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Upper Deck Parkhurst 1994-1995 SE

Upper Deck Parkhurst 1994-1995 SE

Year: 1995
Total cards: 605

Collection preview (77% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


SE-1Guy HebertAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-1gGuy HebertAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-2Bob CorkumAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-2gBob CorkumAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-3Randy LadouceurAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-3gRandy LadouceurAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-4Tom KurversAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-4gTom KurversAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-5Joe SaccoAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-5gJoe SaccoAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-6Valeri KarpovAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-6gValeri KarpovAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-7Garry ValkAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-7gGarry ValkAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-8Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card000.00
SE-8gPaul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-9Alexei KasatonovBoston BruinsBase card000.00
SE-9gAlexei KasatonovBoston BruinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-10Sergei ZholtokBoston BruinsBase card000.00
SE-10gSergei ZholtokBoston BruinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-11Glen MurrayBoston BruinsBase card000.00
SE-11gGlen MurrayBoston BruinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-12Dave ReidBoston BruinsBase card000.00
SE-12gDave ReidBoston BruinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-13Adam OatesBoston BruinsBase card000.00
SE-13gAdam OatesBoston BruinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-14Ted DonatoBoston BruinsBase card000.00
SE-14gTed DonatoBoston BruinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-15Don SweeneyBoston BruinsBase card000.00
SE-15gDon SweeneyBoston BruinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-16Philippe BoucherBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-16gPhilippe BoucherBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-17Bob SweeneyBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-17gBob SweeneyBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-18Pat LaFontaineBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-18gPat LaFontaineBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-19Derek PlanteBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-19gDerek PlanteBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-20Jason DaweBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-20gJason DaweBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-21Petr SvobodaBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-21gPetr SvobodaBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-22Craig SimpsonBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-22gCraig SimpsonBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-23Viktor GordioukBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-23gViktor GordioukBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-24Trevor KiddBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
SE-24gTrevor KiddBuffalo SabresBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-25Todd HlushkoCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
SE-25gTodd HlushkoCalgary FlamesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-26German TitovCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
SE-26gGerman TitovCalgary FlamesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-27Gary RobertsCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
SE-27gGary RobertsCalgary FlamesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-28Theoren FleuryCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
SE-28gTheoren FleuryCalgary FlamesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-29Cory StillmanCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
SE-29gCory StillmanCalgary FlamesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-30Phil HousleyCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
SE-30gPhil HousleyCalgary FlamesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-31Joel OttoCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
SE-31gJoel OttoCalgary FlamesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-32Patrick PoulinChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
SE-32gPatrick PoulinChicago BlackhawksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-33Christian SoucyChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
SE-33gChristian SoucyChicago BlackhawksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-34Karl DykhuisChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
SE-34gKarl DykhuisChicago BlackhawksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-35Jeremy RoenickChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
SE-35gJeremy RoenickChicago BlackhawksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-36Tony AmonteChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
SE-36gTony AmonteChicago BlackhawksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-37Sergei KrivokrasovChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
SE-37gSergei KrivokrasovChicago BlackhawksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-38Bernie NichollsChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
SE-38gBernie NichollsChicago BlackhawksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-39Todd HarveyDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-39gTodd HarveyDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-40Jarkko VarvioDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-40gJarkko VarvioDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-41Shane ChurlaDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-41gShane ChurlaDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-42Paul CavalliniDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-42gPaul CavalliniDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-43Trent KlattDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-43gTrent KlattDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-44Darcy WakalukDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-44gDarcy WakalukDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-45Derian HatcherDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-45gDerian HatcherDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-46Dean EvasonDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-46gDean EvasonDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-47Mike ModanoDallas StarsBase card000.00
