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Wizards of the Coast Football Champions Italy 2001-2002

Wizards of the Coast Football Champions Italy 2001-2002

Year: 2001
Total cards: 469

Collection preview (91% scanned images)

collecting: 85 / completed: 7


1Massimo TaibiAtalantaBase card5180.28
2Massimo CarreraAtalantaBase card933.00
3Massimo PaganinAtalantaBase card7100.70
4Alessandro RinaldiAtalantaBase card5120.42
5Luigi SalaAtalantaBase card5120.42
6Daniele BerrettaAtalantaBase card5240.21
7Ousmane DaboAtalantaBase card5130.38
8Cristiano DoniAtalantaBase card5110.45
9Pierluigi OrlandiniAtalantaBase card8140.57
10Gianni ComandiniAtalantaBase card951.80
11Luca SaudatiAtalantaBase card4210.19
12Gianluca PagliucaBolognaBase card1234.00
13Emanuele BrioschiBolognaBase card6170.35
14Marcello CastelliniBolognaBase card7140.50
15Giulio FalconeBolognaBase card4140.29
16Massimo TarantinoBolognaBase card6120.50
17Matteo BrighiBolognaBase card5140.36
18Tomas LocatelliBolognaBase card5130.38
19Carlo NervoBolognaBase card5140.36
20Renato OliveBolognaBase card6140.43
21Claudio BellucciBolognaBase card6140.43
22Giuseppe SignoriBolognaBase card6160.38
23Pavel SrnicekBresciaBase card6130.46
24Daniele BoneraBresciaBase card6130.46
25Alessandro CaloriBresciaBase card6130.46
26Aimo DianaBresciaBase card5140.36
27Fabio PetruzziBresciaBase card6130.46
28Massimiliano EspositoBresciaBase card5220.23
29Antonio FilippiniBresciaBase card6130.46
30Andres YllanaBresciaBase card5140.36
31Federico GiuntiBresciaBase card5110.45
32Roberto BaggioBresciaBase card15015.00
33Luca ToniBresciaBase card1133.67
34Cristiano LupatelliChievo VeronaBase card5180.28
35Maurizio D'AngeloChievo VeronaBase card5140.36
36Lorenzo D'AnnaChievo VeronaBase card5200.25
37Salvatore LannaChievo VeronaBase card6140.43
38Fabio MoroChievo VeronaBase card6130.46
39Simone BaroneChievo VeronaBase card7120.58
40Eugenio CoriniChievo VeronaBase card732.33
41EribertoChievo VeronaBase card5140.36
42Andrea ZanchettaChievo VeronaBase card5100.50
43Bernardo CorradiChievo VeronaBase card8120.67
44Massimo MarazzinaChievo VeronaBase card5100.50
45Giuseppe TaglialatelaFiorentinaBase card5150.33
46Daniele AdaniFiorentinaBase card6120.50
47Alessandro PieriniFiorentinaBase card5220.23
48Tomas RepkaFiorentinaBase card5140.36
49Andrea TarozziFiorentinaBase card6140.43
50Christian AmorosoFiorentinaBase card6120.50
51Sandro CoisFiorentinaBase card5130.38
52Angelo Di LivioFiorentinaBase card1125.50
53Domenico MorfeoFiorentinaBase card1243.00
54Enrico ChiesaFiorentinaBase card11111.00
55Nuno GomesFiorentinaBase card1142.75
56Francesco ToldoInter MilanBase card15115.00
57Laurent BlancInter MilanBase card7120.58
58Grigoris GeorgatosInter MilanBase card5130.38
59Marco MaterazziInter MilanBase card19119.00
60Dario SimicInter MilanBase card7140.50
61Nelson VivasInter MilanBase card881.00
62Stephane DalmatInter MilanBase card5260.19
63Belozoglu EmreInter MilanBase card7110.64
64Clarence SeedorfInter MilanBase card8110.73
65Sergio ConceiçaoInter MilanBase card1836.00
66Cristiano ZanettiInter MilanBase card7100.70
67Javier ZanettiInter MilanBase card10101.00
68Hakan SukurInter MilanBase card7140.50
69Mohamed KallonInter MilanBase card8100.80
70RonaldoInter MilanBase card24124.00
71Christian VieriInter MilanBase card1735.67
71aChristian VieriInter MilanBase card / Mis-printed version18118.00
72Gianluigi BuffonJuventusBase card26026.00
73AthirsonJuventusBase card12101.20
74Ciro FerraraJuventusBase card8180.44
75Mark IulianoJuventusBase card10120.83
76Paolo MonteroJuventusBase card1181.38
77Gianluca PessottoJuventusBase card991.00
78Lilian ThuramJuventusBase card21021.00
79Igor TudorJuventusBase card12111.09
80Enzo MarescaJuventusBase card1191.22
81Pavel NedvedJuventusBase card20020.00
82Fabian O'NeillJuventusBase card11111.00
83Alessio TacchinardiJuventusBase card1281.50
84Gianluca ZambrottaJuventusBase card11130.85
85Cristian ZenoniJuventusBase card890.89
86Nicola AmorusoJuventusBase card9100.90
87Alessandro Del PieroJuventusBase card28128.00
