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Upper Deck Avengers

Upper Deck Avengers

Year: 2012
Total cards: 458

collecting: 2 / completed: 0


1Striving for a more practical alternativeIron ManBase card202.00
2Working feverishly to assemble the vehicleIron ManBase card202.00
3Emerging from his prison, protected byIron ManBase card202.00
4The befuddled terrorists that kidnapped Tony StarkIron ManBase card202.00
5Fresh from his daring escape from captivityIron ManBase card202.00
6S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil CoulsonIron ManBase card202.00
7In a sprawling garage beneath a seasideIron ManBase card202.00
8This time, with unlimited resourcesIron ManBase card202.00
9Tony Stark tests the flight capabilitiesIron ManBase card202.00
10During a test flight, Tony Stark learnsIron ManBase card202.00
11Physically exhausted, Stark puts the finishingIron ManBase card202.00
12Perhaps indoors is not the most suitableIron ManBase card202.00
13Tony Stark's Mark III rmored asuit is completeIron ManBase card202.00
14Iron Man's wholesale destructionIron ManBase card202.00
15In a prime example of keen preparationIron ManBase card202.00
16Iron Man disappears from the radar screensIron ManBase card202.00
17While fine-tuning his equipment, Tony StarkIron ManBase card202.00
18Upon analyzing the remains of Stark's Mark IIIIron ManBase card202.00
19Irreconcilable differences of worldIron ManBase card202.00
20In spite of his cautious lifestyleThe Incredible HulkBase card202.00
21The Weapons Plus Program failedThe Incredible HulkBase card202.00
22Emil Blonsky fears the physical limitationsThe Incredible HulkBase card202.00
23Having trapped the Hulk in an open fieldThe Incredible HulkBase card202.00
24Emil Blonsky's zeal for absolute powerThe Incredible HulkBase card202.00
25Banner reasons that only Hulk can stopThe Incredible HulkBase card202.00
26Hulk and Abomination clash in the streetsThe Incredible HulkBase card202.00
27Tony Stark has always been a publicity houndIron Man 2Base card202.00
28As Howard StarkIron Man 2Base card202.00
29Before the Senate Armed Services CommitteeIron Man 2Base card202.00
30In homage to his inventive genius, Tony StarkIron Man 2Base card202.00
31Natalie Rushman is not what she appearsIron Man 2Base card202.00
32Ivan Vanko has a beef with the Stark familyIron Man 2Base card202.00
33Lt. Col. Rhodes is concerned about the healthIron Man 2Base card202.00
34While celebrating what he believesIron Man 2Base card202.00
35Lt. Col. Rhodes presents a prizeIron Man 2Base card202.00
36Tony Stark flips through his father's notesIron Man 2Base card202.00
37Among the property of Howard StarkIron Man 2Base card202.00
38Convinced that he's uncovered a cryptic messagesIron Man 2Base card202.00
39Tony Stark has been remanded to his residenceIron Man 2Base card202.00
40Tony Stark muscles a beam of high-speed atomsIron Man 2Base card202.00
41Happy reluctantly drives his boss' insistentIron Man 2Base card202.00
42While Happy handles the gatekeeperIron Man 2Base card202.00
43Black Widow engages Hammer Industries' securityIron Man 2Base card202.00
44Iron Man and War MachineIron Man 2Base card202.00
45Due to an underwhelming evaluation of Tony StarkIron Man 2Base card202.00
46An attack on Asgard by their ancient enemyThorBase card202.00
47Before crossing the Bifrost to JotunheimThorBase card202.00
48With the vain Thor at point, the AsgardianThorBase card202.00
49Loki embarrasses his warmongering brotherThorBase card202.00
50The concerned Selvig/Foster research teamThorBase card202.00
51Professor Eric Selvig is concerned about JaneThorBase card202.00
52Loki picks up the Casket of Ancient WintersThorBase card202.00
53Lady Sif and the warriors three seekThorBase card202.00
54With Thor an outcast and Odin in the OdinsleepThorBase card202.00
55When Odin cast his arrogant son Thor to EarthThorBase card202.00
56Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.ThorBase card202.00
57Professor Selvig ponders the man who seemsThorBase card202.00
58The agony of defeat crumples ThorThorBase card202.00
59Agent Coulson orders his prime marksmanThorBase card202.00
60Agent Coulson unwittingly has a tigerThorBase card202.00
61After convincing his despondent brother ThorThorBase card202.00
62Agent Coulson confronts the unidentified weaponThorBase card202.00
63Lady Sif and the warriors three traveledThorBase card202.00
64As Loki looks on in utter disbeliefThorBase card202.00
65The Foster/Selvig research team is backThorBase card202.00
66Professor Selvig attends a clandestine meetingThorBase card202.00
67Johann Schmidt has long been a studentCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
68The commander of HYDRA, Johnann SchmidtCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
69Steve Rogers joins his best friend JamesCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
70Steve Rogers sheds his companionsCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
71Rogers is put through the pacesCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
72Steve Rogers lies strappedCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
73The Super-Soldier serum has been administeredCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
74Guttural screams resonateCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
75With the process complete, Howard Stark turnsCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
76Steve Rogers emerges from the rebirth chamberCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
77Disappointed and dejected, Steve Rogers pencilCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
78Steve Rogers is certain that he has moreCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
79Captain America has begun to rewriteCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
80Now that Captain AmericaCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
81Howard Stark attempts to uncover the propertiesCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
82As the only man who knows the locationCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
83Captain America surveys the destructionCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
84One man stands between the Red SkullCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
85The Red Skull mistakenly handlesCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
86The determination and courage that Dr. ErskineCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
87A smoldering ruin is the headstone for AmericaCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
88In an undisclosed locationCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
89An item dropped from the doomedCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
90Within the ruins of a downed aircraftCaptain America: The First AvengerBase card202.00
91Stoic S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil CoulsonMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
92S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury checksMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
