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Upper Deck MLS 2008

Upper Deck MLS 2008

Year: 2008
Total cards: 379

Major League Soccer 2008.

Collection preview (87% scanned images)

collecting: 10 / completed: 0


1Chad BarrettChicago FireBase card202.00
2Cuauhtemoc BlancoChicago FireBase card202.00
3Chris RolfeChicago FireBase card202.00
4Jon BuschChicago FireBase card202.00
5Calen CarrChicago FireBase card202.00
6Justin MappChicago FireBase card202.00
7Tomasz FrankowskiChicago FireBase card404.00
8Ante RazovChivas USABase card202.00
9Maykel GalindoChivas USABase card202.00
10Brad GuzanChivas USABase card202.00
11Francisco MendozaChivas USABase card212.00
12Sacha KljestanChivas USABase card202.00
13Jonathan BornsteinChivas USABase card202.00
14Claudio SuarezChivas USABase card202.00
15Guillermo Barros SchelottoColumbus CrewBase card202.00
16Alejandro MorenoColumbus CrewBase card202.00
17Will HesmerColumbus CrewBase card212.00
18Eddie GavenColumbus CrewBase card202.00
19Robbie RogersColumbus CrewBase card202.00
20Frankie HejdukColumbus CrewBase card202.00
21Nicolas HernandezColumbus CrewBase card202.00
22Christian GomezColorado RapidsBase card202.00
23He ulez GomezColorado RapidsBase card202.00
24Jovan KirovskiSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
25Bouna CoundoulColorado RapidsBase card202.00
26Terry CookeColorado RapidsBase card202.00
27Mehdi BallouchyColorado RapidsBase card202.00
28Facundo ErpenColorado RapidsBase card202.00
29Pablo MastroeniColorado RapidsBase card202.00
30Kenny CooperFC DallasBase card202.00
31Juan TojaFC DallasBase card202.00
32Ray BurseFC DallasBase card202.00
33Arturo AlvarezFC DallasBase card202.00
34Pablo RicchettiFC DallasBase card202.00
35Duilio DavinoFC DallasBase card212.00
36Drew MoorFC DallasBase card202.00
37Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
38Luciano EmilioD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
39Zach WellsD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
40FredD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
41Ben OlsenD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
42Ma Bu hD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
43Ma elo GallardoD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
44Brian ChingHouston DynamoBase card202.00
45Dwayne De RosarioHouston DynamoBase card202.00
46Pat OnstadHouston DynamoBase card202.00
47Stuart HoldenHouston DynamoBase card202.00
48Bobby BoswellHouston DynamoBase card202.00
49Ricardo ClarkHouston DynamoBase card202.00
50Eddie RobinsonHouston DynamoBase card202.00
51Chance MyersKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
52Davy ArnaudKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
53Scott SealyKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
54Kevin HartmanKansas City WizardsBase card212.00
55Jimmy ConradKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
56Michael HarringtonKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
57Claudio LopezKansas City WizardsBase card303.00
58Landon DonovanLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
59Carlos RuizLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
60Steve CroninLos Angeles GalaxyBase card212.00
61David BeckhamLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
62Alan GordonLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
63Ante JazicLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
64Abel XavierLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
65Adam CristmanNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
66Taylor TwellmanNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
67Matt ReisNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
68Steve RalstonNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
69Khano SmithNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
70Chris AlbrightNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
71Shalrie JosephNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
72Michael ParkhurstNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
73Jozy AltidoreNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
74Juan Pablo AngelNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
75Jon ConwayNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
76Dane RichardsNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