88David TrezeguetJuventusBase card2036.67
89Angelo PeruzziLazioBase card6110.55
90Francesco ColonneseLazioBase card5110.45
91Sinisa MihajlovicLazioBase card881.00
92Paolo NegroLazioBase card5190.26
93Alessandro NestaLazioBase card1427.00
94Giuseppe PancaroLazioBase card6110.55
95Dino BaggioLazioBase card5210.24
96Lucas CastromanLazioBase card6110.55
97Stefano FioreLazioBase card1334.33
98Giuliano GiannicheddaLazioBase card5120.42
99Gaizka MendietaLazioBase card1427.00
100Karel PoborskyLazioBase card680.75
101Dejan StankovicLazioBase card6110.55
102Diego Pablo SimeoneLazioBase card871.14
103Hernan CrespoLazioBase card1334.33
104Simone InzaghiLazioBase card7110.64
105Claudio LopezLazioBase card1427.00
106Antonio ChimentiLecceBase card4230.17
107David BalleriLecceBase card6130.46
108Alberto SavinoLecceBase card6160.38
109Gianluca ColonnelloLecceBase card7150.47
110Alessandro ConticchioLecceBase card6140.43
111Rodolfo GiorgettiLecceBase card5220.23
112Luigi PiangerelliLecceBase card5150.33
113Max TonettoLecceBase card6130.46
114Ernesto Javier ChevantonLecceBase card6140.43
115Sebastjan CimiroticLecceBase card6110.55
116Davor VugrinecLecceBase card12112.00
117Christian AbbiatiAC MilanBase card8160.50
118Francesco CocoAC MilanBase card991.00
119Cosmin ContraAC MilanBase card1728.50
120Alessandro CostacurtaAC MilanBase card6230.26
121Kakha KaladzeAC MilanBase card9110.82
122Paolo MaldiniAC MilanBase card18018.00
123SerginhoAC MilanBase card881.00
124Massimo DonatiAC MilanBase card7100.70
125Gennaro Ivan GattusoAC MilanBase card7130.54
126Thomas HelvegAC MilanBase card8100.80
127Andrea PirloAC MilanBase card1071.43
128Manuel Rui CostaAC MilanBase card18018.00
129Oliver BierhoffAC MilanBase card8100.80
130Filippo InzaghiAC MilanBase card1527.50
131Javi MorenoAC MilanBase card10101.00
132Andriy ShevchenkoAC MilanBase card20020.00
133Sebastien FreyParmaBase card1234.00
134Antonio BenarrivoParmaBase card580.63
135Fabio CannavaroParmaBase card1326.50
136Martin DjetouParmaBase card6120.50
137Amedeo MangoneParmaBase card6110.55
138Luigi SartorParmaBase card4200.20
139Matias AlmeydaParmaBase card7120.58
140Stephan AppiahParmaBase card6120.50
141Jonathan BachiniParmaBase card7100.70
142Matteo FerrariParmaBase card5130.38
143Sabri LamouchiParmaBase card590.56
144Giampiero MainiParmaBase card590.56
145Marco MarchionniParmaBase card680.75
146Hidetoshi NakataParmaBase card13113.00
147Marco Di VaioParmaBase card6210.29
148Savo MilosevicParmaBase card1025.00
149Andrea MazzantiniPerugiaBase card6160.38
150Marco Di LoretoPerugiaBase card5120.42
151Donovan MauryPerugiaBase card5160.31
152Mauro MilanesePerugiaBase card7140.50
153Ze MariaPerugiaBase card6130.46
154Davide BaioccoPerugiaBase card5150.33
155Manuele BlasiPerugiaBase card5220.23
156Fabio LiveraniPerugiaBase card12112.00
157Giovanni TedescoPerugiaBase card5100.50
158Ali SemercehPerugiaBase card6150.40
159Zisis VryzasPerugiaBase card7120.58
160Matteo GuardalbenPiacenzaBase card5200.25
161Gianluca LamacchiPiacenzaBase card6120.50
162Giuseppe CardonePiacenzaBase card6160.38
163Roberto MaltagliatiPiacenzaBase card6130.46
164Vittorio TostoPiacenzaBase card5130.38
165Eusebio Di FrancescoPiacenzaBase card7130.54
166Carmine GautieriPiacenzaBase card5130.38
167Francelino MatuzalemPiacenzaBase card1234.00
168Sergio VolpiPiacenzaBase card6120.50
169Dario HubnerPiacenzaBase card1033.33
170Paolo PoggiPiacenzaBase card4230.17
171Ivan PellizzoliRomaBase card7150.47
172Vincent CandelaRomaBase card871.14
173Saliou LassisiRomaBase card971.29
174Walter SamuelRomaBase card1052.00
175Sebastiano SivigliaRomaBase card5190.26
176Antonio Carlos ZagoRomaBase card871.14
177Jonathan ZebinaRomaBase card690.67
178EmersonRomaBase card1071.43
179Diego FuserRomaBase card890.89
180Francisco LimaRomaBase card6210.29
181Damiano TommasiRomaBase card18118.00
182Gabriel Omar BatistutaRomaBase card22122.00
183Antonio CassanoRomaBase card20210.00
184Marco DelvecchioRomaBase card1081.25
185Vincenzo MontellaRomaBase card1929.50
186Francesco TottiRomaBase card27213.50