93S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Clint Barton is an expertMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
94Director Fury and the capable S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel: AvengersBase card202.00
95Professor Selvig monitors the reactionsMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
96As the floor trembles, a shadowy figureMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
97As the smoke clears and the shadowy figureMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
98While S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill dutifullyMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
99S.H.I.E.L.D. colleagues Maria Hill and HawkeyeMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
100A S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent's trainingMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
101Nick Fury is not only the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel: AvengersBase card202.00
102Nick Fury's battle-scared face bearsMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
103Steve Rogers punishes a seriesMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
104Still so fresh in his mind, it seems as thoughMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
105Steve Rogers reflects on his days as a soldierMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
106When Cap sacrificed himself by nose-divingMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
107Nick Fury conducts himself with sincerityMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
108Nick Fury presents the Avengers InitiativeMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
109Iron Man's repulsors light up the night skyMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
110S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil CoulsonMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
111Tony Stark is irritatedMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
112The espionage expert and S.H.I.E.L.D. AgentMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
113Dr. Banner politely allows the S.H.I.E.L.D. AgentMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
114An unexpected burst of rage from Dr. Bruce BannerMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
115Suspicious of secret government operationsMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
116Steve Rogers speeds toward the S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel: AvengersBase card202.00
117S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick FuryMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
118As Steve Rogers' gaze slowly tracks acrossMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
119The amazing array of S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel: AvengersBase card202.00
120Steve Rogers strides towards his new uniformMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
121Loki commands a frightened crowd to kneelMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
122As a terrified citizenry bows at the commandMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
123Bravado bleeds into battleMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
124Iron Man locks in on his target and racesMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
125Loki's surrender marksMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
126Onboard the Quinjet, Iron Man keepsMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
127Loki fixes a baneful stare on his captorsMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
128Flashes of lightning and claps of thunderMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
129Infuriated, Thor is unsure whetherMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
130Thor leaps into the air to bring downMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
131After a satisfying scuffle with Iron ManMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
132With the assistance of Thor, Loki is takenMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
133Loki's face is free from any tracesMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
134Onboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, LokiMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
135As the hand-picked Avengers assembleMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
136Nick Fury and Bruce Banner listentMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
137Accustomed to flying solo, Tony StarkMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
138S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Natasha RomanoffMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
139With aid from cutting edge S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel: AvengersBase card202.00
140The notion of teamwork was ingrainedMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
141Maria Hill observes the spectacleMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
142A stealthy dark clad figure is ableMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
143The charm of the seasoned spy Black WidowMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
144Loki leans forward and dramatically poundsMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
145Dr. Banner has reservations about the wisdomMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
146Steve Rogers and Tony Stark continue to searchMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
147Dr. Bruce Banner is an unparalleled expertMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
148From the bridge Nick Fury can keep his eyeMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
149Hawkeye has deadly precisionMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
150Black Widow is a consummate professionalMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
151Agent Maria Hill fights through the painMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
152The title of "Director" may conjure imagesMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
153Thor never shrinks from a fightMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
154Thor's mystical hammer MjolnirMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
155Black Widow tenderly leans over HawkeyeMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
156Black Widow shares a moment of solidarityMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
157A deeply concerned Nick FuryMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
158The Avengers assembleMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
159The terrified citizens of New York CityMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
160Captain America is no strangerMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
161Black Widow keeps her poise as pieces of New YorkMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
162Battle worn and blood stainedMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
163Loki has a plan in motion and refusesMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
