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Upper Deck Victory MLB 2002

Upper Deck Victory MLB 2002

Year: 2002
Total cards: 1320

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


Full checklist (Total cards: 1320)
1Troy GlausAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
2Tim SalmonAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
3Troy PercivalAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
4Darin ErstadAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
5Adam KennedyAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
6Scott SpiezioAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
7Ramon OrtizAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
8Ismael ValdesAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
9Jarrod WashburnAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
10Garret AndersonAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
11David EcksteinAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
12Mo VaughnAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
13Benji GilAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
14Bengie MolinaAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
15Scott SchoeneweisAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
16Troy Glaus / Russ OrtizAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
17David JusticeOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
18Jermaine DyeOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
19Eric ChavezOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
20Jeremy GiambiOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
21Terrence LongOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
22Miguel TejadaOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
23Johnny DamonOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
24Jason HartOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
25Adam PiattOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
26Billy KochOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
27Ramon HernandezOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
28Eric ByrnesOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
29Olmedo SaenzOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
30Barry ZitoOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
31Tim HudsonOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
32Mark MulderOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
33Jason Giambi / Mark MulderOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
34Carlos DelgadoToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
35Shannon StewartToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
36Vernon WellsToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
37Homer BushToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
38Brad FullmerToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
39Jose Cruz Jr.Toronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
40Felipe LopezToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
41Raul MondesiToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
42Esteban LoaizaToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
43Darrin FletcherToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
44Mike SirotkaToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
45Luke ProkopecToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
46Chris CarpenterToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
47Roy HalladayToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
48Kelvim EscobarToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
49Carlos Delgado / Billy KochToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
50Nick BierbrodtTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
51Greg VaughnTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
52Ben GrieveTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
53Damian RollsTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
54Russ JohnsonTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
55Brent AbernathyTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
56Steve CoxTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
57Aubrey HuffTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
58Randy WinnTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
59Jason TynerTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
60Tanyon SturtzeTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
61Joe KennedyTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
62Jared SandbergTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
63Esteban YanTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
64Ryan RupeTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
65Toby HallTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
66Greg Vaughn / Tanyon SturtzeTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
67Matt LawtonCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
68Juan GonzalezCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
69Jim ThomeCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
70Einar DiazCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
71Ellis BurksCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
72Kenny LoftonCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
73Omar VizquelCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
74Russell BranyanCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
75Brady AndersonCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
76John RockerCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
77Travis FrymanCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
78Wil CorderoCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
79Chuck FinleyCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
80CC SabathiaCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
81Bartolo ColonCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
82Bob WickmanCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
83Roberto Alomar / CC SabathiaCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
84Ichiro SuzukiSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
85Edgar MartinezSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
86Aaron SeleSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
87Carlos GuillenSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
88Bret BooneSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
89John OlerudSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
90Jamie MoyerSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
91Ben DavisSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
92Dan WilsonSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
93Jeff CirilloSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
94John HalamaSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
95Freddy GarciaSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
96Kazuhiro SasakiSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