SE-47gMike ModanoDallas StarsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-48Greg JohnsonDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-48gGreg JohnsonDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-49Ray SheppardDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-49gRay SheppardDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-50Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-50gSergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-51Bob RouseDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-51gBob RouseDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-52Mike VernonDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-52gMike VernonDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-53Vladimir KonstantinovDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-53gVladimir KonstantinovDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-54Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-54gChris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-55Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-55gSteve YzermanDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-56Jason YorkDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
SE-56gJason YorkDetroit Red WingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-57Boris MironovEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
SE-57gBoris MironovEdmonton OilersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-58Igor KravchukEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
SE-58gIgor KravchukEdmonton OilersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-59Jason ArnottEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
SE-59gJason ArnottEdmonton OilersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-60David OliverEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
SE-60gDavid OliverEdmonton OilersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-61Todd MarchantEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
SE-61gTodd MarchantEdmonton OilersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-62Dean McAmmondEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
SE-62gDean McAmmondEdmonton OilersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-63Brian SkrudlandFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
SE-63gBrian SkrudlandFlorida PanthersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-64Tom FitzgeraldFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
SE-64gTom FitzgeraldFlorida PanthersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-65Brian BenningFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
SE-65gBrian BenningFlorida PanthersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-66Stu BarnesFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
SE-66gStu BarnesFlorida PanthersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-67John VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
SE-67gJohn VanbiesbrouckFlorida PanthersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-68Rob NiedermayerFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
SE-68gRob NiedermayerFlorida PanthersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-69Jimmy CarsonHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-69gJimmy CarsonHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-70Mark JanssensHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-70gMark JanssensHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-71Sean BurkeHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-71gSean BurkeHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-72Andrei NikolishinHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-72gAndrei NikolishinHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-73Chris ProngerHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-73gChris ProngerHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-74Jeff ReeseHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-74gJeff ReeseHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-75Darren TurcotteHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-75gDarren TurcotteHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-76Robert KronHartford WhalersBase card000.00
SE-76gRobert KronHartford WhalersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-77Kevin BrownLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-77gKevin BrownLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-78Robert LangLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-78gRobert LangLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-79Rick TocchetLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-79gRick TocchetLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-80Jamie StorrLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-80gJamie StorrLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-81Kelly HrudeyLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-81gKelly HrudeyLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-82Darryl SydorLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-82gDarryl SydorLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-83Tony GranatoLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-83gTony GranatoLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-84Warren RychelLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-84gWarren RychelLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-85Gary ShuchukLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
SE-85gGary ShuchukLos Angeles KingsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-86Peter PopovicMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-86gPeter PopovicMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-87Valeri BureMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-87gValeri BureMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-88Kirk MullerMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-88gKirk MullerMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-89Lyle OdeleinMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-89gLyle OdeleinMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-90Brian SavageMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-90gBrian SavageMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-91Gilbert DionneMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-91gGilbert DionneMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-92Mathieu SchneiderMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-92gMathieu SchneiderMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-93Jim MontgomeryMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
SE-93gJim MontgomeryMontreal CanadiensBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-94Chris TerreriNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
SE-94gChris TerreriNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-95Scott NiedermayerNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
SE-95gScott NiedermayerNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-96Bobby CarpenterNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
SE-96gBobby CarpenterNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-97Scott StevensNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
