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Upper Deck Hockey 1998-1999

Upper Deck Hockey 1998-1999

Year: 1998
Total cards: 2017

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


Full checklist (Total cards: 2017)
1Antti AaltoAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Star Rookies000.00
2Cameron MannBoston BruinsS1. Star Rookies000.00
3Norm Maracle
Detroit Red WingsS1. Star Rookies000.00
4Daniel ClearyChicago BlackhawksS1. Star Rookies000.00
5Brendan MorrisonNew Jersey DevilsS1. Star Rookies000.00
6Marian HossaOttawa SenatorsS1. Star Rookies000.00
7Daniel BrierePhoenix CoyotesS1. Star Rookies000.00
8Mike Crowley
Anaheim Mighty DucksS1. Star Rookies000.00
9Darryl Laplante
Detroit Red WingsS1. Star Rookies000.00
10Sven ButenschonPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Star Rookies000.00
11Yan Golubovsky
Detroit Red WingsS1. Star Rookies000.00
12Olli JokinenLos Angeles KingsS1. Star Rookies000.00
13Jean-Sebastien GiguereCalgary FlamesS1. Star Rookies000.00
14Mike WattNew York IslandersS1. Star Rookies000.00
15Ryan Johnson
Florida PanthersS1. Star Rookies000.00
16Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
17Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
18Pavel BureVancouver CanucksS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
19Joe ThorntonBoston BruinsS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
20Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
21Bryan BerardNew York IslandersS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
22Chris PhillipsOttawa SenatorsS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
23Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
24Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
25Marc DenisColorado AvalancheS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
26Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
27Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
28Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
29Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
30Mike ModanoDallas StarsS1. Rookie Rewind000.00
31Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
32Matt CullenAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
33Josef MarhaAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
34Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
35Pavel TrnkaAnaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
36Tom Askey
Anaheim Mighty DucksS1. Base card000.00
37Tim TaylorBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
38Ray BourqueBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
39Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
40Don SweeneyBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
41Jason AllisonBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
42Steve HeinzeBoston BruinsS1. Base card000.00
43Erik RasmussenBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
44Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
45Geoff SandersonBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
46Michael PecaBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
47Brian HolzingerBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
48Vaclav VaradaBuffalo SabresS1. Base card000.00
49Steve BeginCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
50Denis GauthierCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
51Derek MorrisCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
52Valeri BureCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
53Hnat DomenichelliCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
54Cory StillmanCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
55Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
56Tyler MossCalgary FlamesS1. Base card000.00
57Sami KapanenCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
58Trevor KiddCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
59Glen WesleyCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
60Nelson EmersonCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
61Jeff O'NeillCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
62Bates BattagliaCarolina HurricanesS1. Base card000.00
63Doug GilmourChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
64Christian LaFlammeChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
65Chris CheliosChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
66Paul CoffeyChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
67Eric WeinrichChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
68Eric DazeChicago BlackhawksS1. Base card000.00
69Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
70Eric MessierColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
71Eric LacroixColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
72Adam DeadmarshColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
73Claude LemieuxColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
74Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
75Marc DenisColorado AvalancheS1. Base card000.00
76Brett HullDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
77Mike KeaneDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
78Joe NieuwendykDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
79Darryl SydorDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
80Ed BelfourDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
81Jamie LangenbrunnerDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
82Petr BuzekDallas StarsS1. Base card000.00
83Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
84Mathieu DandenaultDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
85Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
86Martin LapointeDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
87Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
88Anders ErikssonDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
89Tomas HolmstromDetroit Red WingsS1. Base card000.00
90Doug WeightEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
91Janne NiinimaaEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
92Bill GuerinEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
93Kelly BuchbergerEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