164Once more into the breach!Marvel: AvengersBase card202.00
165Agent Maria Hill watches a battle developMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
166As director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick FuryMarvel: AvengersBase card202.00
167Captain AmericaCharactersBase card202.00
168ThorCharactersBase card202.00
169Bruce BannerCharactersBase card202.00
170Tony StarkCharactersBase card202.00
171Black WidowCharactersBase card202.00
172HawkeyeCharactersBase card202.00
173Nick FuryCharactersBase card202.00
174Maria HillCharactersBase card202.00
175Agent CoulsonCharactersBase card202.00
176LokiCharactersBase card202.00
A1The Avengers - Vol. 1 №1 - September, 1963Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A2New Avengers - Vol. 1 №4 - April, 2005Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A3Avengers - Vol. 2 №1 - November, 1996Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A4Avengers - Vol. 3 №1 - February, 1998Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A5Avengers - Vol. 3 №22 - November, 1999Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A6Avengers - Vol. 1 №221 - July, 1982Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A7Avengers - Vol. 1 №200 - October, 1980Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A8Avengers - Vol. 1 №162 - August, 1977Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A9Avengers Annual - Vol. 1 №10 - November, 1981Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A10Avengers - Vol. 1 №93 - November, 1971Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A11Avengers Annual - Vol. 1 №2 - September, 1968Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A12West Coast Avengers - Vol. 2 №23 - August, 1987Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A13Avengers - Vol. 1 №4 - March, 1964Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A14Avengers - Vol. 1 №8 - September, 1972Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A15New Avengers (Vol. 1) - Vol. 1 №1 - January, 2005Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A16Avengers - Vol. 4 №1 - May, 2010Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A17New Avengers - Vol. 2 №1 - June, 2010Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A18New Avengers - Vol. 2 №10 - March, 2011Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A19Avengers - Vol. 1 №229 - March, 1983Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A20Avengers - Vol. 1 №195 - May, 1980Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A21Avengers - Vol. 3 №75 - February, 2004Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A22Avengers - Vol. 1 №262 - December, 1985Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A23Avengers - Vol. 1 №500 - September, 2004Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A24Avengers - Vol. 1 №100 - June, 1972Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A25Avengers - Vol. 1 №300 - February, 1989Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A26Avengers - Vol. 1 №400 - July, 1996Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A27Avengers - Vol. 1 №395 - February, 1996Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A28Secret Avengers - Vol. 1 №1 - July, 2010Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A29Ultimate Comics Avengers - Vol. 1 №3 - December, 2009Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A30Young Avengers - Vol. 1 №1 - April, 2005Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A31West Coast Avengers - Vol. 1 №1 - September, 1984Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A32Avengers - Vol. 1 №57 - October, 1968Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A33Avengers - Vol. 1 №177 - November, 1978Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A34Avengers - Vol. 1 №2 - November, 1963Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A35Avengers - Vol. 3 №25 - Febuary, 2000Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
A36Avengers - Vol. 1 №502 - November, 2004Comic Cover ArtChase Card202.00
AD-1Agent Romanov / Black WidowDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-2Justin Hammer / Tony StarkDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-3Justin Hammer / WhiplashDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-4Iron Man / WhiplashDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-5Justin Hammer / War MachineDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-6Black Widow / Nick Fury [short print]Duo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-7Thor / LokiDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-8Thor / HeimdallDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-9Thor / Jane FosterDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-10Frigga / ThorDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-11Nick Fury / Captain AmericaDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-12Captain America / Tony StarkDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-13Bruce Banner / ThorDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-14Nick Fury / Agent CoulsonDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-15Thor / Nick FuryDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-16Hawkeye / ThorDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-17Tony Stark / ThorDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-18Captain America / Bruce BannerDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-19Maria Hill / Nick FuryDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-20Hawkeye / Agent CoulsonDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-21Nick Fury / ThorDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-22Thor / LokiDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-23Loki / Captain AmericaDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-24Hawkeye / Captain AmericaDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AD-25Hawkeye / LokiDuo Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AQ-1Vorstagg / Fandral / Hogun / ThorQuad Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AQ-2Captain America / Thor / Tony Stark / HawkeyeQuad Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AQ-3Hawkeye / Nick Fury / Tony Stark / Agent RomanovQuad Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AQ-4Agent Romanov / Nick Fury / Agent Coulson / Maria HillQuad Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AQ-5Steve Rogers / Tony Stark / Bruce Banner / Agent RomanovQuad Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AQ-6Agent Coulson / Nick Fury / Hawkeye / Agent RomanovQuad Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AQ-7Captain America / Thor / Tony Stark / Bruce BannerQuad Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-1ThorSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-2Captain AmericaSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-3Tony StarkSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-4Bruce BannerSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-5Steve RogersSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-6LokiSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-7Nick FurySingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-8Agent CoulsonSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-9Black WidowSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-10HawkeyeSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AS-11Maria HillSingle Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
