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Upper Deck NHL Victory 1999-2000

Upper Deck NHL Victory 1999-2000

Year: 1999
Total cards: 440

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1Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksChecklist000.00
2Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
3Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
4Matt CullenAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
5Steve RucchinAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
6Oleg TverdovskyAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
7Guy HebertAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
8Fredrik OlaussonAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
9Ted DonatoAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
10Marty McInnisAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
11Damian RhodesAtlanta ThrashersChecklist000.00
12Jody HullAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
13Damian RhodesAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
14Kelly BuchbergerAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
15Scott LangkowAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
16Norm MaracleAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
17Jason BotterillAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
18Randy RobitailleAtlanta ThrashersBase card010.00
19Ray FerraroAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
20Ray BourqueBoston BruinsChecklist000.00
21Ray BourqueBoston BruinsBase card000.00
22Sergei SamsonovBoston BruinsBase card000.00
23Joe ThorntonBoston BruinsBase card000.00
24Shawn BatesBoston BruinsBase card000.00
25Byron DafoeBoston BruinsBase card000.00
26Jonathan GirardBoston BruinsBase card000.00
27Jason AllisonBoston BruinsBase card000.00
28Anson CarterBoston BruinsBase card000.00
29Hal GillBoston BruinsBase card000.00
30Kyle McLarenBoston BruinsBase card000.00
31Don SweeneyBoston BruinsBase card000.00
32Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresChecklist000.00
33Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
34Michael PecaBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
35Miroslav SatanBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
36Dixon WardBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
37Martin BironBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
38Joe JuneauBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
39Cory SarichBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
40Brian HolzingerBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
41Rhett WarrenerBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
42Alexei ZhitnikBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
43Jean-Sebastien GiguereCalgary FlamesChecklist000.00
44Valeri BureCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
45Jean-Sebastien GiguereCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
46Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
47Rico FataCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
48Derek MorrisCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
49Rene CorbetCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
50Phil HousleyCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
51Tyrone GarnerCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
52Marc SavardCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
53Keith PrimeauCarolina HurricanesChecklist000.00
54Sami KapanenCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
55Bates BattagliaCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
56Arturs IrbeCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
57Keith PrimeauCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
58Gary RobertsCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
59Ron FrancisCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
60Paul CoffeyCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
61Martin GelinasCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
62Jeff O'NeillCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
63Glen WesleyCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
64Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksChecklist000.00
65Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
66Jean-Pierre DumontChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
67Doug GilmourChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
68Ty JonesChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
69Anders ErikssonChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
70Remi RoyerChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
71Jocelyn ThibaultChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
72Alexei ZhamnovChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
73Eric DazeChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
74Bryan McCabeChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
75Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheChecklist000.00
76Chris DruryColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
77Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
78Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
79Joe SakicColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
80Milan HejdukColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
81Adam DeadmarshColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
82Adam FooteColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
83Sandis OzolinshColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
84Claude LemieuxColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
85Brett HullDallas StarsChecklist000.00
86Ed BelfourDallas StarsBase card000.00
87Brett HullDallas StarsBase card000.00
88Mike ModanoDallas StarsBase card000.00
89Derian HatcherDallas StarsBase card000.00
90Jamie LangenbrunnerDallas StarsBase card000.00
91Joe NieuwendykDallas StarsBase card000.00
92Jon SimDallas StarsBase card000.00
93Jere LehtinenDallas StarsBase card000.00
94Darryl SydorDallas StarsBase card000.00
95Sergei ZubovDallas StarsBase card000.00
96Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsChecklist000.00
97Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
98Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
99Chris CheliosDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
100Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
101Vyacheslav KozlovDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
102Igor LarionovDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
103Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
104Tomas HolmstromDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
105Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
106Kris DraperDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
107Darren McCartyDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
108Doug WeightEdmonton OilersChecklist000.00
109Bill GuerinEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
110Tom PotiEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
111Mike GrierEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
112Tommy SaloEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
113Doug WeightEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
114Josef BeranekEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
