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Wizards of the Coast Football Champions England 2001-2002

Wizards of the Coast Football Champions England 2001-2002

Year: 2001
Total cards: 624

Collection preview (60% scanned images)

collecting: 35 / completed: 2


1David SeamanArsenalBase card641.50
2Tony AdamsArsenalBase card / Foil12112.00
3Ashley ColeArsenalBase card861.33
4Lee DixonArsenalBase card570.71
5Martin KeownArsenalBase card741.75
6Gilles GrimandiArsenalBase card470.57
7Frederik LjungbergArsenalBase card / Foil1226.00
8Ray ParlourArsenalBase card4130.31
9Robert PiresArsenalBase card680.75
10Patrick VieiraArsenalBase card / Foil1133.67
11Dennis BergkampArsenalBase card861.33
12Thierry HenryArsenalBase card / Foil1334.33
13Sylvain WiltordArsenalBase card761.17
14Peter SchmeichelAston VillaBase card680.75
15Gareth BarryAston VillaBase card560.83
16Mark DelaneyAston VillaBase card470.57
17Alpay OzalanAston VillaBase card441.00
18Alan WrightAston VillaBase card350.60
19George BoatengAston VillaBase card661.00
20David GinolaAston VillaBase card / Foil1033.33
21Moustapha HadjiAston VillaBase card480.50
22Lee HendrieAston VillaBase card551.00
23Hassan KachloulAston VillaBase card3130.23
24Juan Pablo AngelAston VillaBase card560.83
25Paul MersonAston VillaBase card842.00
26Brad FriedelBlackburn RoversBase card651.20
27Henning BergBlackburn RoversBase card570.71
28Stig Inge BjornebyeBlackburn RoversBase card480.50
29John CurtisBlackburn RoversBase card / Foil732.33
30Craig ShortBlackburn RoversBase card580.63
31Martin TaylorBlackburn RoversBase card560.83
32Garry FlitcroftBlackburn RoversBase card651.20
33Tugay KerimogluBlackburn RoversBase card570.71
34David DunnBlackburn RoversBase card661.00
35Damien DuffBlackburn RoversBase card680.75
36Corrado GrabbiBlackburn RoversBase card4110.36
37Craig HignettBlackburn RoversBase card651.20
38Matt JansenBlackburn RoversBase card732.33
39Jussi JaaskelainenBolton WanderersBase card661.00
40Anthony BarnessBolton WanderersBase card4110.36
41Gudni BergssonBolton WanderersBase card / Foil732.33
42Simon CharltonBolton WanderersBase card460.67
43Colin HendryBolton WanderersBase card470.57
44Gareth FarrellyBolton WanderersBase card370.43
45Per FrandsenBolton WanderersBase card450.80
46Ricardo GardnerBolton WanderersBase card480.50
47Bo HansenBolton WanderersBase card470.57
48Ian MarshallBolton WanderersBase card470.57
49Michael RickettsBolton WanderersBase card570.71
50Dean KielyCharlton AthleticBase card560.83
51Steve BrownCharlton AthleticBase card560.83
52Mark FishCharlton AthleticBase card560.83
53Radostin KishishevCharlton AthleticBase card570.71
54Chris PowellCharlton AthleticBase card / Foil824.00
55Richard RufusCharlton AthleticBase card651.20
56Claus JensenCharlton AthleticBase card380.38
57Mark KinsellaCharlton AthleticBase card651.20
58John RobinsonCharlton AthleticBase card4120.33
59Graham StuartCharlton AthleticBase card661.00
60Shaun BartlettCharlton AthleticBase card360.50
61Jonatan JohanssonCharlton AthleticBase card / Foil832.67
62Mathias SvenssonCharlton AthleticBase card490.44
63Mark BosnichChelseaBase card771.00
64Celestine BabayaroChelseaBase card560.83
65Marcel DesaillyChelseaBase card / Foil1125.50
66William GallasChelseaBase card4140.29
67Graeme LesauxChelseaBase card590.56
68Mario MelchiotChelseaBase card480.50
69Slavisa JokanovicChelseaBase card560.83
70Frank LampardChelseaBase card790.78
71Jody MorrisChelseaBase card818.00
72Mario StanicChelseaBase card680.75
73Eidur GudjohnsenChelseaBase card590.56
74Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkChelseaBase card / Foil1326.50
75Gianfranco ZolaChelseaBase card680.75
76Andy OakesDerby CountyBase card680.75
77Bjorn Otto BragstadDerby CountyBase card661.00
78Horacio CarbonariDerby CountyBase card460.67
79Danny HigginbothamDerby CountyBase card470.57
80Chris RiggottDerby CountyBase card480.50
81Craig BurleyDerby CountyBase card3120.25
82Seth JohnsonDerby CountyBase card661.00
83Darryl PowellDerby CountyBase card / Foil919.00
84Malcolm ChristieDerby CountyBase card / Foil824.00
85Georgi KinkladzeDerby CountyBase card590.56
86Fabrizio RavanelliDerby CountyBase card680.75
87Paul GerrardEvertonBase card570.71
88David UnsworthEvertonBase card670.86
89Steve WatsonEvertonBase card480.50
90David WeirEvertonBase card480.50
91Paul GascoigneEvertonBase card580.63