97Mike CameronSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
98Paul AbbottSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
99Mark McLemoreSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
100Ichiro Suzuki / Freddy GarciaSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
101Jeff ConineBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
102David SeguiBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
103Marty CordovaBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
104Tony BatistaBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
105Chris RichardBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
106Willis RobertsBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
107Melvin MoraBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
108Mike BordickBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
109Jay GibbonsBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
110Mike KinkadeBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
111Brian RobertsBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
112Jerry Hairston Jr.Baltimore OriolesBase card000.00
113Jason JohnsonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
114Josh TowersBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
115Calvin MaduroBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
116Sidney PonsonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
117Jeff Conine / Jason JohnsonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
118Alex RodriguezTexas RangersBase card000.00
119Ivan RodriguezTexas RangersBase card000.00
120Frank CatalanottoTexas RangersBase card000.00
121Mike LambTexas RangersBase card000.00
122Ruben SierraTexas RangersBase card000.00
123Rusty GreerTexas RangersBase card000.00
124Rafael PalmeiroTexas RangersBase card000.00
125Gabe KaplerTexas RangersBase card000.00
126Aaron MyetteTexas RangersBase card000.00
127Kenny RogersTexas RangersBase card000.00
128Carl EverettTexas RangersBase card000.00
129Rick HellingTexas RangersBase card000.00
130Ricky LedeeTexas RangersBase card000.00
131Michael YoungTexas RangersBase card000.00
132Doug DavisTexas RangersBase card000.00
133Jeff ZimmermanTexas RangersBase card000.00
134Alex Rodriguez / Rick HellingTexas RangersBase card000.00
135Manny RamirezBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
136Nomar GarciaparraBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
137Jason VaritekBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
138Dante BichetteBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
139Tony ClarkBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
140Scott HattebergBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
141Trot NixonBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
142Hideo NomoBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
143Dustin HermansonBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
144Chris StynesBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
145Jose OffermanBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
146Pedro MartinezBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
147Shea HillenbrandBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
148Tim WakefieldBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
149Troy O'LearyBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
150Ugueth UrbinaBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
151Manny Ramirez / Hideo NomoBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
152Carlos BeltranKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
153Dee BrownKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
154Mike SweeneyKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
155Luis AliceaKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
156Raul IbanezKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
157Mark QuinnKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
158Joe RandaKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
159Roberto HernandezKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
160Neifi PerezKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
161Carlos FeblesKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
162Jeff SuppanKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
163David McCartyKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
164Blake SteinKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
165Chad DurbinKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
166Paul ByrdKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
167Carlos Beltran / Jeff SuppanKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
168Craig PaquetteDetroit TigersBase card000.00
169Dean PalmerDetroit TigersBase card000.00
170Shane HalterDetroit TigersBase card000.00
171Bobby HigginsonDetroit TigersBase card000.00
172Robert FickDetroit TigersBase card000.00
173Jose MaciasDetroit TigersBase card000.00
174Deivi CruzDetroit TigersBase card000.00
175Damion EasleyDetroit TigersBase card000.00
176Brandon IngeDetroit TigersBase card000.00
177Mark RedmanDetroit TigersBase card000.00
178Dmitri YoungDetroit TigersBase card000.00
179Steve SparksDetroit TigersBase card000.00
180Jeff WeaverDetroit TigersBase card000.00
181Victor SantosDetroit TigersBase card000.00
182Jose LimaDetroit TigersBase card000.00
183Matt AndersonDetroit TigersBase card000.00
184Roger Cedeno / Steve SparksDetroit TigersBase card000.00
185Doug MientkiewiczMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
186Cristian GuzmanMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
187Torii HunterMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
188Matt LeCroyMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
189Corey KoskieMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
190Jacque JonesMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
191Luis RivasMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
192David OrtizMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
193A.J. PierzynskiMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
194Brian BuchananMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
195Joe MaysMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
196Brad RadkeMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
197Denny HockingMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
198Eric MiltonMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
199LaTroy HawkinsMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
200Joe Mays / Doug MientkiewiczMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
201Magglio OrdonezChicago White SoxBase card000.00
202Jose ValentinChicago White SoxBase card000.00
203Chris SingletonChicago White SoxBase card000.00
204Aaron RowandChicago White SoxBase card000.00
205Paul KonerkoChicago White SoxBase card000.00
206Carlos LeeChicago White SoxBase card000.00
207Ray DurhamChicago White SoxBase card000.00
208Keith FoulkeChicago White SoxBase card000.00
209Todd RitchieChicago White SoxBase card000.00
210Royce ClaytonChicago White SoxBase card000.00
