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Upper Deck NHL Victory 2007-2008

Upper Deck NHL Victory 2007-2008

Year: 2007
Total cards: 983

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1Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
1bMartin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Black000.00
1gMartin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Gold000.00
2Zach PariseNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
2bZach PariseNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Black000.00
2gZach PariseNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Gold000.00
3Brian RafalskiNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
3bBrian RafalskiNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Black000.00
3gBrian RafalskiNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Gold000.00
4Scott GomezNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
4bScott GomezNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Black000.00
4gScott GomezNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Gold000.00
5Brian GiontaNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
5bBrian GiontaNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Black000.00
5gBrian GiontaNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Gold000.00
6Travis ZajacNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
6bTravis ZajacNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Black000.00
6gTravis ZajacNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Gold000.00
7Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
7bPatrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Black000.00
7gPatrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Gold000.00
8Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
8bMarc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Black000.00
8gMarc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Gold000.00
9Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
9bEvgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Black000.00
9gEvgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Gold000.00
10Mark RecchiPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
10bMark RecchiPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Black000.00
10gMark RecchiPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Gold000.00
11Jordan StaalPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
11bJordan StaalPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Black000.00
11gJordan StaalPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Gold000.00
12Ryan WhitneyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
12bRyan WhitneyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Black000.00
12gRyan WhitneyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Gold000.00
13Sergei GoncharPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
13bSergei GoncharPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Black000.00
13gSergei GoncharPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Gold000.00
14Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
14bSidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Black000.00
14gSidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Gold000.00
15Rick DiPietroNew York IslandersBase card000.00
15bRick DiPietroNew York IslandersBase card / Black000.00
15gRick DiPietroNew York IslandersBase card / Gold000.00
16Jason BlakeNew York IslandersBase card000.00
16bJason BlakeNew York IslandersBase card / Black000.00
16gJason BlakeNew York IslandersBase card / Gold000.00
17Viktor KozlovNew York IslandersBase card000.00
17bViktor KozlovNew York IslandersBase card / Black000.00
17gViktor KozlovNew York IslandersBase card / Gold000.00
18Ryan SmythNew York IslandersBase card000.00
18bRyan SmythNew York IslandersBase card / Black000.00
18gRyan SmythNew York IslandersBase card / Gold000.00
19Alexei YashinNew York IslandersBase card000.00
19bAlexei YashinNew York IslandersBase card / Black000.00
19gAlexei YashinNew York IslandersBase card / Gold000.00
20Miroslav SatanNew York IslandersBase card000.00
20bMiroslav SatanNew York IslandersBase card / Black000.00
20gMiroslav SatanNew York IslandersBase card / Gold000.00
21Henrik LundqvistNew York RangersBase card000.00
21bHenrik LundqvistNew York RangersBase card / Black000.00
21gHenrik LundqvistNew York RangersBase card / Gold000.00
22Martin StrakaNew York RangersBase card000.00
22bMartin StrakaNew York RangersBase card / Black000.00
22gMartin StrakaNew York RangersBase card / Gold000.00
23Brendan ShanahanNew York RangersBase card000.00
23bBrendan ShanahanNew York RangersBase card / Black000.00
23gBrendan ShanahanNew York RangersBase card / Gold000.00
24Michael NylanderNew York RangersBase card000.00
24bMichael NylanderNew York RangersBase card / Black000.00
24gMichael NylanderNew York RangersBase card / Gold000.00
25Sean AveryNew York RangersBase card000.00
25bSean AveryNew York RangersBase card / Black000.00
25gSean AveryNew York RangersBase card / Gold000.00
26Jaromir JagrNew York RangersBase card000.00
26bJaromir JagrNew York RangersBase card / Black000.00
26gJaromir JagrNew York RangersBase card / Gold000.00
27Martin BironPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
27bMartin BironPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Black000.00
27gMartin BironPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Gold000.00
28Jeff CarterPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
28bJeff CarterPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Black000.00
28gJeff CarterPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Gold000.00
29Joni PitkanenPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
29bJoni PitkanenPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Black000.00
29gJoni PitkanenPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Gold000.00
30Mike KnublePhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
30bMike KnublePhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Black000.00
30gMike KnublePhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Gold000.00
31Mike RichardsPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
31bMike RichardsPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Black000.00
31gMike RichardsPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Gold000.00
32Simon GagnePhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
32bSimon GagnePhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Black000.00
32gSimon GagnePhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Gold000.00
33Ryan MillerBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
33bRyan MillerBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
33gRyan MillerBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
34Maxim AfinogenovBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
34bMaxim AfinogenovBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
34gMaxim AfinogenovBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
35Thomas VanekBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
35bThomas VanekBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
35gThomas VanekBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
36Drew StaffordBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
36bDrew StaffordBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
36gDrew StaffordBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
37Jason PominvilleBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
37bJason PominvilleBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