92Scot GemmillEvertonBase card460.67
93Thomas GravesenEvertonBase card / Foil832.67
94Gary NaysmithEvertonBase card460.67
95Mark PembridgeEvertonBase card560.83
96Idan TalEvertonBase card4130.31
97Danny CadamarteriEvertonBase card580.63
98Kevin CampbellEvertonBase card / Foil933.00
99Joe-Max MooreEvertonBase card490.44
100Edwin van der SarFulhamBase card881.00
101Rufus BrevettFulhamBase card661.00
102Steve FinnanFulhamBase card480.50
103Jon HarleyFulhamBase card480.50
104Andy MelvilleFulhamBase card4100.40
105Kit SymonsFulhamBase card380.38
106John CollinsFulhamBase card651.20
107Sean DavisFulhamBase card732.33
108Bjarne GoldbaekFulhamBase card450.80
109Steed MalbranqueFulhamBase card480.50
110Barry HaylesFulhamBase card723.50
111Louis SahaFulhamBase card6110.55
112Keith BranaganIpswich TownBase card4100.40
113Jamie ClaphamIpswich TownBase card651.20
114Hermann HreidarssonIpswich TownBase card661.00
115Chris MakinIpswich TownBase card570.71
116John McGrealIpswich TownBase card4130.31
117Fabian WilnisIpswich TownBase card680.75
118Matt HollandIpswich TownBase card / Foil732.33
119Tommy MillerIpswich TownBase card570.71
120Jermaine WrightIpswich TownBase card570.71
121Alun ArmstrongIpswich TownBase card570.71
122Martijn ReuserIpswich TownBase card560.83
123Marcus StewartIpswich TownBase card / Foil1033.33
124Nigel MartynLeeds UnitedBase card551.00
125Paul RobinsonLeeds UnitedBase card460.67
126Rio FerdinandLeeds UnitedBase card / Foil11111.00
127Gary KellyLeeds UnitedBase card460.67
128Dominic MatteoLeeds UnitedBase card541.25
129Danny MillsLeeds UnitedBase card661.00
130Lucas RadebeLeeds UnitedBase card732.33
131Eirik BakkeLeeds UnitedBase card4110.36
132David BattyLeeds UnitedBase card560.83
133Olivier DacourtLeeds UnitedBase card790.78
134Harry KewellLeeds UnitedBase card / Foil11111.00
135Alan SmithLeeds UnitedBase card551.00
136Mark VidukaLeeds UnitedBase card / Foil1125.50
137Ian WalkerLeicester CityBase card680.75
138Callum DavidsonLeicester CityBase card350.60
139Gary RowettLeicester CityBase card4100.40
140Frank SinclairLeicester CityBase card641.50
141Matt ElliottLeicester CityBase card651.20
142Muzzy IzzetLeicester CityBase card / Foil10110.00
143Matthew JonesLeicester CityBase card661.00
144Robbie SavageLeicester CityBase card / Foil818.00
145Dennis WiseLeicester CityBase card541.25
146Ade AkinbiyiLeicester CityBase card340.75
147Arnar GunnlaugssonLeicester CityBase card560.83
148Dean SturridgeLeicester CityBase card632.00
149Sander WesterveldLiverpoolBase card942.25
150Markus BabbelLiverpoolBase card951.80
151Stephane HenchozLiverpoolBase card851.60
152Sami HyypiaLiverpoolBase card / Foil13113.00
153Nick BarmbyLiverpoolBase card741.75
154Jamie CarragherLiverpoolBase card651.20
155Dietmar HamannLiverpoolBase card851.60
156Gary McAllisterLiverpoolBase card751.40
157Danny MurphyLiverpoolBase card751.40
158Vladimir SmicerLiverpoolBase card871.14
159Emile HeskeyLiverpoolBase card / Foil13113.00
160Jari LitmanenLiverpoolBase card790.78
161Michael OwenLiverpoolBase card / Foil13113.00
162Fabien BarthezManchester UnitedBase card981.13
163Wes BrownManchester UnitedBase card771.00
164Ronny JohnsenManchester UnitedBase card661.00
165Gary NevilleManchester UnitedBase card7100.70
166Phillip NevilleManchester UnitedBase card5130.38
167Mikaël SilvestreManchester UnitedBase card771.00
168David BeckhamManchester UnitedBase card / Foil16116.00
169Nicky ButtManchester UnitedBase card661.00
170Luke ChadwickManchester UnitedBase card570.71
171Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedBase card / Foil14114.00
172Roy KeaneManchester UnitedBase card / Foil1234.00
173Andy ColeManchester UnitedBase card890.89
174Ole Gunnar SolskjaerManchester UnitedBase card / Foil11111.00
175Ruud Van NistelrooyManchester UnitedBase card961.50
176Mark SchwarzerMiddlesbroughBase card5110.45
177Colin CooperMiddlesbroughBase card560.83
178Ugo EhioguMiddlesbroughBase card460.67
179Curtis FlemingMiddlesbroughBase card551.00
180Steve VickersMiddlesbroughBase card470.57
181Paul InceMiddlesbroughBase card / Foil10110.00
182Paul OkonMiddlesbroughBase card560.83
183Dean WindassMiddlesbroughBase card570.71
184Alen BoksicMiddlesbroughBase card / Foil919.00
185Brian DeaneMiddlesbroughBase card441.00
186Joseph-Desire JobMiddlesbroughBase card460.67
187Noel WhelanMiddlesbroughBase card641.50
188Shay GivenNewcastle UnitedBase card / Foil919.00
