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Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. - Wolves 2018-2019

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. - Wolves 2018-2019

Year: 2018
Total stickers: 180

Wolves official 2018-2019 sticker album.

collecting: 6 / completed: 0


2Premier League--101.00
3Redrow (1)--101.00
4Redrow (2)--101.00
5Eastgate Commercial Ltd--101.00
7Silver Cross--101.00
8Sir Jack Hayward Stand--101.00
9Billy Wright Stand--101.00
10Stan Cullis Stand--101.00
11Steve Bull Stand--101.00
12Molineux celebrates promotion to the Premier League versus Sheffield Wednesday, 28 April, 2018 (1)--101.00
13Molineux celebrates promotion to the Premier League versus Sheffield Wednesday, 28 April, 2018 (2)--101.00
14Billy Wright CBE Statue--101.00
15Stan Cullis Statue--101.00
16Sir Jack Hayward OBE Statue--101.00
172017/18 Winners--101.00
18Molineux Clock--101.00
19Champions of England 1953/54--101.00
20Wolves retain their crown 1958/59--101.00
212009 Championship--101.00
22The Nuno revolution--101.00
23Bounce back into the Championship 2013/14--101.00
24The Wolves resurrgance 1987/88--101.00
251949 F.A. Cup--101.00
26Fourth F.A. Cup win 1959/60--101.00
27Firest League Cup 1973/74--101.00
28Wembley winners again 1979/80--101.00
291959 Charity Shield--101.00
30Sherpa Van provides resurgence 1987/88--101.00
31Nuno Espirito Santo--202.00
32Nuno Espirito Santo--202.00
33Nuno Espirito Santo--202.00
34Nuno Espirito Santo--202.00
35Rui Pedro Silva--101.00
36Ian Cathro--101.00
37Rui Barbosa--101.00
38Julio Figueroa--101.00
39Antonio Dias--101.00
40Joao Lopa--101.00
41Jack Addenbrooke--101.00
42Jack Addenbrooke--101.00
43Buckley Days--101.00
44Major Frank Buckley--101.00
45Stan Cullis--101.00
46Stan Cullis--101.00
47Bill McGarry--101.00
48Bill McGarry--101.00
49Graham Turner--101.00
50Graham Turner--101.00
51Mick McCarthy--101.00
52Mick McCarthy--101.00
53Chairman Guo--101.00
54Jeff Si--101.00
55Kevin Thelwell--101.00
56Laurie Dalrymple--101.00
57Rui Patricio--202.00
58Rui Patricio--202.00
59John Ruddy--101.00
60John Ruddy--101.00
61Will Norris--101.00
62Carl Ikeme--101.00
63William Rose--101.00
64William Rose--101.00
65Noel George--101.00
66Noel George--101.00
67Bert Williams--101.00
68Bert Williams--101.00
69Malcolm Finlayson--101.00
70Malcolm Finlayson--101.00
71Phil Parkes--101.00
72Phil Parkes--101.00
73Matt Murray--101.00
74Matt Murray--101.00
75Matt Doherty--101.00
76Matt Doherty--101.00
77Danny Batth--101.00
78Conor Coady--101.00
79Conor Coady--101.00
80Kortney Hause--101.00
81Barry Douglas--101.00
82Barry Douglas--101.00
83Willy Boly--101.00
84Ryan Bennett--101.00
85Ruben Vinagre--202.00
86Tom Galley--101.00
87Tom Galley--101.00
88Billy Wright CBE--101.00
89Billy Wright CBE--101.00
90Ron Flowera--101.00
91Ron Flowera--202.00
92Frank Munro--101.00
93Frank Munro--202.00
94Derek Parkin--101.00
95Derek Parkin--101.00
96Dean Richards--101.00
97Dean Richards--101.00
98Wolves 1 Middlesbrough 0--101.00
99Wolves 2 Aston Villa 0--101.00
100Norwich City 0 Wolves 2--101.00
101Reading 0 Wolves 2--101.00
102Wolves 4 Leeds United 1--101.00
103Bristol City 1 Wolves 2--101.00
104Wolves 3 Sheffield United 0--101.00
105Middlesbrough 1 Wolves 2--101.00
106Cardiff City 0 Wolves 1--101.00
107Wolves 2 Birmingham City 0--101.00
108Bolton Wanderers 0 Wolves 4--101.00
109Wolves 0 Sheffield Wednesday 0--101.00
110Ruben Neves--202.00
111Ruben Neves--202.00
112Morgan Gibbs-White--202.00
113Morgan Gibbs-White--202.00
114Romain Saiss--101.00
115Romain Saiss--101.00
116Morgan Gibbs-White - 2017 U17 World Cup--202.00
117Romain Saiss - 2018 World Cup--101.00
118Peter Broadbent--202.00
119Peter Broadbent--202.00
120Dave Wagstaffe--101.00
121Dave Wagstaffe--101.00
122Mike Bailey--101.00
123Mike Bailey--101.00
124Kenny Hibbitt--101.00
125Kenny Hibbitt--101.00
126Steve Daley--101.00
127Steve Daley--101.00
128Alex Rae--101.00
129Alex Rae--101.00
130Jamie Smith--101.00
131Carl Robinson--101.00
132Robbie Keane--101.00
133Ryan Green--101.00
134Lee Naylor--101.00
135Keith Andrews--101.00
136Joleon Lescott--101.00
137Mark Davies--101.00
138Wayne Hennessey--101.00
139Elliot Bennett--101.00
140Sam Winnall--101.00
141Jack Price--101.00
142Raul Jimenez--101.00
143Raul Jimenez--101.00
144Helder Costa--202.00
145Helder Costa--202.00
146Rafa Mir--101.00
147Bright Enobakhare--101.00
148Ivan Cavalero--202.00
149Ivan Cavalero--202.00
150Diogo Jota--202.00
151Diogo Jota--202.00
152Leo Bonatini--101.00
153Billy Hartill--101.00
154Billy Hartill--101.00
155Dennis Westcott--101.00
156Dennis Westcott--101.00
157Ray Swinbourne--101.00
158Ray Swinbourne--101.00
159Derek Dougan--202.00
160Derek Dougan--202.00
161John Richards--101.00
162John Richards--101.00
163Steve Bull--202.00
164Steve Bull--202.00
165Kenneth Hunt v Newcatle United 1907/08--101.00
166Dave Wagstaffe - Arsenal 1971/72--101.00
167Robbie Dennison v Burnley 1987/88--101.00
168Steve Bullv Birmingham City 1995/96--101.00
169Robbie Keane v Norwich City 1996/97--101.00
170Alex Rae v Bolton Wanderers 2003/04--101.00
171Kenny Miller v Manchester United 2003/04--101.00
172Sylvan Ebanks-Blake v Charlton Athletic 2007/08--101.00
173Stephen Hunt v Blackburn Rovers 2010/11--101.00
174Ruben Neves v Derby County 2017/18--101.00
175Key moments--101.00
176Key moments--101.00
177Key moments--101.00
178Key moments--101.00
179Key moments--101.00
180Key moments--101.00
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