37gJason PominvilleBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
38Chris DruryBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
38bChris DruryBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
38gChris DruryBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
39Derek RoyBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
39bDerek RoyBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
39gDerek RoyBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
40Daniel BriereBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
40bDaniel BriereBuffalo SabresBase card / Black000.00
40gDaniel BriereBuffalo SabresBase card / Gold000.00
41Ray EmeryOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
41bRay EmeryOttawa SenatorsBase card / Black000.00
41gRay EmeryOttawa SenatorsBase card / Gold000.00
42Jason SpezzaOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
42bJason SpezzaOttawa SenatorsBase card / Black000.00
42gJason SpezzaOttawa SenatorsBase card / Gold000.00
43Mike FisherOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
43bMike FisherOttawa SenatorsBase card / Black000.00
43gMike FisherOttawa SenatorsBase card / Gold000.00
44Wade ReddenOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
44bWade ReddenOttawa SenatorsBase card / Black000.00
44gWade ReddenOttawa SenatorsBase card / Gold000.00
45Daniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
45bDaniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsBase card / Black000.00
45gDaniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsBase card / Gold000.00
46Dany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
46bDany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsBase card / Black000.00
46gDany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsBase card / Gold000.00
47Cristobal HuetMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
47bCristobal HuetMontreal CanadiensBase card / Black000.00
47gCristobal HuetMontreal CanadiensBase card / Gold000.00
48Alex KovalevMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
48bAlex KovalevMontreal CanadiensBase card / Black000.00
48gAlex KovalevMontreal CanadiensBase card / Gold000.00
49Guillaume LatendresseMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
49bGuillaume LatendresseMontreal CanadiensBase card / Black000.00
49gGuillaume LatendresseMontreal CanadiensBase card / Gold000.00
50Sheldon SourayMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
50bSheldon SourayMontreal CanadiensBase card / Black000.00
50gSheldon SourayMontreal CanadiensBase card / Gold000.00
51Michael RyderMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
51bMichael RyderMontreal CanadiensBase card / Black000.00
51gMichael RyderMontreal CanadiensBase card / Gold000.00
52Chris HigginsMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
52bChris HigginsMontreal CanadiensBase card / Black000.00
52gChris HigginsMontreal CanadiensBase card / Gold000.00
53Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
53bSaku KoivuMontreal CanadiensBase card / Black000.00
53gSaku KoivuMontreal CanadiensBase card / Gold000.00
54Andrew RaycroftToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
54bAndrew RaycroftToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Black000.00
54gAndrew RaycroftToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Gold000.00
55Alexander SteenToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
55bAlexander SteenToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Black000.00
55gAlexander SteenToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Gold000.00
56Tomas KaberleToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
56bTomas KaberleToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Black000.00
56gTomas KaberleToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Gold000.00
57Darcy TuckerToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
57bDarcy TuckerToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Black000.00
57gDarcy TuckerToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Gold000.00
58Jeff O'NeillToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
58bJeff O'NeillToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Black000.00
58gJeff O'NeillToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Gold000.00
59Bryan McCabeToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
59bBryan McCabeToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Black000.00
59gBryan McCabeToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Gold000.00
60Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
60bMats SundinToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Black000.00
60gMats SundinToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Gold000.00
61Tim ThomasBoston BruinsBase card000.00
61bTim ThomasBoston BruinsBase card / Black000.00
61gTim ThomasBoston BruinsBase card / Gold000.00
62Marc SavardBoston BruinsBase card000.00
62bMarc SavardBoston BruinsBase card / Black000.00
62gMarc SavardBoston BruinsBase card / Gold000.00
63Marco SturmBoston BruinsBase card000.00
63bMarco SturmBoston BruinsBase card / Black000.00
63gMarco SturmBoston BruinsBase card / Gold000.00
64Zdeno CharaBoston BruinsBase card000.00
64bZdeno CharaBoston BruinsBase card / Black000.00
64gZdeno CharaBoston BruinsBase card / Gold000.00
65Glen MurrayBoston BruinsBase card000.00
65bGlen MurrayBoston BruinsBase card / Black000.00
65gGlen MurrayBoston BruinsBase card / Gold000.00
66Phil KesselBoston BruinsBase card000.00
66bPhil KesselBoston BruinsBase card / Black000.00
66gPhil KesselBoston BruinsBase card / Gold000.00
67Patrice BergeronBoston BruinsBase card000.00
67bPatrice BergeronBoston BruinsBase card / Black000.00
67gPatrice BergeronBoston BruinsBase card / Gold000.00
68Johan HolmqvistTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
68bJohan HolmqvistTampa Bay LightningBase card / Black000.00
68gJohan HolmqvistTampa Bay LightningBase card / Gold000.00
69Dan BoyleTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
69bDan BoyleTampa Bay LightningBase card / Black000.00
69gDan BoyleTampa Bay LightningBase card / Gold000.00
70Brad RichardsTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
70bBrad RichardsTampa Bay LightningBase card / Black000.00
70gBrad RichardsTampa Bay LightningBase card / Gold000.00
71Vaclav ProspalTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
71bVaclav ProspalTampa Bay LightningBase card / Black000.00
71gVaclav ProspalTampa Bay LightningBase card / Gold000.00
72Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
72bVincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningBase card / Black000.00
72gVincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningBase card / Gold000.00
73Martin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
73bMartin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningBase card / Black000.00
73gMartin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningBase card / Gold000.00
74Kari LehtonenAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
74bKari LehtonenAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Black000.00
74gKari LehtonenAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Gold000.00
75Slava KozlovAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
75bSlava KozlovAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Black000.00
75gSlava KozlovAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Gold000.00
76Keith TkachukAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
76bKeith TkachukAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Black000.00