94Mike GrierEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
95Craig MillarEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
96Roman HamrlikEdmonton OilersS1. Base card000.00
97Ray WhitneyFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
98Viktor KozlovFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
99Peter Worrell
Florida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
100Kevin WeekesFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
101Ed JovanovskiFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
102Bill LindsayFlorida PanthersS1. Base card000.00
103Jozef StumpelLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
104Luc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
105Yanic PerreaultLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
106Donald MacLeanLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
107Jamie StorrLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
108Ian LaperriereLos Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
109Jason Morgan
Los Angeles KingsS1. Base card000.00
110Vincent DamphousseMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
111Mark RecchiMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
112Vladimir MalakhovMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
113Dave MansonMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
114Jose TheodoreMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
115Brian SavageMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
116Jonas HoglundMontreal CanadiensS1. Base card000.00
117Krzysztof OliwaNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
118Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
119Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
120Jason ArnottNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
121Scott StevensNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
122Sheldon Souray
New Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
123Brian RolstonNew Jersey DevilsS1. Base card000.00
124Trevor LindenNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
125Warren LuhningNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
126Zdeno CharaNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
127Bryan BerardNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
128Bryan SmolinskiNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
129Jason DaweNew York IslandersS1. Base card000.00
130Kevin StevensNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
131P.J. Stock
New York RangersS1. Base card000.00
132Marc SavardNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
133Pat LaFontaineNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
134Dan CloutierNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
135Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
136Niklas SundstromNew York RangersS1. Base card000.00
137Damian RhodesOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
138Magnus ArvedsonOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
139Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
140Chris PhillipsOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
141Janne LaukkanenOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
142Shawn McEachernOttawa SenatorsS1. Base card000.00
143John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
144Alexandre DaiglePhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
145Dainius ZubrusPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
146Joel OttoPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
147Mike SillingerPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
148John VanbiesbrouckPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
149Chris GrattonPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
150Eric DesjardinsPhiladelphia FlyersS1. Base card000.00
151Juha YlonenPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
152Brad IsbisterPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
153Oleg TverdovskyPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
154Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
155Teppo NumminenPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
156Cliff RonningPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
157Nikolai KhabibulinPhoenix CoyotesS1. Base card000.00
158Alexei MorozovPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
159Kevin HatcherPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
160Darius KasparaitisPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
161Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
162Tom BarrassoPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
163Tuomas GronmanPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
164Robert DomePittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
165Peter SkudraPittsburgh PenguinsS1. Base card000.00
166Marcus RagnarssonSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
167Mike VernonSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
168Andrei ZyuzinSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
169Marco SturmSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
170Mike RicciSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
171Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksS1. Base card000.00
172Pierre TurgeonSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
173Pavol DemitraSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
174Chris ProngerSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
175Pascal RheaumeSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
176Al MacInnisSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
177Tony TwistSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
178Jim CampbellSt. Louis BluesS1. Base card000.00
179Mikael RenbergTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
180Jason BonsignoreTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
181Zac Bierk
Tampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
182Alexander SelivanovTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
183Stephane RicherTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
184Sandy McCarthyTampa Bay LightningS1. Base card000.00
