheS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ8Wayne Gretzky
All-Star GameS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ8aWayne Gretzky
All-Star GameS2. Game-Worn Jersey / Auto000.00
GJ9Saku Koivu
Montreal CanadiensS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ10Martin Brodeur
New Jersey DevilsS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ11Mike Richter
New York RangersS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ12Doug Weight
Edmonton OilersS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ13Brendan Shanahan
New Jersey DevilsS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GJ14Brian Leetch
New York RangersS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
1-1Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-2Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-3Bryan BerardNew York IslandersBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-4Owen NolanSan Jose SharksBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-5Pavel BureVancouver CanucksBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-6Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-7Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-8Brett HullSt. Louis BluesBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-9Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1-10John VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersBlow Ups 3x5000.00
1AMark MessierVancouver CanucksBlow Ups 5x7000.00
1BPatrick RoyColorado AvalancheBlow Ups 5x7000.00
1CPaul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksBlow Ups 5x7000.00
2-1Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-2Joe ThorntonBoston BruinsBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-3Joe SakicColorado AvalancheBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-4Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-5Vyacheslav KozlovDetroit Red WingsBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-6Mark MessierVancouver CanucksBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-7Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-8Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-9Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2-10Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsBlow Ups 3x5000.00
2AJaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsBlow Ups 5x7000.00
2BTeemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksBlow Ups 5x7000.00
3AJoe SakicColorado AvalancheBlow Ups 5x7000.00
3BEric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersBlow Ups 5x7000.00
4APeter ForsbergColorado AvalancheBlow Ups 5x7000.00
4BMartin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBlow Ups 5x7000.00
4CKeith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesBlow Ups 5x7000.00
5ASergei SamsonovBoston BruinsBlow Ups 5x7000.00
5BPavel BureVancouver CanucksBlow Ups 5x7000.00
5CVyacheslav KozlovDetroit Red WingsBlow Ups 5x7000.00
5DJohn VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersBlow Ups 5x7000.00
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