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Upper Deck Manchester United 2002-2003. Strike Force

Manchester United 2002-2003. Strike Force

Year: 2003
Total cards: 181

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 6 / completed: 0


1David Beckham-Base card212.00
2David Beckham-Base card212.00
3David Beckham-Base card202.00
4David Beckham-Base card212.00
5David Beckham-Base card212.00
6Ryan Giggs-Base card212.00
7Ryan Giggs-Base card202.00
8Ryan Giggs-Base card212.00
9Ryan Giggs-Base card202.00
10Ryan Giggs-Base card212.00
11Ruud Van Nistelrooy-Base card212.00
12Ruud Van Nistelrooy-Base card212.00
13Ruud Van Nistelrooy-Base card221.00
14Ruud Van Nistelrooy-Base card221.00
15Ruud Van Nistelrooy-Base card221.00
16Roy Keane-Base card212.00
17Roy Keane-Base card212.00
18Roy Keane-Base card212.00
19Roy Keane-Base card212.00
20Roy Keane-Base card202.00
21Rio Ferdinand-Base card202.00
22Rio Ferdinand-Base card221.00
23Rio Ferdinand-Base card221.00
24Rio Ferdinand-Base card212.00
25Rio Ferdinand-Base card212.00
26Paul Scholes-Base card202.00
27Paul Scholes-Base card212.00
28Paul Scholes-Base card212.00
29Paul Scholes-Base card212.00
30Paul Scholes-Base card212.00
31Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Base card202.00
32Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Base card212.00
33Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Base card202.00
34Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Base card212.00
35Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Base card212.00
36Fabien Barthez-Base card212.00
37Fabien Barthez-Base card212.00
38Fabien Barthez-Base card221.00
39Fabien Barthez-Base card230.67
40Fabien Barthez-Base card221.00
41Gary Neville-Base card202.00
42Gary Neville-Base card212.00
43Gary Neville-Base card212.00
44Gary Neville-Base card212.00
45Gary Neville-Base card212.00
46Phil Neville-Base card221.00
47Phil Neville-Base card221.00
48Phil Neville-Base card212.00
49Phil Neville-Base card212.00
50Phil Neville-Base card212.00
51Juan Sebastian Veron-Base card212.00
52Juan Sebastian Veron-Base card212.00
53Juan Sebastian Veron-Base card221.00
54Juan Sebastian Veron-Base card212.00
55Juan Sebastian Veron-Base card212.00
56Nicky Butt-Base card212.00
57Nicky Butt-Base card212.00
58Nicky Butt-Base card212.00
59Nicky Butt-Base card221.00
60Nicky Butt-Base card221.00
61Diego Forlan-Base card212.00
62Diego Forlan-Base card230.67
63Diego Forlan-Base card230.67
64Diego Forlan-Base card212.00
65Diego Forlan-Base card202.00
66Roy Carroll-Base card202.00
67Roy Carroll-Base card202.00
68Roy Carroll-Base card202.00
69Roy Carroll-Base card221.00
70Roy Carroll-Base card212.00
71Wes Brown-Base card221.00
72Wes Brown-Base card212.00
73Wes Brown-Base card202.00
74Wes Brown-Base card212.00
75Wes Brown-Base card202.00
76Mikael Silvestre-Base card212.00
77Mikael Silvestre-Base card221.00
78Mikael Silvestre-Base card221.00
79Mikael Silvestre-Base card221.00
80Mikael Silvestre-Base card212.00
81John O'Shea-Base card202.00
82John O'Shea-Base card212.00
83John O'Shea-Base card212.00
84John O'Shea-Base card202.00
85John O'Shea-Base card202.00
86Laurent Blanc-Base card212.00
87Laurent Blanc-Base card221.00
88Laurent Blanc-Base card240.50
89Laurent Blanc-Base card221.00
90Laurent Blanc-Base card212.00
91Ricardo Lopez-Base card202.00
92Ricardo Lopez-Base card202.00
93Ricardo Lopez-Base card212.00
94Ricardo Lopez-Base card212.00
95Ricardo Lopez-Base card202.00
96Michael Stewart-Base card212.00
97Michael Stewart-Base card202.00