187Luca BucciTorinoBase card4250.16
188Daniele Delli CarriTorinoBase card4240.17
189Stefano FattoriTorinoBase card5160.31
190Fabio GalanteTorinoBase card4120.33
191Antonino AstaTorinoBase card6130.46
192Massimo BrambillaTorinoBase card6140.43
193Paolo CastelliniTorinoBase card6130.46
194Diego De AscentisTorinoBase card5150.33
195Riccardo MasperoTorinoBase card7110.64
196Cristiano LucarelliTorinoBase card1042.50
197Yksel OsmanowskiTorinoBase card1434.67
198Luigi TurciUdineseBase card5240.21
199Valerio BertottoUdineseBase card6130.46
200Mohammed GargoUdineseBase card5120.42
201Andrea SottilUdineseBase card690.67
202Marco ZamboniUdineseBase card5170.29
203Marcos Paulo AlvesUdineseBase card5110.45
204Christian DiazUdineseBase card5130.38
205Mirko PieriUdineseBase card6130.46
206Giampiero PinziUdineseBase card4120.33
207Vincenzo IaquintaUdineseBase card8110.73
208Roberto SosaUdineseBase card1243.00
209Generoso RossiVeneziaBase card5220.23
210Stefano BettariniVeneziaBase card5150.33
211Mario CvitanovicVeneziaBase card5100.50
212Simone PavanVeneziaBase card5110.45
213William VialiVeneziaBase card5150.33
214Mauro BressanVeneziaBase card5120.42
215Antonio MarascoVeneziaBase card5110.45
216Fabian ValtolinaVeneziaBase card1042.50
217Ighli VannucchiVeneziaBase card5220.23
218Arturo Di NapoliVeneziaBase card6130.46
219Filippo ManieroVeneziaBase card7140.50
220Fabrizio FerronVeronaBase card5150.33
221Giancarlo FilippiniVeronaBase card6130.46
222Massimo OddoVeronaBase card5140.36
223Luca MatteassiVeronaBase card5130.38
224Paolo CannavaroVeronaBase card5100.50
225Leonardo ColucciVeronaBase card7150.47
226Alessandro MazzolaVeronaBase card5220.23
227Martino MelisVeronaBase card6110.55
228Emiliano SalvettiVeronaBase card1133.67
229Alberto GilardinoVeronaBase card6130.46
230MontanoVeronaBase card6120.50
A1Roberto BaronioFiorentinaAdidas card16016.00
A2Alessandro Del PieroJuventusAdidas card22122.00
A3David TrezeguetJuventusAdidas card21021.00
A4Damiano ZenoniJuventusAdidas card22022.00
A5Sergio ConceicaoInter MilanAdidas card21021.00
A6Javier ZanettiInter MilanAdidas card22022.00
A7Manuel Rui CostaAC MilanAdidas card20120.00
P1EribertoChievo VeronaPromo card1033.33
P2RonaldoInter MilanPromo card25025.00
P3Hernan CrespoLazioPromo card1243.00
P4Fabio CannavaroParmaPromo card1042.50
P5Damiano TommasiRomaPromo card1735.67
PR1Christian ManfrediniChievo VeronaPre-Release card10110.00
PZ1Alessandro Del PieroJuventusPrize card20210.00
PZ2Hidetoshi NakataParmaPrize card1226.00
PZ3Demetrio AlbertiniAC MilanPrize card1226.00
PZ4Luigi Di BiagioInter MilanPrize card1434.67
PZ5Martin LaursenAC MilanPrize card1133.67
T1Fuga solitaria-Tactic card761.17
T2Lasciali indietro-Tactic card661.00
T3Avanza-Tactic card761.17
T4Zampata-Tactic card560.83
T5Sforzo extra-Tactic card6110.55
T6Gioco di gambe-Tactic card590.56
T7Palla goal-Tactic card4210.19
T8Senso del goal-Tactic card4230.17
T9Tunnel-Tactic card661.00
T10Goal servito-Tactic card790.78
T11Affondo-Tactic card771.00
T12Salta il tackle-Tactic card690.67
T13Spalla a spalla-Tactic card5100.50
T14Giocata elegante-Tactic card790.78
T15Attacco in profondita-Tactic card5110.45
T16Attacco fulmineo-Tactic card570.71
T17Infilato-Tactic card651.20
T18Ali-Tactic card5190.26
T19Respinta-Tactic card4230.17
T20Pressing a centrocampo-Tactic card570.71
T21Tackle decisivo-Tactic card741.75
T22Semplifica-Tactic card551.00
T23Leggi il gioco-Tactic card5230.22
T24Tackle scivolato-Tactic card5190.26
T25Difesa energica-Tactic card670.86
T26Ben posizionato-Tactic card670.86
T27Accelerazione-Tactic card570.71
T28Rimbalzo anomalo-Tactic card651.20
T29Cambia passo-Tactic card5200.25
T30Carica-Tactic card560.83
T31Tackle pulito-Tactic card4250.16
T32Dribblata-Tactic card4220.18
T33Intuito-Tactic card580.63
T34Entrata dura-Tactic card5250.20
T35Tackle duro-Tactic card4230.17
T36Schiacciata di testa-Tactic card570.71
T37Smarcato-Tactic card4240.17
T38Passaggio calibrato-Tactic card4200.20
T39Movimento-Tactic card690.67
T40In forma-Tactic card871.14
