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Upper Deck MVP Hockey 2008-2009

Upper Deck MVP Hockey 2008-2009

Year: 2008
Total cards: 1357

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Full checklist (Total cards: 1357)
1Ryan GetzlafAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
2Corey PerryAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
3Teemu SelanneAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
4Jean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
5Chris ProngerAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
6Mathieu SchneiderAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
7George ParrosAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
8Scott NiedermayerAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
9Chris KunitzAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
10Brendan MorrisonAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
11Ilya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
12Eric PerrinAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
13Tobias EnstromAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
14Eric BoultonAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
15Colby ArmstrongAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
16Bryan LittleAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
17Erik ChristensenAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
18Kari LehtonenAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
19Johan HedbergAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
20Jason WilliamsAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
21Patrice BergeronBoston BruinsBase card000.00
22Marc SavardBoston BruinsBase card000.00
23Zdeno CharaBoston BruinsBase card000.00
24Chuck KobasewBoston BruinsBase card000.00
25Phil KesselBoston BruinsBase card000.00
26Tim ThomasBoston BruinsBase card000.00
27Marco SturmBoston BruinsBase card000.00
28Milan LucicBoston BruinsBase card000.00
29Tuukka RaskBoston BruinsBase card000.00
30Derek RoyBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
31Jason PominvilleBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
32Thomas VanekBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
33Maxim AfinogenovBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
34Jochen HechtBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
35Ales KotalikBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
36Ryan MillerBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
37Drew StaffordBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
38Andrew PetersBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
39Daniel PailleBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
40Craig RivetBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
41Patrick LalimeBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
42Todd BertuzziCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
43Robyn RegehrCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
44Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
45Dion PhaneufCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
46Daymond LangkowCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
47Miikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
48Matthew LombardiCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
49Adrian AucoinCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
50Mike CammalleriCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
51Eric StaalCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
52Ray WhitneyCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
53Rod Brind'AmourCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
54Matt CullenCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
55Justin WilliamsCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
56Cam WardCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
57Scott WalkerCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
58Sergei SamsonovCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
59Joni PitkanenCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
60Patrick KaneChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
61Jonathan ToewsChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
62Patrick SharpChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
63Dustin ByfuglienChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
64Adam BurishChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
65Nikolai KhabibulinChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
66Duncan KeithChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
67Martin HavlatChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
68James WisniewskiChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
69Brian CampbellChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
70Cristobal HuetChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
71Paul StastnyColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
72Joe SakicColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
73Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
74Ryan SmythColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
75Wojtek WolskiColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
76Milan HejdukColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
77Marek SvatosColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
78Ian LaperriereColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
79Peter BudajColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
80T.J. HensickColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