98Michael Stewart-Base card202.00
99Michael Stewart-Base card212.00
100Michael Stewart-Base card221.00
CP1David Beckham-Clutch Players404.00
CP2Rio Ferdinand-Clutch Players404.00
CP3Nicky Butt-Clutch Players505.00
CP4Gary Neville-Clutch Players404.00
CP5Paul Scholes-Clutch Players505.00
CP6Wes Brown-Clutch Players404.00
CP7Phil Neville-Clutch Players404.00
CP8Ryan Giggs-Clutch Players505.00
CP9Roy Keane-Clutch Players404.00
CP10Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Clutch Players606.00
CP11Ruud van Nistelrooy-Clutch Players505.00
CP12Fabien Barthez-Clutch Players505.00
CP13Mikael Silvestre-Clutch Players505.00
CP14Diego Forlan-Clutch Players505.00
CP15Juan Sebastian Veron-Clutch Players505.00
DM1David Beckham-Difference Makers606.00
DM2Roy Keane-Difference Makers606.00
DM3Ruud van Nistelrooy-Difference Makers606.00
DM4Ryan Giggs-Difference Makers505.00
DM5Rio Ferdinand-Difference Makers404.00
GP1Ruud van Nistelrooy-Goal Producers404.00
GP2Paul Scholes-Goal Producers505.00
GP3Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Goal Producers505.00
GP4Ryan Giggs-Goal Producers505.00
GP5Roy Keane-Goal Producers505.00
GP6Diego Forlan-Goal Producers505.00
GP7David Beckham-Goal Producers606.00
GP8Nicky Butt-Goal Producers404.00
GP9Juan Sebastian Veron-Goal Producers505.00
GP10Gary Neville-Goal Producers404.00
LL1Fabien Barthez-Laying it on the Line606.00
LL2Gary Neville-Laying it on the Line505.00
LL3Phil Neville-Laying it on the Line404.00
LL4Juan Sebastian Veron-Laying it on the Line505.00
LL5Laurent Blanc-Laying it on the Line505.00
LL6Rio Ferdinand-Laying it on the Line606.00
LL7David Beckham-Laying it on the Line606.00
LL8Nicky Butt-Laying it on the Line505.00
LL9Roy Keane-Laying it on the Line505.00
LL10Ruud van Nistelrooy-Laying it on the Line606.00
LL11Ryan Giggs-Laying it on the Line404.00
LL12Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Laying it on the Line505.00
LL13Paul Scholes-Laying it on the Line606.00
LL14Diego Forlan-Laying it on the Line505.00
LL15John O'Shea-Laying it on the Line505.00
RCRule Card-Strike Force Rule Card212.00
SG1Ruud van Nistelrooy-Solid Goal404.00
SG2Ruud van Nistelrooy-Solid Goal404.00
SG3Ruud van Nistelrooy-Solid Goal404.00
SG4Ruud van Nistelrooy-Solid Goal505.00
SG5Ryan Giggs-Solid Goal404.00
SG6Ryan Giggs-Solid Goal404.00
SG7Ryan Giggs-Solid Goal505.00
SG8Ryan Giggs-Solid Goal404.00
SG9David Beckham-Solid Goal505.00
SG10David Beckham-Solid Goal404.00
SG11David Beckham-Solid Goal404.00
SG12David Beckham-Solid Goal404.00
SG13Paul Scholes-Solid Goal414.00
SG14Paul Scholes-Solid Goal313.00
SG15Paul Scholes-Solid Goal404.00
SG16Paul Scholes-Solid Goal505.00
SG17Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Solid Goal313.00
SG18Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Solid Goal505.00
SG19Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Solid Goal404.00
SG20Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Solid Goal505.00
TG1Roy Keane-True Gamers505.00
TG2Paul Scholes-True Gamers505.00
TG3Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-True Gamers505.00
TG4Ryan Giggs-True Gamers505.00
TG5Ruud van Nistelrooy-True Gamers505.00
TG6Rio Ferdinand-True Gamers404.00
TG7David Beckham-True Gamers505.00
TG8Nicky Butt-True Gamers404.00
TG9Juan Sebastian Veron-True Gamers606.00
TG10Fabien Barthez-True Gamers404.00
WF1David Beckham-Winning Formula505.00
WF2Roy Keane-Winning Formula404.00
WF3Ruud van Nistelrooy-Winning Formula505.00
WF4Ryan Giggs-Winning Formula505.00
WF5Rio Ferdinand-Winning Formula404.00