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Upper Deck MLS 2007

Upper Deck MLS 2007

Year: 2007
Total cards: 202

Collection preview (78% scanned images)

collecting: 14 / completed: 1


1Chris RolfeChicago FireBase card422.00
2Chad BarrettChicago FireBase card321.50
3Calen CarrChicago FireBase card404.00
4Chris ArmasChicago FireBase card422.00
5Matt PickensChicago FireBase card431.33
6Cuauhtemoc BlancoChicago FireBase card313.00
7Gonzalo SegaresChicago FireBase card422.00
8C.J. BrownChicago FireBase card422.00
9Maykel GalindoChivas USABase card431.33
10Ante RazovChivas USABase card321.50
11Sacha KljestanChivas USABase card422.00
12Jesse MarschChivas USABase card422.00
13Paulo NagamuraChivas USABase card422.00
14Francisco MendozaChivas USABase card422.00
15Brad GuzanChivas USABase card522.50
16Jonathan BornsteinChivas USABase card422.00
17Bouna CoundoulColorado RapidsBase card414.00
18Mike PetkeColorado RapidsBase card431.33
19Terry CookeColorado RapidsBase card321.50
20Herculez GomezColorado RapidsBase card431.33
21Jovan KirovskiColorado RapidsBase card422.00
22Pablo MastroeniColorado RapidsBase card313.00
23Nicolas HernandezColorado RapidsBase card422.00
24Kyle BeckermanReal Salt LakeBase card321.50
25Andy GruenebaumColumbus CrewBase card422.00
26Ned GrabavoyColumbus CrewBase card422.00
27Alejandro MorenoColumbus CrewBase card422.00
28Guillermo Barros SchelottoColumbus CrewBase card531.67
29Eddie GavenColumbus CrewBase card313.00
30Frankie HejdukColumbus CrewBase card404.00
31Danny O'RourkeColumbus CrewBase card422.00
32Andy HerronColumbus CrewBase card422.00
33Troy PerkinsD.C. UnitedBase card414.00
34Luciano EmilioD.C. UnitedBase card414.00
35Christian GomezD.C. UnitedBase card422.00
36Ben OlsenD.C. UnitedBase card422.00
37Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedBase card321.50
38FredD.C. UnitedBase card431.33
39Brian CarrollD.C. UnitedBase card414.00
40Juan TojaFC DallasBase card431.33
41Kenny CooperFC DallasBase card431.33
42Ramon NunezFC DallasBase card431.33
43Abe ThompsonFC DallasBase card431.33
44Carlos RuizFC DallasBase card431.33
45Dario SalaFC DallasBase card431.33
46Dax McCartyFC DallasBase card331.00
47Arturo AlvarezFC DallasBase card431.33
48Pat OnstadHouston DynamoBase card422.00
49Brad DavisHouston DynamoBase card431.33
50Dwayne De RosarioHouston DynamoBase card422.00
51Joseph NgwenyaHouston DynamoBase card422.00
52Brian ChingHouston DynamoBase card321.50
53Wade BarrettHouston DynamoBase card414.00
54Ricardo ClarkHouston DynamoBase card404.00
55Kevin HartmanKansas City WizardsBase card331.00
56Eddie JohnsonKansas City WizardsBase card331.00
57Jimmy ConradKansas City WizardsBase card431.33
58Michael HarringtonKansas City WizardsBase card431.33
59Yura MovsisyanKansas City WizardsBase card340.75
60Davy ArnaudKansas City WizardsBase card331.00
61Kerry ZavagninKansas City WizardsBase card431.33
62Sasha VictorineKansas City WizardsBase card331.00
63David BeckhamLos Angeles GalaxyBase card632.00
64Landon DonovanLos Angeles GalaxyBase card321.50
65Joe CannonLos Angeles GalaxyBase card422.00
66Cobi JonesLos Angeles GalaxyBase card321.50
67Edson BuddleLos Angeles GalaxyBase card321.50
68Kyle MartinoLos Angeles GalaxyBase card331.00
69Ty HardenLos Angeles GalaxyBase card422.00
70Matt ReisNew England RevolutionBase card321.50
71Taylor TwellmanNew England RevolutionBase card422.00
72Andy DormanNew England RevolutionBase card331.00
73Adam CristmanNew England RevolutionBase card422.00
74Shalrie JosephNew England RevolutionBase card422.00
75Steve RalstonNew England RevolutionBase card321.50
76Pat NoonanNew England RevolutionBase card321.50