81Darcy TuckerColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
82Kristian HuseliusColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
83Rick NashColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
84Michael PecaColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
85Pascal LeclaireColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
86Fredrik NorrenaColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
87Jared BollColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
88Kris RussellColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
89R.J. UmbergerColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
90Mike RibeiroDallas StarsBase card000.00
91Mike ModanoDallas StarsBase card000.00
92Brad RichardsDallas StarsBase card000.00
93Marty TurcoDallas StarsBase card000.00
94Sergei ZubovDallas StarsBase card000.00
95Jere LehtinenDallas StarsBase card000.00
96Steve OttDallas StarsBase card000.00
97Brenden MorrowDallas StarsBase card000.00
98Sean AveryDallas StarsBase card000.00
99Philippe BoucherDallas StarsBase card000.00
100Ty ConklinDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
101Niklas KronwallDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
102Jiri HudlerDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
103Valtteri FilppulaDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
104Mikael SamuelssonDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
105Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
106Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
107Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
108Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
109Brian RafalskiDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
110Dan ClearyDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
111Tomas HolmstromDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
112Johan FranzenDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
113Marian HossaDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
114Eric ColeEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
115Gilbert BruleEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
116Ales HemskyEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
117Shawn HorcoffEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
118Sam GagnerEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
119Dustin PennerEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
120Andrew CoglianoEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
121Zach StortiniEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
122Robert NilssonEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
123Mathieu GaronEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
124Dwayne RolosonEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
125Lubomir VisnovskyEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
126Nathan HortonFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
127Stephen WeissFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
128Jay BouwmeesterFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
129Tomas VokounFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
130David BoothFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
131Brett McLeanFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
132Rostislav OleszFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
133Cory StillmanFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
134Jarret StollLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
135Anze KopitarLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
136Alexander FrolovLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
137Dustin BrownLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
138Patrick O'SullivanLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
139Jason LaBarberaLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
140Jack JohnsonLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
141Andrew BrunetteMinnesota WildBase card000.00
142Marian GaborikMinnesota WildBase card000.00
143Pierre-Marc BouchardMinnesota WildBase card000.00
144Brent BurnsMinnesota WildBase card000.00
145James SheppardMinnesota WildBase card000.00
146Mikko KoivuMinnesota WildBase card000.00
147Niklas BackstromMinnesota WildBase card000.00
148Josh HardingMinnesota WildBase card000.00
149Derek BoogaardMinnesota WildBase card000.00
150Marek ZidlickyMinnesota WildBase card000.00
151Alex TanguayMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
152Alex KovalevMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
153Tomas PlekanecMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
154Andrei MarkovMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
155Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
156Andrei KostitsynMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
157Sergei KostitsynMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
158Chris HigginsMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
159Carey PriceMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
160Kyle ChipchuraMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
161Guillaume LatendresseMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
162Georges LaraqueMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
163Jason ArnottNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
164Jean-Pierre DumontNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
165Shea WeberNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
166Martin EratNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
