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TCI Princess Diana. Queen of Hearts

TCI Princess Diana. Queen of Hearts

Jahr: 1997
Alle Karten: 50

Vorschau der Sammlung (100% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 1 / komplett: 2


1Princess Diana. Queen of hearts--101.00
2"The Family Portrait"--101.00
3"Saint Diana"--101.00
4"Will You Marry Me?"--101.00
5"The human touch"--101.00
6"Diana and her boys"--101.00
7Ski vacation in Austria--101.00
8"John Travolta and Princess Diana"--101.00
9The Royal Wedding on July 29, 1981--101.00
10"England's Rose"--101.00
11"The Future King and His Mam"--101.00
12"World Wide Humanitarian"--101.00
13"The Kiss"--101.00
14"Princess Diana and Prince William"--101.00
15"Passion for Fashion"--101.00
16"Mother Teresa and Princess Diana"--101.00
17"Queen of The People"--101.00
18"Darling Diana"--101.00
19"Prince William"--101.00
20"Ambassador of Goodwill"--101.00
21"Diana Frances Spencer"--101.00
22"The Smile"--101.00
23"Princess Diana and Prince Harry"--101.00
24"Princess Diana and Luciano Pavarotti"--101.00
25"Ambassador of Kindness"--101.00
26"Family Picnic"--101.00
27"Dazzling Diana"--101.00
28"Pope Jihn Paul II and Princess Diana"--101.00
29"Family Fun"--101.00
30"The Wedding Dress"--101.00
31"Hillary Clinton and Princess Diana"--101.00
32"Princess Diana and Prince Harry"--101.00
33"Her Royal Highness"--101.00
34"Princess of Wales"--101.00
35"Princess Diana and Princess Grace"--101.00
36"I love you mum"--101.00
37"Forever In our Hearts"--101.00
38The Prince and Princess of Wales--101.00
39Young Diana--101.00
40"Princess Diana and Queen Elisabeth II"--101.00
41"The New Diana"--101.00
42"Princess Diana and Prince William"--101.00
43"Britain's Best Ambassador"--101.00
44"Heirs To The Throne"--101.00
45"Picture Perfect"--101.00
46"God Bless You Diana"--101.00
47"Elton John"--101.00
48September 6, 1997 The final procession--101.00
49September 6, 1997--101.00
50"Flowers for The Princess"--101.00