SE-97gScott StevensNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-98Jim DowdNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
SE-98gJim DowdNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-99Brian RolstonNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
SE-99gBrian RolstonNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-100Stephane RicherNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
SE-100gStephane RicherNew Jersey DevilsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-101Mick VukotaNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-101gMick VukotaNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-102Steve ThomasNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-102gSteve ThomasNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-103Patrick FlatleyNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-103gPatrick FlatleyNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-104Jari KurriNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-104gJari KurriNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-105Rich PilonNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-105gRich PilonNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-106Benoit HogueNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-106gBenoit HogueNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-107Zigmund PalffyNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-107gZigmund PalffyNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-108Vladimir MalakhovNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-108gVladimir MalakhovNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-109Brett LindrosNew York IslandersBase card000.00
SE-109gBrett LindrosNew York IslandersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-110Mike RichterNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-110gMike RichterNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-111Greg GilbertNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-111gGreg GilbertNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-112Kevin LoweNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-112gKevin LoweNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-113Mark MessierNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-113gMark MessierNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-114Alexander KarpovtsevNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-114gAlexander KarpovtsevNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-115Sergei NemchinovNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-115gSergei NemchinovNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-116Petr NedvedNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-116gPetr NedvedNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-117Glenn HealyNew York RangersBase card000.00
SE-117gGlenn HealyNew York RangersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-118Dave ArchibaldOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
SE-118gDave ArchibaldOttawa SenatorsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-119Alexandre DaigleOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
SE-119gAlexandre DaigleOttawa SenatorsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-120Darrin MadeleyOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
SE-120gDarrin MadeleyOttawa SenatorsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-121Pavol DemitraOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
SE-121gPavol DemitraOttawa SenatorsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-122Brad ShawOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
SE-122gBrad ShawOttawa SenatorsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-123Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
SE-123gAlexei YashinOttawa SenatorsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-124Sean HillOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
SE-124gSean HillOttawa SenatorsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-125Vladislav BoulinPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-125gVladislav BoulinPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-126Kevin HallerPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-126gKevin HallerPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-127Chris TherienPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-127gChris TherienPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-128Garry GalleyPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-128gGarry GalleyPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-129Mikael RenbergPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-129gMikael RenbergPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-130Ron HextallPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-130gRon HextallPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-131Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-131gEric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-132Craig MacTavishPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-132gCraig MacTavishPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-133Patrik JuhlinPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
SE-133gPatrik JuhlinPhiladelphia FlyersBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-134Martin StrakaPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-134gMartin StrakaPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-135Doug BrownPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-135gDoug BrownPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-136Markus NaslundPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-136gMarkus NaslundPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-137Luc RobitaillePittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-137gLuc RobitaillePittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-138Kjell SamuelssonPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-138gKjell SamuelssonPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-139Ken WreggetPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-139gKen WreggetPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-140John CullenPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-140gJohn CullenPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-141Peter TaglianettiPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
SE-141gPeter TaglianettiPittsburgh PenguinsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-142Janne LaukkanenQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-142gJanne LaukkanenQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-143Owen NolanQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-143gOwen NolanQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-144Adam DeadmarshQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-144gAdam DeadmarshQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-145Dave KarpaQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-145gDave KarpaQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-146Wendel ClarkQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-146gWendel ClarkQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-147Joe SakicQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-147gJoe SakicQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-148Alexei GusarovQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-148gAlexei GusarovQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-149Peter ForsbergQuebec NordiquesBase card000.00
