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Upper Deck World Cup USA 1994. Preview English/Spanish

Upper Deck World Cup USA 1994. Preview English/Spanish

Year: 1993
Total cards: 247

Upper Deck World Cup USA 1994 (1993 Preview English/Spanish) .

Collection preview (87% scanned images)

collecting: 45 / completed: 5


1Tony MeolaUSABase card632.00
2Mike LapperUSABase card942.25
3John DoyleUSABase card842.00
4Bruce MurrayUSABase card842.00
5Thomas DooleyUSABase card651.20
6John HarkesUSABase card951.80
7Hugo PerezUSABase card551.00
8Dominic KinnearUSABase card832.67
9Tab RamosUSABase card933.00
10Emie StewartUSABase card1052.00
11Eric WynaldaUSABase card632.00
12Jeff AgoosUSABase card951.80
13Cobi JonesUSABase card924.50
14Brian QuinnUSABase card942.25
15Des ArmstrongUSABase card951.80
16Mike SorberUSABase card851.60
17Roy WegerleUSABase card851.60
18Brad FriedelUSABase card981.13
19Chris HendersonUSABase card842.00
20Paul CaligiuriUSABase card851.60
21Fernando ClavijoUSABase card824.00
22Alexi LalasUSABase card851.60
23Cle KooimanUSABase card1033.33
24Peter VermesUSABase card832.67
25Mark ChungUSABase card732.33
26Joe-Max MooreUSABase card971.29
27Frank KlopasUSABase card851.60
28Marcelo BalboaUSABase card1052.00
29Janusz MichallikUSABase card761.17
30Bora MilutinovicUSABase card741.75
31Raul GutierrezMexicoBase card942.25
32Claudio SuarezMexicoBase card450.80
33Ramirez PeralesMexicoBase card851.60
34Ignacio AmbrizMexicoBase card651.20
35Ramon RamirezMexicoBase card441.00
36Miguel HerreraMexicoBase card951.80
37David PatinoMexicoBase card661.00
38Alberto Garcia AspeMexicoBase card951.80
39Jorge CamposMexicoBase card861.33
40Luis GarciaMexicoBase card661.00
41Luis Roberto Alves ZagueMexicoBase card851.60
42Miguel EspanaMexicoBase card741.75
43Luis FloresMexicoBase card942.25
44Benjarmin GalindoMexicoBase card851.60
45Hugo SanchezMexicoBase card832.67
46Luis Miguel SalvadorMexicoBase card851.60
47Mike SweeneyCanadaBase card751.40
48Dale MitchellCanadaBase card771.00
49Randy SamuelCanadaBase card751.40
50Dave NormanCanadaBase card1042.50
51Alex BunburyCanadaBase card942.25
52John CatliffCanadaBase card651.20
53Lyndon HooperCanadaBase card1033.33
54Colin MillerCanadaBase card942.25
55Carl ValentineCanadaBase card933.00
56Frank YallopCanadaBase card842.00
57Craig ForrestCanadaBase card851.60
58Nick DasovicCanadaBase card1033.33
59Geoff AungerCanadaBase card951.80
60Mark WatsonCanadaBase card951.80
61Paul PeschisolidoCanadaBase card1052.00
62John LimniatisCanadaBase card1052.00
63Alberto AcostaArgentinaBase card1042.50
64Leo RodringuezArgentinaBase card961.50
65Diego SimeoneArgentinaBase card1071.43
66Abel BalboArgentinaBase card851.60
67Robbie SlaterAustraliaBase card732.33
68Andeas HerzogÖsterreichBase card651.20
69Michel Preud' HommeBelgiumBase card1052.00
70Enzo ScifoBelgiumBase card871.14
71RaiBrazilBase card651.20
72PalhinhaBrazilBase card832.67
73CafuBrasilBase card1262.00
74Freddy RinconColombiaBase card842.00
75Carlos ValderramaColombiaBase card881.00
76Flemming PovlsenDanmarkBase card661.00
77Brian LaudrupDanmarkBase card842.00
78Stuart PearceEnglandBase card761.17
79Paul InceEnglandBase card881.00
80Paul GascoigneEnglandBase card1061.67
81Ruud GullitNetherlandsBase card1071.43
82Rob WitschgeNetherlandsBase card832.67
83Andy TownsendRepublic of IrelandBase card741.75
84Roberto ManciniItalyBase card933.00
85Gianluca VialliItalyBase card851.60
86Gianluca PagliucaItaliaBase card1052.00
87Erik ThorstvedtNorgeBase card560.83
88Vitor BaiaPortugalBase card832.67
89Paulo FutrePortugalBase card751.40
90Igor DobrovolskiRussiaBase card641.50
91Andrei KantchelskisRussiaBase card1042.50
92Ally McCoistScotlandBase card751.40
93Andoni ZubizarretaSpainBase card933.00