211Jose CansecoChicago White SoxBase card000.00
212Frank ThomasChicago White SoxBase card000.00
213David WellsChicago White SoxBase card000.00
214Mark BuehrleChicago White SoxBase card000.00
215Jon GarlandChicago White SoxBase card000.00
216Magglio Ordonez / Mark BuehrleChicago White SoxBase card000.00
217Derek JeterNew York YankeesBase card000.00
218Bernie WilliamsNew York YankeesBase card000.00
219Rondell WhiteNew York YankeesBase card000.00
220Jorge PosadaNew York YankeesBase card000.00
221Alfonso SorianoNew York YankeesBase card000.00
222Ramiro MendozaNew York YankeesBase card000.00
223Jason GiambiNew York YankeesBase card000.00
224John Vander WalNew York YankeesBase card000.00
225Steve KarsayNew York YankeesBase card000.00
226Nick JohnsonNew York YankeesBase card000.00
227Mariano RiveraNew York YankeesBase card000.00
228Orlando HernandezNew York YankeesBase card000.00
229Andy PettitteNew York YankeesBase card000.00
230Robin VenturaNew York YankeesBase card000.00
231Roger ClemensNew York YankeesBase card000.00
232Mike MussinaNew York YankeesBase card000.00
233Derek Jeter / Roger ClemensNew York YankeesBase card000.00
234Moises AlouHouston AstrosBase card000.00
235Lance BerkmanHouston AstrosBase card000.00
236Craig BiggioHouston AstrosBase card000.00
237Octavio DotelHouston AstrosBase card000.00
238Jeff BagwellHouston AstrosBase card000.00
239Richard HidalgoHouston AstrosBase card000.00
240Morgan EnsbergHouston AstrosBase card000.00
241Julio LugoHouston AstrosBase card000.00
242Daryle WardHouston AstrosBase card000.00
243Roy OswaltHouston AstrosBase card000.00
244Billy WagnerHouston AstrosBase card000.00
245Brad AusmusHouston AstrosBase card000.00
246Jose VizcainoHouston AstrosBase card000.00
247Wade MillerHouston AstrosBase card000.00
248Shane ReynoldsHouston AstrosBase card000.00
249Jeff Bagwell / Wade MillerHouston AstrosBase card000.00
250Chipper JonesAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
251Brian JordanAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
252B.J. SurhoffAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
253Rafael FurcalAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
254Julio FrancoAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
255Javy LopezAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
256John BurkettAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
257Andruw JonesAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
258Marcus GilesAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
259Wes HelmsAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
260Greg MadduxAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
261John SmoltzAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
262Tom GlavineAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
263Vinny CastillaAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
264Kevin MillwoodAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
265Jason MarquisAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
266Chipper Jones / Greg MadduxAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
267Tyler HoustonMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
268Mark LorettaMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
269Richie SexsonMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
270Jeromy BurnitzMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
271Jimmy HaynesMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
272Geoff JenkinsMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
273Ronnie BelliardMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
274Jose HernandezMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
275Jeffrey HammondsMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
276Curt LeskanicMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
277Devon WhiteMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
278Ben SheetsMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
279Henry BlancoMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
280Jamey WrightMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
281Allen LevraultMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
282Jeff D'AmicoMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
283Richie Sexson / Jimmy HaynesMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
284Albert PujolsSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
285Jason IsringhausenSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
286J.D. DrewSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
287Placido PolancoSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
288Jim EdmondsSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
289Fernando VinaSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
290Edgar RenteriaSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
291Mike MathenySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
292Bud SmithSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
293Mike DiFeliceSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
294Woody WilliamsSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
295Eli MarreroSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
296Matt MorrisSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
297Darryl KileSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
298Kerry RobinsonSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
299Luis SaturriaSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
300Albert Pujols / Matt MorrisSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
301Sammy SosaChicago CubsBase card000.00
302Michael TuckerChicago CubsBase card000.00
303Bill MuellerChicago CubsBase card000.00
304Ricky GutierrezChicago CubsBase card000.00
305Fred McGriffChicago CubsBase card000.00
306Eric YoungChicago CubsBase card000.00
307Corey PattersonChicago CubsBase card000.00
308Alex GonzalezChicago CubsBase card000.00
309Ron CoomerChicago CubsBase card000.00
310Kerry WoodChicago CubsBase card000.00
311Delino DeShieldsChicago CubsBase card000.00
312Jon LieberChicago CubsBase card000.00
313Tom GordonChicago CubsBase card000.00
314Todd HundleyChicago CubsBase card000.00
315Jason BereChicago CubsBase card000.00
316Kevin TapaniChicago CubsBase card000.00
317Sammy Sosa / Jon LieberChicago CubsBase card000.00
318Steve FinleyArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
319Luis GonzalezArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
320Mark GraceArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
321Craig CounsellArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
322Matt WilliamsArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
323Tony WomackArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
324Junior SpiveyArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
325David DellucciArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
326Jay BellArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
327Curt SchillingArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