189Warren BartonNewcastle UnitedBase card560.83
190Stephen CaldwellNewcastle UnitedBase card441.00
191Robbie ElliottNewcastle UnitedBase card4120.33
192Aaron HughesNewcastle UnitedBase card4110.36
193Andy O'brienNewcastle UnitedBase card641.50
194Christian BassedasNewcastle UnitedBase card570.71
195Nolberto SolanoNewcastle UnitedBase card / Foil919.00
196Gary SpeedNewcastle UnitedBase card / Foil919.00
197Craig BellamyNewcastle UnitedBase card541.25
198Carl CortNewcastle UnitedBase card560.83
199Lomano Tresor Lua LuaNewcastle UnitedBase card560.83
200Paul JonesSouthamptonBase card441.00
201Francis BenaliSouthamptonBase card651.20
202Claus LundekvamSouthamptonBase card470.57
203Dean RichardsSouthamptonBase card651.20
204Wayne BridgeSouthamptonBase card480.50
205Mark DraperSouthamptonBase card641.50
206Matt Le TissierSouthamptonBase card / Foil11111.00
207Chris MarsdenSouthamptonBase card531.67
208Paul MurraySouthamptonBase card570.71
209Matthew OakleySouthamptonBase card4110.36
210Kevin DaviesSouthamptonBase card661.00
211Marian PaharsSouthamptonBase card / Foil717.00
212Jo TessemSouthamptonBase card680.75
213Thomas SorensenSunderlandBase card551.00
214Jody CraddockSunderlandBase card560.83
215Michael GraySunderlandBase card / Foil723.50
216Emerson ThomeSunderlandBase card / Foil717.00
217Stanislav VargaSunderlandBase card360.50
218Darren WilliamsSunderlandBase card670.86
219Julio ArcaSunderlandBase card651.20
220Kevin KilbaneSunderlandBase card460.67
221Gavin McCannSunderlandBase card560.83
222Alex RaeSunderlandBase card460.67
223Stefan SchwarzSunderlandBase card560.83
224David BellionSunderlandBase card661.00
225Kevin PhillipsSunderlandBase card / Foil580.63
226Niall QuinnSunderlandBase card541.25
227Neil SullivanTottenham HotspurBase card / Foil832.67
228Goran BunjevcevicTottenham HotspurBase card651.20
229Gary DohertyTottenham HotspurBase card560.83
230Ledley KingTottenham HotspurBase card651.20
231Chris PerryTottenham HotspurBase card531.67
232Darren AndertonTottenham HotspurBase card641.50
233Stephen ClemenceTottenham HotspurBase card4110.36
234Oyvind LeonhardsenTottenham HotspurBase card350.60
235Gustavo PoyetTottenham HotspurBase card661.00
236Tim SherwoodTottenham HotspurBase card661.00
237Les FerdinandTottenham HotspurBase card580.63
238Sergei RebrovTottenham HotspurBase card / Foil919.00
239Teddy SheringhamTottenham HotspurBase card / Foil919.00
240David JamesWest Ham UnitedBase card5130.38
241Hayden FoxeWest Ham UnitedBase card560.83
242Scott MintoWest Ham UnitedBase card470.57
243Sebastien SchemmelWest Ham UnitedBase card4130.31
244Nigel WinterburnWest Ham UnitedBase card661.00
245Michael CarrickWest Ham UnitedBase card551.00
246John MoncurWest Ham UnitedBase card460.67
247Trevor SinclairWest Ham UnitedBase card / Foil818.00
248Paolo Di CanioWest Ham UnitedBase card / Foil1033.33
249Frédéric KanoutéWest Ham UnitedBase card651.20
250Svetoslav TodorovWest Ham UnitedBase card661.00
1tBreakaway-Tactic card541.25
2tClean Set of Heels-Tactic card441.00
3tComing Forward-Tactic card431.33
4tDesperate Shot-Tactic card541.25
5tExtra Effort-Tactic card431.33
6tFast Footwork-Tactic card431.33
7tGoalbound-Tactic card3100.30
8tKiller Instinct-Tactic card3100.30
9tNutmeg-Tactic card431.33
10tPotshot-Tactic card441.00
11tPush Forward-Tactic card441.00
12tRide a Tackle-Tactic card441.00
13tShoulder Barge-Tactic card441.00
14tSmart Move-Tactic card431.33
15tStrightforward Attack-Tactic card431.33
16tSwift Attack-Tactic card441.00
17tTap Past-Tactic card431.33
18tWingers-Tactic card3100.30
19tBlock-Tactic card3100.30
20tCrowd the Middle-Tactic card441.00
21tFinal Tackle-Tactic card441.00
22tKeep It Simple-Tactic card431.33
23tRead the Game-Tactic card390.33
24tSliding Tackle-Tactic card390.33
25tStrong Defence-Tactic card431.33
26tWell-Positioned-Tactic card441.00
27tAccelerate-Tactic card450.80
28tBad Bounce-Tactic card460.67
29tChange of Pace-Tactic card390.33
30tCharge In-Tactic card441.00
31tClean Tackle-Tactic card3100.30
32tFancy Footwork-Tactic card3100.30
33tFlair-Tactic card441.00
34tGo in Hard-Tactic card3100.30
35tHard Tackle-Tactic card390.33
36tHeads Up-Tactic card441.00
37tIn the Clear-Tactic card3100.30
38tMeasured Pass-Tactic card390.33
39tMotion-Tactic card441.00
40tOn Form-Tactic card431.33
41tOptions-Tactic card3100.30
42tOut of Defence-Tactic card431.33
