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Upper Deck MLS 1999

Upper Deck MLS 1999

Year: 1999
Total cards: 181

Collection preview (91% scanned images)

collecting: 9 / completed: 0


1Cobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
2WeltonLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
3Mauricio CienfuegosLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
4Carlos HermosilloLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
5Paul CaligiuriLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
6Clint MathisLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
7Robin FraserLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
8Steve JolleyLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
9Kevin HartmanLos Angeles GalaxyBase card101.00
10Eric WynaldaSan Jose ClashBase card202.00
11Ronald CerritosSan Jose ClashBase card101.00
12Raul Diaz ArceSan Jose ClashBase card101.00
13Eddie LewisSan Jose ClashBase card101.00
14Mauricio WrightSan Jose ClashBase card101.00
15John DoyleSan Jose ClashBase card101.00
16Jeff BaicherSan Jose ClashBase card101.00
17David KramerSan Jose ClashBase card101.00
18Ante RazovChicago FireBase card101.00
19Roman KoseckiChicago FireBase card404.00
20Jerzy PodbroznyChicago FireBase card303.00
21Peter NowakChicago FireBase card303.00
22Lubos KubikChicago FireBase card101.00
23Chris ArmasChicago FireBase card101.00
24Tom SoehnChicago FireBase card101.00
25Zach ThorntonChicago FireBase card101.00
26Paul BravoColorado RapidsBase card101.00
27Wolde HarrisColorado RapidsBase card101.00
28Ross PauleColorado RapidsBase card101.00
29Anders LimparColorado RapidsBase card101.00
30Marcelo BalboaColorado RapidsBase card101.00
31Chris MartinezColorado RapidsBase card101.00
32Marcus HahnemannColorado RapidsBase card101.00
33Jason KreisDallas BurnBase card101.00
34Dante WashingtonDallas BurnBase card101.00
35Leonel AlvarezDallas BurnBase card101.00
36Chad DeeringDallas BurnBase card101.00
37Matt JordanDallas BurnBase card101.00
38PrekiKansas City WizardsBase card101.00
39Mo JohnstonKansas City WizardsBase card101.00
40Scott VermillionKansas City WizardsBase card101.00
41Chris HendersonKansas City WizardsBase card101.00
42Alexi LalasKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
43Tony MeolaKansas City WizardsBase card101.00
44Eddie PopeD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
45Marco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
46Roy LassiterD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
47A.J. WoodD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
48Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
49Ben OlsenD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
50Richie WilliamsD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
51Jeff AgoosD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
52Carlos LlamosaD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
53Tom PresthusD.C. UnitedBase card101.00
54Brian McBrideColumbus CrewBase card101.00
55Stern JohnColumbus CrewBase card101.00
56Andy WilliamsColumbus CrewBase card101.00
57Jason FarrellColumbus CrewBase card101.00
58Jeff CunninghamColumbus CrewBase card101.00
59Brian MaisonneuveColumbus CrewBase card101.00
60Thomas DooleyColumbus CrewBase card101.00
61Mark DoughertyColumbus CrewBase card101.00
62Mike BurnsNew England RevolutionBase card101.00
63Joe-Max MooreNew England RevolutionBase card101.00
64Edwin GorterNew England RevolutionBase card101.00
65Johnny TorresNew England RevolutionBase card101.00
66John HarkesNew England RevolutionBase card101.00
67Giovanni SavareseNew England RevolutionBase card101.00
68Dan CalichmanNew England RevolutionBase card101.00
69Walter ZengaNew England RevolutionBase card303.00
70Tyrone MarshallMiami FusionBase card101.00
71Diego SernaMiami FusionBase card101.00
72Leo CullenMiami FusionBase card101.00
73Jay HeapsMiami FusionBase card101.00
74Carlos ParraMiami FusionBase card101.00
75Roberto GauchoMiami FusionBase card101.00
76Jeff CassarMiami FusionBase card101.00
77Mauricio RamosTampa Bay MutinyBase card101.00
78Musa ShannonTampa Bay MutinyBase card101.00
79Steve RalstonTampa Bay MutinyBase card101.00
80Chris HouserTampa Bay MutinyBase card101.00
81Carlos ValderramaTampa Bay MutinyBase card404.00
82Jefferson GottardiTampa Bay MutinyBase card101.00
83Scott GarlickTampa Bay MutinyBase card101.00
84Roy MyersNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card101.00
85Eduardo HurtadoNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card101.00
86Tab RamosNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card101.00
87Mike SorberNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card101.00
88Mark ChungNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card101.00
89Mike PetkeNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card101.00