76gKeith TkachukAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Gold000.00
77Marian HossaAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
77bMarian HossaAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Black000.00
77gMarian HossaAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Gold000.00
78Scott MellanbyAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
78bScott MellanbyAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Black000.00
78gScott MellanbyAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Gold000.00
79Ilya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
79bIlya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Black000.00
79gIlya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersBase card / Gold000.00
80Cam WardCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
80bCam WardCarolina HurricanesBase card / Black000.00
80gCam WardCarolina HurricanesBase card / Gold000.00
81Erik ColeCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
81bErik ColeCarolina HurricanesBase card / Black000.00
81gErik ColeCarolina HurricanesBase card / Gold000.00
82Justin WilliamsCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
82bJustin WilliamsCarolina HurricanesBase card / Black000.00
82gJustin WilliamsCarolina HurricanesBase card / Gold000.00
83Cory StillmanCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
83bCory StillmanCarolina HurricanesBase card / Black000.00
83gCory StillmanCarolina HurricanesBase card / Gold000.00
84Rod Brind`AmourCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
84bRod Brind`AmourCarolina HurricanesBase card / Black000.00
84gRod Brind`AmourCarolina HurricanesBase card / Gold000.00
85Eric StaalCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
85bEric StaalCarolina HurricanesBase card / Black000.00
85gEric StaalCarolina HurricanesBase card / Gold000.00
86Ed BelfourFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
86bEd BelfourFlorida PanthersBase card / Black000.00
86gEd BelfourFlorida PanthersBase card / Gold000.00
87Nathan HortonFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
87bNathan HortonFlorida PanthersBase card / Black000.00
87gNathan HortonFlorida PanthersBase card / Gold000.00
88Jay BouwmeesterFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
88bJay BouwmeesterFlorida PanthersBase card / Black000.00
88gJay BouwmeesterFlorida PanthersBase card / Gold000.00
89Stephen WeissFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
89bStephen WeissFlorida PanthersBase card / Black000.00
89gStephen WeissFlorida PanthersBase card / Gold000.00
90Jozef StumpelFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
90bJozef StumpelFlorida PanthersBase card / Black000.00
90gJozef StumpelFlorida PanthersBase card / Gold000.00
91Olli JokinenFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
91bOlli JokinenFlorida PanthersBase card / Black000.00
91gOlli JokinenFlorida PanthersBase card / Gold000.00
92Olaf KolzigWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
92bOlaf KolzigWashington CapitalsBase card / Black000.00
92gOlaf KolzigWashington CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
93Alexander SeminWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
93bAlexander SeminWashington CapitalsBase card / Black000.00
93gAlexander SeminWashington CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
94Chris ClarkWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
94bChris ClarkWashington CapitalsBase card / Black000.00
94gChris ClarkWashington CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
95Matt PettingerWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
95bMatt PettingerWashington CapitalsBase card / Black000.00
95gMatt PettingerWashington CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
96Eric FehrWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
96bEric FehrWashington CapitalsBase card / Black000.00
96gEric FehrWashington CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
97Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
97bAlexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsBase card / Black000.00
97gAlexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsBase card / Gold000.00
98Dominik HasekDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
98bDominik HasekDetroit Red WingsBase card / Black000.00
98gDominik HasekDetroit Red WingsBase card / Gold000.00
99Tomas HolmstromDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
99bTomas HolmstromDetroit Red WingsBase card / Black000.00
99gTomas HolmstromDetroit Red WingsBase card / Gold000.00
100Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
100bPavel DatsyukDetroit Red WingsBase card / Black000.00
100gPavel DatsyukDetroit Red WingsBase card / Gold000.00
101Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
101bNicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsBase card / Black000.00
101gNicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsBase card / Gold000.00
102Daniel ClearyDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
102bDaniel ClearyDetroit Red WingsBase card / Black000.00
102gDaniel ClearyDetroit Red WingsBase card / Gold000.00
103Kris DraperDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
103bKris DraperDetroit Red WingsBase card / Black000.00
103gKris DraperDetroit Red WingsBase card / Gold000.00
104Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
104bHenrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsBase card / Black000.00
104gHenrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsBase card / Gold000.00
105Tomas VokounNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
105bTomas VokounNashville PredatorsBase card / Black000.00
105gTomas VokounNashville PredatorsBase card / Gold000.00
106Paul KariyaNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
106bPaul KariyaNashville PredatorsBase card / Black000.00
106gPaul KariyaNashville PredatorsBase card / Gold000.00
107Chris MasonNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
107bChris MasonNashville PredatorsBase card / Black000.00
107gChris MasonNashville PredatorsBase card / Gold000.00
108Kimmo TimonenNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
108bKimmo TimonenNashville PredatorsBase card / Black000.00
108gKimmo TimonenNashville PredatorsBase card / Gold000.00
109Jason ArnottNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
109bJason ArnottNashville PredatorsBase card / Black000.00
109gJason ArnottNashville PredatorsBase card / Gold000.00
110Steve SullivanNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
110bSteve SullivanNashville PredatorsBase card / Black000.00
110gSteve SullivanNashville PredatorsBase card / Gold000.00
111Peter ForsbergNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
111bPeter ForsbergNashville PredatorsBase card / Black000.00
111gPeter ForsbergNashville PredatorsBase card / Gold000.00
112Manny LegaceSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
112bManny LegaceSt. Louis BluesBase card / Black000.00
112gManny LegaceSt. Louis BluesBase card / Gold000.00
113Brad BoyesSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
113bBrad BoyesSt. Louis BluesBase card / Black000.00
113gBrad BoyesSt. Louis BluesBase card / Gold000.00
114Doug WeightSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
114bDoug WeightSt. Louis BluesBase card / Black000.00
114gDoug WeightSt. Louis BluesBase card / Gold000.00
115Lee StempniakSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
115bLee StempniakSt. Louis BluesBase card / Black000.00
115gLee StempniakSt. Louis BluesBase card / Gold000.00