185Alyn McCauleyToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
186Sergei BerezinToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
187Mike JohnsonToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
188Wendel ClarkToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
189Tie DomiToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
190Yannick TremblayToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
191Curtis JosephToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
192Fredrik ModinToronto Maple LeafsS1. Base card000.00
193Pavel BureVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
194Todd BertuzziVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
195Mark MessierVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
196Bret HedicanVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
197Mattias OhlundVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
198Garth SnowVancouver CanucksS1. Base card000.00
199Adam OatesWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
200Peter BondraWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
201Sergei GoncharWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
202Jan BulisWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
203Joe JuneauWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
204Brian BellowsWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
205Olaf KolzigWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
206Richard ZednikWashington CapitalsS1. Base card000.00
207Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS1. Checklist000.00
208Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheS1. Checklist000.00
209Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS1. Checklist000.00
210Mike DunhamNashville PredatorsS1. Base card000.00
211Johan DavidssonAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
212Guy HebertAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
213Mike LeclercAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
214Steve RucchinAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
215Travis GreenAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
216Josef MarhaAnaheim Mighty DucksS2. Base card000.00
217Ted DonatoBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
218Joe ThorntonBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
219Kyle McLarenBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
220Peter Nordstrom
Boston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
221Byron DafoeBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
222Jonathan GirardBoston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
223Antti Laaksonen
Boston BruinsS2. Base card000.00
224Jason HollandBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
225Miroslav SatanBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
226Alexei ZhitnikBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
227Donald AudetteBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
228Matthew BarnabyBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
229Rumun NdurBuffalo SabresS2. Base card000.00
230Ken WreggetCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
231Andrew CasselsCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
232Theo FleuryCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
233Phil HousleyCalgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
234Martin St. Louis
Calgary FlamesS2. Base card000.00
235Mike Rucinski
Carolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
236Gary RobertsCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
237Keith PrimeauCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
238Martin GelinasCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
239Nolan Pratt
Carolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
240Ray SheppardCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
241Ron FrancisCarolina HurricanesS2. Base card000.00
242Ty JonesChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
243Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
244Chad KilgerChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
245Alexei ZhamnovChicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
246Remi Royer
Chicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
247Milan Hejduk
Colorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
248Joe SakicColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
249Valeri KamenskyColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
250Sandis OzolinshColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
251Shean DonovanColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
252Wade BelakColorado AvalancheS2. Base card000.00
253Jamie WrightDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
254Sergei ZubovDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
255Richard MatvichukDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
256Mike ModanoDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
257Pat VerbeekDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
258Jere LehtinenDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
259Derian HatcherDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
260Jason BotterillDallas StarsS2. Base card000.00
261Igor LarionovDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
262Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
263Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
264Slava KozlovDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
265Larry MurphyDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
266Darren McCartyDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
267Doug BrownDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
268Kris DraperDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
269Uwe KruppDetroit Red WingsS2. Base card000.00
270Fredrik Lindquist
Edmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
271Dean McAmmondEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
272Ryan SmythEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
273Boris MironovEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
274Tom PotiEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
275Todd MarchantEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