328Randy JohnsonArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
329Danny BautistaArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
330Miguel BatistaArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
331Erubiel DurazoArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
332Brian AndersonArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
333Byung-Hyun KimArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
334Luis Gonzalez / Curt SchillingArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
335Paul Lo DucaLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
336Gary SheffieldLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
337Shawn GreenLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
338Adrian BeltreLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
339Darren DreifortLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
340Mark GrudzielanekLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
341Eric KarrosLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
342Cesar IzturisLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
343Tom GoodwinLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
344Marquis GrissomLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
345Kevin BrownLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
346James BaldwinLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
347Terry AdamsLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
348Alex CoraLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
349Andy AshbyLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
350Chan Ho ParkLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
351Shawn Green / Chan Ho ParkLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
352Jose VidroMontreal ExposBase card000.00
353Vladimir GuerreroMontreal ExposBase card000.00
354Orlando CabreraMontreal ExposBase card000.00
355Fernando TatisMontreal ExposBase card000.00
356Michael BarrettMontreal ExposBase card000.00
357Lee StevensMontreal ExposBase card000.00
358Geoff BlumMontreal ExposBase card000.00
359Brad WilkersonMontreal ExposBase card000.00
360Peter BergeronMontreal ExposBase card000.00
361Javier VazquezMontreal ExposBase card000.00
362Tony Armas Jr.Montreal ExposBase card000.00
363Tomo OhkaMontreal ExposBase card000.00
364Scott StricklandMontreal ExposBase card000.00
365Vladimir Guerrero / Javier VazquezMontreal ExposBase card000.00
366Barry BondsSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
367Rich AuriliaSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
368Jeff KentSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
369Andres GalarragaSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
370Desi RelafordSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
371Shawon DunstonSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
372Benito SantiagoSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
373Tsuyoshi ShinjoSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
374Calvin MurraySan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
375Marvin BenardSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
376J.T. SnowSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
377Livan HernandezSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
378Russ OrtizSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
379Robb NenSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
380Jason SchmidtSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
381Barry Bonds / Russ OrtizSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
382Cliff FloydFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
383Antonio AlfonsecaFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
384Mike RedmondFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
385Mike LowellFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
386Derrek LeeFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
387Preston WilsonFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
388Luis CastilloFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
389Charles JohnsonFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
390Eric OwensFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
391Alex GonzalezFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
392Josh BeckettFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
393Brad PennyFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
394Ryan DempsterFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
395Matt ClementFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
396A.J. BurnettFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
397Cliff Floyd / Ryan DempsterFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
398Mike PiazzaNew York MetsBase card000.00
399Joe McEwingNew York MetsBase card000.00
400Todd ZeileNew York MetsBase card000.00
401Jay PaytonNew York MetsBase card000.00
402Roger CedenoNew York MetsBase card000.00
403Rey OrdonezNew York MetsBase card000.00
404Edgardo AlfonzoNew York MetsBase card000.00
405Roberto AlomarNew York MetsBase card000.00
406Glendon RuschNew York MetsBase card000.00
407Timo PerezNew York MetsBase card000.00
408Al LeiterNew York MetsBase card000.00
409Lenny HarrisNew York MetsBase card000.00
410Shawn EstesNew York MetsBase card000.00
411Armando BenitezNew York MetsBase card000.00
412Kevin AppierNew York MetsBase card000.00
413Bruce ChenNew York MetsBase card000.00
414Mike Piazza / Al LeiterNew York MetsBase card000.00
415Phil NevinSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
416Ryan KleskoSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
417Mark KotsaySan Diego PadresBase card000.00
418Ray LankfordSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
419Mike DarrSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
420D'Angelo JimenezSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
421Bubba TrammellSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
422Adam EatonSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
423Ramon VazquezSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
424Cesar CrespoSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
425Trevor HoffmanSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
426Kevin JarvisSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
427Wiki GonzalezSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
428Damian JacksonSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
429Brian LawrenceSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
430Phil Nevin / Trevor HoffmanSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
431Scott RolenPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
432Marlon AndersonPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
433Bobby AbreuPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
434Jimmy RollinsPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
435Doug GlanvillePhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
436Travis LeePhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