77Michael ParkhurstNew England RevolutionBase card431.33
78Juan Pablo AngelNew York Red BullsBase card313.00
79Clint MathisNew York Red BullsBase card414.00
80Jozy AltidoreNew York Red BullsBase card321.50
81Dema KovalenkoNew York Red BullsBase card522.50
82Ronald WaterreusNew York Red BullsBase card321.50
83Claudio ReynaNew York Red BullsBase card321.50
84Dave van den BerghNew York Red BullsBase card422.00
85Dane RichardsNew York Red BullsBase card414.00
86Nick RimandoReal Salt LakeBase card321.50
87Freddy AduReal Salt LakeBase card331.00
88Eddie PopeReal Salt LakeBase card321.50
89Robbie FindleyReal Salt LakeBase card422.00
90Alecko EskandarianReal Salt LakeBase card422.00
91Mehdi BallouchyColorado RapidsBase card422.00
92Atiba HarrisReal Salt LakeBase card404.00
93Danny DichioToronto FCBase card321.50
94Jeff CunninghamToronto FCBase card321.50
95Greg SuttonToronto FCBase card313.00
96Maurice EduToronto FCBase card414.00
97Collin SamuelToronto FCBase card422.00
98Andy WelshToronto FCBase card422.00
99Ronnie O'BrienToronto FCBase card422.00
100Marvell WynneToronto FCBase card422.00
GG1Andy GruenebaumColumbus CrewGoal Guards303.00
GG2Bouna CoundoulColorado RapidsGoal Guards404.00
GG3Brad GuzanChivas USAGoal Guards404.00
GG4Dario SalaFC DallasGoal Guards404.00
GG5Greg SuttonToronto FCGoal Guards404.00
GG6Joe CannonLos Angeles GalaxyGoal Guards404.00
GG7Kevin HartmanKansas City WizardsGoal Guards404.00
GG8Matt PickensChicago FireGoal Guards303.00
GG9Matt ReisNew England RevolutionGoal Guards404.00
GG10Nick RimandoReal Salt LakeGoal Guards404.00
GG11Pat OnstadHouston DynamoGoal Guards404.00
GG12Ronald WaterreusNew York Red BullsGoal Guards404.00
GG13Troy PerkinsD.C. UnitedGoal Guards303.00
MLS-ADAndy Dorman
New England RevolutionMLS Singles505.00
MLS-ARAnte Razov
Chivas USAMLS Singles505.00
MLS-BOBen Olsen
D.C. UnitedMLS Singles505.00
MLS-CBCuauhtemoc Blanco
Chicago FireMLS Singles505.00
MLS-CGChristian Gomez
D.C. UnitedMLS Singles505.00
MLS-CMClint Mathis
New York Red BullsMLS Singles505.00
MLS-COJimmy Conrad
Kansas City WizardsMLS Singles505.00
MLS-CRChris Rolfe
Chicago FireMLS Singles505.00
MLS-DBDavid Beckham
Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Singles808.00
MLS-DDDwayne De Rosario
Houston DynamoMLS Singles505.00
MLS-DIDanny Dichio
Toronto FCMLS Singles505.00
MLS-EJEddie Johnson
Kansas City WizardsMLS Singles505.00
MLS-EPEddie Pope
Real Salt LakeMLS Singles505.00
MLS-FAFreddy Adu
Real Salt LakeMLS Singles505.00
MLS-GSGuillermo Barros Schelotto
Columbus CrewMLS Singles505.00
MLS-HGHerculez Gomez
Colorado RapidsMLS Singles505.00
MLS-JAJuan Pablo Angel
New York Red BullsMLS Singles505.00
MLS-JBJonathan Bornstein
Chivas USAMLS Singles505.00
MLS-JCJeff Cunningham
Toronto FCMLS Singles505.00
MLS-JTJuan Toja
FC DallasMLS Singles505.00
MLS-LDLandon Donovan
Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Singles505.00
MLS-LELuciano Emilio
D.C. UnitedMLS Singles505.00
MLS-MGMaykel Galindo
Chivas USAMLS Singles505.00
MLS-MPMichael Parkhurst
New England RevolutionMLS Singles505.00
MLS-MRMatt Reis
New England RevolutionMLS Singles505.00
MLS-RCRicardo Clark
Houston DynamoMLS Singles505.00
MLS-REClaudio Reyna
New York Red BullsMLS Singles505.00
MLS-SRSteve Ralston
New England RevolutionMLS Singles505.00
MLS-TCTerry Cooke
Colorado RapidsMLS Singles505.00
MLS-TTTaylor Twellman
New England RevolutionMLS Singles505.00
MLS2-APFreddy Adu / Eddie Pope
Real Salt Lake / Real Salt LakeMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-BDLandon Donovan / David Beckham
Los Angeles Galaxy / Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Duals808.00
