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Upper Deck K. Lierse S.K. 1997

Upper Deck K. Lierse S.K. 1997

Year: 1997
Total cards: 46

Upper Deck K. Lierse S.K. - Lierse, we love you!

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collecting: 10 / completed: 2


1Jurgen CavensThe TeamBase card606.00
2Philip HaagdorenThe TeamBase card404.00
3Ralph HasenhuttlThe TeamBase card707.00
4Pieter HuistraThe TeamBase card505.00
5Robby van de WeyerThe TeamBase card505.00
6Frederic WilkinThe TeamBase card505.00
7Pascal BovriThe TeamBase card505.00
8Frank LeenThe TeamBase card505.00
9Yves SerneelsThe TeamBase card505.00
10Hans SomersThe TeamBase card505.00
11Andrew UwuigbeThe TeamBase card505.00
12Nico van KerckhovenThe TeamBase card505.00
13Thomas ZdebelThe TeamBase card606.00
14David BrockenThe TeamBase card505.00
15Tim de KeyserThe TeamBase card505.00
16Claus EftevaagThe TeamBase card404.00
17Carl HoefkensThe TeamBase card505.00
18Jerry PoortersThe TeamBase card505.00
19Daniel ScavoneThe TeamBase card505.00
20Eric van MeirThe TeamBase card505.00
21Philippe van de WalleThe TeamBase card505.00
22Patrick DemanThe TeamBase card505.00
23Jos DaerdenThe TeamBase card404.00
24Frank BraeckmansThe TeamBase card404.00
25Carl EngelenThe TeamBase card404.00
26TeamThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
27CelebrationThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
28TeamThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
29Nico van KerckhovenThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
30CelebrationThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
31CelebrationThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
32CelebrationThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
33CelebrationThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
34CelebrationThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
35CelebrationThe Are The ChampionsBase card404.00
36FansLierse FansBase card404.00
37FansLierse FansBase card404.00
38FansLierse FansBase card404.00
39FansLierse FansBase card404.00
40Nico van Kerckhoven / Bob Peeters / Philip HaagdorenNational Team PlayersBase card505.00
41Bart De Roover / Eric van Meir / Philippe van de WalleNational Team PlayersBase card404.00
42Eric van Meir / Bob Peeters / Nico van KerckhovenNational Team PlayersBase card404.00
43Belgium Champion 1932Lierse HistoryBase card404.00
44Belgium Champion 1942Lierse HistoryBase card404.00
45Belgium Champion 1960Lierse HistoryBase card404.00
TLierse 1996 / Lierse 1997
TeamTeam card404.00
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