437Brandon DuckworthPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
438Pat BurrellPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
439Kevin JordanPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
440Robert PersonPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
441Johnny EstradaPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
442Randy WolfPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
443Jose MesaPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
444Mike LieberthalPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
445Bobby Abreu / Robert PersonPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
446Brian GilesPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
447Jason KendallPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
448Aramis RamirezPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
449Rob MackowiakPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
450Abraham NunezPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
451Pat MearesPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
452Craig WilsonPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
453Jack WilsonPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
454Gary Matthews Jr.Pittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
455Kevin YoungPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
456Derek BellPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
457Kip WellsPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
458Jimmy AndersonPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
459Kris BensonPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
460Brian Giles / Todd RitchiePittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
461Sean CaseyCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
462Wilton GuerreroCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
463Jason LaRueCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
464Juan EncarnacionCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
465Todd WalkerCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
466Aaron BooneCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
467Pete HarnischCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
468Ken Griffey Jr.Cincinnati RedsBase card000.00
469Adam DunnCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
470Barry LarkinCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
471Kelly StinnettCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
472Pokey ReeseCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
473Brady ClarkCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
474Scott WilliamsonCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
475Danny GravesCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
476Ken Griffey Jr. / Elmer DessensCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
477Larry WalkerColorado RockiesBase card000.00
478Todd HeltonColorado RockiesBase card000.00
479Juan PierreColorado RockiesBase card000.00
480Juan UribeColorado RockiesBase card000.00
481Mario EncarnacionColorado RockiesBase card000.00
482Jose OrtizColorado RockiesBase card000.00
483Todd HollandsworthColorado RockiesBase card000.00
484Alex OchoaColorado RockiesBase card000.00
485Mike HamptonColorado RockiesBase card000.00
486Terry ShumpertColorado RockiesBase card000.00
487Denny NeagleColorado RockiesBase card000.00
488Jose JimenezColorado RockiesBase card000.00
489Jason JenningsColorado RockiesBase card000.00
490Todd Helton / Mike HamptonColorado RockiesBase card000.00
491Tim ReddingHouston AstrosBase card000.00
492Mark TeixeiraTexas RangersBase card000.00
493Alex CintronArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
494Tim Raines Jr.Baltimore OriolesBase card000.00
495Juan CruzChicago CubsBase card000.00
496Joe CredeChicago White SoxBase card000.00
497Steve GreenAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
498Mike RiveraDetroit TigersBase card000.00
499Mark PriorChicago CubsBase card000.00
500Ken HarveyKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
501Tim SpooneybargerAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
502Adam EverettHouston AstrosBase card000.00
503Jason StandridgeTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
504Nick NeugebauerMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
505Adam JohnsonMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
506Sean DouglassBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
507Brandon BergerKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
508Alex EscobarNew York MetsBase card000.00
509Doug NicklePhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
510Jason MiddlebrookSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
511Dewon BrazeltonTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
512Yorvit TorrealbaSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
513Henry MateoMontreal ExposBase card000.00
514Dennis TankersleySan Diego PadresBase card000.00
515Marlon ByrdPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
516Andy BarkettPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
517Orlando HudsonToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
518Josh FoggChicago White SoxBase card000.00
519Ryan DreseCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
520Mike MacDougalKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
521Luis PinedaDetroit TigersBase card000.00
522Jack CustColorado RockiesBase card000.00
523Kurt AinsworthSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
524Bart MiadichAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
525Dernell StensonBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
526Carlos ZambranoChicago CubsBase card000.00
527Austin KearnsCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
528Larry BarnesAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
529Michael CuddyerMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
530Carlos PenaTexas RangersBase card000.00
531Derek JeterNew York YankeesBase card000.00
532Ken Griffey Jr.Cincinnati RedsBase card000.00
533Manny RamirezBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
534Luis GonzalezArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
535Sammy SosaChicago CubsBase card000.00
536Roger ClemensNew York YankeesBase card000.00
537Phil NevinSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
538Mike PiazzaNew York MetsBase card000.00
539Alex RodriguezTexas RangersBase card000.00
540Jason GiambiNew York YankeesBase card000.00
541Randy JohnsonArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
542Albert PujolsSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
543Jeff BagwellHouston AstrosBase card000.00
544Shawn GreenLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
545Carlos DelgadoToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
546Pedro MartinezBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
547Todd HeltonColorado RockiesBase card000.00
548Roberto AlomarNew York MetsBase card000.00
