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Upper Deck Batman Begins

Upper Deck Batman Begins

Year: 2005
Total stickers: 156

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 7 / completed: 12


1Snitching from young Rachel--480.50
2Bruce and young Rachel--350.60
3Fallen Bruce--560.83
4Carried by Thomas--450.80
5Gifting the kid--3100.30
6Grungy vagrant young Bruce--460.67
7Alley fight--460.67
8Practicing thug-wrestling--470.57
9Fighting two (puzzle 1)--460.67
10Fighting two (puzzle 2)--370.43
11Fighting two (puzzle 3)--460.67
12Chatting with Henri in jail--350.60
13Gray masked--480.50
14Trudging the steppes--380.38
15Old structure--460.67
16Fight with Ducard (puzzle 1)--470.57
17Fight with Ducard (puzzle 2)--380.38
18The blue rose--460.67
19At the opera--370.43
20Opera onstage (puzzle 1)--350.60
21Opera onstage (puzzle 2)--480.50
22Kid wants to leave--460.67
23Confronted by punk's gun--480.50
24Alfred consoling orphan--470.57
25Standing over the bodies--522.50
26Ducard with foil--422.00
27Ducard's face--404.00
28Bruce en garde (puzzle 1)--515.00
29Ducard parries (puzzle 2)--515.00
30Joe Chill's parole hearing--414.00
31Restraining Bruce--515.00
33Martial training (puzzle 1)--522.50
34Martial training (puzzle 2)--515.00
35Black ninja hood--422.00
36Ducard observes--321.50
37Viewing the vanquished (puzzle 1)--404.00
38Viewing the vanquished (puzzle 2)--505.00
39Ra's wand--505.00
40Crossing swords with Ra's--515.00
41Carrying the vanquished--431.33
42Rachel and Crane--422.00
43Alfred and Bruce--522.50
44Bruce with rope and cape--414.00
45Waterfall cave (puzzle 1)--515.00
46Waterfall cave (puzzle 2)--515.00
47Unfinished interior (puzzle 1)--414.00
48Unfinished interior (puzzle 2)--404.00
49Rachel puzzled--505.00
50Corporate agreement with Earle--414.00
51Lighting the cave light--422.00
52Bruce and Lucius--522.50
53Alfred and Bruce engineering--515.00
54Fixing up the cave (puzzle 1)--414.00
55Fixing up the cave (puzzle 2)--531.67
56Installing first gadgets--522.50
57Running the generator--505.00
58Checking the water curtain--515.00
59Painting the armor--414.00
60Consultant Lucius--505.00
61Gordon and ninja--422.00
62Ski-masked eyes--414.00
63Tinkering with Alfred (puzzle 1)--541.25
64Tinkering with Alfred (puzzle 2)--515.00
65Tinkering with Alfred (puzzle 3)--515.00
66Armor closet--522.50
67Car turbine--515.00
68Batmobile 1 (puzzle 1)--505.00
69Batmobile 1 (puzzle 2)--522.50
70Batmobile 1 (puzzle 3)--505.00
71Full costume on stairs (puzzle 1)--515.00
72Full costume on stairs (puzzle 2)--422.00
73Bat from above--515.00
74Upended hero--522.50
75Gazing over Gotham--422.00
76Batsignal origin--515.00
77Gassed by Scarecrow (puzzle 1)--515.00
78Gassed by Scarecrow (puzzle 2)--321.50
79Gassed by Scarecrow (puzzle 3)--414.00
80Rainy battle (puzzle 1)--422.00
81Rainy battle (puzzle 2)--414.00
82Flass upended--422.00
83Bat Serves Up Crime Boss--313.00
84Climbing the wall--331.00
85Drugs in rabbits (puzzle 1)--515.00
86Drugs in rabbits (puzzle 2)--531.67
87Drugs in rabbits (puzzle 3)--505.00
88Scarecrow face (puzzle 1)--431.33
89Scarecrow face (puzzle 2)--522.50
90Batman gets gassed (puzzle 1)--522.50
91Batman gets gassed (puzzle 2)--313.00
92Batman on fire (puzzle 1)--515.00
93Batman on fire (puzzle 2)--303.00
94Jumping in flames--522.50
95Sizzling in street (puzzle 1)--515.00
96Sizzling in street (puzzle 2)--515.00
97Crane and Rachel in court--515.00
98Batman in laundry room--515.00
99Dueling with Scarecrow (puzzle 1)--505.00
100Dueling with Scarecrow (puzzle 2)--522.50
101Rachel gassed--616.00
102Caught by the hair--441.00
103Bearing Rachel--414.00
104Gordon ponders--422.00
105SWAT Team on stairs--414.00
106Gordon wakes Rachel--515.00
107Tumbler at roadblock--515.00
108Batmobile explodes through--431.33
109Taking Rachel for a ride--515.00
110Sedating Rachel (puzzle 1)--331.00
111Sedating Rachel (puzzle 2)--313.00
112Ducard and Bruce--522.50
113Alfred's mean 5-iron (puzzle 1)--515.00
114Alfred's mean 5-iron (puzzle 2)--515.00
115Straightjacketed Crane--515.00
116Scarecrow rides again--505.00
117Prison break--422.00
118Lifting the beam in flames (puzzle 1)--422.00
119Lifting the beam in flames (puzzle 2)--303.00
120Readying the emitter--422.00
121Swinging Batman--480.50
122Raised drawbridge--360.50
123Batmobile through desolation--560.83
124Swinging out of explosion--470.57
125Batman confronts Ducard (puzzle 1)--250.40
126Batman confronts Ducard (puzzle 2)--390.33
127Rachel prepares a kiss--470.57
128Wayne Manor ruins (puzzle 1)--370.43
129Wayne Manor ruins (puzzle 2)--480.50
130Gordon and Batman (puzzle 1)--370.43
131Gordon and Batman (puzzle 2)--450.80
132The Batman--460.67
AThe Batman peers up-foil260.33
CUpended Batman-foil350.60
DDuel with Scarecrow (puzzle 1)-foil460.67
EDuel with Scarecrow (puzzle 2)-foil450.80
FSqueezing the perp's neck-foil390.33
GBatman portrait (puzzle 1)-foil470.57
HBatman portrait (puzzle 2)-foil460.67
IBatman portrait (puzzle 3)-foil360.50
JBatman portrait (puzzle 4)-foil460.67
KGrabbing the perp's hair-foil441.00
LKneeling in cave construction-foil460.67
MRabbits and drugs-foil460.67
NTumbler in garage-foil380.38
OIn armor and cape-foil250.40
PAt the roof edge-foil480.50
QPunching the perp-foil460.67
RKicking the perps-foil470.57
SBatman's fist pump-foil470.57
TWings unfurled-foil450.80
UUnmasked on rooftop-foil360.50
VIn garb facing left-foil260.33
WBatsignal and Batman-foil470.57
XBatman portrait-foil460.67
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