77Dave van den BerghNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
78Claudio ReynaNew York Red BullsBase card303.00
79Seth StammlerNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
80Robbie FindleyReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
81Kyle BeckermanReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
82Nick RimandoReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
83Chris SeitzReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
84Yura MovsisyanReal Salt LakeBase card303.00
85Kenny DeucharReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
86Javier MoralesReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
87Kei KamaraSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
88Joe CannonSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
89Ned GrabavoySan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
90Ronnie O'BrienSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
91Ryan CochraneSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
92Nick Ga iaSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
93Gavin GlintonSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
94Maurice EduToronto FCBase card202.00
95Jeff CunninghamToronto FCBase card202.00
96Danny DichioToronto FCBase card202.00
97Greg SuttonToronto FCBase card202.00
98Marvell WynneToronto FCBase card202.00
99Carl RobinsonToronto FCBase card202.00
100Collin SamuelToronto FCBase card202.00
101John ThorringtonChicago FireBase card212.00
102Logan PauseChicago FireBase card202.00
103Bakary SoumareChicago FireBase card202.00
104Gonzalo SegaresChicago FireBase card202.00
105Diego GutierrezChicago FireBase card202.00
106Brandon PrideauxChicago FireBase card202.00
107Stephen KingChicago FireBase card202.00
108Bryan NamoffD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
109Clyde SimmsD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
110Gonzalo PeraltaD.C. UnitedBase card212.00
111Gonzalo MartinezD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
112Santino QuarantaD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
113Devon McTavishD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
114Franco NeillD.C. UnitedBase card202.00
115Jesse MarschChivas USABase card202.00
116Atiba HarrisChivas USABase card202.00
117Paulo NagamuraChivas USABase card202.00
118Lawson VaughnChivas USABase card202.00
119Justin BraunChivas USABase card202.00
120Alecko EskandarianChivas USABase card202.00
121Chris PozniakChivas USABase card202.00
122Richard MulrooneyHouston DynamoBase card202.00
123Wade BarrettHouston DynamoBase card202.00
124Brian MullanHouston DynamoBase card202.00
125Franco CaraccioHouston DynamoBase card202.00
126Patrick IanniHouston DynamoBase card202.00
127Corey AsheHouston DynamoBase card202.00
128Geoff CameronHouston DynamoBase card202.00
129Brian CarrollColumbus CrewBase card202.00
130Chad MarshallColumbus CrewBase card202.00
131Danny O'RourkeColumbus CrewBase card202.00
132Adam MoffatColumbus CrewBase card202.00
133Brad EvansColumbus CrewBase card202.00
134Emmanuel EkpoColumbus CrewBase card202.00
135Gino PadulaColumbus CrewBase card202.00
136Stefani MiglioranziColumbus CrewBase card202.00
137Jack JewsburyKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
138Ivan TrujilloKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
139Eloy ColombanoKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
140Jonathan LeathersKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
141Carlos MarinelliKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
142Kurt MorsinkKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
143Tyson WahlKansas City WizardsBase card202.00
144Ryan PoreKansas City WizardsBase card212.00
145Nick LaBroccaColorado RapidsBase card202.00
146Stephen KeelColorado RapidsBase card202.00
147Colin ClarkColorado RapidsBase card202.00
148Kosuke KimuraColorado RapidsBase card202.00
149Tom McManusColorado RapidsBase card202.00
150Omar CummingsColorado RapidsBase card202.00
151Jose Bu iaga Jr.Colorado RapidsBase card202.00
152Chris KleinLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
153Greg VanneyLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
154Brandon McDonaldLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
155Sean FranklinLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
