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SkyBox Demolition Man

SkyBox Demolition Man

Jahr: 1993
Alle Karten: 106

Anzahl Sammler: 1 / komplett: 0


1Demolition Man - The Movie-Base Card101.00
2Simon Phoenix's Fortress-Base Card101.00
3The Demolition Man-Base Card101.00
4Spartan Drops In-Base Card101.00
5A Rooftop Invasion-Base Card101.00
6No Gracious Host-Base Card101.00
7The Fortress Explodes-Base Card101.00
8Captain Healy Chews Out Spartan-Base Card101.00
9A Shocking Accusation-Base Card101.00
10Justice, 1996-Base Card101.00
11A Chilling Sentence-Base Card101.00
12The Glass Puck-Base Card101.00
13The Deep Freeze-Base Card101.00
14Phoenix's Fate-Base Card101.00
15Parole Procedure-Base Card101.00
16Chaos Over Order?-Base Card101.00
17Phoenix's Parole Hearing-Base Card101.00
18Teddy Bear-Base Card101.00
19An Eye For Freedom-Base Card101.00
20Phoenix Takes Off-Base Card101.00
21"MurderDeathKill"-Base Card101.00
22The Computer Kiosk-Base Card101.00
23Put 'Em Up-Base Card101.00
24Death Ballet-Base Card101.00
25Explosive Results-Base Card101.00
26Spartan Defrosted-Base Card101.00
27"Where Am I?"-Base Card101.00
28San Angeles Museum-Base Card101.00
29Going For His Guns-Base Card101.00
30Spartan Hits The Streets-Base Card101.00
31Searching For Phoenix-Base Card101.00
32Ac-Mag Action-Base Card101.00
33Set For Battle-Base Card101.00
34The Power of Cocteau-Base Card101.00
35Police Brainstorming-Base Card101.00
3621st Century Taco Bell Restaurant-Base Card101.00
37Just Like Home-Base Card101.00
38Dinner at "The Bell"-Base Card101.00
39Spartan Spots Scraps-Base Card101.00
40Scrap Attack-Base Card101.00
41Defending Against the Scraps-Base Card101.00
42You're Under Arrest-Base Card101.00
43Early American Design?-Base Card101.00
44That's Progress?-Base Card101.00
45Old-Fashioned Values-Base Card101.00
46A Telling Scene-Base Card101.00
47Cocteau Confronted-Base Card101.00
48Going Down To Phoenix-Base Card101.00
49The Wasteland-Base Card101.00
50Instant Recognition-Base Card101.00
51The Ratburger-Base Card101.00
52The Friendly Truth-Base Card101.00
53Phoenix Preaches His Gospel-Base Card101.00
54What Are You Looking At?-Base Card101.00
55The Scent of Destruction-Base Card101.00
56Phoenix Finds His Man-Base Card101.00
57Wasteland Firestorm-Base Card101.00
58Up And Out-Base Card101.00
59The Chase Begins-Base Card101.00
60Fighting Dirty-Base Card101.00
61At Police Headquarters-Base Card101.00
62Cocteau Killed-Base Card101.00
63Night At The Cryo-Prison-Base Card101.00
64Spartan Returns-Base Card101.00
65Defrosting An Army-Base Card101.00
66Trapped in the Claw-Base Card101.00
67Ice Hockey, Anyone?-Base Card101.00
68Clearing A Path-Base Card101.00
69Phoenix's Head Rolls-Base Card101.00
70A New Beginning-Base Card101.00
71Edgar Friendly-Base Card101.00
72Lenina Huxley-Base Card101.00
73Simon Phoenix-Base Card101.00
74Associate Bob-Base Card101.00
75John Spartan-Base Card101.00
76Dr. Raymond Cocteau-Base Card101.00
77Alfredo Garcia-Base Card101.00
78Joel Silver-Base Card101.00
79Marco Brambilla-Base Card101.00
80Corvette Sting Ray III-Base Card101.00
81Chevrolet Camaro-Base Card101.00
82Pontiac Banshee-Base Card101.00
83Oldsmobile Aurora-Base Card101.00
84Buick Wildcat-Base Card101.00
85Cadillac Voyage-Base Card101.00
86GMC HX3-Base Card101.00
87Ultralite-Base Card101.00
88Pontiac Sunfire-Base Card101.00
89Cadillac Solitaire-Base Card101.00
90The Cryo-Prison-Base Card101.00
91The Compu-Kiosk Scene-Base Card101.00
92Spartan's Cryo-Puck-Base Card101.00
93Hot Scene-Base Card101.00
94The Ultralite Concept-Base Card101.00
95The "Scrap" Look-Base Card101.00
96The Cop of Tomorrow-Base Card101.00
97The Prison Guards-Base Card101.00
98Teamwork-Base Card101.00
99Checklist A-Base Card101.00
100Checklist B-Base Card101.00
F1John Spartan - S.A.P.D.FoilChase Card101.00
F2Simon PhoenixFoilChase Card101.00
F3The WastelandFoilChase Card101.00
F4Pontiac SunfireFoilChase Card101.00
S1Prototype (promo 1)-Promo Card101.00
S2Prototype (promo 2)-Promo Card101.00