115Fredrik LindquistEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
116Roman HamrlikEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
117Todd MarchantEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
118Janne NiinimaaEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
119Pavel BureFlorida PanthersChecklist000.00
120Pavel BureFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
121Mark ParrishFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
122Scott MellanbyFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
123Viktor KozlovFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
124Oleg KvashaFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
125Rob NiedermayerFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
126Bret HedicanFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
127Trevor KiddFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
128Robert SvehlaFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
129Peter WorrellFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
130Rob BlakeLos Angeles KingsChecklist000.00
131Rob BlakeLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
132Pavel RosaLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
133Donald AudetteLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
134Luc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
135Vladimir TsyplakovLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
136Jozef StumpelLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
137Nathan LafayetteLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
138Glen MurrayLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
139Zigmund PalffyLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
140Bryan SmolinskiLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
141Jamie StorrLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
142Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensChecklist000.00
143Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
144Arron AshamMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
145Jeff HackettMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
146Trevor LindenMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
147Eric WeinrichMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
148Vladimir MalakhovMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
149Martin RucinskyMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
150Brian SavageMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
151Shayne CorsonMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
152Scott LachanceMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
153Jose TheodoreMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
154David LegwandNashville PredatorsChecklist000.00
155Mike DunhamNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
156David LegwandNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
157Sergei KrivokrasovNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
158Cliff RonningNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
159Kimmo TimonenNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
160Bob BoughnerNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
161Mark MowersNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
162Patrick CoteNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
163Tomas VokounNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
164Jan VopatNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
165Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsChecklist000.00
166Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
167John MaddenNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
168Vadim SharifijanovNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
169Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
170Scott StevensNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
171Petr SykoraNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
172Jason ArnottNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
173Brendan MorrisonNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
174Scott NiedermayerNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
175Bobby HolikNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
176Eric BrewerNew York IslandersChecklist000.00
177Eric BrewerNew York IslandersBase card000.00
178Zdeno CharaNew York IslandersBase card000.00
179Kenny JonssonNew York IslandersBase card000.00
180Dmitri NabokovNew York IslandersBase card000.00
181Mariusz CzerkawskiNew York IslandersBase card000.00
182Brad IsbisterNew York IslandersBase card000.00
183Olli JokinenNew York IslandersBase card000.00
184Felix PotvinNew York IslandersBase card000.00
185Mike WattNew York IslandersBase card000.00
186Claude LapointeNew York IslandersBase card000.00
187Brian LeetchNew York RangersChecklist000.00
188Manny MalhotraNew York RangersBase card000.00
189Mike RichterNew York RangersBase card000.00
190Theoren FleuryNew York RangersBase card000.00
191Adam GravesNew York RangersBase card000.00
192Brian LeetchNew York RangersBase card000.00
193Petr NedvedNew York RangersBase card000.00
194Brent FedykNew York RangersBase card000.00
195Barry RichterNew York RangersBase card000.00
196Valeri KamenskyNew York RangersBase card000.00
197Kirk McLeanNew York RangersBase card000.00
198Kevin StevensNew York RangersBase card000.00
199Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsChecklist000.00
200Marian HossaOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
201Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
202Shawn McEachernOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
203Sami SaloOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
204Daniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
205Magnus ArvedsonOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
206Wade ReddenOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
207Ron TugnuttOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
208Chris PhillipsOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
209Vaclav ProspalOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
210Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersChecklist000.00
211John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
212Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
213Mark RecchiPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
214Rod Brind'AmourPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
215Eric DesjardinsPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
216Jean-Marc PelletierPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
217Ryan BastPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
218Keith JonesPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
219John VanbiesbrouckPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
220Brian WesenbergPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
221Dan McGillisPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
222Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesChecklist000.00
223Robert EschePhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
224Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
225Nikolai KhabibulinPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
226Trevor LetowskiPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
