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Artbox Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Part 1

Artbox Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Part 1

Jahr: 2007
Alle Karten: 119

Vorschau der Sammlung (100% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 13 / komplett: 3


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1Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixBase Cards-414.00
2Harry PotterBase Cards-212.00
3Ron WeasleyBase Cards-331.00
4Hermione GrangerBase Cards-515.00
5Neville LongbottomBase Cards-303.00
6Ginny WeasleyBase Cards-505.00
7Luna LovegoodBase Cards-313.00
8Cho ChangBase Cards-202.00
9Remus LupinBase Cards-404.00
10Draco MalfoyBase Cards-303.00
11Dolores UmbridgeBase Cards-101.00
12Severus SnapeBase Cards-303.00
13Albus DumbledoreBase Cards-212.00
14Sirius BlackBase Cards-202.00
15Alastor "Mad-Eye" MoodyBase Cards-111.00
16Argus FilchBase Cards-111.00
17Minerva McGonagallBase Cards-303.00
18Rubeus HagridBase Cards-303.00
19Intruders?Base Cards-212.00
20Rescuing You, Of CourseBase Cards-212.00
21The Advance GuardBase Cards-313.00
22First Door On The LeftBase Cards-303.00
23We Wanted To WriteBase Cards-313.00
24Discussion in The OrderBase Cards-212.00
25The Real Mad-Eye MoodyBase Cards-202.00
26Show HimBase Cards-221.00
27Lies in The ProphetBase Cards-313.00
28Traveling Through LondonBase Cards-202.00
29The Visitors' EntranceBase Cards-313.00
30A Trip To The MinistryBase Cards-202.00
31Morning, ArthurBase Cards-414.00
32The HearingBase Cards-240.50
33A WitnessBase Cards-303.00
34Senior Undersecretary To The MinisterBase Cards-414.00
35Encountering DracoBase Cards-404.00
36The QuibblerBase Cards-404.00
37The Newest ProfessorBase Cards-221.00
38An Empty ChairBase Cards-221.00
39Progress For Progress' Sake Must Be DiscouragedBase Cards-303.00
40Good Morning, Children!Base Cards-212.00
41Risk-Free?Base Cards-422.00
42Theoretical KnowledgeBase Cards-505.00
43DetentionBase Cards-404.00
44Umbridge's Special QuillBase Cards-515.00
45Trying To UnderstandBase Cards-212.00
46Saving SybillBase Cards-321.50
47The Umbridge EffectBase Cards-321.50
48Hall MonitorBase Cards-414.00
49That мoul, Evil Old Gargoyle!Base Cards-515.00
50The Mysterious BarmanBase Cards-414.00
51Forming An ArmyBase Cards-606.00
52The First MeetingBase Cards-221.00
53Ravenclaw DA MembersBase Cards-414.00
54I'm HopelessBase Cards-331.00
55Stupefy!Base Cards-616.00
56Budding Romance?Base Cards-313.00
57Stupefy! Levicorpus! Expelliarmus!Base Cards-505.00
58I-I Did ItBase Cards-313.00
59The KissBase Cards-303.00
60Sir -?Base Cards-212.00
61OcclumencyBase Cards-313.00
62You're Not A Bad PersonBase Cards-321.50
63Harry And ChoBase Cards-212.00
64Giant InjuriesBase Cards-202.00
65A Storm Comin'Base Cards-313.00
66Bombarda Maxima!Base Cards-202.00
67Loony?Base Cards-404.00
68Proof!Base Cards-303.00
69Not "Potter's" ArmyBase Cards-414.00
70Hagrid's Half-BrotherBase Cards-414.00
71SnivellusBase Cards-303.00
72Your Lessons Are At An EndBase Cards-321.50
73We Won't Be Seeing You!Base Cards-313.00
74A Dramatic ExitBase Cards-202.00
75Cruc-Base Cards-202.00
76No Secret WeaponBase Cards-404.00
77Battling Death EatersBase Cards-212.00
78Protecting The ProphecyBase Cards-212.00
79Luna, TrappedBase Cards-414.00
80Ron StrugglesBase Cards-212.00
81Watching The BattleBase Cards-505.00
82You Should Have Stayed In HidingBase Cards-414.00
83Good One, James!Base Cards-303.00
84An Evil CousinBase Cards-404.00
85RevengeBase Cards-414.00
86A Great WizardBase Cards-221.00
87The Fault Is MineBase Cards-303.00
88Feat's About To StartBase Cards-313.00
89An Unexpected FriendBase Cards-202.00
90ChecklistBase Cards-404.00
BT1ThestralBox-Topper Cards-404.00
BT2Centaur archerBox-Topper Cards-303.00
BT3Luna and thestralBox-Topper Cards-404.00
BT4CentaursBox-Topper Cards-303.00
CT1Aurors: Shacklebolt, Tonks, MoodyCase-Topper Cards-303.00
CT2Dumbledore's ArmyCase-Topper Cards-404.00
Pr1Karte Pr1Promo Cards-404.00
Pr2Karte Pr2Promo Cards-303.00
Pr3Karte Pr3Promo Cards-303.00
Pr4Karte Pr4Promo Cards-303.00
Pr5Karte Pr5Promo Cards-303.00
R1Death EaterRare Puzzle Cards-303.00
R2Voldemort and HarryRare Puzzle Cards-303.00
R3Harry Potter's Stag PatronusRare Puzzle Cards-303.00
R4Dumbledore's ArmyRare Puzzle Cards-303.00
R5Ministry of MagicRare Puzzle Cards-404.00
R6The Forbidden ForestRare Puzzle Cards-303.00
R7The Dark Arts / AskabanRare Puzzle Cards-303.00
R8Harry Potter and the ThestralsRare Puzzle Cards-303.00
R9Harry Demonstrating DefenseRare Puzzle Cards-404.00
RR1(half body shot, purple shroud)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-221.00
RR2(white face, pin-prick light in eyes)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-212.00
RR3(head, shoulders, chest; spirals meet on forehead)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-313.00
RR4(rectangular eyes)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-202.00
RR5(standing in archway)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-404.00
RR6(separated ankh-shaped mouth holes)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-202.00
RR7(forehead dots over eyes)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-212.00
RR8(white circles around eyes)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-230.67
RR9(fleur-de-lis on chin)Retail Rare Puzzle Cards-212.00