94Tomas BrolinSwedenBase card632.00
95Stefan SchwarzSwedenBase card790.78
96Anders LimparSwedenBase card851.60
97Ruben SosaUruguayBase card951.80
98Enzo FrancescoliUruguayBase card824.00
99Checklist 1-82ChecklistBase card1052.00
100Checklist 83-165ChecklistBase card942.25
101Peter SchmeichelDanmarkWorlds Best961.50
102Oscar RuggeriArgentinaWorlds Best942.25
103Frank RijkaardNetherlandsWorlds Best1071.43
104BebetoBrazilWorlds Best933.00
105Paolo MaldiniItalyWorlds Best942.25
106Igor ShalimovRussiaWorlds Best881.00
107Franco BaresiItalyWorlds Best961.50
108Ronald KoemanNetherlandsWorlds Best1071.43
109Roberto BaggioItalyWorlds Best1252.40
110Marco Van BastenNetherlandsWorlds Best1142.75
111Giuseppe SignoriItalyWorlds Best861.33
112Dennis BergkampNetherlandsWorlds Best1362.17
113Georges GrunBelgiumWorlds Best981.13
114Gianluigi LentiniItalyWorlds Best1252.40
115David PlattEnglandWorlds Best741.75
116"Kicking Off"Rookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer1042.50
117"Goal!"Rookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer1243.00
118DribbleRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer981.13
119HeaderRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer971.29
120TackleRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer1071.43
121Foul!Rookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer832.67
122Free KickRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer951.80
123"The Wall"Rookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer1061.67
124Hat-TrickRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer871.14
125Penalty KickRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer871.14
126Corner KickRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer971.29
127Throw-inRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer1152.20
128Bicycle KickRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer961.50
129OffsideRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer1081.25
130World CupRookies Guide to SoccerRookies Guide to Soccer961.50
131USA Team PhotoUSAUS Cup 93 Review871.14
132Mike LapperUSAUS Cup 93 Review842.00
133Roy WegerleUSAUS Cup 93 Review861.33
134John HarkesUSAUS Cup 93 Review951.80
135Eric WynaldaUSAUS Cup 93 Review951.80
136Paul InceEnglandUS Cup 93 Review942.25
137Thomas DooleyUSAUS Cup 93 Review1042.50
138Alexi LalasUSAUS Cup 93 Review933.00
139Tony MeolaUSAUS Cup 93 Review861.33
140T.Dooley/A.LalasUSAUS Cup 93 Review961.50
141Tony MeolaUSAUS Cup 93 Review881.00
142Thomas DooleyUSAUS Cup 93 Review861.33
143Ernie StewartUSAUS Cup 93 Review942.25
144Tony MeolaUSAUS Cup 93 Review861.33
145SilverdomeUSAUS Cup 93 Review951.80
146John HarkesUSAFrom The Sideline842.00
147Roy WegerleUSAFrom The Sideline732.33
148Eric WynaldaUSAFrom The Sideline1025.00
149Tony MeolaUSAFrom The Sideline861.33
150Des ArmstrongUSAFrom The Sideline951.80
151Chris HendersonUSAFrom The Sideline881.00
152Cobi JonesUSAFrom The Sideline971.29
153Janusz MichallikUSAFrom The Sideline771.00
154Tab RamosUSAFrom The Sideline1042.50
155Cle KooimanUSAFrom The Sideline861.33
156Dominic KinnearUSAFrom The Sideline951.80
157Alexi LalasUSAFrom The Sideline861.33
158Marcelo BalboaUSAFrom The Sideline842.00
159Fernando ClavijoUSAFrom The Sideline851.60
160Thomas DooleyUSAFrom The Sideline961.50
161John DoyleUSAFrom The Sideline991.00
162Mike LapperUSAFrom The Sideline961.50
163Brad FriedelUSAFrom The Sideline851.60
164Paul CaligiuriUSAFrom The Sideline842.00
165Peter VermesUSAFrom The Sideline942.25
B9IrelandRepublic of IrelandBora1427.00
FS1Faustino AspnillaColombiaFuture Stars1535.00
FS2Demetrio AlbertiniItaliaFuture Stars1735.67
FS3Roy KeaneRepublic of IrelandFuture Stars1628.00
FS4Erik MyklandNorgeFuture Stars1434.67
FS5Frank De BoerNetherlandsFuture Stars1535.00