156Ely AllenLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
157Edson BuddleLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
158Joe FranchinoLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
159Mike RandolphLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
160Blake WagnerFC DallasBase card202.00
161Andre RochaFC DallasBase card202.00
162Dario SalaFC DallasBase card202.00
163Dax McCartyFC DallasBase card202.00
164Abe ThompsonFC DallasBase card212.00
165RicardinhoFC DallasBase card202.00
166Adrian SeriouxFC DallasBase card202.00
167Jay HeapsNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
168Kenny MansallyNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
169Mauricio CastroNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
170Sainey NyassiNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
171Jeff LarentowiczNew England RevolutionBase card202.00
172Gary FloodNew England RevolutionBase card212.00
173Kheli DubeNew England RevolutionBase card212.00
174Ramiro CorralesSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
175Conor CaseyColorado RapidsBase card202.00
176Ryan JohnsonSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
177James RileySan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
178John CunliffeSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
179Jason HernandezSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
180Ivan GuerreroSan Jose EarthquakesBase card202.00
181Kevin GoldthwaiteNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
182Chris LeitchNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
183Jeff ParkeNew York Red BullsBase card212.00
184Mike MageeNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
185Oscar EcheverryNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
186Hunter FreemanNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
187Luke SassanoNew York Red BullsBase card202.00
188Jim BrennanToronto FCBase card202.00
189Tyrone MarshallToronto FCBase card202.00
190Ma o VelezToronto FCBase card202.00
191Laurent RobertToronto FCBase card202.00
192Jarrod SmithToronto FCBase card202.00
193Todd DunivantToronto FCBase card202.00
194Amado GuevaraToronto FCBase card202.00
195Nat Bo hersReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
196Chris WingertReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
197Ian JoyReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
198Matias MantillaReal Salt LakeBase card202.00
199Peter VagenasLos Angeles GalaxyBase card202.00
200Fabian EspindolaReal Salt LakeBase card303.00
AK-1Cuauhtemoc BlancoChicago FireAssist Kings404.00
AK-2Sacha KljestanChivas USAAssist Kings303.00
AK-3Guillermo Barros SchelottoColumbus CrewAssist Kings303.00
AK-4Eddie GavenColumbus CrewAssist Kings303.00
AK-5Christian GomezColorado RapidsAssist Kings303.00
AK-6Pablo RicchettiFC DallasAssist Kings303.00
AK-7Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedAssist Kings313.00
AK-8FredD.C. UnitedAssist Kings404.00
AK-9Ben OlsenD.C. UnitedAssist Kings303.00
AK-10Davy ArnaudKansas City WizardsAssist Kings303.00
AK-11Landon DonovanLos Angeles GalaxyAssist Kings404.00
AK-12David BeckhamLos Angeles GalaxyAssist Kings404.00
AK-13Khano SmithNew England RevolutionAssist Kings303.00
AK-14Dave van den BerghNew York Red BullsAssist Kings303.00
AK-15Ned GrabavoySan Jose EarthquakesAssist Kings303.00
AK-16Marvell WynneToronto FCAssist Kings303.00
AK-17Richard MulrooneyHouston DynamoAssist Kings303.00
AK-18Sasha VictorineKansas City WizardsAssist Kings303.00
AK-19Peter VagenasLos Angeles GalaxyAssist Kings303.00
AK-20Dax McCartyFC DallasAssist Kings303.00
GS-1Chad BarrettChicago FireGoal Scorers404.00
GS-2Cuauhtemoc BlancoChicago FireGoal Scorers404.00
GS-3Chris RolfeChicago FireGoal Scorers404.00
GS-4Ante RazovChivas USAGoal Scorers303.00
GS-5Maykel GalindoChivas USAGoal Scorers303.00
GS-6Guillermo Barros SchelottoColumbus CrewGoal Scorers303.00
GS-7Alejandro MorenoColumbus CrewGoal Scorers303.00
GS-8Christian GomezColorado RapidsGoal Scorers303.00
GS-9Herculez GomezColorado RapidsGoal Scorers303.00
GS-10Sacha KljestanChivas USAGoal Scorers303.00
GS-11Kenny CooperFC DallasGoal Scorers202.00
GS-12Juan TojaFC DallasGoal Scorers303.00
GS-13Jaime MorenoD.C. UnitedGoal Scorers303.00
GS-14Luciano EmilioD.C. UnitedGoal Scorers303.00
