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Wizards of the Coast Football Champions England 2002-2003

Wizards of the Coast Football Champions England 2002-2003

Year: 2002
Total cards: 275

collecting: 17 / completed: 2


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1Dennis BergkampArsenalBase card / Foil515.00
2Thierry HenryArsenalBase card / Foil832.67
3Patrick VieiraArsenalBase card / Foil522.50
4Damien DuffBlackburn RoversBase card / Foil422.00
5Jay-Jay OkochaBolton WanderersBase card / Foil632.00
6Marcel DesaillyChelseaBase card / Foil531.67
7Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkChelseaBase card / Foil441.00
8Gianfranco ZolaChelseaBase card / Foil732.33
9Ian HarteLeeds UnitedBase card / Foil331.00
10Steven GerrardLiverpoolBase card / Foil10110.00
11Sami HyypiaLiverpoolBase card / Foil641.50
12Michael OwenLiverpoolBase card / Foil623.00
13John Arne RiiseLiverpoolBase card / Foil723.50
14David BeckhamManchester UnitedBase card / Foil818.00
15Rio FerdinandManchester UnitedBase card / Foil818.00
16Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedBase card / Foil751.40
17Roy KeaneManchester UnitedBase card / Foil732.33
18Ruud van NistelrooyManchester UnitedBase card / Foil623.00
19Craig BellamyNewcastle UnitedBase card / Foil331.00
20Kieron DyerNewcastle UnitedBase card / Foil340.75
21Alan ShearerNewcastle UnitedBase card / Foil414.00
22Nolberto SolanoNewcastle UnitedBase card / Foil515.00
23Marian PaharsSouthamptonBase card / Foil450.80
24Teddy SheringhamTottenham HotspurBase card / Foil606.00
25Joe ColeWest Ham UnitedBase card / Foil623.00
26Sol CampbellArsenalBase card480.50
27Ashley ColeArsenalBase card360.50
28Pascal CyganArsenalBase card390.33
29EduArsenalBase card390.33
30LaurenArsenalBase card380.38
31David SeamanArsenalBase card470.57
32Thomas HitzlspergerAston VillaBase card460.67
33Aliou CisseBirmingham CityBase card390.33
34Robbie SavageBirmingham CityBase card370.43
35David DunnBlackburn RoversBase card360.50
36Youri DjorkaeffBolton WanderersBase card490.44
37Bernard MendyBolton WanderersBase card390.33
38Michael RickettsBolton WanderersBase card380.38
39Jonatan JohanssonCharlton AthleticBase card380.38
40Dean KielyCharlton AthleticBase card3100.30
41Mark KinsellaCharlton AthleticBase card370.43
42Paul KoncheskyCharlton AthleticBase card3100.30
43William GallasChelseaBase card370.43
44Jesper GronkjaerChelseaBase card370.43
45Frank LampardChelseaBase card460.67
46Graeme Le SauxChelseaBase card441.00
47Emmanuel PetitChelseaBase card480.50
48Boudewijn ZendenChelseaBase card560.83
49Thomas GravesenEvertonBase card570.71
50Mark PembridgeEvertonBase card4100.40
51Luis Boa MorteFulhamBase card3100.30
52Barry HaylesFulhamBase card370.43
53Junichi InamotoFulhamBase card350.60
54Steed MalbranqueFulhamBase card390.33
55Steve MarletFulhamBase card350.60
56Andy MelvilleFulhamBase card3100.30
57Louis SahaFulhamBase card460.67
58Nick BarmbyLeeds UnitedBase card360.50
59Robbie KeaneLeeds UnitedBase card380.38
60Dominic MatteoLeeds UnitedBase card390.33
61Danny MillsLeeds UnitedBase card380.38
62Paul RobinsonLeeds UnitedBase card3100.30
63Alan SmithLeeds UnitedBase card360.50
64Jamie CarragherLiverpoolBase card470.57
65Bruno CheyrouLiverpoolBase card4100.40
66El Hadji DioufLiverpoolBase card570.71
67Jerzy DudekLiverpoolBase card590.56
68Dietmar HamannLiverpoolBase card651.20
69Stephan HenchozLiverpoolBase card450.80
70Emile HeskeyLiverpoolBase card441.00
71Danny MurphyLiverpoolBase card470.57
72Nicolas AnelkaManchester CityBase card490.44
73Sylvain DistinManchester CityBase card3100.30
74Richard DunneManchester CityBase card380.38
75Marc-Vivien FoeManchester CityBase card4100.40
76Laurent BlancManchester UnitedBase card580.63
77Wes BrownManchester UnitedBase card560.83
78Paul ScholesManchester UnitedBase card431.33
79Mikael SilvestreManchester UnitedBase card460.67