SE-149gPeter ForsbergQuebec NordiquesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-150Kevin MillerSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-150gKevin MillerSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-151Denny FelsnerSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-151gDenny FelsnerSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-152Al MacInnisSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-152gAl MacInnisSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-153Philippe BozonSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-153gPhilippe BozonSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-154Brett HullSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-154gBrett HullSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-155Guy CarbonneauSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-155gGuy CarbonneauSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-156Igor KorolevSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-156gIgor KorolevSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-157Esa TikkanenSt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-157gEsa TikkanenSt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-158Jon CaseySt.Louis BluesBase card000.00
SE-158gJon CaseySt.Louis BluesBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-159Viktor KozlovSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-159gViktor KozlovSan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-160Mike RathjeSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-160gMike RathjeSan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-161Bob ErreySan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-161gBob ErreySan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-162Arturs IrbeSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-162gArturs IrbeSan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-163Ray WhitneySan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-163gRay WhitneySan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-164Igor LarionovSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-164gIgor LarionovSan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-165Pat FalloonSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-165gPat FalloonSan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-166Jeff FriesenSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-166gJeff FriesenSan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-167Vlastimil KroupaSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
SE-167gVlastimil KroupaSan Jose SharksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-168Chris JosephTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
SE-168gChris JosephTampa Bay LightningBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-169Danton ColeTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
SE-169gDanton ColeTampa Bay LightningBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-170John TuckerTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
SE-170gJohn TuckerTampa Bay LightningBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-171Roman HamrlikTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
SE-171gRoman HamrlikTampa Bay LightningBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-172Jason WiemerTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
SE-172gJason WiemerTampa Bay LightningBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-173Kenny JonssonToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-173gKenny JonssonToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-174Eric FichaudToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-174gEric FichaudToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-175Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-175gMats SundinToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-176Doug GilmourToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-176gDoug GilmourToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-177Drake BerehowskyToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-177gDrake BerehowskyToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-178Mike RidleyToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-178gMike RidleyToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-179Jamie MacounToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-179gJamie MacounToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-180Alexei KudashovToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-180gAlexei KudashovToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-181Bill BergToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-181gBill BergToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-182Dave AndreychukToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-182gDave AndreychukToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-183Mike EastwoodToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
SE-183gMike EastwoodToronto Maple LeafsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-184Martin GelinasVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-184gMartin GelinasVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-185Greg AdamsVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-185gGreg AdamsVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-186Gino OdjickVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-186gGino OdjickVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-187Pavel BureVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-187gPavel BureVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-188Cliff RonningVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-188gCliff RonningVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-189Jiri SlegrVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-189gJiri SlegrVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-190Jyrki LummeVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-190gJyrki LummeVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-191Jassen CullimoreVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