43tPressing Game-Tactic card431.33
44tQuick off the Mark-Tactic card441.00
45tSpeed Burst-Tactic card390.33
46tSpeed it Up-Tactic card441.00
47tStep In-Tactic card450.80
48tTough Tackle-Tactic card340.75
49tUnstopable-Tactic card541.25
50tWatch the Clock-Tactic card441.00
51tCorner Ball-Tactic card541.25
52tHead Home-Tactic card541.25
53tHigh Cross-Tactic card531.67
54tLong Pass-Tactic card531.67
55tLong Shot-Tactic card431.33
56tMarket Out-Tactic card450.80
57tPenetrating Pass-Tactic card431.33
58tPop Up-Tactic card431.33
59tRebound-Tactic card531.67
60tSlip Up-Tactic card431.33
61tTough Stuff-Tactic card380.38
62tAnticipation-Tactic card441.00
63tClear the Lines-Tactic card441.00
64tCut the Angle-Tactic card441.00
65tDistraction-Tactic card431.33
66tDouple Up-Tactic card431.33
67tKeeper's Ball-Tactic card531.67
68tPacked Box-Tactic card431.33
69tSaving Scramble-Tactic card431.33
70tTight Defending-Tactic card431.33
71tTight Marking-Tactic card531.67
72tTimed Tackle-Tactic card531.67
73tHigh Bounce-Tactic card380.38
74tOn a Yellow-Tactic card441.00
75tPressure on the Bench-Tactic card431.33
76tSlide In-Tactic card390.33
77tSmooth Move-Tactic card431.33
78tTackle Time-Tactic card431.33
79tTake Advantage-Tactic card522.50
80tTest of Skill-Tactic card431.33
1tpIpswich Town v Leicester City-Players / Teams414.00
2tpSouthampton v Everton-Players / Teams414.00
3tpWest Ham United v Derby County-Players / Teams414.00
4tpCharlton Athletic v Leicester City-Players / Teams414.00
5tpChelsea v Middlesbrough-Players / Teams414.00
6tpWest Ham United v Chelsea-Players / Teams414.00
7tpThierry HenryArsenalPlayers / Teams515.00
8tpSlavisa JokanovicChelseaPlayers / Teams515.00
9tpWest Ham United v Manchester United-Players / Teams515.00
10tpSouthampton v Everton-Players / Teams414.00
11tpManchester United v Southampton-Players / Teams515.00
12tpArsenal v Chelsea-Players / Teams414.00
13tpLeicester City v Everton-Players / Teams414.00
14tpNewcastle United v Leeds United-Players / Teams414.00
15tpLiverpool-Players / Teams414.00
16tpCharlton Athletic v Manchester United-Players / Teams515.00
17tpDerby County v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams422.00
18tpLiverpool v Arsenal-Players / Teams422.00
19tpNewcastle United v West Ham United-Players / Teams414.00
20tpNewcastle United v Middlesbrough-Players / Teams414.00
21tpArsenal v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams422.00
22tpSami HyypiaLiverpoolPlayers / Teams616.00
23tpArsenal v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams422.00
24tpEverton v Sunderland-Players / Teams414.00
25tpLeeds United v Derby County-Players / Teams414.00
26tpNeil Sullivan-Players / Teams414.00
27tpWest Ham United v Everton-Players / Teams414.00
28tpLeeds United v Aston Villa-Players / Teams414.00
29tpManchester United v Leicester City-Players / Teams515.00
30tpMiddlesbrough v Aston Villa-Players / Teams414.00
31tpLeeds United v Derby County-Players / Teams414.00
32tpLeeds United v Derby County-Players / Teams414.00
33tpAston Villa v Chelsea-Players / Teams414.00
34tpArsenal v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams414.00
35tpWest Ham United v Newcastle United-Players / Teams414.00
36tpSunderland v Aston Villa-Players / Teams414.00
37tpWest Ham United v Ipswich Town-Players / Teams414.00
38tpDavid BeckhamManchester UnitedPlayers / Teams616.00
39tpArsenal v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams414.00
40tpArsenal v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams414.00
41tpWes BrownManchester UnitedPlayers / Teams414.00
42tpManchester United v Arsenal-Players / Teams515.00
43tpIpswich Town v Arsenal-Players / Teams422.00
44tpManchester United v Arsenal-Players / Teams515.00
45tpLiverpool v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams422.00
46tpManchester United v Arsenal-Players / Teams522.50
47tpLeeds United v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams414.00
48tpWest Ham United v Everton-Players / Teams414.00
49tpArsenal v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams414.00
50tpLeeds United v Southampton-Players / Teams414.00
51tpManchester United v Leeds United-Players / Teams515.00
52tpSunderland v Leeds United-Players / Teams414.00
53tpLiverpool v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams414.00
54tpDavid BeckhamManchester UnitedPlayers / Teams717.00