167David LegwandNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
168Dan EllisNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
169Jordin TootooNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
170Ryan SuterNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
171Brian RolstonNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
172Zach PariseNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
173Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
174Brian GiontaNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
175Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
176David ClarksonNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
177John MaddenNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
178Jamie LangenbrunnerNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
179Dainius ZubrusNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
180Travis ZajacNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
181Mark StreitNew York IslandersBase card000.00
182Mike ComrieNew York IslandersBase card000.00
183Bill GuerinNew York IslandersBase card000.00
184Trent HunterNew York IslandersBase card000.00
185Rick DiPietroNew York IslandersBase card000.00
186Chris CampoliNew York IslandersBase card000.00
187Sean BergenheimNew York IslandersBase card000.00
188Jeff TambelliniNew York IslandersBase card000.00
189Blake ComeauNew York IslandersBase card000.00
190Doug WeightNew York IslandersBase card000.00
191Nikolai ZherdevNew York RangersBase card000.00
192Scott GomezNew York RangersBase card000.00
193Brendan ShanahanNew York RangersBase card000.00
194Chris DruryNew York RangersBase card000.00
195Brandon DubinskyNew York RangersBase card000.00
196Henrik LundqvistNew York RangersBase card000.00
197Colton OrrNew York RangersBase card000.00
198Stephen ValiquetteNew York RangersBase card000.00
199Marc StaalNew York RangersBase card000.00
200Wade ReddenNew York RangersBase card000.00
201Markus NaslundNew York RangersBase card000.00
202Jason SpezzaOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
203Daniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
204Dany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
205Antoine VermetteOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
206Mike FisherOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
207Filip KubaOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
208Chris NeilOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
209Chris PhillipsOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
210Martin GerberOttawa SenatorsBase card010.00
211Mike RichardsPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
212Daniel BrierePhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
213Mike KnublePhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
214Jeff CarterPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
215Martin BironPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
216Joffrey LupulPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
217Kimmo TimonenPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
218Riley CotePhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
219Scott HartnellPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
220Olli JokinenPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
221Ilya BryzgalovPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
222Shane DoanPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
223Peter MuellerPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
224Ed JovanovskiPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
225Martin HanzalPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
226Daniel WinnikPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
227Daniel CarcilloPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
228Mikael TellqvistPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
229Eric GodardPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
230Miroslav SatanPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
231Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
232Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
233Jordan StaalPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
234Sergei GoncharPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
235Ryan WhitneyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
236Petr SykoraPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
237Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
238Tyler KennedyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
239Rob BlakeSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
240Douglas MurraySan Jose SharksBase card000.00
241Joe ThorntonSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
242Milan MichalekSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
243Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
244Joe PavelskiSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
245Jonathan CheechooSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
246Jeremy RoenickSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
247Evgeni NabokovSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
248Devin SetoguchiSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
249Dan BoyleSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
250Chris MasonSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
251Brad BoyesSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
252Paul KariyaSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
253Manny LegaceSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