T41Opzioni-Tactic card4210.19
T42Contropiede-Tactic card651.20
T43Pressing-Tactic card670.86
T44Smarcatura veloce-Tactic card771.00
T45Scatto fulmineo-Tactic card5210.24
T46Velocizza-Tactic card560.83
T47Intervento-Tactic card751.40
T48Tackle deciso-Tactic card780.88
T49Inarrestabile-Tactic card641.50
T50Occhio al cronometro-Tactic card661.00
T51Palla in angolo-Tactic card851.60
T52Incornata-Tactic card851.60
T53Cross alto-Tactic card641.50
T54Passaggio lungo-Tactic card751.40
T55Tiro dalla distanza-Tactic card641.50
T56Tagliato fuori-Tactic card1133.67
T57Passaggio filtrante-Tactic card832.67
T58Palla alta-Tactic card741.75
T59Rimpallo-Tactic card570.71
T60Liscio-Tactic card741.75
T61Senza tanti complimenti-Tactic card4230.17
T62Anticipo-Tactic card832.67
T63Salvataggio sulla linea-Tactic card851.60
T64Copri la porta-Tactic card560.83
T65Errore-Tactic card842.00
T66Raddoppio-Tactic card741.75
T67Coprire la porta-Tactic card570.71
T68Area affollata-Tactic card951.80
T69Tuffo disperato-Tactic card661.00
T70Difesa serrata-Tactic card531.67
T71Marcatura stretta-Tactic card741.75
T72Tackle calcolato-Tactic card842.00
T73Rimbalzo alto-Tactic card4190.21
T74Ammonito-Tactic card651.20
T75Panchina sotto pressione-Tactic card732.33
T76Scivolata-Tactic card4210.19
T77Finezza-Tactic card541.25
T78Contrasto prolungato-Tactic card741.75
T79Avvantaggiarsi-Tactic card632.00
T80Prova di abilita-Tactic card751.40
u1Gianpaolo BelliniAtalantaBase card / Update / Calciomercato971.29
u2Luciano ZauriAtalantaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u3Damiano ZenoniAtalantaBase card / Update / Calciomercato680.75
u4Fausto RossiniAtalantaBase card / Update / Calciomercato12012.00
u5Salvatore FresiBolognaBase card / Update / Calciomercato670.86
u6Fabio MacellariBolognaBase card / Update / Calciomercato771.00
u7Robetti GorettiBolognaBase card / Update / Calciomercato670.86
u8Fabio PecchiaBolognaBase card / Update / Calciomercato680.75
u9Pierre WomeBolognaBase card / Update / Calciomercato6100.60
u10Lamberto ZauliBolognaBase card / Update / Calciomercato981.13
u11Julio Ricardo CruzBolognaBase card / Update / Calciomercato14114.00
u12Marek KozminskyBresciaBase card / Update / Calciomercato670.86
u13Emanuele FilippiniBresciaBase card / Update / Calciomercato780.88
u14Joseph GuardiolaBresciaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u15Markus SchoppBresciaBase card / Update / Calciomercato661.00
u16Igli TareBresciaBase card / Update / Calciomercato13113.00
u17Paolo FoglioChievo VeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u18Stefano LorenziChievo VeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato851.60
u19Christian ManfrediniChievo VeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1061.67
u20Simone PerrottaChievo VeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato790.78
u21Federico CossatoChievo VeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato790.78
u22Ciro De CesareChievo VeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u23Emiliano MorettiFiorentinaBase card / Update / Calciomercato690.67
u24Moreno TorricelliFiorentinaBase card / Update / Calciomercato680.75
u25Mariano AmaralFiorentinaBase card / Update / Calciomercato851.60
u26Roberto BaronioFiorentinaBase card / Update / Calciomercato14114.00
u27Ivan CordobaInter MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato991.00
u28Luigi Di BiagioInter MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato971.29
u29Andres GuglielminpietroInter MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato1061.67
u30OkanInter MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato951.80
u31AdrianoInter MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato17017.00
u32Nicola VentolaInter MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato17117.00
u33Alessandro BirindelliJuventusBase card / Update / Calciomercato1352.60
u34Michele ParamattiJuventusBase card / Update / Calciomercato1171.57
u35Edgar DavidsJuventusBase card / Update / Calciomercato22022.00
