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Panini The Adventures of the Animals of Farthing Wood

Panini The Adventures of the Animals of Farthing Wood

Jahr: 1992
Alle Sticker: 258

Anzahl Sammler: 3 / komplett: 0


1Courageous FoxWelcome to…-101.00
2Cheerful ToadWelcome to…-111.00
3Bold Badger and his friend MoleWelcome to…-120.50
4Caring VaxenWelcome to…-111.00
5Sly AdderWelcome to…-120.50
6Pompous OwlWelcome to…-120.50
7Cheeky WeaselWelcome to…-111.00
8Keen-eyed KestrelWelcome to…-111.00
9Evil ScarfaceWelcome to…-101.00
10Fox and his friends forage in the town…
11Fox and his friends forage in the town…
12Fox and Badger discuss how they can cross the busy roadFox-120.50
13Dashing Fox, king of the forestFox-120.50
14Finding food, but where did it all come from?Fox-111.00
15The voles and mice are grateful for the ride away from the fireFox-120.50
16A big jump to safety, a lucky escape for FoxFox-101.00
17Mole gets very worried about his friend Badger, but why?Fox-111.00
18The rabbits cause Fox a few problems…Fox-111.00
19Oh no!!... Trouble ahead. Fox is last in the town.Fox-101.00
20Signalling to the others in the moonlight…Fox-120.50
21The perfect mate, Vixen is never for from his sideFox-101.00
22Wait, someone's coming! The foxes crouch under a bushFox-111.00
23Weasel has gone too far with her pranks and Fox has had enough!Fox-111.00
24Vixen follows Fox out for a nights hunting
25Vixen follows Fox out for a nights hunting
26Happy together, Fox and Vixen share a peaceful momentVixen-111.00
27Mole looks worried, so Vixen comes to comfort himVixen-111.00
28Rescued by Adder, and just in time!Vixen-111.00
29Mole takes Vixen to the injured catVixen-120.50
30Vixen looks after the cat, but what happened to him?Vixen-111.00
31Love at first sight. Vixen falls for the dashing Fox.Vixen-120.50
32Vixen gets angry when the blue foxes try to make…Vixen-111.00
33A midnight stroll through the forestVixen-120.50
34The foxes go in search of food,…Vixen-111.00
35A few words of advice on love from a friendly thrushVixen-101.00
36Vixen resorts to her natural instincts when food is so scarceVixen-111.00
37Looking out at the cold white, snowcovered forestVixen-120.50
38Relieved that Badger is alright, his friends gather roundBadger-120.50
39Best of friendsBadger-111.00
40Always willing to help the smaller,…Badger-120.50
41Feeling rejected, will Badger return to the other animals?Badger-111.00
42Badger enjoys a chat with VixenBadger-120.50
43No matter how long the journey…
44No matter how long the journey…
45Badger settles comfortably in the barn but Fox is worried…
46Badger settles comfortably in the barn but Fox is worried…
47Splash!!! Badger falls in deep water.Badger-101.00
48Weasel surprises Badger, who is not at all pleasedBadger-120.50
49Badger calls a meeting and all the animals are eager…Badger-120.50
50"What's that you said, Mole?" Badger listens to Mole's chatterBadger-111.00
51Face to face with a young lady
52Face to face with a young lady
53Listening to Mole's taleMole-111.00
54Goodbye. Mole goes a-hunting.Mole-120.50
55Caught by a man. How will Mole escape?Mole-111.00
56Dancing in the sunlightMole-111.00
57Yum Yum ….. Lunch! Mole eats again.Mole-111.00
58Mole is always thinking about food!Mole-120.50
59Yipee! Spring babies… how exciting!Mole-111.00
60Delighted his best friend Badger is safeMole-111.00
61Desperate to help, Mole finds digging…Mole-101.00
62Toad shows Mole how to hunt for worms in the water
63Toad shows Mole how to hunt for worms in the water
64Mole helps to free a friend caught in a trap, but which one is it?Mole-111.00
65Toad comforts Mole when he thinks Badger is lastMole-120.50
66Mole is sorry that he got left behind when he tried to walk by himselfMole-101.00
67After eating so much Mole is exhausted. Sweet dreams!Mole-120.50
68Mole can't see and asks Badger what's happeningMole-120.50
69The two scouts enjoy a warm, dry roost for the night
70The two scouts enjoy a warm, dry roost for the night
71Owl preaches so much she sometimes annoys the others
72Owl preaches so much she sometimes annoys the others
73Owl gets a little flustered when she thinks…Owl-111.00
74Skimming across the moonlit sky, Owl brings news to the other animalsOwl-120.50
75Time to think! An answer will come to her soon.Owl-120.50
76Owl shows Fox the way in the darkOwl-111.00
77Owl is happier at nightime when she can watch…Owl-111.00
78Through the thick smoke Badger relies on Owl to show him the wayOwl-120.50
79"All clear ahead. Time to move on, time to move on," calls OwlOwl-111.00
80Squawk!!! Owl is not afraid to fight for her friends.Owl-101.00