276Sean BrownEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
277Rob NiedermayerFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
278Robert SvehlaFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
279Scott MellanbyFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
280Radek DvorakFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
281Jaroslav Spacek
Florida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
282Mark Parrish
Florida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
283Ryan JohnsonFlorida PanthersS2. Base card000.00
284Glen MurrayLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
285Rob BlakeLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
286Steve DuchesneLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
287Vladimir TsyplakovLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
288Stephane FisetLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
289Mattias NorstromLos Angeles KingsS2. Base card000.00
290Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
291Shayne CorsonMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
292Brad BrownMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
293Patrice BriseboisMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
294Terry RyanMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
295Jocelyn ThibaultMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
296Miroslav GurenMontreal CanadiensS2. Base card000.00
297Darren TurcotteNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
298Sebastien BordeleauNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
299Jan VopatNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
300Blair AtcheynumNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
301Andrew BrunetteNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
302Sergei KrivokrasovNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
303Marian CisarNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
304Patrick CoteNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
305J.J. DaigneaultNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
306Greg JohnsonNashville PredatorsS2. Base card000.00
307Chris TerreriNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
308Scott NiedermayerNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
309Vadim SharifijanovNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
310Petr SykoraNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
311Sergei BrylinNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
312Denis PedersonNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
313Bobby HolikNew Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
314Bryan Muir
New Jersey DevilsS2. Base card000.00
315Ziggy PalffyNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
316Mike WattNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
317Tommy SaloEdmonton OilersS2. Base card000.00
318Kenny JonssonNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
319Dmitri NabokovNew York IslandersS2. Base card000.00
320John MacLeanNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
321Zarley ZalapskiNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
322Brian LeetchNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
323Todd HarveyNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
324Mike RichterNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
325Mike KnubleNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
326Jeff BeukeboomNew York RangersS2. Base card000.00
327Daniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
328Vaclav ProspalOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
329Wade ReddenOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
330Igor KravchukOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
331Andreas DackellOttawa SenatorsS2. Base card000.00
332Mike Maneluk
Chicago BlackhawksS2. Base card000.00
333Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
334Rod Brind'AmourPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
335Colin ForbesPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
336Dimitri Tertyshny
Philadelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
337Shjon PodeinPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
338Chris TherienPhiladelphia FlyersS2. Base card000.00
339Jeremy RoenickPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
340Jyrki LummePhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
341Rick TocchetPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
342Dallas DrakePhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
343Keith CarneyPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
344Greg AdamsPhoenix CoyotesS2. Base card000.00
345Jan Hrdina
Pittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
346German TitovPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
347Stu BarnesPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
348Kevin HatcherPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
349Martin StrakaPittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
350Jean-Sebastien Aubin
Pittsburgh PenguinsS2. Base card000.00
351Jeff FriesenSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
352Tony GranatoSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
353Scott Hannan
San Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
354Owen NolanSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
355Stephane MatteauSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
356Bryan MarchmentSan Jose SharksS2. Base card000.00
357Geoff CourtnallSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
358Brent Johnson
St. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
359Jamie RiversSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
360Terry YakeSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
361Jamie McLennanSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
362Grant FuhrSt. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
363Michal Handzus
St. Louis BluesS2. Base card000.00
364Bill RanfordTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
365John CullenTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