80Ole Gunnar SolskjaerManchester UnitedBase card570.71
81Juan Sebastian VeronManchester UnitedBase card580.63
82Massimo MaccaroneMiddlesbroughBase card460.67
83Carlos MarinelliMiddlesbroughBase card3110.27
84Titus BrambleNewcastle UnitedBase card360.50
85Nikos DabidasNewcastle UnitedBase card380.38
86Shay GivenNewcastle UnitedBase card490.44
87Aaron HughesNewcastle UnitedBase card380.38
88Gary SpeedNewcastle UnitedBase card370.43
89Hugo VianaNewcastle UnitedBase card3100.30
90Michael BridgeSouthamptonBase card390.33
91Tahar El-KhalejSouthamptonBase card390.33
92Michael GraySunderlandBase card360.50
93Jurgen MachoSunderlandBase card390.33
94Emerson ThomeTottenham HotpsuBase card370.43
95Simon DaviesTottenham HotpsuBase card370.43
96Kasey KellerTottenham HotpsuBase card480.50
97Dean RichardsWest Bromwich AlbionBase card390.33
98Scott DobieWest Bromwich AlbionBase card3110.27
99Jason RobertsWest Bromwich AlbionBase card350.60
100Larus SigurdssonWest Bromwich AlbionBase card370.43
101Michael CarrickWest Ham UnitedBase card350.60
102Jermain DefoeWest Ham UnitedBase card360.50
103Paolo Di CanioWest Ham UnitedBase card460.67
104David JamesWest Ham UnitedBase card470.57
105Frederic KanouteWest Ham UnitedBase card380.38
A1Bluff-Tactic card303.00
A2Breakaway-Tactic card313.00
A3Chip-Tactic card404.00
A4Counterattack-Tactic card414.00
A5Flair-Tactic card303.00
A6Go Home-Tactic card505.00
A7High Cross-Tactic card404.00
A8In The Box-Tactic card505.00
A9Killer Instinct-Tactic card505.00
A10Nerve-Tactic card212.00
A11Long Shot-Tactic card414.00
A12Long Pass-Tactic card340.75
A13Penetrating Pass-Tactic card331.00
A14Nutmeg-Tactic card505.00
A15Nod In-Tactic card505.00
A16Swift Attack-Tactic card515.00
A17Straightforward Attack-Tactic card414.00
A18Ride A Tackle-Tactic card505.00
A19Through Ball-Tactic card313.00
A20Wingers-Tactic card303.00
A21Anticipation-Tactic card340.75
A22Back Off-Tactic card414.00
A23Block-Tactic card303.00
A24Central Defence-Tactic card515.00
A25Clear The Lines-Tactic card331.00
A26Cut The Angle-Tactic card414.00
A27Final Tackle-Tactic card404.00
A28Get Behind It-Tactic card303.00
A29Hack In The Box-Tactic card404.00
A30Keeper's Ball-Tactic card313.00
A31Packed Box-Tactic card414.00
A32Put The Boot In-Tactic card303.00
A33Saving Scramble-Tactic card515.00
A34Strong Defence-Tactic card505.00
A35And He's Off-Tactic card404.00
A36Bad Bounce-Tactic card531.67
A37Body Swerve-Tactic card321.50
A38Change Of Pace-Tactic card531.67
A39Conditioning-Tactic card414.00
A40Draw The Foul-Tactic card515.00
A41Early Bath-Tactic card505.00
A42Elbows Up-Tactic card505.00
A43Fancy Footwork-Tactic card422.00
A44Fifty-Fifty Ball-Tactic card515.00
A45Give It Some!-Tactic card505.00
A46Hard But Fair-Tactic card404.00
A47Hard Tackle-Tactic card303.00
A48High Bounce-Tactic card422.00
A49Jump For It-Tactic card404.00
A50Manouevere-Tactic card404.00
A51On The Wrong Foot-Tactic card404.00
A52Pop Up-Tactic card313.00
A53Razzle Dazzle-Tactic card505.00
A54Rough And Tumble-Tactic card313.00
A55Shoulder-To-Shoulder-Tactic card404.00
A56Sidestep-Tactic card321.50
A57Skilful Play-Tactic card303.00
A58Slip Up-Tactic card313.00
A59Spanner In The Works-Tactic card414.00
A60Speed Burst-Tactic card616.00
A61Spoiled For Choice-Tactic card515.00
A62Support-Tactic card404.00
A63Tactical Shift-Tactic card303.00
A64Take A Chance-Tactic card313.00
A65Take Advantage-Tactic card414.00
A66Technique-Tactic card505.00
A67Test Of Skill-Tactic card303.00
A68Thunderhead-Tactic card515.00
A69Tough Stuff-Tactic card404.00
A70Trickwork-Tactic card404.00
A71Turn It On-Tactic card404.00
A72Unstoppable-Tactic card303.00
A73Watch The Clock-Tactic card515.00
A74Well-Timed Challenge-Tactic card404.00
A75Liverpool Fans-Tactic card404.00
A76Cautious Game-Tactic card505.00
A77Gooners-Tactic card515.00
A78Movement Game-Tactic card404.00
A79Manchester United Fans-Tactic card414.00