116Barret JackmanSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
116bBarret JackmanSt. Louis BluesBase card / Black000.00
116gBarret JackmanSt. Louis BluesBase card / Gold000.00
117Jay McClementSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
117bJay McClementSt. Louis BluesBase card / Black000.00
117gJay McClementSt. Louis BluesBase card / Gold000.00
118Nikolai KhabibulinChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
118bNikolai KhabibulinChicago BlackhawksBase card / Black000.00
118gNikolai KhabibulinChicago BlackhawksBase card / Gold000.00
119Jason WilliamsChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
119bJason WilliamsChicago BlackhawksBase card / Black000.00
119gJason WilliamsChicago BlackhawksBase card / Gold000.00
120Tuomo RuutuChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
120bTuomo RuutuChicago BlackhawksBase card / Black000.00
120gTuomo RuutuChicago BlackhawksBase card / Gold000.00
121Duncan KeithChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
121bDuncan KeithChicago BlackhawksBase card / Black000.00
121gDuncan KeithChicago BlackhawksBase card / Gold000.00
122Radim VrbataChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
122bRadim VrbataChicago BlackhawksBase card / Black000.00
122gRadim VrbataChicago BlackhawksBase card / Gold000.00
123Martin HavlatChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
123bMartin HavlatChicago BlackhawksBase card / Black000.00
123gMartin HavlatChicago BlackhawksBase card / Gold000.00
124Fredrik NorrenaColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
124bFredrik NorrenaColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Black000.00
124gFredrik NorrenaColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Gold000.00
125David VybornyColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
125bDavid VybornyColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Black000.00
125gDavid VybornyColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Gold000.00
126Sergei FedorovColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
126bSergei FedorovColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Black000.00
126gSergei FedorovColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Gold000.00
127Fredrik ModinColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
127bFredrik ModinColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Black000.00
127gFredrik ModinColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Gold000.00
128Pascal LeclaireColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
128bPascal LeclaireColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Black000.00
128gPascal LeclaireColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Gold000.00
129Gilbert BruleColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
129bGilbert BruleColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Black000.00
129gGilbert BruleColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Gold000.00
130Rick NashColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
130bRick NashColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Black000.00
130gRick NashColumbus Blue JacketsBase card / Gold000.00
131Roberto LuongoVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
131bRoberto LuongoVancouver CanucksBase card / Black000.00
131gRoberto LuongoVancouver CanucksBase card / Gold000.00
132Daniel SedinVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
132bDaniel SedinVancouver CanucksBase card / Black000.00
132gDaniel SedinVancouver CanucksBase card / Gold000.00
133Brendan MorrisonVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
133bBrendan MorrisonVancouver CanucksBase card / Black000.00
133gBrendan MorrisonVancouver CanucksBase card / Gold000.00
134Henrik SedinVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
134bHenrik SedinVancouver CanucksBase card / Black000.00
134gHenrik SedinVancouver CanucksBase card / Gold000.00
135Sami SaloVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
135bSami SaloVancouver CanucksBase card / Black000.00
135gSami SaloVancouver CanucksBase card / Gold000.00
136Trevor LindenVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
136bTrevor LindenVancouver CanucksBase card / Black000.00
136gTrevor LindenVancouver CanucksBase card / Gold000.00
137Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
137bMarkus NaslundVancouver CanucksBase card / Black000.00
137gMarkus NaslundVancouver CanucksBase card / Gold000.00
138Manny FernandezMinnesota WildBase card000.00
138bManny FernandezMinnesota WildBase card / Black000.00
138gManny FernandezMinnesota WildBase card / Gold000.00
139Brian RolstonMinnesota WildBase card000.00
139bBrian RolstonMinnesota WildBase card / Black000.00
139gBrian RolstonMinnesota WildBase card / Gold000.00
140Pierre-Marc BouchardMinnesota WildBase card000.00
140bPierre-Marc BouchardMinnesota WildBase card / Black000.00
140gPierre-Marc BouchardMinnesota WildBase card / Gold000.00
141Mikko KoivuMinnesota WildBase card000.00
141bMikko KoivuMinnesota WildBase card / Black000.00
141gMikko KoivuMinnesota WildBase card / Gold000.00
142Pavol DemitraMinnesota WildBase card000.00
142bPavol DemitraMinnesota WildBase card / Black000.00
142gPavol DemitraMinnesota WildBase card / Gold000.00
143Niklas BackstromMinnesota WildBase card000.00
143bNiklas BackstromMinnesota WildBase card / Black000.00
143gNiklas BackstromMinnesota WildBase card / Gold000.00
144Marian GaborikMinnesota WildBase card000.00
144bMarian GaborikMinnesota WildBase card / Black000.00
144gMarian GaborikMinnesota WildBase card / Gold000.00
145Miikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
145bMiikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesBase card / Black000.00
145gMiikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesBase card / Gold000.00
146Daymond LangkowCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
146bDaymond LangkowCalgary FlamesBase card / Black000.00
146gDaymond LangkowCalgary FlamesBase card / Gold000.00
147Craig ConroyCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
147bCraig ConroyCalgary FlamesBase card / Black000.00
147gCraig ConroyCalgary FlamesBase card / Gold000.00
148Dion PhaneufCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
148bDion PhaneufCalgary FlamesBase card / Black000.00
148gDion PhaneufCalgary FlamesBase card / Gold000.00
149Alex TanguayCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
149bAlex TanguayCalgary FlamesBase card / Black000.00
149gAlex TanguayCalgary FlamesBase card / Gold000.00
150Matthew LombardiCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
150bMatthew LombardiCalgary FlamesBase card / Black000.00
150gMatthew LombardiCalgary FlamesBase card / Gold000.00
151Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
151bJarome IginlaCalgary FlamesBase card / Black000.00
151gJarome IginlaCalgary FlamesBase card / Gold000.00
152Peter BudajColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
152bPeter BudajColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
152gPeter BudajColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
153Paul StastnyColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
153bPaul StastnyColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
153gPaul StastnyColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
154Milan HejdukColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
154bMilan HejdukColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
154gMilan HejdukColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