u36Marcelo SalasJuventusBase card / Update / Calciomercato23023.00
u37Luca MarchegianiLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato1171.57
u38CesarLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato851.60
u39Fernando CoutoLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato16016.00
u40Giuseppe FavalliLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u41Guerino GottardiLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato971.29
u42Jaap StamLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato18118.00
u43Fabio LiveraniLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato981.13
u44Darko KovacevicLazioBase card / Update / Calciomercato15015.00
u45Bruno CirilloLecceBase card / Update / Calciomercato680.75
u46Gheorghe PopescuLecceBase card / Update / Calciomercato951.80
u47Lorenzo StoviniLecceBase card / Update / Calciomercato761.17
u48Guillermo GiacomazziLecceBase card / Update / Calciomercato780.88
u49Alberto MalusciLecceBase card / Update / Calciomercato790.78
u50Martin LaursenAC MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato851.60
u51Josè Roque JuniorAC MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato851.60
u52Demetrio AlbertiniAC MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato16116.00
u53Cristian BrocchiAC MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato790.78
u54Davala UmitAC MilanBase card / Update / Calciomercato790.78
u55Sergej GurenkoParmaBase card / Update / Calciomercato951.80
u56Nestor SensiniParmaBase card / Update / Calciomercato15115.00
u57Jorge Eladio BolanoParmaBase card / Update / Calciomercato751.40
u58Aimo DianaParmaBase card / Update / Calciomercato761.17
u59Johan MicoudParmaBase card / Update / Calciomercato690.67
u60Emiliano BonazzoliParmaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u61Traianos DellasPerugiaBase card / Update / Calciomercato771.00
u62Sean SoglianoPerugiaBase card / Update / Calciomercato881.00
u63Jung Hwan HanPerugiaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1142.75
u64Fabio GattiPerugiaBase card / Update / Calciomercato981.13
u65Fabio GrossoPiacenzaBase card / Update / Calciomercato690.67
u66Nicola BoselliPiacenzaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u67Alessandro LucarelliPiacenzaBase card / Update / Calciomercato761.17
u68Gabriele AmbrosettiPiacenzaBase card / Update / Calciomercato690.67
u69Carvalho AmauriPiacenzaBase card / Update / Calciomercato761.17
u70Nicola CacciaPiacenzaBase card / Update / Calciomercato14114.00
u71Francesco AntonioliRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato22022.00
u72AldairRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1343.25
u73CafùRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato22122.00
u74Christian PanucciRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato20120.00
u75Marcos AssuncaoRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1071.43
u76Gianni GuigouRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1052.00
u77Ivan TomicRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1252.40
u78Luigi GarzyaRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u79Simone VergassolaRomaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1161.83
u80PingaTorinoBase card / Update / Calciomercato7100.70
u81Jorge Samuel CaballeroUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato871.14
u82Thomas ManfrediniUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato991.00
u83Gonzalo MartinezUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato651.20
u84Luis HelgueraUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato881.00
u85Martin JorgensenUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato871.14
u86David Cortes PizarroUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato7100.70
u87David Di MicheleUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato881.00
u88Roberto MuzziUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato12012.00
u89Carlos PavonUdineseBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u90Jimmy AlgerinoVeneziaBase card / Update / Calciomercato780.88
