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Dart Flipcards World Beetlejuice

Dart Flipcards World Beetlejuice

Jahr: 1990
Alle Karten: 120

Vorschau der Sammlung (18% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 1 / komplett: 0


1Beetlejuice-Base Card101.00
2Lydia-Base Card101.00
3Delia-Base Card101.00
4Charles-Base Card101.00
5Prudence ("Prune")-Base Card101.00
6Bertha ("Burp") Goes Camping-Base Card101.00
7Jacques LaLean-Base Card101.00
8Ginger, Toe Tapping Fool-Base Card101.00
9The Monster Across the Street-Base Card101.00
10Clare Brewster, "Valley Girl"-Base Card101.00
11Home Sweet Home-Base Card101.00
12Panic at the Shocking Mall-Base Card101.00
13I Get a Kick Out of Life!-Base Card101.00
14Snack Time!-Base Card101.00
15Now That's One Sharp Kid!-Base Card101.00
16Gross-Out Meter Record!-Base Card101.00
17Babysitting!-Base Card101.00
18Starring: Barf Bendman!-Base Card101.00
19Lydia's Haunted House-Base Card101.00
20Where'd They Go?-Base Card101.00
21...I'm an Old Cow Hand...-Base Card101.00
22Bully's Back in Town!-Base Card101.00
23"Where's the Sheriff?!"-Base Card101.00
24Chickenjuice on Boot Hill-Base Card101.00
25I'm Really Into Art!-Base Card101.00
26Mmmmm...Lunch!-Base Card101.00
27Double Deluxe Lung Tosser-Base Card101.00
28"You Look Bad, Beetlejuice"-Base Card101.00
29Double Trouble!-Base Card101.00
30Neitherworld Beauties!-Base Card101.00
31Slimy Beauty-Base Card101.00
32"Shrimp Shells & Chicken Bones Please!"-Base Card101.00
33Who Invited You?!-Base Card101.00
34The Best Part!-Base Card101.00
35Beetlejuice Strikes Again!-Base Card101.00
36Buzzface-Base Card101.00
37Dancing Fools-Base Card101.00
38Where've I Smelt That?!-Base Card101.00
39Door to the Neitherworld-Base Card101.00
40I Love a Buffet!-Base Card101.00
41Spooky Sunset-Base Card101.00
42Dead Letter Box-Base Card101.00
43Nice Smile!-Base Card101.00
44Bettyjuice's Ballad-Base Card101.00
45Crab Grass Attack!-Base Card101.00
46Back pack Surprise-Base Card101.00
47Hedgehogs!-Base Card101.00
48Nice Muscles!-Base Card101.00
49Creepy Camping-Base Card101.00
50Timber Wolves-Base Card101.00
51Terrifying Sandworm-Base Card101.00
52Bertha to the Rescue!-Base Card101.00
53The Rot Tub-Base Card101.00
54Scummin' Through!-Base Card101.00
55Goin' to Pieces!-Base Card101.00
56Coffin Break-Base Card101.00
57Scared My Pants Off!-Base Card101.00
58The Thing in the Tub-Base Card101.00
59Howdy Clare!-Base Card101.00
60Skeleton of the Year-Base Card101.00
61Morning Breath-Base Card101.00
62An Upset Stomach!-Base Card101.00
63Breakfast of Champion Ghouls-Base Card101.00
64Howdy!-Base Card101.00
65Need a Hand?!-Base Card101.00
66Neighborhood Surprise-Base Card101.00
67Toe Truck-Base Card101.00
68Bug Attack-Base Card101.00
69Neitherworld Neighbors-Base Card101.00
70It's Showtime!-Base Card101.00
71Spare a Quarter?-Base Card101.00
72Snakes Alive!-Base Card101.00
73What's Cookin'?!-Base Card101.00
74Waiting Room Weirdos-Base Card101.00
75Wake Up, Stinky!-Base Card101.00
76Pea Brain-Base Card101.00
77Thanks for the Warning!-Base Card101.00
78No Problem!-Base Card101.00
79I Screamed My Head Off!-Base Card101.00
80I'm a Monkey's Uncle!-Base Card101.00
81All Snaked Up!-Base Card101.00
82Twist My Arm, Lydia!-Base Card101.00
83Armpit Musician-Base Card101.00
84Neitherworld Rock Stars-Base Card101.00
85Egomaniac-Base Card101.00
86Party Animal Arrives-Base Card101.00
87Party Bats!-Base Card101.00
88Punk-In-Pie-Base Card101.00
89How 'Bout That Punch?!-Base Card101.00
90Tall, Dark & Hairy-Base Card101.00
91Make My Day!-Base Card101.00
92Shake!-Base Card101.00
93Watch Those Extra Toppings!-Base Card101.00
94Loosen Up!-Base Card101.00
95Cousin B.J.-Base Card101.00
96B.J.'s Candy Bar-Base Card101.00
97Foot Doctor-Base Card101.00
98Garbageman-Base Card101.00
99Proud Parents-Base Card101.00
100Checklist-Base Card101.00
G-1Beetlejuice SkateboardingGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-3Two SkeletonsGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-4Good 'N' BuggyGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-5Beetlejuice FlashGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-6Face Holding Mouth OpenGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-7Skull and HammerGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-8Ghost Face and Two SkeletonsGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-9Purple Orange-Eyed MonsterGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-12Cow SkullGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-13Cosmic BeetlejuiceGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-16Beetlejuice Holding SandwormsGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-17Three SkullsGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-19Netherwold ExpressGlow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00
G-20It's Showtime!Glow-in-the-DarkStickers101.00