155Wojtek WolskiColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
155bWojtek WolskiColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
155gWojtek WolskiColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
156Andrew BrunetteColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
156bAndrew BrunetteColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
156gAndrew BrunetteColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
157Marek SvatosColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
157bMarek SvatosColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
157gMarek SvatosColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
158Jose TheodoreColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
158bJose TheodoreColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
158gJose TheodoreColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
159Joe SakicColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
159bJoe SakicColorado AvalancheBase card / Black000.00
159gJoe SakicColorado AvalancheBase card / Gold000.00
160Dwayne RolosonEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
160bDwayne RolosonEdmonton OilersBase card / Black000.00
160gDwayne RolosonEdmonton OilersBase card / Gold000.00
161Raffi TorresEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
161bRaffi TorresEdmonton OilersBase card / Black000.00
161gRaffi TorresEdmonton OilersBase card / Gold000.00
162Jarret StollEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
162bJarret StollEdmonton OilersBase card / Black000.00
162gJarret StollEdmonton OilersBase card / Gold000.00
163Shawn HorcoffEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
163bShawn HorcoffEdmonton OilersBase card / Black000.00
163gShawn HorcoffEdmonton OilersBase card / Gold000.00
164Joffrey LupulEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
164bJoffrey LupulEdmonton OilersBase card / Black000.00
164gJoffrey LupulEdmonton OilersBase card / Gold000.00
165Petr SykoraEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
165bPetr SykoraEdmonton OilersBase card / Black000.00
165gPetr SykoraEdmonton OilersBase card / Gold000.00
166Ales HemskyEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
166bAles HemskyEdmonton OilersBase card / Black000.00
166gAles HemskyEdmonton OilersBase card / Gold000.00
167Jean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
167bJean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
167gJean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
168Andy McDonaldAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
168bAndy McDonaldAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
168gAndy McDonaldAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
169Scott NiedermayerAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
169bScott NiedermayerAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
169gScott NiedermayerAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
170Chris KunitzAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
170bChris KunitzAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
170gChris KunitzAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
171Ryan GetzlafAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
171bRyan GetzlafAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
171gRyan GetzlafAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
172Chris ProngerAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
172bChris ProngerAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
172gChris ProngerAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
173Corey PerryAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
173bCorey PerryAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
173gCorey PerryAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
174Teemu SelanneAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
174bTeemu SelanneAnaheim DucksBase card / Black000.00
174gTeemu SelanneAnaheim DucksBase card / Gold000.00
175Vesa ToskalaSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
175bVesa ToskalaSan Jose SharksBase card / Black000.00
175gVesa ToskalaSan Jose SharksBase card / Gold000.00
176Jonathan CheechooSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
176bJonathan CheechooSan Jose SharksBase card / Black000.00
176gJonathan CheechooSan Jose SharksBase card / Gold000.00
177Bill GuerinSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
177bBill GuerinSan Jose SharksBase card / Black000.00
177gBill GuerinSan Jose SharksBase card / Gold000.00
178Evgeni NabokovSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
178bEvgeni NabokovSan Jose SharksBase card / Black000.00
178gEvgeni NabokovSan Jose SharksBase card / Gold000.00
179Milan MichalekSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
179bMilan MichalekSan Jose SharksBase card / Black000.00
179gMilan MichalekSan Jose SharksBase card / Gold000.00
180Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
180bPatrick MarleauSan Jose SharksBase card / Black000.00
180gPatrick MarleauSan Jose SharksBase card / Gold000.00
181Joe ThorntonSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
181bJoe ThorntonSan Jose SharksBase card / Black000.00
181gJoe ThorntonSan Jose SharksBase card / Gold000.00
182Marty TurcoDallas StarsBase card000.00
182bMarty TurcoDallas StarsBase card / Black000.00
182gMarty TurcoDallas StarsBase card / Gold000.00
183Philippe BoucherDallas StarsBase card000.00
183bPhilippe BoucherDallas StarsBase card / Black000.00
183gPhilippe BoucherDallas StarsBase card / Gold000.00
184Mike RibeiroDallas StarsBase card000.00
184bMike RibeiroDallas StarsBase card / Black000.00
184gMike RibeiroDallas StarsBase card / Gold000.00
185Eric LindrosDallas StarsBase card000.00
185bEric LindrosDallas StarsBase card / Black000.00
185gEric LindrosDallas StarsBase card / Gold000.00
186Brenden MorrowDallas StarsBase card000.00
186bBrenden MorrowDallas StarsBase card / Black000.00
186gBrenden MorrowDallas StarsBase card / Gold000.00
187Ladislav NagyDallas StarsBase card000.00
187bLadislav NagyDallas StarsBase card / Black000.00
187gLadislav NagyDallas StarsBase card / Gold000.00
188Mike ModanoDallas StarsBase card000.00
188bMike ModanoDallas StarsBase card / Black000.00
188gMike ModanoDallas StarsBase card / Gold000.00
189Mathieu GaronLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
189bMathieu GaronLos Angeles KingsBase card / Black000.00
189gMathieu GaronLos Angeles KingsBase card / Gold000.00
190Lubomir VisnovskyLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
190bLubomir VisnovskyLos Angeles KingsBase card / Black000.00
190gLubomir VisnovskyLos Angeles KingsBase card / Gold000.00
191Rob BlakeLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
191bRob BlakeLos Angeles KingsBase card / Black000.00
191gRob BlakeLos Angeles KingsBase card / Gold000.00
192Anze KopitarLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
192bAnze KopitarLos Angeles KingsBase card / Black000.00
192gAnze KopitarLos Angeles KingsBase card / Gold000.00
193Mike CammalleriLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
193bMike CammalleriLos Angeles KingsBase card / Black000.00
193gMike CammalleriLos Angeles KingsBase card / Gold000.00
194Alexander FrolovLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
194bAlexander FrolovLos Angeles KingsBase card / Black000.00
194gAlexander FrolovLos Angeles KingsBase card / Gold000.00
195Curtis JosephPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
195bCurtis JosephPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Black000.00
195gCurtis JosephPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Gold000.00