366Craig JanneyTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
367Daren PuppaTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
368Pavel Kubina
Tampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
369Wendel ClarkTampa Bay LightningS2. Base card000.00
370Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
371Felix PotvinToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
372Daniil Markov
Toronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
373Derek KingToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
374Steve ThomasToronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
375Tomas Kaberle
Toronto Maple LeafsS2. Base card000.00
376Alexander MogilnyVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
377Bill Muckalt
Vancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
378Brian NoonanVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
379Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
380Brad MayVancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
381Matt Cooke
Vancouver CanucksS2. Base card000.00
382Calle JohanssonWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
383Dale HunterWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
384Jaroslav SvejkovskyWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
385Dmitri MironovWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
386Matt Herr
Washington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
387Nolan BaumgartnerWashington CapitalsS2. Base card000.00
388Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS2. Checklist000.00
389Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsS2. Checklist000.00
390Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersS2. Checklist000.00
391Brian Finley
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
392Maxime Ouellet
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
393Kurtis Foster
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
394Barret Jackman
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
395Ross Lupaschuk
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
396Steve McCarthy
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
397Peter Reynolds
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
398Bart Rushmer
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
399Jonathan Zion
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
400Kris Beech
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
401Brandin Cote
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
402Scott Kelman
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
403Jamie Lundmark
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
404Derek MacKenzie
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
405Rory McDade
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
406David Morisset
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
407Mirko Murovic
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
408Taylor Pyatt
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
409Charlie StephensCanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
410Kyle Wanvig
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
411Krzystof Wieckowski
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
412Michael Zigomanis
CanadaS2. Program of Excellance000.00
413Rico FataCalgary FlamesS2. Calder Candidate000.00
414Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningS2. Calder Candidate000.00
415Chris DruryColorado AvalancheS2. Calder Candidate000.00
416Oleg Kvasha
Florida PanthersS2. Calder Candidate000.00
417Eric BrewerNew York IslandersS2. Calder Candidate000.00
418Josh Green
Los Angeles KingsS2. Calder Candidate000.00
419Marty ReasonerSt. Louis BluesS2. Calder Candidate000.00
420Manny MalhotraNew York RangersS2. Calder Candidate000.00
FF1Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersFantastic Finishers000.00
FF2Peter BondraWashington CapitalsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF3Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF4Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF5Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF6Joe SakicColorado AvalancheFantastic Finishers000.00
FF7Brett HullSt. Louis BluesFantastic Finishers000.00
FF8Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksFantastic Finishers000.00
FF9Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesFantastic Finishers000.00
FF10Ziggy PalffyNew York IslandersFantastic Finishers000.00
FF11Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersFantastic Finishers000.00
FF12Mike ModanoDallas StarsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF13Pavel BureVancouver CanucksFantastic Finishers000.00
FF14Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF15Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF16Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksFantastic Finishers000.00
FF17Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheFantastic Finishers000.00
FF18Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF19Mark RecchiMontreal CanadiensFantastic Finishers000.00
FF20Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF21Doug WeightEdmonton OilersFantastic Finishers000.00
FF22Jeremy RoenickPhoenix CoyotesFantastic Finishers000.00
FF23Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksFantastic Finishers000.00
FF24Owen NolanSan Jose SharksFantastic Finishers000.00
FF25John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersFantastic Finishers000.00
FF26Jason AllisonBoston BruinsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF27Mike JohnsonToronto Maple LeafsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF28Theo FleuryCalgary FlamesFantastic Finishers000.00
FF29Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsFantastic Finishers000.00
FF30Joe NieuwendykDallas StarsFantastic Finishers000.00
FT1Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsFrozen In Time000.00
FT2Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheFrozen In Time000.00
FT3Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsFrozen In Time000.00
FT4Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsFrozen In Time000.00
FT5Theo FleuryCalgary FlamesFrozen In Time000.00
