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Upper Deck Juventus FC Campione d'Italia 1994-1995

Upper Deck Juventus FC Campione d'Italia 1994-1995

Year: 1995
Total cards: 90

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 11 / completed: 5


1Roberto Baggio-Base card707.00
2Massimo Carrera-Base card616.00
3Antonio Conte-Base card505.00
4Alessandro Del Piero-Base card606.00
5Didier Deschamps-Base card515.00
6Angelo Di Livio-Base card606.00
7Ciro Ferrara-Base card606.00
8Luca Danilo Fusi-Base card606.00
9Robert Jarni-Base card616.00
10Jurgen Kohler-Base card606.00
11Giancarlo Marocchi-Base card606.00
12Alessando Orlando-Base card606.00
13Angelo Peruzzi-Base card606.00
14Sergio Porrini-Base card606.00
15Michelangele Rampulla-Base card606.00
16Fabrizio Ravanelli-Base card606.00
17Paulo Sousa-Base card616.00
18Alessio Tacchinardi-Base card606.00
19Moreno Torricelli-Base card606.00
20Gianluca Vialli-Base card606.00
21Foto Di Gruppo-Base card505.00
22Foto Di Gruppo-Base card505.00
23Foto Di Gruppo-Base card505.00
24Foto Di Gruppo-Base card505.00
25Foto Di Gruppo-Base card505.00
26John Charles-Base card505.00
27Omar Sivori-Base card505.00
28Jose Altafini-Base card505.00
29Liam Brady-Base card505.00
30Zibi Boniek-Base card707.00
31Michel Platini-Base card505.00
32Michael Laudrup-Base card505.00
33Marcello Lippi-Base card505.00
34Ivano Bordon-Base card505.00
35Narciso Pezzotti-Base card515.00
36Gianpiero Ventrone-Base card515.00
37Attilic Lombarde-Base card505.00
38Viadimir Jugovic-Base card505.00
39Pietro Vierchowod-Base card606.00
40Juan Pabio Sorin-Base card606.00
41Gianluca Pessotto-Base card606.00
42Michele Padovano-Base card606.00
43Team-Base card505.00
44Brescia - Juventus 1-1-Base card505.00
45Cremonese - Juventus 1-2-Base card505.00
46Juventus - Milan 1-0-Base card505.00
47Juventus - Milan 1-0-Base card505.00
48Juventus - Milan 1-0-Base card606.00
49Juventus - Reggiana 3-1-Base card505.00
50Juventus - Reggiana 3-1-Base card616.00
51Juventus - Fiorentina 3-2-Base card505.00
52Juventus -Genoa 1-1-Base card505.00
53Parma - Juventus 1-3-Base card515.00
54Juventus - Roma 3-0-Base card515.00
55Cagiari - Juventus 3-0-Base card505.00
56Juventus - Brescia 2-1-Base card707.00
57Juventus - Cremonse 2-1-Base card505.00
58Milan - Juventus 0-2-Base card505.00
59Milan - Juventus 0-2-Base card606.00
60Milan - Juventus 0-2-Base card505.00
61Fiorentina - Juventus 1-4-Base card505.00
62Juventus - Lazio 0-3-Base card505.00
63Genoa - Juventus 0-4-Base card505.00
64Juventus - Cagliari 3-1-Base card515.00
65Juventus -CSKA Sofia 5-1-Base card505.00
66Juventus - Maritimo 2-1-Base card606.00
67Juventus - Admira Wacker 2-1-Base card505.00
68Juventus - E.Francoforte 3-0-Base card505.00
69Juventus - B.Dortmund 2-2-Base card606.00
70Juventus - B.Dortmund 2-2-Base card515.00
71B.Dortmond - Juventus 1-2-Base card505.00
72Juventus - Parma 1-1-Base card505.00
73Chievo - Juventus 1-3-Base card505.00
74Juventus - Roma 3-0-Base card707.00
75Roma - Juventus 3-1-Base card505.00
76Lazio - Juventus 0-1-Base card515.00
77Juventus - Lazio 2-1-Base card515.00
78Juventus - Lazio 2-1-Base card707.00
79Juventus - Lazio 2-1-Base card505.00
80Juventus - Parma 1-0-Base card515.00
81Juventus - Parma 1-0-Base card515.00
82Juventus - Parma 1-0-Base card505.00
83Parma - Juventus 0-2-Base card505.00
84Fiesta Bianconera-Base card505.00
85Fiesta Bianconera-Base card505.00
86Fiesta Bianconera-Base card505.00
87Fiesta Bianconera-Base card505.00
88Fiesta Bianconera-Base card505.00
89Fiesta Bianconera-Base card505.00
90Ciao Andrea-Base card515.00
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