196Owen NolanPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
196bOwen NolanPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Black000.00
196gOwen NolanPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Gold000.00
197Shane DoanPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
197bShane DoanPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Black000.00
197gShane DoanPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Gold000.00
198Ed JovanovskiPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
198bEd JovanovskiPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Black000.00
198gEd JovanovskiPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Gold000.00
199Mikael TellqvistPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
199bMikael TellqvistPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Black000.00
199gMikael TellqvistPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Gold000.00
200Zbynek MichalekPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
200bZbynek MichalekPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Black000.00
200gZbynek MichalekPhoenix CoyotesBase card / Gold000.00
201Jack JohnsonLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
201bJack JohnsonLos Angeles KingsRookie / Black000.00
201gJack JohnsonLos Angeles KingsRookie / Gold000.00
202Mark MancariBuffalo SabresRookie000.00
202bMark MancariBuffalo SabresRookie / Black000.00
202gMark MancariBuffalo SabresRookie / Gold000.00
203Daniel GirardiNew York RangersRookie000.00
203bDaniel GirardiNew York RangersRookie / Black000.00
203gDaniel GirardiNew York RangersRookie / Gold000.00
204Rich PeverleyNashville PredatorsRookie000.00
204bRich PeverleyNashville PredatorsRookie / Black000.00
204gRich PeverleyNashville PredatorsRookie / Gold000.00
205David ClarksonNew Jersey DevilsRookie000.00
205bDavid ClarksonNew Jersey DevilsRookie / Black000.00
205gDavid ClarksonNew Jersey DevilsRookie / Gold000.00
206Tomi MakiCalgary FlamesRookie000.00
206bTomi MakiCalgary FlamesRookie / Black000.00
206gTomi MakiCalgary FlamesRookie / Gold000.00
207Petr KalusBoston BruinsRookie000.00
207bPetr KalusBoston BruinsRookie / Black000.00
207gPetr KalusBoston BruinsRookie / Gold000.00
208Bryan BickellChicago BlackhawksRookie000.00
208bBryan BickellChicago BlackhawksRookie / Black000.00
208gBryan BickellChicago BlackhawksRookie / Gold000.00
209Marc MethotColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
209bMarc MethotColumbus Blue JacketsRookie / Black000.00
209gMarc MethotColumbus Blue JacketsRookie / Gold000.00
210Rob SchrempEdmonton OilersRookie000.00
210bRob SchrempEdmonton OilersRookie / Black000.00
210gRob SchrempEdmonton OilersRookie / Gold000.00
211Yutaka FukufujiLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
211bYutaka FukufujiLos Angeles KingsRookie / Black000.00
211gYutaka FukufujiLos Angeles KingsRookie / Gold000.00
212Frans NielsenNew York IslandersRookie000.00
212bFrans NielsenNew York IslandersRookie / Black000.00
212gFrans NielsenNew York IslandersRookie / Gold000.00
213Colin FraserChicago BlackhawksRookie000.00
213bColin FraserChicago BlackhawksRookie / Black000.00
213gColin FraserChicago BlackhawksRookie / Gold000.00
214Aaron RomeAnaheim DucksRookie000.00
214bAaron RomeAnaheim DucksRookie / Black000.00
214gAaron RomeAnaheim DucksRookie / Gold000.00
215Martin LojekFlorida PanthersRookie000.00
215bMartin LojekFlorida PanthersRookie / Black000.00
215gMartin LojekFlorida PanthersRookie / Gold000.00
216Ryan ParentPhiladelphia FlyersRookie000.00
216bRyan ParentPhiladelphia FlyersRookie / Black000.00
216gRyan ParentPhiladelphia FlyersRookie / Gold000.00
217David MossCalgary FlamesRookie000.00
217bDavid MossCalgary FlamesRookie / Black000.00
217gDavid MossCalgary FlamesRookie / Gold000.00
218Ryan CallahanNew York RangersRookie000.00
218bRyan CallahanNew York RangersRookie / Black000.00
218gRyan CallahanNew York RangersRookie / Gold000.00
219Patrick KaletaBuffalo SabresRookie000.00
219bPatrick KaletaBuffalo SabresRookie / Black000.00
219gPatrick KaletaBuffalo SabresRookie / Gold000.00
220Mark FraserNew Jersey DevilsRookie000.00
220bMark FraserNew Jersey DevilsRookie / Black000.00
220gMark FraserNew Jersey DevilsRookie / Gold000.00
221Tobias StephanDallas StarsRookie000.00
221bTobias StephanDallas StarsRookie / Black000.00
221gTobias StephanDallas StarsRookie / Gold000.00
222Tomas PopperleColumbus Blue JacketsRookie000.00
222bTomas PopperleColumbus Blue JacketsRookie / Black000.00
222gTomas PopperleColumbus Blue JacketsRookie / Gold000.00
223Jeff SchultzWashington CapitalsRookie000.00
223bJeff SchultzWashington CapitalsRookie / Black000.00
223gJeff SchultzWashington CapitalsRookie / Gold000.00
224Tom GilbertEdmonton OilersRookie000.00
224bTom GilbertEdmonton OilersRookie / Black000.00
224gTom GilbertEdmonton OilersRookie / Gold000.00
225Jonathan SigaletBoston BruinsRookie000.00
225bJonathan SigaletBoston BruinsRookie / Black000.00
225gJonathan SigaletBoston BruinsRookie / Gold000.00
226Brandon DubinskyNew York RangersRookie000.00
226bBrandon DubinskyNew York RangersRookie / Black000.00
226gBrandon DubinskyNew York RangersRookie / Gold000.00
227Jaroslav HalakMontreal CanadiensRookie000.00
227bJaroslav HalakMontreal CanadiensRookie / Black000.00
227gJaroslav HalakMontreal CanadiensRookie / Gold000.00
228David KrejciBoston BruinsRookie000.00
228bDavid KrejciBoston BruinsRookie / Black000.00
228gDavid KrejciBoston BruinsRookie / Gold000.00
229Andy GreeneNew Jersey DevilsRookie000.00
229bAndy GreeneNew Jersey DevilsRookie / Black000.00
229gAndy GreeneNew Jersey DevilsRookie / Gold000.00
230Lauri TukonenLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
230bLauri TukonenLos Angeles KingsRookie / Black000.00
230gLauri TukonenLos Angeles KingsRookie / Gold000.00
231Jeff FingerColorado AvalancheRookie000.00
231bJeff FingerColorado AvalancheRookie / Black000.00
231gJeff FingerColorado AvalancheRookie / Gold000.00
232Daniel CarcilloPhoenix CoyotesRookie000.00
232bDaniel CarcilloPhoenix CoyotesRookie / Black000.00
232gDaniel CarcilloPhoenix CoyotesRookie / Gold000.00
233Kent HuskinsAnaheim DucksRookie000.00
233bKent HuskinsAnaheim DucksRookie / Black000.00
233gKent HuskinsAnaheim DucksRookie / Gold000.00
234John ZeilerLos Angeles KingsRookie000.00
234bJohn ZeilerLos Angeles KingsRookie / Black000.00
234gJohn ZeilerLos Angeles KingsRookie / Gold000.00
235Zach StortiniEdmonton OilersRookie000.00
235bZach StortiniEdmonton OilersRookie / Black000.00
235gZach StortiniEdmonton OilersRookie / Gold000.00
236Matt EllisDetroit Red WingsRookie000.00
236bMatt EllisDetroit Red WingsRookie / Black000.00
236gMatt EllisDetroit Red WingsRookie / Gold000.00
237Joel LundqvistDallas StarsRookie000.00
237bJoel LundqvistDallas StarsRookie / Black000.00
237gJoel LundqvistDallas StarsRookie / Gold000.00
238Duncan MilroyMontreal CanadiensRookie000.00
238bDuncan MilroyMontreal CanadiensRookie / Black000.00
238gDuncan MilroyMontreal CanadiensRookie / Gold000.00
239Bryan YoungEdmonton OilersRookie000.00
239bBryan YoungEdmonton OilersRookie / Black000.00
239gBryan YoungEdmonton OilersRookie / Gold000.00
240Danny BoisOttawa SenatorsRookie000.00
240bDanny BoisOttawa SenatorsRookie / Black000.00
240gDanny BoisOttawa SenatorsRookie / Gold000.00
241Drew FataNew York IslandersRookie000.00
241bDrew FataNew York IslandersRookie / Black000.00
241gDrew FataNew York IslandersRookie / Gold000.00
242Krys BarchDallas StarsRookie000.00
242bKrys BarchDallas StarsRookie / Black000.00
242gKrys BarchDallas StarsRookie / Gold000.00