55tpCharlton Athletic v Newcastle United-Players / Teams422.00
56tpNewcastle United v Middlesbrough-Players / Teams414.00
57tpManchester United v Liverpool-Players / Teams515.00
58tpDerby County v Tottenham Hotpsur-Players / Teams414.00
59tpIpswich Town v Aston Villa-Players / Teams414.00
60tpTottenham Hotspur v Sunderland-Players / Teams414.00
61tpBolton Wanderers v Liverpool-Players / Teams414.00
62tpLeeds United v Manchester United-Players / Teams515.00
63tpLiverpool v Leeds United-Players / Teams414.00
64tpChelsea v Ipswich Town-Players / Teams414.00
65tpArsenal v Charlton Athletic-Players / Teams414.00
66tpIpswich Town v Leicester City-Players / Teams414.00
67tpManchester United v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams515.00
68tpTottenham Hotspur v West Ham United-Players / Teams414.00
69tpTottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United-Players / Teams414.00
70tpManchester United v Liverpool-Players / Teams515.00
71tpCheslea v Arsenal-Players / Teams414.00
72tpEverton v Sunderland-Players / Teams414.00
73tpWest Ham United v Ipswich Town-Players / Teams414.00
74tpWest Ham United-Players / Teams414.00
75tpPeter TaylorLeicester CityPlayers / Teams414.00
76tpDerby County v Middlesbrough-Players / Teams414.00
77tpAston Villa-Players / Teams414.00
78tpChelsea v Ipswich Town-Players / Teams414.00
79tpAston Villa v Ipswich Town-Players / Teams414.00
80tpLeeds United v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams414.00
PRGraeme Le SauxChelseaPre-Release11111.00
CPMark KinsellaCharlton AthleticCompetition Prize10010.00
P1Gianfranco ZolaChelseaPromo card13013.00
P2Jermaine WrightIpswich TownPromo card11011.00
P3Ian HarteLeeds UnitedPromo card10110.00
P4Brian DeaneLeicester CityPromo card11011.00
P5Juan Sebastian VeronManchester UnitedPromo card13013.00
P6Ole Gunnar SolskjaerManchester UnitedPromo card1226.00
P7Les FerdinandTottenham HotspurPromo card919.00
u1Richard WrightArsenalBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u2Sol CampbellArsenalBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil924.50
u3Junichi InamotoArsenalBase card / Update / Title Race5100.50
u4LaurenArsenalBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u5Giovanni Van BronckhorstArsenalBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil933.00
u6Francis JeffersArsenalBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u7Nwankwu KanuArsenalBase card / Update / Title Race670.86
u8Olof MellbergAston VillaBase card / Update / Title Race470.57
u9Steve StoneAston VillaBase card / Update / Title Race490.44
u10Ian TaylorAston VillaBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil490.44
u11Bosko BalabanAston VillaBase card / Update / Title Race531.67
u12Darius VassellAston VillaBase card / Update / Title Race470.57
u13Lucas NeillBlackburn RoversBase card / Update / Title Race480.50
u14Damien JohnsonBlackburn RoversBase card / Update / Title Race480.50
u15Alan MahonBlackburn RoversBase card / Update / Title Race414.00
u16Keith GillespieBlackburn RoversBase card / Update / Title Race470.57
u17Mark HughesBlackburn RoversBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil380.38
u18Djibril DiawaraBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race480.50
u19Mike WhitlowBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u20Paul WarhurstBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u21Kevin NolanBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u22Dean HoldsworthBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil441.00
u23Akinori NishizawaBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race470.57
u24Henrik PedersenBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u25Rod WallaceBolton WanderersBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u26Paul KoncheskyCharlton AthleticBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil551.00
u27Luke YoungCharlton AthleticBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u28Scott ParkerCharlton AthleticBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u29Gavin PeacockCharlton AthleticBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u30Jason EuellCharlton AthleticBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u31Kevin LisbieCharlton AthleticBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u32Ed De GoeyChelseaBase card / Update / Title Race670.86