FS6FigoPortugalFuture Stars1836.00
FS7Mark BosnichAustraliaFuture Stars1427.00
FS8Lee SharpeEnglandFuture Stars1434.67
FS9Patrick B.AnderssonSwedenFuture Stars1527.50
FS10Alex EscobarColombiaFuture Stars1434.67
FS11Brian RoyNetherlandsFuture Stars1543.75
FS12Marco SimoneItaliaFuture Stars1635.33
FS13Sergei KiryakovRussiaFuture Stars1434.67
FS14Josep GuardiolaSpainFuture Stars1735.67
FS15Marc WilmotsBelgiumFuture Stars1527.50
FS16Dino BaggioItaliaFuture Stars1628.00
FS17Darren AndertonEnglandFuture Stars1343.25
FS18Marc OvermarsNetherlandsFuture Stars1535.00
FS19Nick BambyEnglandFuture Stars1427.00
FS20Duncan FergusonScotlandFuture Stars1334.33
HC1Reggie JacksonUSAHonorary Captain1427.00
HC1GReggie JacksonUSAHonorary Captain-Gold Foil1635.33
HC2Joe MontanaUSAHonorary Captain15115.00
HC2GJoe MontanaUSAHonorary Captain-Gold Foil1635.33
HC3Michael JordanUSAHonorary Captain1535.00
HC3GMichael JordanUSAHonorary Captain-Gold Foil16116.00
HC4Wayne GretzkyUSAHonorary Captain1635.33
HC4GWayne GretzkyUSAHonorary Captain-Gold Foil17117.00
WC-P1Eric WynaldaUSAPromo Cards20210.00
WC-P2Tony MeolaUSAPromo Cards20210.00
WC-P3Chris HendersonUSAPromo Cards1829.00
WC-P4John HarkesUSAPromo Cards21121.00
WC-P5Paul GascoigneEnglandPromo Cards1744.25
WC-P6Luis GarciaMexicoPromo Cards1944.75
WCH1Ruud GullitNetherlandsWorld Star Holograms1635.33
WCH2Brian LaudrupDanmarkWorld Star Holograms1452.80
WCH3Jorge CamposMexicoWorld Star Holograms1836.00
WCH4Roberto BaggioItaliaWorld Star Holograms2036.67
WCH5BebetoBrasilWorld Star Holograms1735.67
WCH6Oscar RuggeriArgentinaWorld Star Holograms1443.50
WCH7Emilio ButragenoSpainWorld Star Holograms1836.00
WCH8Eric WynaldaUSAWorld Star Holograms1744.25
WCH9Paul GascoigneEnglandWorld Star Holograms1953.80
1ATony MeolaUSAUSA - Autographed Cards17017.00
2AMike LapperUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
3AJohn DoyleUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
4ABruce MurrayUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
5AThomas DooleyUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
6AJohn HarkesUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
7AHugo PerezUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
8ADominic KinnearUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
9ATab RamosUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
10AEmie StewartUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
11AEric WynaldaUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
12AJeff AgoosUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
13ACobi JonesUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
14ABrian QuinnUSAUSA - Autographed Cards17017.00
15ADes ArmstrongUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
16AMike SorberUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
17ARoy WegerleUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
18ABrad FriedelUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
19AChris HendersonUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
20APaul CaligiuriUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
21AFernando ClavijoUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
22AAlexi LalasUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
23ACle KooimanUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
24APeter VermesUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
25AMark ChungUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
26AJoe-Max MooreUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
27AFrank KlopasUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
28AMarcelo BalboaUSAUSA - Autographed Cards18018.00
29AJanusz MichallikUSAUSA - Autographed Cards19019.00
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