MLS2-CDJeff Cunningham / Danny Dichio
Toronto FC / Toronto FCMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-DAFreddy Adu / Landon Donovan
Real Salt Lake / Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-DCDwayne De Rosario / Ricardo Clark
Houston Dynamo / Houston DynamoMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-GEChristian Gomez / Luciano Emilio
D.C. United / D.C. UnitedMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-JAEddie Johnson / Juan Pablo Angel
Kansas City Wizards / New York Red BullsMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-JCEddie Johnson / Jimmy Conrad
Kansas City Wizards / Kansas City WizardsMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-RBChris Rolfe / Cuauhtemoc Blanco
Chicago Fire / Chicago FireMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-RGAnte Razov / Maykel Galindo
Chivas USA / Chivas USAMLS Duals505.00
MLS2-RMClint Mathis / Claudio Reyna
New York Red Bulls / New York Red BullsMLS Duals404.00
MLS2-TDTaylor Twellman / Andy Dorman
New England Revolution / New England RevolutionMLS Duals404.00
PP1Andy DormanNew England RevolutionPitch Perfect404.00
PP2Ben OlsenD.C. UnitedPitch Perfect404.00
PP3Chris RolfeChicago FirePitch Perfect404.00
PP4Christian GomezD.C. UnitedPitch Perfect404.00
PP5Claudio ReynaNew York Red BullsPitch Perfect505.00
PP6Clint MathisNew York Red BullsPitch Perfect404.00
PP7Cuauhtemoc BlancoChicago FirePitch Perfect303.00
PP8Danny DichioToronto FCPitch Perfect404.00
PP9David BeckhamLos Angeles GalaxyPitch Perfect717.00
PP10Dwayne De RosarioHouston DynamoPitch Perfect303.00
PP11Eddie JohnsonKansas City WizardsPitch Perfect404.00
PP12Eddie PopeReal Salt LakePitch Perfect303.00
PP13Freddy AduReal Salt LakePitch Perfect404.00
PP14Guillermo Barros SchelottoColumbus CrewPitch Perfect404.00
PP15Jeff CunninghamToronto FCPitch Perfect404.00
PP16Jimmy ConradKansas City WizardsPitch Perfect404.00
PP17Jonathan BornsteinChivas USAPitch Perfect404.00
PP18Juan Pablo AngelNew York Red BullsPitch Perfect404.00
PP19Juan TojaFC DallasPitch Perfect404.00
PP20Landon DonovanLos Angeles GalaxyPitch Perfect404.00
PP21Luciano EmilioD.C. UnitedPitch Perfect404.00
PP22Matt ReisNew England RevolutionPitch Perfect404.00
PP23Maykel GalindoChivas USAPitch Perfect404.00
PP24Michael ParkhurstNew England RevolutionPitch Perfect404.00
PP25Ricardo ClarkHouston DynamoPitch Perfect404.00
PP26Shalrie JosephNew England RevolutionPitch Perfect404.00
PP27Taylor TwellmanNew England RevolutionPitch Perfect404.00
SS1Alejandro MorenoColumbus CrewStriker Stars404.00
SS2Andy DormanNew England RevolutionStriker Stars404.00
SS3Ante RazovChivas USAStriker Stars404.00
SS4Brad DavisHouston DynamoStriker Stars303.00
SS5Chad BarrettChicago FireStriker Stars404.00
SS6Chris RolfeChicago FireStriker Stars404.00
SS7Clint MathisNew York Red BullsStriker Stars404.00
SS8Danny DichioToronto FCStriker Stars404.00
SS9Eddie JohnsonKansas City WizardsStriker Stars404.00
SS10Freddy AduReal Salt LakeStriker Stars404.00
SS11Herculez GomezColorado RapidsStriker Stars404.00
SS12Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedStriker Stars404.00
SS13Jeff CunninghamToronto FCStriker Stars404.00
SS14Jozy AltidoreNew York Red BullsStriker Stars404.00
SS15Juan Pablo AngelNew York Red BullsStriker Stars404.00
SS16Kenny CooperFC DallasStriker Stars404.00
SS17Landon DonovanLos Angeles GalaxyStriker Stars404.00
SS18Luciano EmilioD.C. UnitedStriker Stars303.00
SS19Maykel GalindoChivas USAStriker Stars303.00
SS20Taylor TwellmanNew England RevolutionStriker Stars404.00
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