ASC1AxeboneArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC2BardArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC3John BettyArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC4BooArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC5Kate "Red" BradleyArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC6Edward ChernigaArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC7Jim CheungArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC8Wendy ChewArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC9Scott CohnArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC10Eugene CommodoreArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC11Joe CorroneyArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC12Aston Roy CoverArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC13David DayArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC14Layron DeJarnetteArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC15Remi DoussetArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC16Kimberly DunawayArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC17Jason DurdenArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC18Michael "LocoDuck" DuronArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC19Elliot FernandezArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC20Chris ForemanArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC21Penelope "Peng" GaylordArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC22Rusty GilliganArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC23Mick and Matt GlebeArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC24James "Riot" GodfreyArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC25Jonathan D. GordonArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC26Daniel GormanArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC27Danielle Gransaull (Soloud)Artist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC28Sanford GreeneArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC29Diana GreenhalghArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC30Charles HallArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC31Ray-Anthony HeightArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC32Mark "Profesone" HenryArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC33Elvin HernandezArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC34Tom HodgesArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC35Joe HoganArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC36Charles HolbertArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC37Wes HufforArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC38j(ay)Artist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC39Jose JaroArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC40Frank KadarArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC41Rachel KaiserArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC42Ryan KincaidArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC43Jayson KretzerArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC44Elfie LebouleuxArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC45Lak LimArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC46Jerry MaArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC47Randy MartinezArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC48Mike MayhewArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC49Isaiah M. McAllisterArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC50Adriana MeloArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC51Pablo Diaz MenciaArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC52Jason MetcalfArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC53Remy "Eisu" MokhtarArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC54Gilbert MonsantoArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC55Marat MychaelsArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC56Marc Vo NguyenArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC57OpticNerveArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC58Rhiannon OwensArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC59Elaine PernaArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC60Tony PernaArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC61Jason Keith PhillipsArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC62Ashleigh PopplewellArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC63Bill PulkovskiArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC64Jon T. RacimoArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC65Lawrence ReynoldsArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC66Sara RichardArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC67Ian Yoshio RobertsArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC68Patricia RossArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC69Joe RubinsteinArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC70Steve ScottArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC71Kevin SharpeArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC72Cal SlaytonArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC73Uko SmithArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC74Bob StevlicArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC75Adam TalleyArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC76Ghislain "Spiderguile" TchissafouArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC77Bianca ThompsonArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
ASC78Bryan Kaiser TillmanArtist Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
AT-1Tony Stark / Justin Hammer / WhiplashTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-2Volstagg / Fandral / HogunTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-3Jane Foster / Thor / LokiTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-4Frigga / Thor / LokiTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-5Captain America / Steve Rogers / Captain AmericaTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-6Captain America / Thor / Bruce BannerTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-7Agent Coulsen / Tony Stark / Nick FuryTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-8Loki / Thor / Nick FuryTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-9Captain America / Thor / Tony StarkTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-10Steve Rogers / Bruce Banner / Maria HillTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-11Hawkeye / Nick Fury / Maria HillTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-12Maria Hill / Nick Fury / Black WidowTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-13Black Widow / Nick Fury / HawkeyeTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