90Mike AmmannNY/NJ MetroStarsBase card101.00
91Brian McBrideColumbus CrewYear in Review101.00
92Marco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedYear in Review101.00
93Zach ThorntonChicago FireYear in Review101.00
94Ben OlsenD.C. UnitedYear in Review101.00
95Brian McBrideColumbus CrewYear in Review101.00
96Los Angeles GalaxyLos Angeles GalaxyYear in Review101.00
97Columbus CrewColumbus CrewYear in Review101.00
98Peter NowakChicago FireYear in Review404.00
99D.C. UnitedD.C. UnitedYear in Review101.00
100Peter NowakChicago FireYear in Review303.00
101Stern JohnColumbus CrewScoring Leaders101.00
102Cobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxyScoring Leaders101.00
103WeltonLos Angeles GalaxyScoring Leaders101.00
104Roy LassiterD.C. UnitedScoring Leaders101.00
105Raul Diaz ArceTampa Bay MutinyScoring Leaders101.00
106Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedScoring Leaders101.00
107Mauricio CienfuegosLos Angeles GalaxyScoring Leaders101.00
108Marco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedScoring Leaders101.00
109Chicago MLS ChampionsChicago FireChecklist101.00
110Brian McBrideColumbus CrewChecklist101.00
ALAlexi Lalas
Kansas City WizardsSign of the Times101.00
ARAnte Razov
Chicago FireSign of the Times101.00
B1Zach ThorntonChicago FireAll-MLS101.00
B2Lubos KubikChicago FireAll-MLS101.00
B3Eddie PopeD.C. UnitedAll-MLS101.00
B4Thomas DooleyColumbus CrewAll-MLS202.00
B5Robin FraserLos Angeles GalaxyAll-MLS101.00
B6Chris ArmasChicago FireAll-MLS101.00
B7Peter NowakChicago FireAll-MLS404.00
B8Mauricio CienfuegosLos Angeles GalaxyAll-MLS101.00
B9Marco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedAll-MLS101.00
B10Cobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxyAll-MLS101.00
B11Stern JohnColumbus CrewAll-MLS101.00
BMBrian McBride
Columbus CrewSign of the Times101.00
CAChris Armas
Chicago FireSign of the Times101.00
CJCobi Jones
Los Angeles GalaxySign of the Times101.00
CVCarlos Valderrama
Tampa Bay MutinySign of the Times202.00
ELEddie Lewis
San Jose ClashSign of the Times101.00
EPEddie Pope
D.C. UnitedSign of the Times101.00
EWEric Wynalda
San Jose ClashSign of the Times101.00
JHJohn Harkes
New England RevolutionSign of the Times101.00
JHEJay Heaps
Miami FusionSign of the Times101.00
JKJason Kreis
Dallas BurnSign of the Times101.00
JMJaime Moreno
D.C. UnitedSign of the Times101.00
JMMJoe-Max Moore
New England RevolutionSign of the Times101.00
LCLeo Cullen
Miami FusionSign of the Times101.00
M1Cobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxyMLS Stars101.00
M2Carlos HermosilloLos Angeles GalaxyMLS Stars101.00
M3Eric WynaldaSan Jose ClashMLS Stars202.00
M4Stern JohnColumbus CrewMLS Stars101.00
M5Peter NowakChicago FireMLS Stars404.00
M6Alexi LalasKansas City WizardsMLS Stars202.00
M7Eddie PopeD.C. UnitedMLS Stars101.00
M8Marco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedMLS Stars101.00
M9Walter ZengaNew England RevolutionMLS Stars303.00
M10John HarkesNew England RevolutionMLS Stars101.00
M11Carlos ValderramaTampa Bay MutinyMLS Stars202.00
M12Brian McBrideColumbus CrewMLS Stars101.00
M13Mauricio CienfuegosLos Angeles GalaxyMLS Stars101.00
M14Raul Diaz ArceSan Jose ClashMLS Stars101.00
M15Zach ThorntonChicago FireMLS Stars101.00
M16Ante RazovChicago FireMLS Stars101.00
M17Marcelo BalboaColorado RapidsMLS Stars101.00
M18Thomas DooleyColumbus CrewMLS Stars202.00
M19Tony MeolaKansas City WizardsMLS Stars101.00
M20Mark DoddDallas BurnMLS Stars101.00
M21Tab RamosNY/NJ MetroStarsMLS Stars101.00
M22Ronald CerritosSan Jose ClashMLS Stars101.00
M23Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedMLS Stars101.00
M24PrekiKansas City WizardsMLS Stars101.00
MBMarcelo Balboa
Colorado RapidsSign of the Times101.00
MEMarco Etcheverry
D.C. UnitedSign of the Times101.00
MPMike Petke
NY/NJ MetroStarsSign of the Times101.00
Kansas City WizardsSign of the Times101.00
PNPeter Nowak
Chicago FireSign of the Times303.00
RDARaul Diaz Arce
San Jose ClashSign of the Times101.00
RPRoss Paule
Colorado RapidsSign of the Times101.00
SGScott Garlick
Tampa Bay MutinySign of the Times101.00
SJStern John
Columbus CrewSign of the Times101.00
SRSteve Ralston
Tampa Bay MutinySign of the Times101.00
TDThomas Dooley
Columbus CrewSign of the Times101.00
TRTab Ramos
NY/NJ MetroStarsSign of the Times101.00
W1Carlos ValderramaTampa Bay MutinyWorld Stars303.00
W2Marco EtcheverryD.C. UnitedWorld Stars101.00
W3Walter ZengaNew England RevolutionWorld Stars303.00
W4Carlos HermosilloLos Angeles GalaxyWorld Stars101.00
W5Mauricio CienfuegosLos Angeles GalaxyWorld Stars101.00
W6Peter NowakChicago FireWorld Stars303.00
W7Stern JohnColumbus CrewWorld Stars101.00
WZWalter Zenga
New England RevolutionSign of the Times202.00
ZTZach Thornton
Chicago FireSign of the Times101.00
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