SE-191gJassen CullimoreVancouver CanucksBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-192Steve KonowalchukWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-192gSteve KonowalchukWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-193Sylvain CoteWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-193gSylvain CoteWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-194Jason AllisonWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-194gJason AllisonWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-195Sergei GoncharWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-195gSergei GoncharWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-196Pat PeakeWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-196gPat PeakeWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-197Calle JohanssonWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-197gCalle JohanssonWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-198Joe JuneauWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-198gJoe JuneauWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-199Jeff NelsonWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
SE-199gJeff NelsonWashington CapitalsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-200Luciano BorsatoWinnipeg JetsBase card000.00
SE-200gLuciano BorsatoWinnipeg JetsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-201Teemu SelanneWinnipeg JetsBase card000.00
SE-201gTeemu SelanneWinnipeg JetsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-202Tie DomiWinnipeg JetsBase card000.00
SE-202gTie DomiWinnipeg JetsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-203Tim CheveldaeWinnipeg JetsBase card000.00
SE-203gTim CheveldaeWinnipeg JetsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-204Darrin ShannonWinnipeg JetsBase card000.00
SE-204gDarrin ShannonWinnipeg JetsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-205Ravil GusmanovWinnipeg JetsBase card000.00
SE-205gRavil GusmanovWinnipeg JetsBase card / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-206Todd HarveyCanadaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-206gTodd HarveyCanadaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-207Ed JovanovskiCanadaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-207gEd JovanovskiCanadaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-208Jason AllisonCanadaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-208gJason AllisonCanadaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-209Bryan McCabeCanadaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-209gBryan McCabeCanadaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-210Dan CloutierCanadaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-210gDan CloutierCanadaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-211Ladislav KohnCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-211gLadislav KohnCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-212Marek MalikCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-212gMarek MalikCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-213Jan HlavacCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-213gJan HlavacCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-214Petr CajanekCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-214gPetr CajanekCzech RepublicWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-215Jussi MarkkanenFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-215gJussi MarkkanenFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-216Jere KaralahtiFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-216gJere KaralahtiFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-217Janne NiinimaaFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-217gJanne NiinimaaFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-218Kimmo TimonenFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-218gKimmo TimonenFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-219Mikko HelistenFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-219gMikko HelistenFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-220Niko HalttunenFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-220gNiko HalttunenFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-221Tommi MiettinenFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-221gTommi MiettinenFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-222Veli-Pekka NutikkaFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-222gVeli-Pekka NutikkaFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-223Timo SalonenFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-223gTimo SalonenFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-224Tommi SovaFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-224gTommi SovaFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-225Jussi TarvainenFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-225gJussi TarvainenFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-226Tommi RajamakiFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-226gTommi RajamakiFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-227Antti AaltoFinlandWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-227gAntti AaltoFinlandWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-228Alexander KorolyukRussiaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-228gAlexander KorolyukRussiaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-229Vitali YachmenevRussiaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-229gVitali YachmenevRussiaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-230Nikolai ZavarukhinRussiaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-230gNikolai ZavarukhinRussiaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-231Vadim EpanchintsevRussiaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-231gVadim EpanchintsevRussiaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-232Dmitri KlevakinRussiaWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-232gDmitri KlevakinRussiaWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-233Anders ErikssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-233gAnders ErikssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-234Anders SoderbergSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-234gAnders SoderbergSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-235Per SvartvadetSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-235gPer SvartvadetSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-236Johan DavidssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-236gJohan DavidssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-237Niklas SundstromSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-237gNiklas SundstromSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-238Jonas JunkkaSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-238gJonas JunkkaSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-239Dick TarnstromSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-239gDick TarnstromSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-240P.J. AxelssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-240gP.J. AxelssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-241Fredrik JohanssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-241gFredrik JohanssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-242Peter StromSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-242gPeter StromSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-243Mattias OhlundSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-243gMattias OhlundSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-244Jesper MattssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-244gJesper MattssonSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-245Jonas ForsbergSwedenWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-245gJonas ForsbergSwedenWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-246Adam DeadmarshUSAWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-246gAdam DeadmarshUSAWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-247Deron QuintUSAWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-247gDeron QuintUSAWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-248Jamie LangenbrunnerUSAWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-248gJamie LangenbrunnerUSAWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-249Richard ParkUSAWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-249gRichard ParkUSAWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-250Bryan BerardUSAWorld Junior Championship000.00