GS-15Brian ChingHouston DynamoGoal Scorers303.00
GS-16Dwayne De RosarioHouston DynamoGoal Scorers303.00
GS-17Davy ArnaudKansas City WizardsGoal Scorers303.00
GS-18Scott SealyKansas City WizardsGoal Scorers303.00
GS-19Landon DonovanLos Angeles GalaxyGoal Scorers404.00
GS-20Carlos RuizLos Angeles GalaxyGoal Scorers303.00
GS-21Adam CristmanNew England RevolutionGoal Scorers303.00
GS-22Taylor TwellmanNew England RevolutionGoal Scorers303.00
GS-23Jozy AltidoreNew York Red BullsGoal Scorers303.00
GS-24Juan Pablo AngelNew York Red BullsGoal Scorers303.00
GS-25Robbie FindleyReal Salt LakeGoal Scorers303.00
GS-26Kyle BeckermanReal Salt LakeGoal Scorers303.00
GS-27Maurice EduToronto FCGoal Scorers303.00
GS-28Jeff CunninghamToronto FCGoal Scorers303.00
GS-29Danny DichioToronto FCGoal Scorers303.00
GS-30Edson BuddleLos Angeles GalaxyGoal Scorers303.00
KP-1Jon BuschChicago FireKeepers404.00
KP-2Brad GuzanChivas USAKeepers303.00
KP-3Will HesmerColumbus CrewKeepers303.00
KP-4Bouna CoundoulColorado RapidsKeepers303.00
KP-5Ray BurseFC DallasKeepers303.00
KP-6Zach WellsD.C. UnitedKeepers313.00
KP-7Pat OnstadHouston DynamoKeepers303.00
KP-8Kevin HartmanKansas City WizardsKeepers303.00
KP-9Steve CroninLos Angeles GalaxyKeepers303.00
KP-10Matt ReisNew England RevolutionKeepers303.00
KP-11Jon ConwayNew York Red BullsKeepers313.00
KP-12Nick RimandoReal Salt LakeKeepers303.00
KP-13Chris SeitzReal Salt LakeKeepers303.00
KP-14Joe CannonSan Jose EarthquakesKeepers303.00
KP-15Greg SuttonToronto FCKeepers313.00
KP-16Andy GruenebaumColumbus CrewKeepers303.00
KP-17Dario SalaFC DallasKeepers303.00
MK-1Chad BarrettChicago FireMLS Marks303.00
MK-2Chris RolfeChicago FireMLS Marks303.00
MK-3Sacha KljestanChivas USAMLS Marks303.00
MK-4Christian GomezD.C. UnitedMLS Marks303.00
MK-5Guillermo Barros SchelottoColumbus CrewMLS Marks404.00
MK-6Luciano EmilioD.C. UnitedMLS Marks303.00
MK-7Ben OlsenD.C. UnitedMLS Marks303.00
MK-8Juan TojaFC DallasMLS Marks303.00
MK-9Kenny CooperFC DallasMLS Marks303.00
MK-10Dwayne De RosarioHouston DynamoMLS Marks303.00
MK-11Jimmy ConradKansas City WizardsMLS Marks303.00
MK-12Carlos RuizLos Angeles GalaxyMLS Marks303.00
MK-13Landon DonovanLos Angeles GalaxyMLS Marks303.00
MK-14Shalrie JosephNew England RevolutionMLS Marks303.00
MK-15Taylor TwellmanNew England RevolutionMLS Marks303.00
MK-17Juan Pablo AngelNew York Red BullsMLS Marks303.00
MK-18Kyle BeckermanColorado RapidsMLS Marks303.00
MK-19Ronnie O'BrienSan Jose EarthquakesMLS Marks303.00
MK-20Maurice EduToronto FCMLS Marks303.00
MM-1Brian Ching
Houston DynamoMLS Materials303.00
MM-1pBrian Ching
Houston DynamoMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-2Brad Guzan
Chivas USAMLS Materials303.00
MM-2pBrad Guzan
Chivas USAMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-3Ben Olsen
D.C. UnitedMLS Materials303.00
MM-3pBen Olsen
D.C. UnitedMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-4Cuauhtemoc Blanco
Chicago FireMLS Materials303.00
MM-4pCuauhtemoc Blanco
Chicago FireMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-5Claudio Suarez
Chivas USAMLS Materials303.00
MM-5pClaudio Suarez
Chivas USAMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-6Davy Arnaud
Kansas City WizardsMLS Materials303.00
MM-6pDavy Arnaud
Kansas City WizardsMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-7David Beckham
Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Materials303.00
MM-7pDavid Beckham
Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-8Dwayne De Rosario
Houston DynamoMLS Materials303.00
MM-8pDwayne De Rosario
Houston DynamoMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-9Danny Dichio
Toronto FCMLS Materials303.00
MM-9pDanny Dichio
Toronto FCMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-10Eddie Gaven
Columbus CrewMLS Materials303.00
MM-10pEddie Gaven
Columbus CrewMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-11Frankie Hejduk
Columbus CrewMLS Materials303.00
MM-11pFrankie Hejduk
Columbus CrewMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-12Jonathan Bornstein
Chivas USAMLS Materials303.00
MM-12pJonathan Bornstein
Chivas USAMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-13Jimmy Conrad
Kansas City WizardsMLS Materials303.00
MM-13pJimmy Conrad
Kansas City WizardsMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-14Justin Mapp
Chicago FireMLS Materials303.00
