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Upper Deck Superman: Man of Steel 1st Edition

Upper Deck Superman: Man of Steel 1st Edition

Year: 2004
Total cards: 165

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 0


1Alpha Centurion, Marcus Aelius--212.00
2Cir-El as Supergirl, Daughter of Tomorrow--202.00
3Connor Kent as Superboy, Kon-El--303.00
4Dubbilex, DNAlien--303.00
5Eradicator, Soul of Krypton--202.00
6Gangbuster, Jose Delgado--202.00
7Girl 13, Traci Thirteen--202.00
8Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Pal--303.00
9John Henry Irons as Steel, Peerless Engineer--202.00
10Kara Zor-El as Supergirl, Last Daughter of Krypton--303.00
11Krypto, Superdog--303.00
12Lana Lang, Smallville Sweetheart--303.00
13Linda Danvers as Supergirl, Matrix--303.00
14Lois Lane, Star Reporter--303.00
15Perry White, Chief--303.00
16Professor Emil Hamilton , Garrulous Genius--212.00
17Rose as Thorn, Rose Forrest--303.00
18Scorn, Ceritak--212.00
19Strange Visitor, Sharon Vance--303.00
20Superman, Blue--303.00
21Superman, Clark Kent--303.00
22Superman, Kal-El--303.00
23Superman, Man of Steel--303.00
24Superman , Red--303.00
25Superman Robots, Army--202.00
26Cadmus Labs--303.00
27Daily Planet--303.00
28Entropy Aegis Armor--202.00
29Fortress of Solitude--303.00
31Last Son of Krypton--303.00
32Man of Tomorrow--303.00
33Super Speed--303.00
34X-Ray Vision--303.00
35Beautiful Dreamer, Forever People--202.00
36Big Barda, Barda Free--202.00
37Big Bear, Forever People--202.00
38Fastbak, Sky Scorcher--212.00
39Forager , Bug Warrior--212.00
40Himon, Enigmatic Researcher--303.00
41Infinity Man, Drax--202.00
42Izaya as Highfather, The Inheritor--303.00
43Lightray, Solis--202.00
44Lonar, Explorer--303.00
45Mark Moonrider, Forever People--212.00
46Metron, Time Traveler--202.00
47Orion, Dog of War--303.00
48Orion, True Son of Darkseid--212.00
49Scott Free as Mister Miracle, Escape Artist--303.00
50Serifan, Forever People--212.00
51Takion as Highfather, Josh Saunders--303.00
52Vykin, Forever People--303.00
53Astro Force--202.00
54Dog of War--212.00
55Escape Artist--202.00
56Forever People--303.00
57New Genesis--212.00
59The Prophecy Fulfilled--212.00
60The Source--303.00
61Atomic Skull, Joe Martin--303.00
62Bizarro, Imperfect Duplicate--303.00
63Brainiac 2.5, Vrill Dox--202.00
64Dominus, Tuoni--303.00
65Doomsday, Armageddon Creature--303.00
66Encantadora, Lourdes Lucero--212.00
67Eradicator, Doctor David Connor--202.00
68General Zod, Ruler of Pokolistan--303.00
69Gog, Nemesis--202.00
70Hank Henshaw as Cyborg, Evil Imposter--202.00
71Hope, Amazon Bodyguard--303.00
72Intergang, Army--303.00
73Lex Luthor, Power Armor--202.00
74Lex Luthor, President Luthor--303.00
75Massacre, Alien Bounty Hunter--303.00
76Mercy, Amazon '--202.00
77Metallo, John Corben--212.00
78Mongal, Ruler of Almerac--212.00
79Mongul, Tyrant of Warworld--212.00
80Mr. Mxyzptlk, Fifth Dimension Imp--303.00
81Parasite, Rudy Jones--202.00
82Prankster, Oswald Loomis--303.00
83Satanus, Evil Incarnate--303.00
84Silver Banshee, Siobhan McDougal--202.00
85Talia , LexCorp CEO--202.00
86Winslow Schott as Toyman, Crooked Craftsman--303.00
87Bizarro World--303.00
88Brainiac's Ship--303.00
89Feeding Time!--303.00
92Revenge Pact--303.00
93State of the Union--303.00
94Suicide Slums--212.00
95Toy Soldiers--303.00
97Amazing Grace, Manipulator--303.00
98Bernadeth, Leader of Female Furies--212.00
99Brimstone, Engine of Destruction--303.00
100Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips--303.00
101Darkseid, Uxas--303.00
102Desaad, Royal Torturer--212.00
103Devilance, The Pursuer--212.00
104Glorious Godfrey, Persuader--202.00
105Gole, Deep Six--202.00
106Granny Goodness, Everyone's Favorite Granny--212.00
107Hunger Dogs, Army--303.00
108Jaffar, Deep Six--212.00
109Kalibak, Unworthy Son--212.00
110Kanto, Darkseid's Assassin--202.00
111Kurin, Deep Six--202.00
112Shaligo, Deep Six--212.00
113Slig, Deep Six--212.00
114Steppenwolf, Darkseid's General--202.00
115Superman, False Son--303.00
116Topkick, Parademon Drill Instructor--202.00
117Trok, Deep Six--202.00
118Anti-Life Equation--303.00
121Beta Club--303.00
122Firepits of Apokolips--303.00
123Granny Loves You--303.00
124Happiness Home--303.00
125Hordes of Apokolips--303.00
126Omega Beams--303.00
127Ride of the Black Racer--303.00
128Blood Feud--202.00
129Phantom Zone--303.00
130The Exchange--303.00
131Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Guardian of Gotham--303.00
132Jason Todd as Robin, Crime Fighter--303.00
133Spoiler as Robin, The Girl Wonder--202.00
134Detective Work--303.00
135Donna Troy as Troia, Child of Myth--303.00
136Roy Harper as Speedy, Mercurial Marksman--303.00
137Wally West as Kid Flash, Fastest Teen Alive--303.00
138New Teen Titans--303.00
139Blockbuster, Roland Desmond--202.00
140Maxie Zeus, God Complex--303.00
141The Joker, Emperor Joker--303.00
142Smiles, Everyone!--202.00
143Bronze Tiger, Benjamin Turner--202.00
144Merlyn , Deadly Archer--202.00
145Pit of Madness--303.00
146The Demon's Head--303.00
147Charger, Power Conduit--303.00
148Deuce, Miss Perception--303.00
149Imperiex, The Beginning and The End--303.00
150Back to Back--303.00
151Boom Tube--202.00
152Female Furies--303.00
153Heat Vision--202.00
154I Hate Magic!--303.00
155Men of Steel--303.00
157Mother Box--202.00
158Narrow Escape--202.00
159Path of Destruction--202.00
160Phantom Zone Projector--303.00
161Play Time--212.00
162Royal Decree--303.00
163Stopped Cold--202.00
164Super Strength--202.00
165Up, Up, and Away--202.00
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