u33Winston BogardeChelseaBase card / Update / Title Race680.75
u34Emmanuel PetitChelseaBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil570.71
u35John TerryChelseaBase card / Update / Title Race623.00
u36Boudewijn ZendenChelseaBase card / Update / Title Race670.86
u37Jesper GronkjaerChelseaBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil717.00
u38Mart PoomDerby CountyBase card / Update / Title Race450.80
u39Paul BoertienDerby CountyBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u40Daniele DainoDerby CountyBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u41Youl MaweneDerby CountyBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u42Deon BurtonDerby CountyBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil623.00
u43Abel XavierEvertonBase card / Update / Title Race551.00
u44Alan StubbsEvertonBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u45Duncan FergusonEvertonBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil616.00
u46Tomasz RadzinskiEvertonBase card / Update / Title Race250.40
u47Alain GomaFulhamBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u48Zat KnightFulhamBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u49Lee ClarkFulhamBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u50Sylvain LegwinskiFulhamBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u51Steve MarletFulhamBase card / Update / Title Race623.00
u52Luis Boa MorteFulhamBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil480.50
u53Matteo SereniIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u54Titus BrambleIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u55Mark VenusIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil623.00
u56Jim MagiltonIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race370.43
u57Marcus BentIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u58Pablo CounagoIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u59Finidi GeorgeIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u60Richard NaylorIpswich TownBase card / Update / Title Race360.50
u61Ian HarteLeeds UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race741.75
u62Lee BowyerLeeds UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race661.00
u63Michael BridgesLeeds UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race651.20
u64Robbie FowlerLeeds UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil808.00
u65Robbie KeaneLeeds UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil717.00
u66Tim FlowersLeicester CityBase card / Update / Title Race651.20
u67Lee MarshallLeicester CityBase card / Update / Title Race632.00
u68Andy ImpeyLeicester CityBase card / Update / Title Race450.80
u69Jordan StewartLeicester CityBase card / Update / Title Race441.00
u70Junior LewisLeicester CityBase card / Update / Title Race441.00
u71James ScowcroftLeicester CityBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil717.00
u72Pegguy ArphexadLiverpoolBase card / Update / Title Race761.17
u73Jerzy DudekLiverpoolBase card / Update / Title Race771.00
u74Steven GerrardLiverpoolBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil751.40
u75Gregory VignalLiverpoolBase card / Update / Title Race761.17
u76Igor BiscanLiverpoolBase card / Update / Title Race909.00
u77John Arne RiiseLiverpoolBase card / Update / Title Race761.17
u78Jamie RedknappLiverpoolBase card / Update / Title Race761.17
u79Laurent BlancManchester UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil824.00
u80Dennis IrwinManchester UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race771.00
u81David MayManchester UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race641.50
u82Quinton FortuneManchester UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race680.75
u83Paul ScholesManchester UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race919.00
u84Juan Sebastian VeronManchester UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil909.00
u85Dwight YorkeManchester UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race861.33
u86Jason GavinMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race340.75
u87Gareth SouthgateMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil606.00
u88Robbie StockdaleMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race541.25
u89Jonathan GreeningMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race441.00