549Barry BondsSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
550Ichiro SuzukiSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
551John LackeyAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
552Francisco RodriguezAnaheim AngelsBase card000.00
553Cliff FloydFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
554Derek LoweBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
555Mark BellhornChicago CubsBase card000.00
556Matt ClementChicago CubsBase card000.00
557Hee Seop ChoiChicago CubsBase card000.00
558Joe BorchardChicago White SoxBase card000.00
559Ryan DempsterCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
560Russell BranyanCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
561Brandon LarsonCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
562Coco CrispCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
563Karim GarciaNew York YankeesBase card000.00
564Brandon PhillipsCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
565Jay PaytonNew York MetsBase card000.00
566Gabe KaplerTexas RangersBase card000.00
567Carlos PenaTexas RangersBase card000.00
568George LombardAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
569Andy Van HekkenDetroit TigersBase card000.00
570Andres TorresDetroit TigersBase card000.00
571Justin WayneFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
572Juan EncarnacionFlorida MarlinsBase card000.00
573Abraham NunezPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
574Pete MunroHouston AstrosBase card000.00
575Jason LaneHouston AstrosBase card000.00
576Dave RobertsLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
577Eric GagneLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
578Alex SanchezMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
579Jim RushfordMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
580Ben DigginsMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
581Eddie GuardadoMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
582Bartolo ColonCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
583Endy ChavezMontreal ExposBase card000.00
584Raul MondesiToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
585Jeff WeaverNew York YankeesBase card000.00
586Marcus ThamesNew York YankeesBase card000.00
587Ted LillyNew York YankeesBase card000.00
588Ray DurhamOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
589Jeremy GiambiOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
590Vicente PadillaPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
591Brett MyersPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
592Josh FoggChicago White SoxBase card000.00
593Tony AlvarezPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
594Jake PeavySan Diego PadresBase card000.00
595Dennis TankersleySan Diego PadresBase card000.00
596Sean BurroughsSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
597Kenny LoftonChicago White SoxBase card000.00
598Scott RolenPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
599Chuck FinleySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
600Carl CrawfordTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
601Kevin MenchTexas RangersBase card000.00
602Juan GonzalezTexas RangersBase card000.00
603Jayson WerthToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
604Eric HinskeChicago CubsBase card000.00
605Josh PhelpsToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
606Jose ValverdeArizona DiamondbacksBase card000.00
607John EnnisAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
608Trey HodgesAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
609Kevin GryboskiAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
610Travis DriskillBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
611Howie ClarkBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
612Freddy SanchezBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
613Josh HancockBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
614Jorge de la RosaBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
615Mike MahoneyChicago CubsBase card000.00
616Jason DavisCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
617Josh BardCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
618Jason BeverlinCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
619Carl SadlerCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
620Earl SnyderCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
621Aaron CookColorado RockiesBase card000.00
622Eric EckenstahlerDetroit TigersBase card000.00
623Franklyn GermanDetroit TigersBase card000.00
624Kirk SaarloosHouston AstrosBase card000.00
625Rodrigo RosarioHouston AstrosBase card000.00
626Jeriome RobertsonHouston AstrosBase card000.00
627Brandon PufferHouston AstrosBase card000.00
628Miguel AsencioKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
629Aaron GuielKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
630Ryan BukvichKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
631Jeremy HillKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
632Kazuhisa IshiiLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
633Jayson DurocherMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
634Shane NanceMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
635Eric GoodMontreal ExposBase card000.00
636Jamey CarrollMontreal ExposBase card000.00
637Jaime CerdaNew York MetsBase card000.00
638Nate FieldNew York YankeesBase card000.00
639Cody McKayOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
640Jose FloresOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
641Jorge PadillaPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
642Anderson MachadoPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
643Eric JungePhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
644Oliver PerezSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
645Julius MatosSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
646Ben HowardSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
647Julio MateoSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
648Matt ThorntonSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
649Chris SnellingSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
650Jason SimontacchiSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
651So TaguchiSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
652Mike CrudaleSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
653Mike CoolbaughSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
654Felix EscalonaSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
655Jorge SosaTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
656Lance CarterTampa Bay Devil RaysBase card000.00
657Reynaldo GarciaTexas RangersBase card000.00
658Kevin CashToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
659Ken HuckabyToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
660Scott WigginsToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
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