FT6Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksFrozen In Time000.00
FT7Rob BlakeLos Angeles KingsFrozen In Time000.00
FT8Jari KurriColorado AvalancheFrozen In Time000.00
FT9Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersFrozen In Time000.00
FT10Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresFrozen In Time000.00
FT11Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheFrozen In Time000.00
FT12Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensFrozen In Time000.00
FT13Mike ModanoDallas StarsFrozen In Time000.00
FT14Alexei MorozovPittsburgh PenguinsFrozen In Time000.00
FT15Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsFrozen In Time000.00
FT16Doug GilmourNew Jersey DevilsFrozen In Time000.00
FT17Owen NolanSan Jose SharksFrozen In Time000.00
FT18Mike JohnsonToronto Maple LeafsFrozen In Time000.00
FT19Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesFrozen In Time000.00
FT20Adam OatesWashington CapitalsFrozen In Time000.00
FT21Chris CheliosChicago BlackhawksFrozen In Time000.00
FT22Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsFrozen In Time000.00
FT23Joe SakicColorado AvalancheFrozen In Time000.00
FT24Pavel BureVancouver CanucksFrozen In Time000.00
FT25Ray BourqueBoston BruinsFrozen In Time000.00
FT26Ed BelfourDallas StarsFrozen In Time000.00
FT27John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersFrozen In Time000.00
FT28Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksFrozen In Time000.00
FT29Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsFrozen In Time000.00
FT30Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersFrozen In Time000.00
GN1Wayne Gretzky / Sergei SamsonovNew York Rangers / Boston BruinsGeneration Next000.00
GN2Wayne Gretzky / Marian HossaNew York Rangers / Ottawa SenatorsGeneration Next000.00
GN3Wayne Gretzky / Vincent LecavalierNew York Rangers / Tampa Bay LightningGeneration Next000.00
GN4Steve Yzerman / Brendan MorrisonDetroit Red Wings / New Jersey DevilsGeneration Next000.00
GN5Steve Yzerman / Marty ReasonerDetroit Red Wings / St. Louis BluesGeneration Next000.00
GN6Steve Yzerman / Manny MalhotraDetroit Red Wings / New York RangersGeneration Next000.00
GN7Patrick Roy / Jean-Sebastien GiguereColorado Avalanche / Calgary FlamesGeneration Next000.00
GN8Patrick Roy / Jose TheodoreColorado Avalanche / Montreal CanadiensGeneration Next000.00
GN9Patrick Roy / Marc DenisColorado AvalancheGeneration Next000.00
GN10Eric Lindros / Patrick MarleauPhiladelphia Flyers / San Jose SharksGeneration Next000.00
GN11Eric Lindros / Brad IsbisterPhiladelphia Flyers / Phoenix CoyotesGeneration Next000.00
GN12Eric Lindros / Joe ThorntonPhiladelphia Flyers / Boston BruinsGeneration Next000.00
GN13Brendan Shanahan / Josh GreenDetroit Red Wings / Los Angeles KingsGeneration Next000.00
GN14Brendan Shanahan / Ty JonesDetroit Red Wings / Chicago BlackhawksGeneration Next000.00
GN15Brendan Shanahan / Matt WattDetroit Red Wings / New York IslandersGeneration Next000.00
GN16Ray Bourque / Mattias OhlundBoston Bruins / Vancouver CanucksGeneration Next000.00
GN17Ray Bourque / Tom PotiBoston Bruins / Edmonton OilersGeneration Next000.00
GN18Ray Bourque / Eric BrewerBoston Bruins / New York IslandersGeneration Next000.00
GN19Paul Kariya / Daniel BriereAnaheim Mighty Ducks / Phoenix CoyotesGeneration Next000.00
GN20Paul Kariya / Rico FataAnaheim Mighty Ducks / Calgary FlamesGeneration Next000.00
GN21Paul Kariya / Chris DruryAnaheim Mighty Ducks / Colorado AvalancheGeneration Next000.00
GN22Jaromir Jagr / Robert DomePittsburgh PenguinsGeneration Next000.00
GN23Jaromir Jagr / Richard ZednikPittsburgh Penguins / Washington CapitalsGeneration Next000.00
GN24Jaromir Jagr / Oleg KvashaPittsburgh Penguins / Florida PanthersGeneration Next000.00
GN25Peter Forsberg / Olli JokinenColorado Avalanche / Los Angeles KingsGeneration Next000.00
GN26Peter Forsberg / Niklas SundstromColorado Avalanche / New York RangersGeneration Next000.00
GN27Peter Forsberg / Brendan MorrisonColorado Avalanche / New Jersey DevilsGeneration Next000.00
GN28Pavel Bure / Vadim SharifijanovVancouver Canucks / New Jersey DevilsGeneration Next000.00
GN29Pavel Bure / Dmitri NabokovVancouver Canucks / New York IslandersGeneration Next000.00
GN30Pavel Bure / Sergei SamsonovVancouver Canucks / Boston BruinsGeneration Next000.00
LS1Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS2Joe SakicColorado AvalancheLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS3Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS4Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS5Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS6Theo FleuryCalgary FlamesLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS7Doug GilmourChicago BlackhawksLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS8Ron FrancisCarolina HurricanesLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS9Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS10Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS11Mark MessierVancouver CanucksLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS12Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS13Brian LeetchNew York RangersLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS14Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS15Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS16Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS17Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS18Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS19Bryan BerardNew York IslandersLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS20Chris ProngerSt. Louis BluesLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS21Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS22Doug WeightEdmonton OilersLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS23Ed BelfourDallas StarsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS24Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS25John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS26Pavel BureVancouver CanucksLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS27Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS28Mike ModanoDallas StarsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS29Curtis JosephToronto Maple LeafsLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
