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Artbox Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. Part 1

Artbox Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. Part 1

Jahr: 2009
Alle Karten: 111

Vorschau der Sammlung (100% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 6 / komplett: 3


1Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceBase Cards-101.00
2Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
3Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
4Hermione GrangerBase Cards-303.00
5Horace SlughornBase Cards-101.00
6Luna LovegoodBase Cards-303.00
7Albus DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
8Nymphadora TonksBase Cards-101.00
9Remus LupinBase Cards-101.00
10Lavender BrownBase Cards-101.00
11Draco MalfoyBase Cards-101.00
12Arthur WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
13Molly WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
14Severus SnapeBase Cards-101.00
15Rubeus HagridBase Cards-101.00
16Young Tom RiddleBase Cards-101.00
17Ginny WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
18Minerva McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
19"Eleven. That's When I Get Off."Base Cards-101.00
20"What Is It, Ginny?"Base Cards-101.00
21Wondering About DracoBase Cards-101.00
22The New Potions ProfessorBase Cards-101.00
23Announcing the Newest Defense Against the Dark Arts ProfessorBase Cards-101.00
24"Their Greatest Weapon"Base Cards-101.00
25Flitwick ListensBase Cards-101.00
26"Looks Like It's His Own"Base Cards-202.00
27Lavender and Won-WonBase Cards-101.00
28TestingBase Cards-101.00
29Fixing the Vanishing CabinetBase Cards-101.00
30"Good Evening, Harry"Base Cards-101.00
31"He's a Funny Boy - Tom."Base Cards-101.00
32No GuaranteesBase Cards-101.00
33The Future Gryffindor KeeperBase Cards-101.00
34Argus Filch and Mrs. NorrisBase Cards-101.00
35ReminiscingBase Cards-101.00
36Looking at LavenderBase Cards-101.00
37"Ever Heard of this Spell?"Base Cards-202.00
38Katie Bell - CursedBase Cards-202.00
39The Slug ClubBase Cards-101.00
40"To Hogwarts' Best and Brightest!"Base Cards-101.00
41Leader of the "Club"Base Cards-101.00
42Cormac McLaggen Tries to Impress SlughornBase Cards-101.00
43Blaise Zabini - Slug Club MemberBase Cards-101.00
44The Slytherin TwinsBase Cards-101.00
45"Did Voldemort Ever Make the Shelf...?"Base Cards-101.00
46"He Killed my Parents"Base Cards-101.00
47"I'm Resigning"Base Cards-202.00
48Confronted by CormacBase Cards-101.00
49The CompetitionBase Cards-101.00
50Before the Big MatchBase Cards-101.00
51"I Know You'll Be Brilliant!"Base Cards-202.00
52A True FanBase Cards-202.00
53"Is It a Tonic?"Base Cards-202.00
54King WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
55"...She Thinks You're the Chosen One"Base Cards-101.00
56Planning his MoveBase Cards-101.00
57Snape Monitors the PartyBase Cards-101.00
58Luna Holds CourtBase Cards-202.00
59The "Gate-Crasher"Base Cards-101.00
60An Uninvited GuestBase Cards-101.00
61Ginny Enters the RoomBase Cards-202.00
62Discussing ThingsBase Cards-101.00
63"Let Me Assist You"Base Cards-101.00
64Sworn to ProtectBase Cards-101.00
65"Snape Was Offering to Help."Base Cards-101.00
66"Don't Trust Me?"Base Cards-101.00
67In the WorkshopBase Cards-101.00
68"We're Being Followed..."Base Cards-101.00
69"There's SAomeone Out There"Base Cards-101.00
70"Harry, No!"Base Cards-101.00
71Attack on The BurrowBase Cards-101.00
72"The Map is Never Wrong."Base Cards-202.00
73"Can You Introduce Me?"Base Cards-101.00
74A Bit Put OutBase Cards-101.00
75Broken-Hearted LavenderBase Cards-101.00
76Spotting KatieBase Cards-101.00
77The Gryffindor TableBase Cards-202.00
78SuspectBase Cards-101.00
79"I Don't Know Who Cursed Me."Base Cards-101.00
80Listening to the StoryBase Cards-101.00
81Amusing FriendsBase Cards-101.00
82Haunted by a MemoryBase Cards-101.00
83Memories in the PensieveBase Cards-101.00
84Memories About RiddleBase Cards-101.00
85On a MissionBase Cards-101.00
86Beyond ImaginationBase Cards-101.00
87The Final Piece of the PuzzleBase Cards-101.00
88Overhearing SnapeBase Cards-101.00
89Too QuietBase Cards-101.00
90ChecklistBase Cards-101.00
BT1Draco MalfoyBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT2SnapeBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT3BellatrixBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT4Death EaterBox-Topper Cards-101.00
CT1DumbledoreCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT2Lupin & TonksCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT3Harry & RonCase-Topper Cards-101.00
Pr1Harry and RonPromo Cards-101.00
Pr2thoughtful HarryPromo Cards-101.00
Pr3Draco and FilchPromo Cards-101.00
Pr4King WeasleyPromo Cards-101.00
Pr5DracoPromo Cards-101.00
R1Death Eaters AttackPuzzle Cards-101.00
R2The BurrowPuzzle Cards-202.00
R3DracoPuzzle Cards-101.00
R4DumbledorePuzzle Cards-101.00
R5GreybackPuzzle Cards-101.00
R6HedwigPuzzle Cards-202.00
R7HermionePuzzle Cards-303.00
R8GinnyPuzzle Cards-303.00
R9PotionsPuzzle Cards-101.00