254David BackesSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
255Erik JohnsonSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
256David PerronSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
257Keith TkachukSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
258Andy McDonaldSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
259Lee StempniakSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
260Radim VrbataTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
261Ryan MaloneTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
262Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
263Martin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
264Mike SmithTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
265Michel OuelletTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
266Paul RangerTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
267Shane O'BrienTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
268Jussi JokinenTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
269Andrej MeszarosTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
270Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
271Nik AntropovToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
272Tomas KaberleToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
273Pavel KubinaToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
274Jason BlakeToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
275Alexander SteenToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
276Jiri TlustyToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
277Vesa ToskalaToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
278Matt StajanToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
279Steve BernierVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
280Pavol DemitraVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
281Daniel SedinVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
282Henrik SedinVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
283Ryan KeslerVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
284Alexander EdlerVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
285Kevin BieksaVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
286Roberto LuongoVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
287Taylor PyattVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
288Alexandre BurrowsVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
289Jason BlakeToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
290Jose TheodoreWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
291Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
292Nicklas BackstromWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
293Mike GreenWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
294Viktor KozlovWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
295Alexander SeminWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
296Donald BrashearWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
297Sergei FedorovWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
298Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesChecklist000.00
299Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsChecklist000.00
300Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsChecklist000.00
301Tyler PlanteFlorida PanthersRookie000.00
302Tom SestitoColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
303Tom CavanaghSan Jose SharksRookie000.00
304Tim RamholtPhiladelphia FlyersRookie000.00
305Tim ConboyCarolina HurricanesRookie000.00
306Theo PeckhamEdmonton OilersRookie000.00
307Teddy PurcellLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
308Steve MasonColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
309Shawn MatthiasFlorida PanthersRookie000.00
310Sami LepistoWashington CapitalsRookie000.00
311Ryan StonePittsburgh PenguinsRookie000.00
312Robbie EarlToronto Maple LeafsRookie000.00
313Zach BogosianAtlanta ThrashersRookie000.00
314Pascal PelletierChicago BlackhawksRookie000.00
315Niklas HjalmarssonChicago BlackhawksRookie000.00
316Mike MoleNew York IslandersRookie000.00
317Mike IgguldenNew York IslandersRookie000.00
318Mike BrownVancouver CanucksRookie000.00
319Mattias RitolaDetroit Red WingsRookie000.00
320Matt D'AgostiniMontreal CanadiensRookie000.00
321Mark FistricDallas StarsRookie000.00
322Marc-Andre GragnaniBuffalo SabresRookie000.00
323Lauri KorpikoskiNew York RangersRookie000.00
324Kyle TurrisPhoenix CoyotesRookie000.00
325Kyle OkposoNew York IslandersRookie000.00
326Kyle GreentreeCalgary FlamesRookie000.00
327Blake WheelerBoston BruinsRookie000.00
328Justin AbdelkaderDetroit Red WingsRookie000.00
329Jordan LaValleeAtlanta ThrashersRookie000.00
330Jordan HendryChicago BlackhawksRookie000.00
331Jonathan EricssonDetroit Red WingsRookie000.00
332Jonathan FilewichPittsburgh PenguinsRookie000.00
333Joey MorminaPittsburgh PenguinsRookie000.00
334Joe JensenCarolina HurricanesRookie000.00
335Jesse WinchesterOttawa SenatorsRookie000.00
336Jack HillenNew York IslandersRookie000.00
337Ilya ZubovOttawa SenatorsRookie000.00
338Garrett StaffordDallas StarsRookie000.00
339Erik ErsbergLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
340Derick BrassardColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
341David BrineFlorida PanthersRookie000.00
342Darryl BoyceToronto Maple LeafsRookie000.00
343Darren HelmDetroit Red WingsRookie000.00
344Danny TaylorLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
345Dan LaCostaColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