LS30Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksLord Stanley's Heroes000.00
P1Marty ReasonerSt. Louis BluesProfiles000.00
P2Brett HullSt. Louis BluesProfiles000.00
P3Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsProfiles000.00
P4Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersProfiles000.00
P5Eric BrewerNew York IslandersProfiles000.00
P6Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsProfiles000.00
P7John VanbiesbrouckPhiladelphia FlyersProfiles000.00
P8Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksProfiles000.00
P9Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersProfiles000.00
P10Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsProfiles000.00
P11Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheProfiles000.00
P12Manny MalhotraNew York RangersProfiles000.00
P13Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsProfiles000.00
P14Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsProfiles000.00
P15Doug GilmourChicago BlackhawksProfiles000.00
P16Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningProfiles000.00
P17Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresProfiles000.00
P18Mike ModanoDallas StarsProfiles000.00
P19Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensProfiles000.00
P20Curtis JosephEdmonton OilersProfiles000.00
P21Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksProfiles000.00
P22Doug WeightEdmonton OilersProfiles000.00
P23Ray BourqueBoston BruinsProfiles000.00
P24Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheProfiles000.00
P25John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersProfiles000.00
P26Chris DruryColorado AvalancheProfiles000.00
P27Theo FleuryCalgary FlamesProfiles000.00
P28Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsProfiles000.00
P29Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsProfiles000.00
P30Rico FataCalgary FlamesProfiles000.00
GO1Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO2Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO3Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO4Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO5Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO6Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO7Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO8Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO9Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO10Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO11Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO12Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO13Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO14Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO15Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO16Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO17Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO18Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO19Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO20Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO21Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO22Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO23Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO24Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO25Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO26Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO27Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO28Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO29Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
GO30Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersYear of the Great One000.00
B85Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBlow-Ups 5 x 7000.00
BFF20Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBlow-Ups 5 x 7000.00
BFT1Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBlow-Ups 5 x 7000.00
BLS14Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBlow-Ups 5 x 7000.00
BP3Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBlow-Ups 5 x 7000.00
GJ1Wayne Gretzky
New York RangersGame Jerseys000.00
GJ2Vincent Lecavalier
CanadaGame Jerseys000.00
GJ3Bobby Hull
Winnipeg JetsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ4Curtis Joseph
Edmonton OilersGame Jerseys000.00
GJ5Roberto Luongo
CanadaGame Jerseys000.00
GJ6Martin Brodeur
New Jersey DevilsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ8Ed Belfour
Dallas StarsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ9Al MacInnis
St. Louis BluesGame Jerseys000.00
GJ10Derian Hatcher
Dallas StarsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ11Daniel Tkaczuk
CanadaGame Jerseys000.00
GJ12Manny Malhotra
CanadaGame Jerseys000.00
GJ13Eric Brewer
CanadaGame Jerseys000.00
GJ14Alex Tanguay
CanadaGame Jerseys000.00
GJ15Brendan Shanahan
Hartford WhalersGame Jerseys000.00
GJ16aJaromir Jagr
Pittsburgh PenguinsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ16bChris Osgood
Detroit Red WingsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ17Dominik Hasek
Chicago BlackhawksGame Jerseys000.00
GJ18Doug Gilmour
New Jersey DevilsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ19Mats Sundin
Quebec NordiquesGame Jerseys000.00
GJ20Darryl Sydor
Los Angeles KingsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ21Chris Therien
Philadelphia FlyersGame Jerseys000.00
GJ22Darius Kasparaitis
New York IslandersGame Jerseys000.00
GJ23Alexei Zhamnov
Winnipeg JetsGame Jerseys000.00
GJ24Joe Nieuwendyk
Calgary FlamesGame Jerseys000.00
GJA1Bobby Hull
Winnipeg JetsGame Jerseys000.00
GJA2Wayne Gretzky
New York RangersGame Jerseys000.00
GJA3Vincent Lecavalier
CanadaGame Jerseys000.00
GJA4Wayne Gretzky
New York RangersGame Jerseys000.00
WG1Wayne Gretzky BD40
New York RangersWayne Gretzky Game Jersey Autographs000.00
WG2Wayne Gretzky MVP40
New York RangersWayne Gretzky Game Jersey Autographs000.00
WG3Wayne Gretzky SPA40
New York RangersWayne Gretzky Game Jersey Autographs000.00
WG4Wayne Gretzky SPxTP40
New York RangersWayne Gretzky Game Jersey Autographs000.00
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