AT-14Captain America / Hawkeye / Nick FuryTrio Memorabilia CardsChase Card202.00
BBlackPrinting PlatesChase Card202.00
BRBruno Ricci (unreleased Captain America card)
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CCyanPrinting PlatesChase Card202.00
CFColm Feore (unreleased Thor card)
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CHChris Hemsworth
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSCobie Smulders
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CS-1Black WidowConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-2The Incredible HulkConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-3Air vehicleConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-4Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain AmericaConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-5LokiConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-6Hulk leading chargeConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-7Captain America equipmentConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-8Ground vehicleConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
CS-9Iron Man vs. ThorConcept SeriesChase Card202.00
E-1The Invincible Iron ManComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-2The Invincible Iron ManComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-3Iron ManComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-4Marvel Studios Iron ManComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-5Marvel Studios Iron Man 2Complete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-6Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-7The Incredible HulkComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-8The Incredible HulkComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-9The Incredible HulkComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-10Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-11Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-12Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-13The Mighty ThorComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-14The Mighty ThorComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-15ThorComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-16Marvel Studios ThorComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-17Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-18Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-19Captain AmericaComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-20Captain AmericaComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-21Captain AmericaComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-22Marvel Studios Captain America: The First AvengerComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-23Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-24Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-25HawkeyeComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-26HawkeyeComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-27HawkeyeComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-28Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-29Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-30Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-31Black WidowComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-32Black WidowComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-33Black WidowComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-34Marel Studios Iron Man 2Complete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-35Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-36Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-37Sgt. FuryComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-38Nick Fury, Agent of... S.H.I.E.L.D.Complete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-39Ultimate FuryComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-40Marvel Studios Iron Man 2Complete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-41Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-42Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-43The Avengers [Maria Hill]Complete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-44The AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-45The AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-46Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-47Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-48Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-49The Incredible Hulk [Bruce Banner]Complete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-50The Incredible HulkComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-51The Incredible HulkComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-52The Incredible HulkComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-53Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-54Marvel AvengersComplete Heroes EvolveChase Card202.00
E-55LokiComplete Villains EvolveChase Card202.00
E-56LokiComplete Villains EvolveChase Card202.00
E-57LokiComplete Villains EvolveChase Card202.00
E-58ThorComplete Villains EvolveChase Card202.00
E-59Marvel AvengersComplete Villains EvolveChase Card202.00
E-60Marvel AvengersComplete Villains EvolveChase Card202.00
IEIdris Elba (unreleased Thor card)
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
JAJaimie Alexander (unreleased Thor card)
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
JRJeremy Renner
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
KDKat Dennings (unreleased Thor card)
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
MMagentaPrinting PlatesChase Card202.00
S1Avengers (6 heroes, Cap shield right)-Stickers202.00
S2Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement-Stickers202.00
S3I'm an Avenger / I'm an Avenger-Stickers202.00
S4A logo / Hulk-Stickers202.00
S5Captain America / A logo-Stickers202.00
S6Iron Man / A logo-Stickers202.00
S7Thor / A logo-Stickers202.00
S8Hawkeye / A logo-Stickers202.00
S9Black Widow / A logo-Stickers202.00
S10Avengers Hulk clobbering rock-Stickers202.00
S112 S.H.I.E.L.D. logos-Stickers202.00
S12Avengers (Hawkeye, aiming bow)-Stickers202.00
S13Nick Fury (Logistics Division)-Stickers202.00
S14Hulk Smash-Stickers202.00
S15Thor hammer-Stickers202.00
S16Hulk fist-Stickers202.00
S17Iron Man head-Stickers202.00
S18Captain America shield-Stickers202.00
S19Hulk / Iron Man-Stickers202.00
S20Iron Man Game On! / Captain America-Stickers202.00
S21Assemble / Marvel Avengers-Stickers202.00
S22Captain America running-Stickers202.00
S23Assemble (Thor and Hulk)-Stickers202.00
S24Six Avengers, hexagon-Stickers202.00
S25Iron Man flying with 5 Avengers-Stickers202.00
S26Iron Man - Have a plan... Attack-Stickers202.00
S27Avengers (6 heroes, Cap shield forward)-Stickers202.00
S28The Mighty Avenger (Thor)-Stickers202.00
S29Avengers Initiative-Stickers202.00
S30S.H.I.E.L.D. (Hawkeye, Black Widow) / Assemble-Stickers202.00
YYellowPrinting PlatesChase Card202.00
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