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Upper Deck MLS 1997

Upper Deck MLS 1997

Year: 1997
Total cards: 125

Collection preview (43% scanned images)

collecting: 12 / completed: 0


1Marcelo BalboaColorado RapidsBase card707.00
1gMarcelo BalboaColorado RapidsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
2Shaun BartlettColorado RapidsBase card606.00
2gShaun BartlettColorado RapidsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
3Denis HamlettColorado RapidsBase card606.00
3gDenis HamlettColorado RapidsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
4Jean HarborColorado RapidsBase card606.00
4gJean HarborColorado RapidsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
5Chris HendersonColorado RapidsBase card606.00
5gChris HendersonColorado RapidsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
6Brian BlissColumbus CrewBase card606.00
6gBrian BlissColumbus CrewBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
7Paul CaligiuriColumbus CrewBase card707.00
7gPaul CaligiuriColumbus CrewBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
8Doctor KhumaloColumbus CrewBase card606.00
8gDoctor KhumaloColumbus CrewBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
9Brian McBrideColumbus CrewBase card707.00
9gBrian McBrideColumbus CrewBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
10Billy ThompsonColumbus CrewBase card606.00
10gBilly ThompsonColumbus CrewBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
11Mark DoddDallas BurnBase card606.00
11gMark DoddDallas BurnBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
12Gerell ElliottDallas BurnBase card606.00
12gGerell ElliottDallas BurnBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
13Zak IbsenDallas BurnBase card606.00
13gZak IbsenDallas BurnBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
14Jason KreisDallas BurnBase card606.00
14gJason KreisDallas BurnBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
15Mark SantelDallas BurnBase card606.00
15gMark SantelDallas BurnBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
16Sean BowersKansas City WizardsBase card606.00
16gSean BowersKansas City WizardsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
17Mark ChungKansas City WizardsBase card606.00
17gMark ChungKansas City WizardsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
18Frank KlopasKansas City WizardsBase card606.00
18gFrank KlopasKansas City WizardsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
19PrekiKansas City WizardsBase card606.00
19gPrekiKansas City WizardsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
20Vitalis TakawiraKansas City WizardsBase card606.00
20gVitalis TakawiraKansas City WizardsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
21Dan CalichmanLos Angeles GalaxyBase card505.00
21gDan CalichmanLos Angeles GalaxyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
22Jorge CamposLos Angeles GalaxyBase card606.00
22gJorge CamposLos Angeles GalaxyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
23Mauricio CienfuegosLos Angeles GalaxyBase card606.00
23gMauricio CienfuegosLos Angeles GalaxyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
24Cobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxyBase card707.00
24gCobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
25Andrew ShueLos Angeles GalaxyBase card606.00
25gAndrew ShueLos Angeles GalaxyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
26Roberto DonadoniNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card909.00
26gRoberto DonadoniNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
27Rob JohnsonNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card606.00
27gRob JohnsonNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
28Tony MeolaNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card606.00
28gTony MeolaNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
29Tab RamosNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card707.00
29gTab RamosNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
30Peter VermesNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card606.00
30gPeter VermesNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card / Gold Parallel707.00
31Paul KeeganNew England RevolutionBase card606.00
31gPaul KeeganNew England RevolutionBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
32John Kerr Jr.New England RevolutionBase card505.00
32gJohn Kerr Jr.New England RevolutionBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
33Alexi LalasNew England RevolutionBase card808.00
33errAlexi LalasNew England RevolutionBase card707.00
33gAlexi LalasNew England RevolutionBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
34Joe-Max MooreNew England RevolutionBase card707.00
34errGerell ElliottDallas BurnBase card606.00
34gJoe-Max MooreNew England RevolutionBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
35Darren SawatzkyNew England RevolutionBase card606.00
35gDarren SawatzkyNew England RevolutionBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
36John DoyleSan Jose ClashBase card707.00
36errChris HendersonColorado RapidsBase card606.00
36gJohn DoyleSan Jose ClashBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
37Ben IrohaSan Jose ClashBase card606.00
37gBen IrohaSan Jose ClashBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
38Tom LinerSan Jose ClashBase card505.00
38gTom LinerSan Jose ClashBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
39Jorge RodasSan Jose ClashBase card606.00
39gJorge RodasSan Jose ClashBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
40Eric WynaldaSan Jose ClashBase card808.00
40gEric WynaldaSan Jose ClashBase card / Gold Parallel505.00
41Mark DoughertyTampa Bay MutinyBase card606.00
41gMark DoughertyTampa Bay MutinyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
42Giuseppe GalderisiTampa Bay MutinyBase card707.00
42gGiuseppe GalderisiTampa Bay MutinyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
43Frankie HejdukTampa Bay MutinyBase card606.00
43gFrankie HejdukTampa Bay MutinyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
44Roy LassiterTampa Bay MutinyBase card606.00
44gRoy LassiterTampa Bay MutinyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
45Carlos ValderramaTampa Bay MutinyBase card707.00
45gCarlos ValderramaTampa Bay MutinyBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
46Jeff AgoosD.C. UnitedBase card606.00
46gJeff AgoosD.C. UnitedBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
47Raul Diaz ArceD.C. UnitedBase card505.00
47gRaul Diaz ArceD.C. UnitedBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
48Marco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedBase card808.00
48gMarco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
49John HarkesD.C. UnitedBase card707.00
49gJohn HarkesD.C. UnitedBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
50Eddie PopeD.C. UnitedBase card606.00
50gEddie PopeD.C. UnitedBase card / Gold Parallel606.00
S1Cobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxySignature606.00
S2Alexi LalasNew England RevolutionSignature606.00
S3Eric WynaldaSan Jose ClashSignature606.00
S4John HarkesD.C. UnitedSignature707.00
S5Jorge CamposLos Angeles GalaxySignature707.00
TC1Steve TrittschuhColorado RapidsTeam Captain606.00
TC2Brian BlissColumbus CrewTeam Captain606.00
TC3Leonel AlvarezDallas BurnTeam Captain606.00
TC4PrekiKansas City WizardsTeam Captain606.00
TC5Dan CalichmanLos Angeles GalaxyTeam Captain606.00
TC6Peter VermesNY/NJ MetroStarsTeam Captain707.00
TC7Mike BurnsNew England RevolutionTeam Captain606.00
TC8John DoyleSan Jose ClashTeam Captain606.00
TC9Carlos ValderramaTampa Bay MutinyTeam Captain808.00
TC10John HarkesD.C. UnitedTeam Captain606.00
TW1Mark DoddDallas BurnTrophy Winners606.00
TW2John DoyleSan Jose ClashTrophy Winners606.00
TW3Eric WynaldaSan Jose ClashTrophy Winners707.00
TW4Steve RalstonTampa Bay MutinyTrophy Winners606.00
TW5Roy LassiterTampa Bay MutinyTrophy Winners606.00
TW6Carlos ValderramaTampa Bay MutinyTrophy Winners808.00
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