u90Allan JohnstonMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race441.00
u91Carlos MarinelliMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u92Robbie MustoeMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race541.25
u93Hamilton RicardMiddlesbroughBase card / Update / Title Race360.50
u94Nikos DabizasNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race551.00
u95Sylvain DistinNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race570.71
u96Andy GriffinNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race551.00
u97Clarence AcunaNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race350.60
u98Robert LeeNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u99Shola AmeobiNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race551.00
u100Laurent RobertNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race580.63
u101Alan ShearerNewcastle UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil707.00
u102Tahar El-KhalejSouthamptonBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u103Rory DelapSouthamptonBase card / Update / Title Race470.57
u104Dan PetrescuSouthamptonBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u105Anders SvenssonSouthamptonBase card / Update / Title Race541.25
u106James BeattieSouthamptonBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil623.00
u107Jurgen MachoSunderlandBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u108Bernt HaasSunderlandBase card / Update / Title Race360.50
u109George MccartneySunderlandBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u110Lilian LaslandesSunderlandBase card / Update / Title Race590.56
u111Stephen CarrTottenham HotspurBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil623.00
u112Dean RichardsTottenham HotspurBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u113Mauricio TariccoTottenham HotspurBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u114Christian ZiegeTottenham HotspurBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u115Simon DaviesTottenham HotspurBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u116Steffen FreundTottenham HotspurBase card / Update / Title Race480.50
u117Steffen IversenTottenham HotspurBase card / Update / Title Race450.80
u118Shaka HislopWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race441.00
u119Christian DaillyWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race560.83
u120Tomas RepkaWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race541.25
u121Rigobert SongWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race460.67
u122Joe ColeWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race606.00
u123Laurent CourtoisWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race470.57
u124Don HutchisonWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race / Foil623.00
u125Jermain DefoeWest Ham UnitedBase card / Update / Title Race370.43
u1tCrossfield Pass-Tactic card / Update / Title Race450.80
u2tFrom Behind-Tactic card / Update / Title Race350.60
u3tSquare Ball-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u4tSticky Feet-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u5tBack Off-Tactic card / Update / Title Race450.80
u6tOne-on-One-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u7tOut of your Depth-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u8tChoices-Tactic card / Update / Title Race360.50
u9tConditioning-Tactic card / Update / Title Race470.57
u10tExploited-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u11tFifty-Fifty Ball-Tactic card / Update / Title Race450.80
u12tInspired Burst-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u13tJump For It Burst-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u14tOutclassed-Tactic card / Update / Title Race340.75
u15tPinball-Tactic card / Update / Title Race441.00
u16tRisk It-Tactic card / Update / Title Race431.33
u17tSidestep-Tactic card / Update / Title Race350.60
u18tSide-to-Side-Tactic card / Update / Title Race450.80
u19tSkilful Play-Tactic card / Update / Title Race350.60
u20tSpanner in the Works-Tactic card / Update / Title Race450.80
u21tStrong Numbers-Tactic card / Update / Title Race441.00
u22tThunderhead-Tactic card / Update / Title Race441.00
u23tTurn It On-Tactic card / Update / Title Race460.67
u24tWell Timed Challenge-Tactic card / Update / Title Race350.60