346Corey LockeMinnesota WildRookie000.00
347Colin StuartAtlanta ThrashersRookie000.00
348Cody McLeodColorado AvalancheRookie000.00
349Clay WilsonColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
350Claude GirouxPhiladelphia FlyersRookie000.00
351Chris MinardPittsburgh PenguinsRookie000.00
352Brian LeeOttawa SenatorsRookie000.00
353Brian BoyleLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
354Brandon NolanCarolina HurricanesRookie000.00
355Boris ValabikAtlanta ThrashersRookie000.00
356B.J. CrombeenDallas StarsRookie000.00
357Andrew MurrayColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
358Andrew EbbettAnaheim DucksRookie000.00
359Alex GoligoskiPittsburgh PenguinsRookie000.00
360Alex FosterToronto Maple LeafsRookie000.00
361Adam PineaultColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
362Adam PardyCalgary FlamesRookie000.00
363Brandon SutterCarolina HurricanesRookie000.00
364Jakub VoracekColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
365Michael FrolikFlorida PanthersRookie000.00
366James NealDallas StarsRookie000.00
367Drew DoughtyLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
368Wayne SimmondsLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
369Oscar MollerLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
370Colton GilliesMinnesota WildRookie000.00
371Ryan JonesNashville PredatorsRookie000.00
372Patric HornqvistNashville PredatorsRookie000.00
373Anssi SalmelaNew Jersey DevilsRookie000.00
374Luca SbisaPhiladelphia FlyersRookie000.00
375Jared RossPhiladelphia FlyersRookie000.00
376Mikkel BoedkerPhoenix CoyotesRookie000.00
377Patrik BerglundSt. Louis BluesRookie000.00
378Chris PorterSt. Louis BluesRookie000.00
379T.J. OshieSt. Louis BluesRookie000.00
380Alex PietrangeloSt. Louis BluesRookie000.00
381Steven StamkosTampa Bay LightningRookie000.00
382Vladimir MihalikTampa Bay LightningRookie000.00
383Janne NiskalaTampa Bay LightningRookie000.00
384Nikolai KuleminToronto Maple LeafsRookie000.00
385Luke SchennToronto Maple LeafsRookie000.00
386John MitchellToronto Maple LeafsRookie000.00
387Jonas FrogrenToronto Maple LeafsRookie010.00
388Derek DorsettColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
389Viktor TikhonovPhoenix CoyotesRookie000.00
390Kevin PorterPhoenix CoyotesRookie000.00
391Paul BissonnettePittsburgh PenguinsRookie000.00
392Zach FitzgeraldVancouver CanucksRookie000.00
A-BCDan Cleary / Brad Boyes
Detroit Red Wings / St. Louis BluesOne on One Autographs000.00
A-BDBrandon Dubinsky / David Clarkson
New York Rangers / New Jersey DevilsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-BFMartin Brodeur / Marc-Andre Fleury
New Jersey Devils / Pittsburgh PenguinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-BJJack Johnson / Brendan Bell
Los Angeles Kings / Ottawa SenatorsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-BNRick Nash / Brad Boyes
Columbus Blue Jackets / St. Louis BluesOne on One Autographs000.00
A-BWDan Boyle / Noah Welch
San Jose Sharks / Florida PanthersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-CBNicklas Backstrom / Jeff Carter
Washington Capitals / Philadelphia FlyersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-CFNick Foligno / Kyle Chipchura
Ottawa Senators / Montreal CanadiensOne on One Autographs000.00
A-CSAndrew Cogliano / James Sheppard
Edmonton Oilers / Minnesota WildOne on One Autographs000.00
A-DCJeff Carter / Chris Drury
Philadelphia Flyers / New York RangersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-DDSteve Downie / Brandon Dubinsky
Philadelphia Flyers / New York RangersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-DHJosh Harding / Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers
Minnesota Wild / Edmonton OilersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-DJDevin Setoguchi / Joe Pavelski
San Jose SharksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-DKChris Drury / Phil Kessel
New York Rangers / Boston BruinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-EDErik Johnson / Dustin Byfuglien
St. Louis Blues / Chicago BlackhawksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-ESPatrik Elias / Miroslav Satan
New Jersey Devils / Pittsburgh PenguinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-FGDaniel Girardi / Mark Fraser
New York Rangers / New Jersey DevilsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-FMEvgeni Malkin / Marc-Andre Fleury
Pittsburgh PenguinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-FTJiri Tlusty / Nick Foligno
Toronto Maple Leafs / Ottawa SenatorsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-GPJason Pominville / Scott Gomez
Buffalo Sabres / New York RangersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-GRGreg Moore / Rod Pelley
New York Rangers / New Jersey DevilsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-HBPeter Budaj / Milan Hejduk
Colorado AvalancheOne on One Autographs000.00
A-HMRyan Malone / Nathan Horton
Tampa Bay Lightning / Florida PanthersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-HRMason Raymond / Jannik Hansen
Vancouver CanucksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-HSJames Sheppard / T.J. Hensick
Minnesota Wild / Colorado AvalancheOne on One Autographs000.00
A-HVDany Heatley / Thomas Vanek
Ottawa Senators / Buffalo SabresOne on One Autographs000.00
A-IGJarome Iginla / Sam Gagner
Calgary Flames / Edmonton OilersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-JBJonathan Bernier / Jack Johnson
Los Angeles KingsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-KKAndrei Kostitsyn / Sergei Kostitsyn
