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Dart Flipcards World Hershey's. The Collector's Series

Dart Flipcards World Hershey's. The Collector's Series

Jahr: 1995
Alle Karten: 116

Vorschau der Sammlung (86% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 1 / komplett: 1


1100 Years of Hershey's-Base card000.00
2Milton Snavely Hershey, 1857-1945-Base card000.00
3Trade Card, ca 1876-Base card000.00
4Bittersweets ca 1896-1898-Base card000.00
5National Chocolate Tablets, ca 1895-1900-Base card000.00
6Chocolate Segars, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
7Crystal A Caramels, 1886-1900-Base card000.00
8Chrysanthemum Chocolate, ca 1896-1909-Base card000.00
9The Home of Herskey's 1915-Base card000.00
10Tenth Anniversary Parade, 1913-Base card000.00
11The Hershey Girl, 1916-Base card000.00
12Riker Electric Automobile, 1900-Base card000.00
13Almond Sweet Milk, ca 1920-Base card000.00
14The American Dream-Base card000.00
15Packaging Cocoa, ca 1920-Base card000.00
16Vassar Gems, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
17Cocoa Recipes Mail Promotion, ca 1909-1918-Base card000.00
18Sweet Peas, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
19Made on the Farm, ca 1909-1918-Base card000.00
20Le Roi de Chocolate Tablets, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
21Smart Set Cigarettes, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
22Hero of Manila Chocolate Segars, ca 1898-Base card000.00
23Hershey's Delicious Cocoa-Base card000.00
24Hershey's Chocolate Fans, 1895-1909-Base card000.00
25Trial Size Tin, 1898-1905-Base card000.00
26Hershey's Chocolate Croquettes, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
27Mr. Goodbar Poster, ca 1925-Base card000.00
28Wanetas, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
29Club Cocoa, ca 1915-Base card000.00
30A Food to Drink, ca 1930-Base card000.00
31Hershey's Kisses, Chocolates are Delicious, 1921-Base card000.00
32More Sustaining than Meat, ca 1915-1920-Base card000.00
33Fresh from the Farm, ca 1910-Base card000.00
34Hershey's Kisses Bucket, 1920-1927-Base card000.00
35Milk Delivery Truck, ca 1918-Base card000.00
36Collector Card, 1900-1905-Base card000.00
37Hershey's Cocoa, 1920-1927-Base card000.00
38Three Friends-Base card000.00
39Postcard Insert, ca 1909-1918-Base card000.00
40Hershey's Label, ca 1903-1905-Base card000.00
41Little Puck Cigars, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
42Boy with the Leaking Boot-Base card000.00
43Cupping Department, Reese Candy Company, 1936-Base card000.00
44Chocolate Bar Vending Machines, 1920-1948-Base card000.00
45Collectable Box, 1895-1909-Base card000.00
46Chocolate Tin, 1930-1941-Base card000.00
47Golf Wafers, ca 1896-1905-Base card000.00
48It's Great-Base card000.00
49A Kiss For You-Base card000.00
50Cake Kids, 1934-Base card000.00
51Chocolate and Cocoa Poster, ca 1955-Base card000.00
52Harvesting Cocoa Pods, ca 1955-Base card000.00
53Cocoa Pods, ca 1955-Base card000.00
54Molding Chocolate Bars, ca 1955-Base card000.00
55Easy Desserts - Ad, ca 1920-Base card000.00
56Chocolate Soldier, ca 1935-Base card000.00
57Vanilla Sweet Chocolate, ca 1898-1905-Base card000.00
58Sweet Milk Chocolate, ca 1920-Base card000.00
59First in Favor and Flavor, ca 1950-1955-Base card000.00
60Hershey's Breakfast Cocoa, ca 1934-Base card000.00
61Hershey's Chewing Gum, 1915-1924-Base card000.00
62Advertising Leaflet, ca 1906-1910-Base card000.00
63Hershey's Syrup, 1934-Base card000.00
64Nougat-Almond, 1939-Base card000.00
65Hershey's Chocolate-Base card000.00
66Point of Purchase Display, ca 1930-Base card000.00
67New Packaging-Base card000.00
68Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, 1993-Base card000.00
69BarNone Candy Bar, 1993-Base card000.00
70Lasting Souvenir-Base card000.00
715th Avenue Candy Bar, 1993-Base card000.00
72Amazin' Fruit Gummy Bears, 1992-Base card000.00
73Supplying The Armed Forces-Base card000.00
74A Meal in Itself ca 1910-1920-Base card000.00
75Honeybar, ca 1930-Base card000.00
76Hershey's Kisses Chocolates-Base card000.00
77Hershey's Instant Cocoa, 1956-1988-Base card000.00
78Hershey's Milk Chocolate With Almonds Mold, ca 1963-Base card000.00
79Instant Cocoa Mix Tin, 1956-1968-Base card000.00
80Bite Size Chocolate Almonds, 1959-Base card000.00
81Hershey's Mint Chocolate, 1959-Base card000.00
82Military Ration Bars, 1937-1990-Base card000.00
83Aero Milk Chocolate, 1934-Base card000.00
84A Friendly Cheer, 1937-Base card000.00
85Candy Coated Peanuts, 1965-Base card000.00
86Valentine's Day-Base card000.00
87Hershey's Nuggets, 1994-Base card000.00
88Krackel Chocolate Bar Display, 1956-Base card000.00
89Hershey-ets Candy-Base card000.00
90Mr. Goodbar Chocolate Bar ca 1935-Base card000.00
91Reese's Pieces Candy-Base card000.00
92Mild and Mellow, 1933-Base card000.00
93Christmas Miniatures Ad, 1970-Base card000.00
94Valentines Kisses, ca 1990-Base card000.00
95Delicious Chilled or Frozen, ca 1963-Base card000.00
96Christmas in Hershey-Base card000.00
97Wishes Come True-Base card000.00
98Hugs Circular, 1993-Base card000.00
99The Hershey Museum-Base card000.00
100Checklist-Base card000.00
C1Valentines Day Holiday Band 1952-Chase card000.00
C2Easter 1952-Chase card000.00
C3Halloween 1968-Chase card101.00
C4Halloween 1964-Chase card101.00
C5Christmas Box ca 1941-Chase card000.00
C6Christmas 1989-Chase card101.00
FC2Zina Saunders art-Chase card101.00
P1Hershey's Kisses-Promo card101.00
P1aBittersweets c. 1896-1898-Promo card101.00
P2Hershey's Cocoa-Promo card111.00
P2aA Kiss for You-Promo card101.00
S1Gone Fishing
-Tall Boy Wood101.00
S1aGone Fishing
-Tall Boy Wood101.00
W1Sitting on Top of the World, ca 1935-Chase card000.00
W2Stepping Stones to Health, ca 1935-Chase card101.00
W3Topped with Hershey's Syrup, ca 1930-1935-Chase card101.00