A80Phjysical Game-Tactic card404.00
A81Relentless Game-Tactic card414.00
A82Shooting Game-Tactic card414.00
A83Tactical Game-Tactic card404.00
A84Toon Army-Tactic card404.00
A85Spurs Fans-Tactic card303.00
A1tChelsea v Southampton-Teams202.00
A2tSouthampton v West Ham United-Teams212.00
A4tChelsea v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A5tBlackburn Rovers v Manchester United-Teams202.00
A6tManchester United v Southampton-Teams303.00
A7tNewcastle United v Southampton-Teams202.00
A8tLiverpool v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A9tManchester United-Teams303.00
A10tChelsea v West Ham United-Teams212.00
A11tLiverpool v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A12tArsenal v Blackburn Rovers-Teams212.00
A13tBlackburn Rovers v Leeds United-Teams212.00
A14tManchester United-Teams303.00
A15tLiverpool v Southampton-Teams202.00
A16tArsenal v Chelsea-Teams202.00
A17tChelsea v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A18tArsenal v Derby County-Teams202.00
A19tAston Villa v Liverpool-Teams202.00
A20tBlackburn Rovers v Charlton Athletic-Teams202.00
A22tLeeds United v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A23tLiverpool v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A24tManchester United v Middlesbrough-Teams303.00
A25tLeeds United v Manchester United-Teams313.00
A27tFulham v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A28tLeeds United v Sunderland-Teams202.00
A29tLeicester City v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A30tBlackburn Rovers v Derby County-Teams202.00
A31tCharlton Athletic-Teams202.00
A32tChelsea v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A33tSunderland v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A35tEverton v Liverpool-Teams303.00
A36tLeeds United-Teams212.00
A37tCharlton Athletic v Leeds United-Teams202.00
A38tManchester United v Middlesbrough-Teams313.00
A39tLiverpool v Manchester United-Teams303.00
A40tArsenal v Middlesbrough-Teams202.00
A42tArsenal v Ipswich Town-Teams202.00
A43tEverton v Liverpool-Teams313.00
A44tMiddlesbrough v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A46tChelsea v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A47tChelsea v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A48tMiddlesbrough v Southampton-Teams202.00
A50tArsenal v Aston Villa-Teams202.00
A51tBolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough-Teams202.00
A52tChelsea v Leeds United-Teams212.00
A53tArsenal v Southampton-Teams202.00
A54tLeeds United v Newcastle United-Teams202.00
A55tChelsea v Southampton-Teams202.00
A56tArsenal v Newcastle United-Teams202.00
A57tDerby County v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A58tChelsea v West Ham United-Teams202.00
A59tArsenal v Newcastle United-Teams202.00
A60tLiverpool v Manchester United-Teams303.00
A61tLiverpool v Manchester United-Teams303.00
A62tArsenal v Newcastle United-Teams202.00
A63tChelsea v Leeds United-Teams202.00
A64tLeeds United v Liverpool-Teams202.00
A65tArsenal v Leeds United-Teams202.00
A66tEverton v Leeds United-Teams303.00
A67tManchester United v Newcastle United-Teams303.00
A68tBolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough-Teams202.00
A69tAston Villa v Fulham-Teams202.00
A70tAston Villa v Manchester United-Teams303.00
A71tNewcastle United-Teams202.00
A72tLeeds United v Liverpool-Teams202.00
A74tLeeds United v Manchester United-Teams303.00
A76tLeeds United v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A78tEverton v Leeds United-Teams303.00
A79tManchester United-Teams303.00
A80tCharlton Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
A81tCharlton Athletic-Teams202.00
A82tChelsea v Manchester United-Teams303.00
A83tArsenal v Leeds United-Teams202.00
A84tNewcastle United-Teams202.00
A85tTottenham Hotspur-Teams202.00
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