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Upper Deck Spider-Man 2

Upper Deck Spider-Man 2

Year: 2004
Total cards: 75

Collection preview (93% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 0


SMC-1Double Life-Base Card303.00
SMC-2Tough Sale-Base Card303.00
SMC-3Smear Campaign-Base Card303.00
SMC-4Desperate-Base Card303.00
SMC-5Late Paper-Base Card303.00
SMC-6Juggling-Base Card303.00
SMC-7Party Planning-Base Card303.00
SMC-8Surprise!-Base Card303.00
SMC-9Concerns-Base Card303.00
SMC-10Hatred-Base Card303.00
SMC-11Mary Jane's Big Break-Base Card303.00
SMC-12Exciting News-Base Card303.00
SMC-13Peter's Idol-Base Card303.00
SMC-14Party's Over-Base Card303.00
SMC-15Guilty Conscience-Base Card303.00
SMC-16Good Intentions-Base Card303.00
SMC-17Gunshots-Base Card303.00
SMC-18Quick Change-Base Card303.00
SMC-19End of the Road-Base Card303.00
SMC-20Late Again-Base Card303.00
SMC-21No-Show-Base Card303.00
SMC-22Too Late-Base Card303.00
SMC-23Stretched Thin-Base Card303.00
SMC-24Mystery Man-Base Card303.00
SMC-25A Hidden Secret-Base Card303.00
SMC-26Fed Up-Base Card303.00
SMC-27Demo Day-Base Card303.00
SMC-28Harness-Base Card303.00
SMC-29Smart Arms-Base Card303.00
SMC-30Arm Demonstration-Base Card303.00
SMC-31Malfunction-Base Card303.00
SMC-32Run for Your Life!-Base Card303.00
SMC-33Harry's Hatred-Base Card303.00
SMC-34Fused-Base Card303.00
SMC-35Octavius Unplugged-Base Card303.00
SMC-36Ruined-Base Card303.00
SMC-37Prepped-Base Card303.00
SMC-38Anticipation-Base Card303.00
SMC-39Arm Attack-Base Card303.00
SMC-40Remembrance-Base Card303.00
SMC-41Shattered Dreams-Base Card303.00
SMC-42Bank Job-Base Card303.00
SMC-43Snatch and Dash-Base Card303.00
SMC-44Security Guard-Base Card303.00
SMC-45Money Bags-Base Card303.00
SMC-46Tight Squeeze-Base Card303.00
SMC-47Last Chance-Base Card303.00
SMC-48Flying Desks-Base Card303.00
SMC-49Escape-Base Card303.00
SMC-50Back to Reality-Base Card303.00
SMC-51A Hero No More-Base Card303.00
SMC-52Mystery Man Revealed-Base Card303.00
SMC-53Thirst for Revenge-Base Card303.00
SMC-54Home Invasion-Base Card303.00
SMC-55The Deal-Base Card303.00
SMC-56Location-Base Card303.00
SMC-57Rescue-Base Card303.00
SMC-58Regrets-Base Card303.00
SMC-59Moving-Base Card303.00
SMC-60Gratitude-Base Card303.00
SMC-61Second Thoughts-Base Card303.00
SMC-62Rebirth-Base Card303.00
SMC-63Promises-Base Card303.00
SMC-64Danger!-Base Card303.00
SMC-65Dock Ock Appears-Base Card303.00
SMC-66First Strike-Base Card303.00
SMC-67A Tough Task-Base Card303.00
SMC-68Ouch!-Base Card303.00
SMC-69Safe!-Base Card303.00
SMC-70A Solemn Vow-Base Card303.00
L1Doctor OctopusLenticular CardsChase Card303.00
L2Spider-ManLenticular CardsChase Card303.00
L3Doctor OctopusLenticular CardsChase Card303.00
Reel Piece of the ActionChase Card303.00
SMC-DODoctor Octopus
Reel Piece of the ActionChase Card303.00
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