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Cards Inc. Fantastic Four

Cards Inc. Fantastic Four

Jahr: 2005
Alle Karten: 72

Anzahl Sammler: 1 / komplett: 0


1Fantastic 4-Base Card101.00
2Reaching for the Stars-Base Card101.00
3Too Close for Comfort-Base Card101.00
4The Deal Is Made-Base Card101.00
5The Team-Base Card101.00
6Attending the Media-Base Card101.00
7Uncomfortable Goodbyes-Base Card101.00
8One View in a Billion-Base Card101.00
9A Fatal Miscalculation-Base Card101.00
10Attempted Rescue-Base Card101.00
11Emergency Call-Base Card101.00
12The Cosmic Blast-Base Card101.00
13Particle Damage-Base Card101.00
14Rescuing Ben-Base Card101.00
15A Lucky Escape-Base Card101.00
16Lucky To Be Alive-Base Card101.00
17Disappearance Trick-Base Card101.00
18Unusual Ability-Base Card101.00
19Scarred for Life-Base Card101.00
20What Was That Thing?-Base Card101.00
21Ben Causes a Panic-Base Card101.00
22Gentle Ben-Base Card101.00
23Saving the Fire-Fighters-Base Card101.00
24Heroes Are Born-Base Card101.00
25The Fantastic Four-Base Card101.00
26Not Amused-Base Card101.00
27Flame On-Base Card101.00
28The Evil Inside-Base Card101.00
29A Quiet Drink-Base Card101.00
30A Tender Touch-Base Card101.00
31Spectacular Stunts-Base Card101.00
32Living His Work-Base Card101.00
33Finding a Cure-Base Card101.00
34Forcing Results-Base Card101.00
35Using The Thing-Base Card101.00
36Dangerous Power-Base Card101.00
37An Unfortunate Success-Base Card101.00
38Doctor Doom-Base Card101.00
39The Power of Doom-Base Card101.00
40A Cold Heart-Base Card101.00
41The Human Torch-Base Card101.00
42Holding Back Doom-Base Card101.00
43It's Clobberin' Time-Base Card101.00
44Rescuing Mr. Fantastic-Base Card101.00
45A Piece of Art-Base Card101.00
46Fantastic Finale-Base Card101.00
47Reed Richards-Base Card101.00
48Mr. Fantastic-Base Card101.00
49Susan Storm-Base Card101.00
50The Invisible Woman-Base Card101.00
51Ben Grimm-Base Card101.00
52The Thing-Base Card101.00
53Johnny Storm-Base Card101.00
54The Human Torch-Base Card101.00
55Victor Von Doom-Base Card101.00
56Dr. Doom-Base Card101.00
57Leonard-Base Card101.00
58Alicia Masters-Base Card101.00
59Debbie-Base Card101.00
60Checklist-Base Card101.00
H1Invisible WomanHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H2Mr. FantasticHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H3Human TorchHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H4The ThingHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H5Invisible WomanHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H6Mr. FantasticHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H7Human TorchHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H8The ThingHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H9Invisible WomanHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H10Mr. FantasticHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H11Human TorchHolo-CelzChase Card101.00
H12Dr. DoomHolo-CelzChase Card101.00