MM-14pJustin Mapp
Chicago FireMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-15Juan Toja
FC DallasMLS Materials303.00
MM-15pJuan Toja
FC DallasMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-16Kyle Beckerman
Colorado RapidsMLS Materials303.00
MM-16pKyle Beckerman
Colorado RapidsMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-17Kenny Cooper
FC DallasMLS Materials303.00
MM-17pKenny Cooper
FC DallasMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-18Landon Donovan
Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Materials303.00
MM-18pLandon Donovan
Los Angeles GalaxyMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-19Luciano Emilio
D.C. UnitedMLS Materials303.00
MM-19pLuciano Emilio
D.C. UnitedMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-20Maurice Edu
Toronto FCMLS Materials303.00
MM-20pMaurice Edu
Toronto FCMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-21Maykel Galindo
Chivas USAMLS Materials303.00
MM-21pMaykel Galindo
Chivas USAMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-22Jaime Moreno
D.C. UnitedMLS Materials303.00
MM-22pJaime Moreno
D.C. UnitedMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-23Michael Parkhurst
New England RevolutionMLS Materials303.00
MM-23pMichael Parkhurst
New England RevolutionMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-24Marvell Wynne
Toronto FCMLS Materials303.00
MM-24pMarvell Wynne
Toronto FCMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-25Pablo Mastroeni
Colorado RapidsMLS Materials303.00
MM-25pPablo Mastroeni
Colorado RapidsMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-26Pat Onstad
Houston DynamoMLS Materials303.00
MM-26pPat Onstad
Houston DynamoMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-27Stuart Holden
Houston DynamoMLS Materials303.00
MM-27pStuart Holden
Houston DynamoMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-28Shalrie Joseph
New England RevolutionMLS Materials303.00
MM-28pShalrie Joseph
New England RevolutionMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-29Sacha Kljestan
Chivas USAMLS Materials303.00
MM-29pSacha Kljestan
Chivas USAMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
MM-30Taylor Twellman
New England RevolutionMLS Materials303.00
MM-30pTaylor Twellman
New England RevolutionMLS Materials Patch Parallel303.00
SD-1Chance MyersKansas City WizardsSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-2Roger EspinozaKansas City WizardsSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-3Patrick NyarkoChicago FireSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-4Andy IroColumbus CrewSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-5Ciaran O'BrienColorado RapidsSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-6Brek SheaFC DallasSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-7Josh LamboFC DallasSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-8Ely AllenLos Angeles GalaxySuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-9Sean FranklinLos Angeles GalaxySuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-10Rob ValentinoNew England RevolutionSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-11Eric BrunnerNew York Red BullsSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-12Tony BeltranReal Salt LakeSuper Draft 2008303.00
SD-13Julius JamesToronto FCSuper Draft 2008303.00
YG-1Chad BarrettChicago FireYoung Guns404.00
YG-2Francisco MendozaChivas USAYoung Guns303.00
YG-3Eddie GavenColumbus CrewYoung Guns313.00
YG-4Robbie RogersColumbus CrewYoung Guns303.00
YG-5Arturo AlvarezFC DallasYoung Guns313.00
YG-6Stuart HoldenHouston DynamoYoung Guns313.00
YG-7Adam CristmanNew England RevolutionYoung Guns303.00
YG-8Jozy AltidoreNew York Red BullsYoung Guns303.00
YG-9Robbie FindleyReal Salt LakeYoung Guns313.00
YG-10Yura MovsisyanReal Salt LakeYoung Guns404.00
YG-11Kei KamaraSan Jose EarthquakesYoung Guns303.00
YG-12Maurice EduToronto FCYoung Guns303.00
YG-13Dominic OduroFC DallasYoung Guns303.00
YG-14Geoff CameronHouston DynamoYoung Guns303.00
YG-15Roger EspinozaKansas City WizardsYoung Guns313.00
YG-16Patrick NyarkoChicago FireYoung Guns404.00
YG-17Jorge FloresChivas USAYoung Guns303.00
YG-18RicardinhoFC DallasYoung Guns303.00
YG-19Fabian EspindolaReal Salt LakeYoung Guns404.00
YG-20Andrea LombardoToronto FCYoung Guns303.00