243Pierre ParenteauChicago BlackhawksRookie000.00
243bPierre ParenteauChicago BlackhawksRookie / Black000.00
243gPierre ParenteauChicago BlackhawksRookie / Gold000.00
244Mathieu RoyEdmonton OilersRookie000.00
244bMathieu RoyEdmonton OilersRookie / Black000.00
244gMathieu RoyEdmonton OilersRookie / Gold000.00
245Jannik HansenVancouver CanucksRookie000.00
245bJannik HansenVancouver CanucksRookie / Black000.00
245gJannik HansenVancouver CanucksRookie / Gold000.00
246Dainius ZubrusNew Jersey DevilsBase card Update000.00
247Petr SykoraPittsburgh PenguinsBase card Update000.00
248Darryl SydorPittsburgh PenguinsBase card Update000.00
249Bill GuerinNew York IslandersBase card Update000.00
250Mike ComrieNew York IslandersBase card Update000.00
251Chris DruryNew York RangersBase card Update000.00
252Scott GomezNew York RangersBase card Update000.00
253Daniel BrierePhiladelphia FlyersBase card Update000.00
254Joffrey LupulPhiladelphia FlyersBase card Update000.00
255Tim ConnollyBuffalo SabresBase card Update000.00
256Andrew PetersBuffalo SabresBase card Update000.00
257Patrick EavesOttawa SenatorsBase card Update000.00
258Chris NeilOttawa SenatorsBase card Update000.00
259Bryan SmolinskiMontreal CanadiensBase card Update000.00
260Roman HamrlikMontreal CanadiensBase card Update000.00
261Vesa ToskalaToronto Maple LeafsBase card Update000.00
262Jason BlakeToronto Maple LeafsBase card Update000.00
263Manny FernandezBoston BruinsBase card Update000.00
264Michel OuelletTampa Bay LightningBase card Update000.00
265Todd WhiteAtlanta ThrashersBase card Update000.00
266Ray WhitneyCarolina HurricanesBase card Update000.00
267Mike CommodoreCarolina HurricanesBase card Update000.00
268Tomas VokounFlorida PanthersBase card Update000.00
269Richard ZednikFlorida PanthersBase card Update000.00
270Viktor KozlovWashington CapitalsBase card Update000.00
271Michael NylanderWashington CapitalsBase card Update000.00
272Brian RafalskiDetroit Red WingsBase card Update000.00
273Mikael SamuelssonDetroit Red WingsBase card Update000.00
274Alexander RadulovNashville PredatorsBase card Update000.00
275Paul KariyaSt. Louis BluesBase card Update000.00
276Keith TkachukSt. Louis BluesBase card Update000.00
277Robert LangChicago BlackhawksBase card Update000.00
278Sergei SamsonovChicago BlackhawksBase card Update000.00
279Nikolai ZherdevColumbus Blue JacketsBase card Update000.00
280Brendan MorrisonVancouver CanucksBase card Update000.00
281Mark ParrishMinnesota WildBase card Update000.00
282Owen NolanCalgary FlamesBase card Update000.00
283Adrian AucoinCalgary FlamesBase card Update000.00
284Ryan SmythColorado AvalancheBase card Update000.00
285Joni PitkanenEdmonton OilersBase card Update000.00
286Geoff SandersonEdmonton OilersBase card Update000.00
287Todd BertuzziAnaheim DucksBase card Update000.00
288Mathieu SchneiderAnaheim DucksBase card Update000.00
289Matt CarleSan Jose SharksBase card Update000.00
290Jere LehtinenDallas StarsBase card Update000.00
291Jussi JokinenDallas StarsBase card Update000.00
292Ladislav NagyLos Angeles KingsBase card Update000.00
293Kyle CalderLos Angeles KingsBase card Update000.00
294Fredrik SjostromPhoenix CoyotesBase card Update000.00
295Nick BoyntonPhoenix CoyotesBase card Update000.00
296Andrew CoglianoEdmonton OilersRookie Update000.00
297Anton StralmanToronto Maple LeafsRookie Update000.00
298Bobby RyanAnaheim DucksRookie Update000.00
299Brett SterlingAtlanta ThrashersRookie Update000.00
300Brian ElliottOttawa SenatorsRookie Update000.00
301Bryan LittleAtlanta ThrashersRookie Update000.00
302Cal ClutterbuckMinnesota WildRookie Update000.00
303Carey PriceMontreal CanadiensRookie Update000.00
304Cory MurphyFlorida PanthersRookie Update000.00
305Curtis McElhinneyCalgary FlamesRookie Update000.00
306Daniel WinnikPhoenix CoyotesRookie Update000.00
307David PerronSt. Louis BluesRookie Update000.00
308Denis TolpekoPhiladelphia FlyersRookie Update000.00
309Devin SetoguchiSan Jose SharksRookie Update000.00
310Erik JohnsonSt. Louis BluesRookie Update000.00
311James SheppardMinnesota WildRookie Update000.00
312Jared BollColumbus Blue JacketsRookie Update000.00
313Jaroslav HlinkaColorado AvalancheRookie Update000.00
314Jiri TlustyToronto Maple LeafsRookie Update000.00
315Jonathan BernierLos Angeles KingsRookie Update000.00
316Jonathan ToewsChicago BlackhawksRookie Update000.00
317Kris RussellColumbus Blue JacketsRookie Update000.00
318Kyle ChipchuraMontreal CanadiensRookie Update000.00
319Lukas KasparSan Jose SharksRookie Update000.00
320Marc StaalNew York RangersRookie Update000.00
321Martin HanzalPhoenix CoyotesRookie Update000.00
322Mason RaymondVancouver CanucksRookie Update000.00
323Matt KeetleyCalgary FlamesRookie Update000.00
324Matt MoulsonLos Angeles KingsRookie Update000.00
325Matt NiskanenDallas StarsRookie Update000.00
326Matt SmabyTampa Bay LightningRookie Update000.00
327Mike LundinTampa Bay LightningRookie Update000.00
328Mike WeberBuffalo SabresRookie Update000.00
329Milan LucicBoston BruinsRookie Update000.00
330Nick FolignoOttawa SenatorsRookie Update000.00
331Nicklas BackstromWashington CapitalsRookie Update000.00
332Nicklas BergforsNew Jersey DevilsRookie Update000.00
333Olli MalmivaaraNew Jersey DevilsRookie Update000.00
334Ondrej PavelecAtlanta ThrashersRookie Update000.00
335Patrick KaneChicago BlackhawksRookie Update000.00
336Peter MuellerPhoenix CoyotesRookie Update000.00
337Petteri WirtanenAnaheim DucksRookie Update000.00
338Sam GagnerEdmonton OilersRookie Update000.00
339Stefan MeyerFlorida PanthersRookie Update000.00
340Steve WagnerSt. Louis BluesRookie Update000.00
341Tobias StephanDallas StarsRookie Update000.00
342Torrey MitchellSan Jose SharksRookie Update000.00
343Tyler KennedyPittsburgh PenguinsRookie Update000.00
344Tyler WeimanColorado AvalancheRookie Update000.00
345Ville KoistinenNashville PredatorsRookie Update000.00
GB1Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsGame Breakers000.00
GB2Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsGame Breakers000.00
GB3Joe ThorntonSan Jose SharksGame Breakers000.00
GB4Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensGame Breakers000.00
GB5Daniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsGame Breakers000.00
GB6Roberto LuongoVancouver CanucksGame Breakers000.00
GB7Chris DruryBuffalo SabresGame Breakers000.00
GB8Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsGame Breakers000.00
GB9Ilya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersGame Breakers000.00
GB10Jean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim DucksGame Breakers000.00
GB11Mike ModanoDallas StarsGame Breakers000.00
GB12Daniel BriereBuffalo SabresGame Breakers000.00
GB13Kari LehtonenAtlanta ThrashersGame Breakers000.00
GB14Simon GagnePhiladelphia FlyersGame Breakers000.00
GB15Paul KariyaNashville PredatorsGame Breakers000.00
GB16Milan HejdukColorado AvalancheGame Breakers000.00
GB17Dominik HasekDetroit Red WingsGame Breakers000.00
GB18Jonathan CheechooSan Jose SharksGame Breakers000.00
GB19Joe SakicColorado AvalancheGame Breakers000.00
GB20Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningGame Breakers000.00
GB21Cam WardCarolina HurricanesGame Breakers000.00
GB22Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsGame Breakers000.00
GB23Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsGame Breakers000.00
GB24Ryan MillerBuffalo SabresGame Breakers000.00
GB25Teemu SelanneAnaheim DucksGame Breakers000.00
GB26Jason SpezzaOttawa SenatorsGame Breakers000.00
GB27Tomas VokounNashville PredatorsGame Breakers000.00
GB28Ales HemskyEdmonton OilersGame Breakers000.00