227Robert ReichelPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
228Jeremy RoenickPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
229Greg AdamsPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
230Daniel BrierePhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
231Rick TocchetPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
232Stanislav NeckarPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
233Teppo NumminenPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
234Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsChecklist000.00
235Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
236Matthew BarnabyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
237Tom BarrassoPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
238Jan HrdinaPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
239Martin StrakaPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
240Jean-Sebastien AubinPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
241Alexei KovalevPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
242German TitovPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
243Kevin HatcherPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
244Kip MillerPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
245Alexei MorozovPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
246Jeff FriesenSan Jose SharksChecklist000.00
247Vincent DamphousseSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
248Jeff FriesenSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
249Scott HannanSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
250Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
251Mike RicciSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
252Owen NolanSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
253Marco SturmSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
254Gary SuterSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
255Jeff NortonSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
256Steve ShieldsSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
257Mike VernonSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
258Al MacInnisSt. Louis BluesChecklist000.00
259Pavol DemitraSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
260Al MacInnisSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
261Lubos BarteckoSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
262Jochen HechtSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
263Chris ProngerSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
264Grant FuhrSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
265Michal HandzusSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
266Pierre TurgeonSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
267Jim CampbellSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
268Roman TurekSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
269Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningChecklist000.00
270Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
271Paul MaraTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
272Kevin HodsonTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
273Dan CloutierTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
274Chris GrattonTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
275Pavel KubinaTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
276Darcy TuckerTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
277Alexandre DaigleTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
278Stephane RicherTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
279Niklas SundstromTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
280Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsChecklist000.00
281Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
282Bryan BerardToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
283Sergei BerezinToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
284Curtis JosephToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
285Tomas KaberleToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
286Daniil MarkovToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
287Steve ThomasToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
288Mike JohnsonToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
289Tie DomiToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
290Yanic PerreaultToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
291Derek KingToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
292Mark MessierVancouver CanucksChecklist000.00
293Mark MessierVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
294Bill MuckaltVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
295Josh HoldenVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
296Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
297Kevin WeekesVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
298Ed JovanovskiVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
299Alexander MogilnyVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
300Mattias OhlundVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
301Todd BertuzziVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
302Peter SchaeferVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
303Peter BondraWashington CapitalsChecklist000.00
304Peter BondraWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
305Adam OatesWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
306Jan BulisWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
307Jaroslav SvejkovskyWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
308Sergei GoncharWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
309Olaf KolzigWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
310Richard ZednikWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
311Benoit GrattonWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
312Matt HerrWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
313Nolan BaumgartnerWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
314Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheFirst Team000.00
315Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsFirst Team000.00
316Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksFirst Team000.00
317Ray BourqueBoston BruinsFirst Team000.00
318Al MacInnisSt. Louis BluesFirst Team000.00
319Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresFirst Team000.00
320Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsSecond Team000.00
321Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksSecond Team000.00
322Brett HullDallas StarsSecond Team000.00
323Chris ProngerSt. Louis BluesSecond Team000.00
324Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsSecond Team000.00
325Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheSecond Team000.00
326Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksSeason Leaders000.00
327Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksSeason Leaders000.00
328Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsSeason Leaders000.00
329Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsSeason Leaders000.00
330John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersSeason Leaders000.00
331Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsSeason Leaders000.00
332Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheSeason Leaders000.00
333Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksSeason Leaders000.00
334Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksSeason Leaders000.00
335Joe SakicColorado AvalancheSeason Leaders000.00
336Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsSeason Leaders000.00
337Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksSeason Leaders000.00
338Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksSeason Leaders000.00
339Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheSeason Leaders000.00
340Joe SakicColorado AvalancheSeason Leaders000.00
341Al MacInnisSt. Louis BluesSeason Leaders000.00
342Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsSeason Leaders000.00
343Ray BourqueBoston BruinsSeason Leaders000.00
344Fredrik OlaussonAnaheim Mighty DucksSeason Leaders000.00
345Brian LeetchNew York RangersSeason Leaders000.00
346Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsSeason Leaders000.00
347Ed BelfourDallas StarsSeason Leaders000.00
348Curtis JosephToronto Maple LeafsSeason Leaders000.00
349Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsSeason Leaders000.00
350Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheSeason Leaders000.00
351Milan HejdukColorado AvalancheSeason Leaders000.00
352Brendan MorrisonNew Jersey DevilsSeason Leaders000.00
353Chris DruryColorado AvalancheSeason Leaders000.00
354Jan HrdinaPittsburgh PenguinsSeason Leaders000.00
355Mark ParrishFlorida PanthersSeason Leaders000.00
356Oleg SaprykinCalgary FlamesProspects000.00
357Patrik StefanAtlanta ThrashersProspects000.00
358Pavel BrendlCHLProspects000.00
359Roberto LuongoCHLProspects000.00
360Scott GomezNew Jersey DevilsProspects000.00
361Sheldon KeefeCHLProspects000.00
362Simon GagnePhiladelphia FlyersProspects000.00
363Steve KariyaVancouver CanucksProspects000.00
364Alex TanguayColorado AvalancheProspects000.00
365Brad StuartSan Jose SharksProspects000.00
366Branislav MezeiCHLProspects000.00
367Brian CampbellBuffalo SabresProspects000.00
368Daniel SedinMoDo ÖrnsköldsvikProspects000.00
369Henrik SedinMoDo ÖrnsköldsvikProspects000.00
370Mike RibieroMontreal CanadiensProspects000.00
371Ivan NovoseltsevCHLProspects000.00
372Nick BoyntonCHLProspects000.00
373Nikos TseliosCHLProspects000.00
374Tim ConnollyNew York IslandersProspects000.00
375Jean-Francois DamphousseCHLProspects000.00
376Patrick RoyColorado AvalancheStacking the Pads000.00
377Ed BelfourDallas StarsStacking the Pads000.00
378Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsStacking the Pads000.00
379Arturs IrbeCarolina HurricanesStacking the Pads000.00
380Nikolai KhabibulinPhoenix CoyotesStacking the Pads000.00
381Dominik HasekBuffalo SabresStacking the Pads000.00
382Byron DafoeBoston BruinsStacking the Pads000.00
383Jean-Sebastien GiguereCalgary FlamesStacking the Pads000.00
384Olaf KolzigWashington CapitalsStacking the Pads000.00
385John VanbiesbrouckPhiladelphia FlyersStacking the Pads000.00
386Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsStacking the Pads000.00
387Dan CloutierNew York RangersStacking the Pads000.00
388Damian RhodesAtlanta ThrashersStacking the Pads000.00
389Curtis JosephToronto Maple LeafsStacking the Pads000.00
390Mike RichterNew York RangersStacking the Pads000.00
391The Early YearsA Hockey LegacyA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
392A Scoring ProdigyA Hockey LegacyA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
393Wayne's Junior YearsA Hockey LegacyA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
394Gretzky Takes 99A Hockey LegacyA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
395Gretzky Turns ProIndianapolis RacersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
396Gretzky Goes to EdmontonEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
397Rookie of The YearEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
398First NHL SeasonEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
399First Hart TrophyEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
400Youngest to 50Edmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
401First Art Ross TrophyEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
402Most Goals in a SeasonEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
403All-Star MVPEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
40451-Game Scoring StreakEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
405First Stanley CupEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
406Statistical DominanceEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
407First Conn SmytheEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
408Rendez-Vous '87Edmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
409The Great One Scores 500Edmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
410Recapturing the CupEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
411All-Time Assist LeaderEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
412Second Smythe TrophyEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
413Going To CaliforniaLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
414L.A. PremiereLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
415All-Time Leading ScorerLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
4162000 PointsLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
417L.A. StoryLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
418The Greatest Goal ScorerLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
41910th Ross TrophyLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
420Meet Me In St. LouisSt. Louis BluesA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
421Blues NotesSt. Louis BluesA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
422New York, New YorkNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
423TeammatesNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
424Another MilestoneNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
425More Assists Than PointsNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
42610th Playoff Hat TrickNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
427Hats Off to GretzkyNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
428All-Time All-Star ScorerNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
429Third All-Star MVPNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
430Final GoalNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
431Wayne Calls It A CareerNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
432Curtain CallsNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
433Hall-Of-FamerNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
434An Award WinnerEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
435Total DominanceLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
436Raising the CupEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
437Wayne's WorldCanadaA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
438Outstanding OilerEdmonton OilersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
439King of KingsLos Angeles KingsA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
440Rangers WrapNew York RangersA Hockey Legacy Wayne Gretzky000.00
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