u91Joachim BjorklundVeneziaBase card / Update / Calciomercato661.00
u92Kewullay ContehVeneziaBase card / Update / Calciomercato761.17
u93Daniel AnderssonVeneziaBase card / Update / Calciomercato14114.00
u94Matias Abel DonnetVeneziaBase card / Update / Calciomercato861.33
u95Federico MagallanesVeneziaBase card / Update / Calciomercato1052.00
u96Nicola DilisoVeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato670.86
u97Anthony SericVeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato751.40
u98Vincenzo ItalianoVeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato842.00
u99AdailtonVeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato780.88
u100Adrian MutuVeronaBase card / Update / Calciomercato14014.00
uT1Traversone-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato732.33
uT2Recupero-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato842.00
uT3Palla in area-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato951.80
uT4incollata piede-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato832.67
uT5Arretra-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato832.67
uT6Uno contro uno-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato723.50
uT7Salvataggio caparbio-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato832.67
uT8Scelte-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato842.00
uT9In giornata-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato832.67
uT10Approfitta-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato851.60
uT11Palla Contesa-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato1025.00
uT12Scatto brillante-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato924.50
uT13Elevazione-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato1033.33
uT14Surclassato-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato1025.00
uT15Stallo-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato723.50
uT16Azzardo-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato832.67
uT17Passo laterale-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato723.50
uT18Fianco fianco-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato741.75
uT19Giocata di classe-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato824.00
uT20Ostruzione-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato832.67
uT21Superiorita numerica-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato832.67
uT22Incornata fulminea-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato942.25
uT23Cambia gioco-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato1125.50
uT24Contrasto calibrato-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato732.33
uT25Ripartenza-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato12112.00
uT26Allungo-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10110.00
uT27Rientro-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10110.00
uT28Giocata sicura-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato11011.00
uT29Tempo-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10010.00
uT30Dirige il gioco-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato12112.00
uT31Iniziativa-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10010.00
uT32Bluff-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato11111.00
uT33Mossa calcolata-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato919.00
uT34Sfrutta I'Angolo-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10110.00
uT35Brutto colpo-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10010.00
uT36Doccia anticipata-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10110.00
uT37Supporto dalla curva-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato11011.00
uT38Sottovalutato-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato11111.00
uT39Schema perfetto-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato10010.00
uT40Cambia posizione-Tactic card / Update / Calciomercato11111.00
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