81Owl tries to think out a problemOwl-111.00
82Food is getting scarce, but Owl finds a tasty morse!Owl-111.00
83The animals listen to Owl's advice. Her sharp eyes see everything.Owl-120.50
84A rough landing!!Owl-111.00
85Weasel finds something new and sweet to drink in a pub cellar!Weasel-101.00
86Too much to drink! Weasel gets tipsy and can't stand up.Weasel-111.00
87Struck by lightning, Weasel gets the shock she deserves?Weasel-101.00
88After being struck, Weasel sees stars in front of her eyesWeasel-120.50
89Up to her old tricks again, Weasel starts a mud fightWeasel-111.00
90Weasel loves to singWeasel-101.00
91Weasel and her new friend share a morning drink…
92Weasel and her new friend share a morning drink…
93Adder gets angry at the greedy Weasel…
94Adder gets angry at the greedy Weasel…
95Weasel gets attacked and stung after upsetting a swarm of beesWeasel-111.00
96A funny way of helping, Badger is betten when he gets stuck in the reedsWeasel-111.00
97What has Weasel done now?Weasel-111.00
98Casually Weasel points which way the baby rabbits wentWeasel-120.50
99Enjoying a good laugh Weasel thinks it funny when things go wrongWeasel-120.50
100Catching the bouquet, will Weasel be the next to get married?Weasel-101.00
101The joke is on Weasel this time: who is bombarding her with nuts?Weasel-111.00
102Weasel tries to help after Toad gets caught by a fishWeasel-120.50
103Who is taking their revenge with a snow ball?Weasel-111.00
104Kestrel hovers above a poisoned fieldKestrel-111.00
105In heavy rain the birds take refuge in a church bell towerKestrel-111.00
106Kestrel comes to the aid of a friend but makes a big mistakeKestrel-111.00
107Hovering in the sky Kestrel keeps a watchful eye out for dangerKestrel-101.00
108Resting in the leafy treetopsKestrel-111.00
109Keeping Badger company, but just where is he off to?Kestrel-111.00
110The cat gets his revenge; will Kestrel have the strengh to survive?Kestrel-111.00
111Making a quick escape from a gunKestrel-111.00
112Waiting for his friends, Kestrel perches on a branchKestrel-120.50
114Squirrel and Mrs Squirrel-figured313.00
115Badger and Mole-figured101.00
119Toad, Rabbit, Pheasant and Mrs Pheasant-figured101.00
121Squirrel and Mrs Squirrel-figured202.00
122Fieldmice and Hedgehogs-figured111.00
134Pheasant and Mrs Pheasant-figured303.00
135Rabbits and Fieldmice-figured202.00
139Rabbit and Mrs Rabbit-figured202.00
150Fieldmice and Hedgehogs-figured303.00
161The crooning crows let the animals rest as they sing them a lullabyFriends and Foes-111.00
162The fox hounds chase Vixen through the forestFriends and Foes-111.00
163The comical cat spies the animals but is too wide…Friends and Foes-120.50
164The helpful horse lets Fox rest in the shade…Friends and Foes-111.00
165The crafty cat offers Fox some food in return for a bit of workFriends and Foes-111.00
166The bloodthirsty butcher bird attacks the baby miceFriends and Foes-120.50
167The giant fish swallows Toad as he takes a swimFriends and Foes-111.00
168The sneaky stoat secretly listens to the animals plansFriends and Foes-120.50
169The dopey dog chases the animals but is outwitted by clever FoxFriends and Foes-111.00
170The cunning cat: is he friend or foe?Friends and Foes-120.50
171Toad is not quite sure where he isToad-120.50
172Toad and Mole celebrate the start of their long journeyToad-101.00
173Making sure they are going the right way, Toad shields his eyes…Toad-111.00
174Yawn… "Time for my winter sleep".Toad-120.50
175Will Toad be rescued in time?Toad-111.00
176Toad leads the way on the next stage of their amazing journeyToad-111.00
177A little confused, Toad has lost his wayToad-101.00
178Leaping to the aid of Badger when he gets caught in reeds..Toad-111.00
179Tired and hot, Toad rests on a soft cushion…Toad-111.00
180Hare senses trouble as they make their way to the pondToad-111.00
181Toad takes a refreshing dip in the cool sparkling waterToad-111.00
182Toad watches his friends relax before continuing their journey
183Toad watches his friends relax before continuing their journey
184Toad watches his friends relax before continuing their journey
185Toad watches his friends relax before continuing their journey
186Toad shows he can catch fish as well as WhistlerToad-120.50
187Angry at being waken, Toad seeks revenge against noisy WeaselToad-120.50
188Toad wishes the newts good luck in their new homeToad-101.00
189Adder enjoys giving the mice a frightAdder-111.00
190Bonk! Adder gets hit by a stone.Adder-111.00
191A shock for Adder as they reach the townAdder-111.00