Montreal CanadiensOne on One Autographs000.00
A-KLGuillaume Latendresse / Phil Kessel
Montreal Canadiens / Boston BruinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-KPPatrick Kane / David Perron
Chicago Blackhawks / St. Louis BluesOne on One Autographs000.00
A-KSEric Staal / Ilya Kovalchuk
Carolina Hurricanes / Atlanta ThrashersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-KTDavid Krejci / Jiri Tlusty
Boston Bruins / Toronto Maple LeafsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-LKNicklas Lidstrom / Tomas Kaberle
Detroit Red Wings / Toronto Maple LeafsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-LSEric Staal / Vincent Lecavalier
Carolina Hurricanes / Tampa Bay LightningOne on One Autographs000.00
A-MGRyan Getzlaf / Brenden Morrow
Anaheim Ducks / Dallas StarsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-MKMilan Michalek / Lukas Kaspar
San Jose SharksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-NYMarc Staal / Ryan Callahan
New York RangersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-OMAlexander Ovechkin / Evgeni Malkin
Washington Capitals / Pittsburgh PenguinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-PAPeter Mueller / Anze Kopitar
Phoenix Coyotes / Los Angeles KingsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-PKCorey Perry / Anze Kopitar
Anaheim Ducks / Los Angeles KingsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-PMChris Phillips / Bryan McCabe
Ottawa Senators / Florida PanthersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-PPDustin Penner / Marc-Antoine Pouliot
Edmonton OilersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-PRCarey Price / Tuukka Rask
Montreal Canadiens / Boston BruinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-PSPaul Stastny / Dustin Penner
Colorado Avalanche / Edmonton OilersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-PTCarey Price / Jiri Tlusty
Montreal Canadiens / Toronto Maple LeafsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-RGSam Gagner / Mason Raymond
Edmonton Oilers / Vancouver CanucksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-RMMike Ribeiro / Brenden Morrow
Dallas StarsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-RTRyan Smyth / T.J. Hensick
Colorado AvalancheOne on One Autographs000.00
A-SDDaniel Sedin / Henrik Sedin
Vancouver CanucksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-SHMatt Stajan / Chris Higgins
Toronto Maple Leafs / Montreal CanadiensOne on One Autographs000.00
A-SSMarc Staal / Jordan Staal
New York Rangers / Pittsburgh PenguinsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-TGJoe Thornton / Ryan Getzlaf
San Jose Sharks / Anaheim DucksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-TKPatrick Kane / Jonathan Toews
Chicago BlackhawksOne on One Autographs000.00
A-VLKari Lehtonen / Tomas Vokoun
Atlanta Thrashers / Florida PanthersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-WHNathan Horton / Stephen Weiss
Florida PanthersOne on One Autographs000.00
A-ZCTravis Zajac / David Clarkson
New Jersey DevilsOne on One Autographs000.00
A-ZTJonathan Toews / Henrik Zetterberg
Chicago Blackhawks / Detroit Red WingsOne on One Autographs000.00
AO1Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
AO2Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
AO3Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
AO4Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
AO5Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
AO6Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
AO7Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
AO8Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsAlexander the Gr8000.00
FL1Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL2Marian GaborikMinnesota WildFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL3Andrei KostitsynMontreal CanadiensFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL4Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL5Jonathan ToewsChicago BlackhawksFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL6Mike RichardsPhiladelphia FlyersFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL7Nicklas BackstromWashington CapitalsFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL8Patrick KaneChicago BlackhawksFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL9Paul StastnyColorado AvalancheFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL10Peter MuellerPhoenix CoyotesFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL11Ryan GetzlafAnaheim DucksFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL12Sam GagnerEdmonton OilersFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL13Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL14Thomas VanekBuffalo SabresFirst Line Phenoms000.00
FL15Zach PariseNew Jersey DevilsFirst Line Phenoms000.00
J2-AWLSJason Arnott / Shea Weber / David Legwand / Steve Sullivan
Nashville PredatorsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-BDLPMartin Brodeur / Zach Parise / Henrik Lundqvist / Chris Drury
New Jersey Devils / New York RangersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-BEGPMartin Brodeur / Zach Parise / Patrik Elias / Brian Gionta
New Jersey DevilsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-BGRCSimon Gagne / Mike Richards / Jeff Carter / Martin Biron
Philadelphia FlyersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-BNLETobias Enstrom / Matt Niskanen / Kevin Bieksa / Mike Lundin