u25tCounterattack-Tactic card / Update / Title Race441.00
u26tCutting Pass-Tactic card / Update / Title Race431.33
u27tGo Home-Tactic card / Update / Title Race441.00
u28tPlay It Safe-Tactic card / Update / Title Race431.33
u29tTempo-Tactic card / Update / Title Race431.33
u30tForce the Play-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u31tInitiative-Tactic card / Update / Title Race431.33
u32tBluff-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u33tCalculated Play-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u34tCorner Pressure-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u35tCollision!-Tactic card / Update / Title Race632.00
u36tEarly Bath-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u37tFan Support-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u38tOn the Wrong Foot-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u39tPerfect Pitch-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u40tTrading Places-Tactic card / Update / Title Race531.67
u1tpDerby County v West Ham United-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race515.00
u2tpArsenal v Leicester City-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u3tpChelsea v Newcastle United-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u4tpAston Villa v Sunderland-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u5tpMiddlesbrough v Arsenal-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u6tpCharlton Athletic v Leeds United-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u7tpNewcastle United v Manchester United-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race515.00
u8tpIpswich Town v Derby County-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u9tpJuan Sebastian VeronManchester UnitedPlayers / Teams / Update / Title Race616.00
u10tpManchester United v Blackburn Rovers-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race515.00
u11tpTottenham Hotspur v Southampton-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u12tpArsenal v Leicester City-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u13tpCharlton Athletic v Sunderland-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u14tpNewcastle United v Middlesbrough-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u15tpArsenal v Fulham-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u16tpWest Ham United v Derby County-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u17tpIpswich Town v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u18tpTottenham Hotspur v Southampton-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u19tpArsenal v Leeds United-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u20tpBlackburn Rovers v Sunderland-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u21tpTottenham Hotspur v Chelsea-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u22tpEverton v Middlesbrough-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u23tpBlackburn Rovers v Kevin Davies-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u24tpLeicester City v Bolton Wanderers-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u25tpTottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u26tpLuis Noa MorteFulhamPlayers / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u27tpNewcastle United v Sunderland-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u28tpIpswich Town v Blackburn Rovers-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u29tpBlackburn Rovers v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u30tpTottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u31tpAston Villa v Blackburn Rovers-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u32tpChelsea v Arsenal-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u33tpAston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u34tpFulham v Arsenal-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u35tpEverton v Aston Villa-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u36tpReferee-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u37tpAlan ShearerNewcastle UnitedPlayers / Teams / Update / Title Race515.00
u38tpLeeds United v Bolton Wanderers-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u39tpJonatan JohanssonCharlton AthleticPlayers / Teams / Update / Title Race414.00
u40tpEverton v Liverpool-Players / Teams / Update / Title Race404.00
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