192Adder hypnotises herself!!!Adder-111.00
193Weasel grabs her chance!Adder-120.50
194Curled up with the volesAdder-120.50
195The baby rabbits are quickly stopped by Adder from running into the roadAdder-111.00
196Adder tries to charm a butterfly!!!Adder-120.50
197Adder taunts Owl with cutting wordsAdder-120.50
198Adder spies her supper in the barnAdder-111.00
199The two friends love to gossip about the other animals
200The two friends love to gossip about the other animals
201Adder teases rabbit to stop him continually complaining
202Adder teases rabbit to stop him continually complaining
203Badger holds on tight to save Adder from a speeding lorryAdder-111.00
204Keeping the dog at bay while the other animals escape the farmerAdder-120.50
205Coming in to land to take a quick restWhistler-111.00
206Keeping watch in the midnight sky, Whistler stretches his wingsWhistler-111.00
207The friends gather when Badger goes missingWhistler-120.50
208Whistler helps an angry Weasel to cross the busy roadWhistler-120.50
209Showing off the hole in his wing caused by a stray hunting bulletWhistler-120.50
210Ready to take to the skies, Whistler is going fishingWhistler-120.50
211Someone's shouting his name, but who is it?Whistler-101.00
212Whistler has trouble finding food in the frozen pond…Whistler-111.00
213Toad has a lucky escape when Whistler catches the fishWhistler-120.50
214… but Speedy shows him where to find tasty cray fishWhistler-111.00
215Keep quiet! Whistler's friend seems to talk too much.Whistler-120.50
216The herons tell the others of an idea to get more foodWhistler-120.50
217Circling the park, what are they looking for?Whistler-101.00
218Rabbit gets a helping hand up the steep bankWhistler-111.00
219Lady Blue and Scarface watch the animals arriving in the parkScarface / Lady Blue-120.50
220Running away with his prey, who has Scarface taken?Scarface / Lady Blue-111.00
221Waiting for someone? Scarface sees if Mole is still thereScarface / Lady Blue-120.50
222Caught by Lady Blue, but what will happen to the white stoat?Scarface / Lady Blue-101.00
223Grrrrowwlll !!!Scarface / Lady Blue-111.00
224Lady Blue suffers a few harsh words from her mateScarface / Lady Blue-120.50
225Weasel walks straight into Scarface, who is out to cause her trouble
Scarface / Lady Blue-120.50
226Weasel walks straight into Scarface, who is out to cause her trouble
Scarface / Lady Blue-120.50
227Weasel scores a triumph as Scarface sprawls on the iceScarface / Lady Blue-111.00
228Lady Blue, always happy to support her mateScarface / Lady Blue-111.00
229"You've not heard the last of this"Scarface / Lady Blue-111.00
230Scarface curses as he puts on a slippery show!Scarface / Lady Blue-120.50
231Trouble in the icy water, how did he end up there?Scarface / Lady Blue-120.50
232Scarface enjoys bullying WeaselScarface / Lady Blue-101.00
233The animals of Farthing WoodThe other animals of Farthing Wood-101.00
234RabbitsThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
235SquirrelThe other animals of Farthing Wood-120.50
236HedgehogsThe other animals of Farthing Wood-101.00
237FieldmiceThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
238VolesThe other animals of Farthing Wood-101.00
239The animals of Farthing WoodThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
240Hare and KestrelThe other animals of Farthing Wood-120.50
241VoleThe other animals of Farthing Wood-101.00
242Voles and FieldmiceThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
243Hares and FieldmiceThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
244The animals of Farthing WoodThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
245Vole and Mrs VoleThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
246HareThe other animals of Farthing Wood-101.00
247FieldmiceThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
248Toad and NewtsThe other animals of Farthing Wood-101.00
249Rabbits, Squirrels and ShrewsThe other animals of Farthing Wood-120.50
250The animals of Farthing WoodThe other animals of Farthing Wood-111.00
251White Stag, Lord of the parkWhite Stag-101.00
252Winter gets worse as the snow keeps…White Stag-120.50
253White Stag greets the animals as they come to the end of their journeyWhite Stag-120.50
254Melting snow, could this be the start of Spring?White Stag-120.50
255Danger is near, the White Deer herd run for safetyWhite Stag-120.50
256Leaping gracefully through the cold night airWhite Stag-120.50
257The noble Stag keeps a sharp watch for any dangerWhite Stag-111.00
258White Stag meets with his new friendsWhite Stag-111.00