GB29Marian HossaAtlanta ThrashersGame Breakers000.00
GB30Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsGame Breakers000.00
GB31Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsGame Breakers000.00
GB32Anze KopitarLos Angeles KingsGame Breakers000.00
GB33Olli JokinenFlorida PanthersGame Breakers000.00
GB34Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksGame Breakers000.00
GB35Dany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsGame Breakers000.00
GB36Paul StastnyColorado AvalancheGame Breakers000.00
GB37Marty TurcoDallas StarsGame Breakers000.00
GB38Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesGame Breakers000.00
GB39Eric StaalCarolina HurricanesGame Breakers000.00
GB40Peter ForsbergNashville PredatorsGame Breakers000.00
GB41Andrew RaycroftToronto Maple LeafsGame Breakers000.00
GB42Martin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningGame Breakers000.00
GB43Thomas VanekBuffalo SabresGame Breakers000.00
GB44Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red WingsGame Breakers000.00
GB45Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksGame Breakers000.00
GB46Jaromir JagrNew York RangersGame Breakers000.00
GB47Miikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesGame Breakers000.00
GB48Patrice BergeronBoston BruinsGame Breakers000.00
GB49Henrik LundqvistNew York RangersGame Breakers000.00
GB50Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsGame Breakers000.00
SI1Roberto LuongoVancouver CanucksStars on Ice000.00
SI2Joe ThorntonSan Jose SharksStars on Ice000.00
SI3Dion PhaneufCalgary FlamesStars on Ice000.00
SI4Ryan MillerBuffalo SabresStars on Ice000.00
SI5Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red WingsStars on Ice000.00
SI6Phil KesselBoston BruinsStars on Ice000.00
SI7Sergei FedorovColumbus Blue JacketsStars on Ice000.00
SI8Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsStars on Ice000.00
SI9Jason SpezzaOttawa SenatorsStars on Ice000.00
SI10Brian GiontaNew Jersey DevilsStars on Ice000.00
SI11Dany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsStars on Ice000.00
SI12Eric StaalCarolina HurricanesStars on Ice000.00
SI13Teemu SelanneAnaheim DucksStars on Ice000.00
SI14Jonathan CheechooSan Jose SharksStars on Ice000.00
SI15Cristobal HuetMontreal CanadiensStars on Ice000.00
SI16Jaromir JagrNew York RangersStars on Ice000.00
SI17Ilya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersStars on Ice000.00
SI18Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensStars on Ice000.00
SI19Joe SakicColorado AvalancheStars on Ice000.00
SI20Andy McDonaldAnaheim DucksStars on Ice000.00
SI21Jay BouwmeesterFlorida PanthersStars on Ice000.00
SI22Ryan GetzlafAnaheim DucksStars on Ice000.00
SI23Dominik HasekDetroit Red WingsStars on Ice000.00
SI24Scott NiedermayerAnaheim DucksStars on Ice000.00
SI25Simon GagnePhiladelphia FlyersStars on Ice000.00
SI26Martin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningStars on Ice000.00
SI27Marian HossaAtlanta ThrashersStars on Ice000.00
SI28Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsStars on Ice000.00
SI29Ryan SmythNew York IslandersStars on Ice000.00
SI30Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsStars on Ice000.00
SI31Jordan StaalPittsburgh PenguinsStars on Ice000.00
SI32Milan HejdukColorado AvalancheStars on Ice000.00
SI33Rick NashColumbus Blue JacketsStars on Ice000.00
SI34Miikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesStars on Ice000.00
SI35Marty TurcoDallas StarsStars on Ice000.00
SI36Patrice BergeronBoston BruinsStars on Ice000.00
SI37Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningStars on Ice000.00
SI38Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksStars on Ice000.00
SI39Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesStars on Ice000.00
SI40Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsStars on Ice000.00
SI41Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsStars on Ice000.00
SI42Martin HavlatChicago BlackhawksStars on Ice000.00
SI43Brendan ShanahanNew York RangersStars on Ice000.00
SI44Michael RyderMontreal CanadiensStars on Ice000.00
SI45Patrick MarleauSan Jose SharksStars on Ice000.00
SI46Zach PariseNew Jersey DevilsStars on Ice000.00
SI47Daniel BriereBuffalo SabresStars on Ice000.00
SI48Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsStars on Ice000.00
SI49Tomas KaberleToronto Maple LeafsStars on Ice000.00
SI50Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsStars on Ice000.00
FO1Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesEA Sports Face-Off000.00
FO2Henrik LundqvistNew York RangersEA Sports Face-Off000.00
FO3Eric StaalCarolina HurricanesEA Sports Face-Off000.00
FO4Kris DraperDetroit Red WingsEA Sports Face-Off000.00
FO5Chris ProngerAnaheim DucksEA Sports Face-Off000.00
FO6Dion PhaneufCalgary FlamesEA Sports Face-Off000.00
OS1Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsOversize card000.00
OS2Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsOversize card000.00
OS3Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh PenguinsOversize card000.00
OS4Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh PenguinsOversize card000.00
OS5Rick DiPietroNew York IslandersOversize card000.00
OS6Henrik LundqvistNew York RangersOversize card000.00
OS7Brendan ShanahanNew York RangersOversize card000.00
OS8Jaromir JagrNew York RangersOversize card000.00
OS9Simon GagnePhiladelphia FlyersOversize card000.00
OS10Ryan MillerBuffalo SabresOversize card000.00
OS11Thomas VanekBuffalo SabresOversize card000.00
OS12Jason SpezzaOttawa SenatorsOversize card000.00
OS13Dany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsOversize card000.00
OS14Michael RyderMontreal CanadiensOversize card000.00
OS15Saku KoivuMontreal CanadiensOversize card000.00
OS16Andrew RaycroftToronto Maple LeafsOversize card000.00
OS17Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsOversize card000.00
OS18Patrice BergeronBoston BruinsOversize card000.00
OS19Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay LightningOversize card000.00
OS20Martin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningOversize card000.00
OS21Kari LehtonenAtlanta ThrashersOversize card000.00
OS22Ilya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersOversize card000.00
OS23Eric StaalCarolina HurricanesOversize card000.00
OS24Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsOversize card000.00
OS25Dominik HasekDetroit Red WingsOversize card000.00
OS26Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red WingsOversize card000.00
OS27Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red WingsOversize card000.00
OS28Paul KariyaNashville PredatorsOversize card000.00
OS29Peter ForsbergNashville PredatorsOversize card000.00
OS30Rick NashColumbus Blue JacketsOversize card000.00
OS31Roberto LuongoVancouver CanucksOversize card000.00
OS32Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksOversize card000.00
OS33Marian GaborikMinnesota WildOversize card000.00
OS34Miikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesOversize card000.00
OS35Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesOversize card000.00
OS36Joe SakicColorado AvalancheOversize card000.00
OS37Dwayne RolosonEdmonton OilersOversize card000.00
OS38Jean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim DucksOversize card000.00
OS39Jonathan CheechooSan Jose SharksOversize card000.00
OS40Joe ThorntonSan Jose SharksOversize card000.00
OS41Mike ModanoDallas StarsOversize card000.00
OS42Shane DoanPhoenix CoyotesOversize card000.00
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