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Upper Deck FIFA World Cup USA 1994. Looney Tunes

Upper Deck FIFA World Cup USA 1994. Looney Tunes

Year: 1994
Total cards: 144

World Cup USA 1994 Looney Tunes Soccer Trading Cards.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 12 / completed: 4


1United StatesBase card-422.00
2Dominican RepublicBase card-321.50
3Trinidad & TobagoBase card-321.50
4AustraliaBase card-321.50
5AustraliaBase card-422.00
6AustraliaBase card-422.00
7MexicoBase card-422.00
8MexicoBase card-422.00
9MexicoBase card-221.00
10CanadaBase card-321.50
11CanadaBase card-221.00
12CaribbeanBase card-321.50
13CaribbeanBase card-221.00
14MexicoBase card-221.00
15AustraliaBase card-221.00
16AustraliaBase card-321.50
17ArgentinaBase card-321.50
18ArgentinaBase card-321.50
19ArgentinaBase card-321.50
20Argentina vs. ColombiaBase card-321.50
21Argentina vs. ColombiaBase card-321.50
22Argentina vs. ColombiaBase card-321.50
23Argentina vs. ColombiaBase card-221.00
24Argentina vs. ColombiaBase card-321.50
25BrazilBase card-221.00
26BrazilBase card-422.00
27BrazilBase card-422.00
28BrazilBase card-321.50
29BrazilBase card-321.50
30BrazilBase card-422.00
31BrazilBase card-321.50
32AfricaBase card-221.00
33AfricaBase card-230.67
34AfricaBase card-331.00
35AfricaBase card-230.67
36AfricaBase card-230.67
37ItalyBase card-431.33
38ItalyBase card-331.00
39SwitzerlandBase card-331.00
40SwitzerlandBase card-230.67
41SwitzerlandBase card-331.00
42EnglandBase card-230.67
43EnglandBase card-221.00
44HollandBase card-221.00
45HollandBase card-321.50
46HollandBase card-321.50
47NorwayBase card-221.00
48NorwayBase card-321.50
49SpainBase card-221.00
50SpainBase card-221.00
51SpainBase card-221.00
52SpainBase card-221.00
53RussiaBase card-321.50
54RussiaBase card-221.00
55GreeceBase card-321.50
56GreeceBase card-321.50
57GreeceBase card-321.50
58FranceBase card-321.50
59FranceBase card-331.00
60FranceBase card-331.00
61FranceBase card-321.50
62FranceBase card-321.50
63FranceBase card-321.50
64FranceBase card-321.50
65GreeceBase card-422.00
66RussiaBase card-321.50
67SpainBase card-321.50
68SpainBase card-321.50
69AfricaBase card-321.50
70United StatesBase card-321.50
71United StatesBase card-422.00
72United StatesBase card-422.00
73ChecklistBase card-522.50
74CruyffGreatest Player-422.00
75PeleGreatest Player-522.50
76GullitGreatest Player-422.00
77ZicoGreatest Player-522.50
78CharltonGreatest Player-422.00
79MaradonaGreatest Player-522.50
80BeckenbauerGreatest Player-522.50
81JairzinhoGreatest Player-422.00
82MullerGreatest Player-422.00
83EusebioGreatest Player-522.50
84MooreGreatest Player-422.00
85ZoffGreatest Player-522.50
86PlatiniGreatest Player-321.50
87WC 1930World Cup Moments-321.50
88WC 1934World Cup Moments-522.50
89WC 1938World Cup Moments-522.50
90WC 1950World Cup Moments-321.50
91WC 1954World Cup Moments-321.50
92WC 1958World Cup Moments-321.50
93WC 1962World Cup Moments-321.50
94WC 1966World Cup Moments-321.50
95WC 1970World Cup Moments-422.00
96WC 1974World Cup Moments-321.50
97WC 1978World Cup Moments-422.00
98WC 1982World Cup Moments-522.50
99WC 1986World Cup Moments-321.50
100WC 1990World Cup Moments-321.50
101WC 1994World Cup Moments-221.00
102AustraliaWorld Cup Map-221.00
103AfricaWorld Cup Map-321.50
104RussiaWorld Cup Map-431.33
105Trinidad & TobagoWorld Cup Map-230.67
106Cayman IslandsWorld Cup Map-230.67
107SpainWorld Cup Map-230.67
108ArgentinaWorld Cup Map-331.00
109South AmericaWorld Cup Map-331.00
110CanadaWorld Cup Map-221.00
111GoalkeepingStriker's Tips-221.00
112Overhead KickStriker's Tips-221.00
113HeadingStriker's Tips-321.50
114TacklingStriker's Tips-321.50
115DribblingStriker's Tips-321.50
116PassingStriker's Tips-321.50
117ControlStriker's Tips-230.67
118CurvingStriker's Tips-331.00
119ShootingStriker's Tips-331.00
120PracticeStriker's Tips-321.50
Q1United StatesWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q2GermanyWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q3MexicoWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q4GreeceWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q5RussiaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q6ColombiaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q7BrazilWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-404.00
Q8BoliviaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q9MoroccoWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q10CameroonWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q11NigeriaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-707.00
Q12BelgiumWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q13IrelandWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-505.00
Q14ArgentinaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q15ItalyWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-707.00
Q16Republic of KoreaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-707.00
Q17BulgariaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q18SwedenWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q19NetherlandsWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-505.00
Q20NorwayWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-505.00
Q21SpainWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-505.00
Q22SwitzerlandWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-505.00
Q23RomaniaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-606.00
Q24Saudi ArabiaWorld Cup Final Qualifiers-707.00