SE-250gBryan BerardUSAWorld Junior Championship / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-251David BelitskiCanadaProgram of Excellence101.00
SE-251gDavid BelitskiCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-252Mike McBainCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-252gMike McBainCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-253Hugh HamiltonCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-253gHugh HamiltonCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-254Jason DoigCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-254gJason DoigCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-255Xavier DelisleCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-255gXavier DelisleCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-256Wade ReddenCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-256gWade ReddenCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-257Jeff WareCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-257gJeff WareCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-258Christian DubeCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-258gChristian DubeCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-259Louis-Philippe SevignyCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-259gLouis-Philippe SevignyCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-260Jarome IginlaCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-260gJarome IginlaCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-261Daniel BriereCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-261gDaniel BriereCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-262Justin KurtzCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-262gJustin KurtzCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-263Marc SavardCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-263gMarc SavardCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-264Alyn McCauleyCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-264gAlyn McCauleyCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-265Brad MehalkoCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-265gBrad MehalkoCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-266Jeffrey AmbrosioCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-266gJeffrey AmbrosioCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-267Todd NormanCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-267gTodd NormanCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-268Brian ScottCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-268gBrian ScottCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-269Brad LarsenCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-269gBrad LarsenCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SE-270Jean-Sebastien GiguerCanadaProgram of Excellence000.00
SE-270gJean-Sebastien GiguerCanadaProgram of Excellence / Parkie Gold000.00
SEV-1Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksVintage000.00
SEV-2Dino CiccarelliDetroit Red WingsVintage000.00
SEV-3Patrick RoyMontreal CanadiensVintage000.00
SEV-4Markus NaslundPittsburgh PenguinsVintage000.00
SEV-5Trevor LindenVancouver CanucksVintage000.00
SEV-6Valeri KarpovAnaheim Mighty DucksVintage000.00
SEV-7Pat VerbeekHartford WhalersVintage000.00
SEV-8Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsVintage000.00
SEV-9Kevin StevensPittsburgh PenguinsVintage000.00
SEV-10Kirk McLeanVancouver CanucksVintage000.00
SEV-11Stephan LebeauAnaheim Mighty DucksVintage000.00
SEV-12Scott NiedermayerNew Jersey DevilsVintage000.00
SEV-13Peter BondraWashington CapitalsVintage000.00
SEV-14Ed BelfourChicago BlackhawksVintage000.00
SEV-15Paul CoffeyDetroit Red WingsVintage000.00
SEV-16Chris GrattonTampa Bay LightningVintage000.00
SEV-17Joe JuneauWashington CapitalsVintage000.00
SEV-18Ray BourqueBoston BruinsVintage000.00
SEV-19Sergei KrivokrasovChicago BlackhawksVintage000.00
SEV-20Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsVintage000.00
SEV-21Alexei YashinOttawa SenatorsVintage000.00
SEV-22Al IafrateBoston BruinsVintage000.00
SEV-23Doug WeightEdmonton OilersVintage000.00
SEV-24Jari KurriLos Angeles KingsVintage000.00
SEV-25Rod Brind'AmourPhiladelphia FlyersVintage000.00
SEV-26Bryan SmolinskiBoston BruinsVintage000.00
SEV-27Darius KasparaitisNew York IslandersVintage000.00
SEV-28Mark RecchiPhiladelphia FlyersVintage000.00
SEV-29Mike GartnerToronto Maple LeafsVintage000.00
SEV-30Russ CourtnallDallas StarsVintage000.00
SEV-31Pierre TurgeonNew York IslandersVintage000.00
SEV-32Felix PotvinToronto Maple LeafsVintage000.00
SEV-33Nelson EmersonWinnipeg JetsVintage000.00
SEV-34Alexander MogilnyBuffalo SabresVintage000.00
SEV-35Bob KudelskiFlorida PanthersVintage000.00
SEV-36Brett LindrosNew York IslandersVintage000.00
SEV-37Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsVintage000.00
SEV-38Keith TkachukWinnipeg JetsVintage000.00
SEV-39Derek PlanteBuffalo SabresVintage000.00
SEV-40Oleg PetrovMontreal CanadiensVintage000.00
SEV-41Adam GravesNew York RangersVintage000.00
SEV-42Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsVintage000.00
SEV-43Viktor KozlovSan Jose SharksVintage000.00
SEV-44Nathan LafayetteVancouver CanucksVintage000.00
SEV-45Alexei ZhamnovWinnipeg JetsVintage000.00
ES-1Peter ForsbergSwedenEurostars000.00
ES-2Mats SundinSwedenEurostars000.00
ES-3Mikael RenbergSwedenEurostars000.00
ES-4Niklas LidstromSwedenEurostars000.00
ES-5Mariusz CzerkawskiSwedenEurostars000.00
ES-6Ulf DahlenSwedenEurostars000.00
ES-7Kjell SamuelssonSwedenEurostars000.00
ES-8Jyrki LummeFinlandEurostars000.00
ES-9Jari KurriFinlandEurostars000.00
ES-10Teppo NumminenFinlandEurostars000.00
ES-11Esa TikkanenFinlandEurostars000.00
ES-12Christian RuuttuFinlandEurostars000.00
ES-13Teemu SelanneFinlandEurostars000.00
ES-14Alexander MogilnyRussiaEurostars000.00
ES-15Pavel BureRussiaEurostars000.00
ES-16Sergei FedorovRussiaEurostars000.00
ES-17Arturs IrbeRussiaEurostars000.00
ES-18Alexei KovalevRussiaEurostars000.00
ES-19Dominik HasekCzech RepublicEurostars000.00
ES-20Jaromir JagrCzech RepublicEurostars000.00