Atlanta Thrashers / Dallas Stars / Vancouver Canucks / Tampa Bay LightningTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-BTTLVesa Toskala / Jason Blake / Tim Thomas / Milan Lucic
Toronto Maple Leafs / Boston BruinsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-CHSNSidney Crosby / Dany Heatley / Jason Spezza / Rick Nash
Pittsburgh Penguins / Ottawa Senators / Columbus Blue JacketsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-DCKMShane Doan / Peter Mueller / Anze Kopitar / Kyle Calder
Phoenix Coyotes / Los Angeles KingsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-DSTCChris Drury / Brendan Shanahan / Jeff Tambellini / Mike Comrie
New York Rangers / New York IslandersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-DZSKHenrik Zetterberg /Pavel Datsyuk /Patrick Kane / Patrick Sharp
Detroit Red Wings / Chicago BlackhawksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-FCMSSidney Crosby / Evgeni Malkin / Marc-Andre Fleury / Jordan Staal
Pittsburgh PenguinsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-FGOBAlexander Ovechkin / Nicklas Backstrom / Mike Green / Sergei Fedorov
Washington CapitalsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-GBSCSidney Crosby / Miroslav Satan / Daniel Briere / Simon Gagne
Pittsburgh Penguins / Philadelphia FlyersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-GBSOSimon Gagne / Daniel Briere / Alexander Ovechkin / Tomas Fleischmann
Philadelphia Flyers / Washington CapitalsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-GCDAScott Gomez / Chris Drury / Tim Connolly / Maxim Afinogenov
New York Rangers / Buffalo SabresTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-GCOMSidney Crosby / Evgeni Malkin / Alexander Ovechkin / Mike Green
Pittsburgh Penguins / Washington CapitalsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-HDSKDominik Hasek / Kris Draper / Patrick Sharp / Nikolai Khabibulin
Detroit Red Wings / Chicago BlackhawksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-HHSBChris Osgood / Tomas Holmstrom / Marek Svatos / Peter Budaj
Detroit Red Wings / Colorado AvalancheTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-HLDZHenrik Zetterberg / Nicklas Lidstrom / Dominik Hasek / Pavel Datsyuk
Detroit Red WingsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-JSDLHenrik Lundqvist / Nikolai Zherdev / Rick DiPietro / Trent Hunter
New York Rangers / New York IslandersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-KGBKMarian Gaborik / Mikko Koivu / Steve Bernier / Ryan Kesler
Minnesota Wild / Vancouver CanucksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-KKSJSaku Koivu / Alex Kovalev / Mats Sundin / Curtis Joseph
Montreal Canadiens / Toronto Maple LeafsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-KPKLSaku Koivu / Tomas Plekanec / Guillaume Latendresse / Alexei Kovalev
Montreal CanadiensTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-KSLWEric Staal / Cam Ward / Ilya Kovalchuk / Kari Lehtonen
Carolina Hurricanes / Atlanta ThrashersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-KTAWPaul Kariya / Keith Tkachuk / Jason Arnott / Shea Weber
St. Louis Blues / Nashville PredatorsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-KTBPPaul Kariya / Brad Boyes / Keith Tkachuk / David Perron
St. Louis BluesTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-LBSDRoberto Luongo / Steve Bernier / Daniel Sedin / Pavol Demitra
Vancouver CanucksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-LJLTRoberto Luongo / Curtis Joseph / Pascal Leclaire / Tim Thomas
Vancouver Canucks / Toronto Maple Leafs / Columbus Blue Jackets / Boston BruinsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-LNCPDion Phaneuf / Nicklas Lidstrom / Scott Niedermayer / Zdeno Chara
Calgary Flames / Detroit Red Wings / Anaheim Ducks / Boston BruinsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-LOHGRoberto Luongo / Mattias Ohlund / Sam Gagner / Shawn Horcoff
Vancouver Canucks / Edmonton OilersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-LSBSEric Staal / Rod Brind'Amour / Vincent Lecavalier / Martin St. Louis
Carolina Hurricanes / Tampa Bay LightningTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-MMNTEvgeni Nabokov / Patrick Marleau / Marty Turco / Mike Modano
San Jose Sharks / Dallas StarsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-MTNCJoe Thornton / Jonathan Cheechoo / Patrick Marleau / Evgeni Nabokov
San Jose SharksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-MZLTMike Modano / Marty Turco / Jere Lehtinen / Sergei Zubov
Dallas StarsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-NGKJRyan Getzlaf / Scott Niedermayer / Anze Kopitar / Jack Johnson
Anaheim Ducks / Los Angeles KingsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-PDGBMarian Gaborik / Pierre-Marc Bouchard / Pavol Demitra / Steve Bernier
Minnesota Wild / Vancouver CanucksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-PRRCDion Phaneuf / Robyn Regehr / Dwayne Roloson / Erik Cole
Calgary Flames / Edmonton OilersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-RDTGMartin Brodeur / Rick DiPietro / Vesa Toskala / Martin Gerber
New Jersey Devils / New York Islanders / Toronto Maple Leafs / Ottawa SenatorsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SBHRMartin St. Louis / Paul Ranger / Nathan Horton / Jay Bouwmeester
Tampa Bay Lightning / Florida PanthersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SCBKPatrice Bergeron / Phil Kessel / Marc Savard / Zdeno Chara
Boston BruinsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SDRCMike Richards / Jeff Carter / Chris Drury / Brendan Shanahan
Philadelphia Flyers / New York RangersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SHSWJoe Sakic / Milan Hejduk / Wojtek Wolski / Ryan Smyth
Colorado AvalancheTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SHVSJason Spezza / Dany Heatley / Thomas Vanek / Drew Stafford
Ottawa Senators / Buffalo SabresTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SHZSHenrik Zetterberg / Tomas Holmstrom / Mats Sundin / Alexander Steen
Detroit Red Wings / Toronto Maple LeafsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SJGLZach Parise / Brian Rolston / Brendan Shanahan / Scott Gomez
New Jersey Devils / New York RangersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SKHGMarian Gaborik / Mikko Koivu / Joe Sakic / Milan Hejduk
Minnesota Wild / Colorado AvalancheTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SMRGRyan Getzlaf / Teemu Selanne / Mike Modano / Mike Ribeiro
Anaheim Ducks / Dallas StarsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SNGGTeemu Selanne / Ryan Getzlaf / Scott Niedermayer / Jean-Sebastien Giguere
Anaheim DucksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SSHAMats Sundin / Nik Antropov / Dany Heatley / Jason Spezza
Toronto Maple Leafs / Ottawa SenatorsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-SSTSMats Sundin / Alexander Steen / Vesa Toskala / Matt Stajan
Toronto Maple LeafsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-STMAMats Sundin / Vesa Toskala / Ryan Miller / Maxim Afinogenov
Toronto Maple Leafs / Buffalo SabresTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-TCKJJonathan Cheechoo / Joe Thornton / Anze Kopitar / Jack Johnson
San Jose Sharks / Los Angeles KingsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-TCPGJoe Thornton / Jonathan Cheechoo / Ryan Getzlaf / Corey Perry
San Jose Sharks / Anaheim DucksTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-THGSDany Heatley / Martin Gerber / Alexander Steen / Vesa Toskala
Ottawa Senators / Toronto Maple LeafsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-TLLNKeith Tkachuk / Manny Legace / Rick Nash / Pascal Leclaire
St. Louis Blues / Columbus Blue JacketsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-TRBKPatrice Bergeron / Phil Kessel / Tim Thomas / Michael Ryder
Boston BruinsTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-VWKLIlya Kovalchuk / Kari Lehtonen / Tomas Vokoun / Stephen Weiss
Atlanta Thrashers / Florida PanthersTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
J2-WBSWEric Staal / Rod Brind'Amour / Cam Ward / Justin Williams
Carolina HurricanesTwo on Two Jerseys000.00
M7-CPCarey PriceMontreal CanadiensMagnificent Sevens000.00
M7-CWCam WardCarolina HurricanesMagnificent Sevens000.00
M7-GLGuy LafleurMontreal CanadiensMagnificent Sevens000.00
M7-MBMartin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsMagnificent Sevens000.00
M7-PLPat LaFontaineNew York IslandersMagnificent Sevens000.00
M7-TBTurk BrodaToronto Maple LeafsMagnificent Sevens000.00
M7-WGWayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsMagnificent Sevens000.00
MV1Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsMarked By Valor000.00
MV2Joe SakicColorado AvalancheMarked By Valor000.00
MV3Joe ThorntonSan Jose SharksMarked By Valor000.00
MV4Cam WardCarolina HurricanesMarked By Valor000.00
MV5Jean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim DucksMarked By Valor000.00
MV6Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsMarked By Valor000.00
MV7Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsMarked By Valor000.00
MV8Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsMarked By Valor000.00
MV9Brad RichardsDallas StarsMarked By Valor000.00
MV10Martin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningMarked By Valor000.00
MV11Sergei FedorovWashington CapitalsMarked By Valor000.00
MV12Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheMarked By Valor000.00
MV13Rick NashColumbus Blue JacketsMarked By Valor000.00
MV14Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningMarked By Valor000.00
MV15Eric StaalCarolina HurricanesMarked By Valor000.00
WC1Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsWinter Classic000.00
WC2Chris CheliosDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC3Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC4Johan FranzenDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC5Tomas HolmstromDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC6Marian HossaDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC7Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC8Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC9Brian RafalskiDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC10Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsWinter Classic000.00
WC11Brian CampbellChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC12Martin HavlatChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC13Cristobal HuetChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC14Duncan KeithChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC15Patrick KaneChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC16Dustin ByfuglienChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC17Brent SeabrookChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC18Patrick SharpChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC19Jonathan ToewsChicago BlackhawksWinter Classic000.00
WC20Wrigley Field-Winter Classic000.00
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