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Topps Alien

Topps Alien

Jahr: 1979
Alle Karten: 106

Anzahl Sammler: 2 / komplett: 0


1The Nostromo-Base Card202.00
2Halls of Silence-Base Card202.00
3The Ship...Deserted-Base Card202.00
4Activated Star Helmet-Base Card202.00
5Electronic Conversation-Base Card202.00
6Emerging From Hypersleep-Base Card202.00
7Nostromo Interiors-Base Card202.00
8Captain Dallas-Base Card202.00
9Warrant Officer Ripley-Base Card202.00
10Executive Officer Kane-Base Card202.00
11Science Officer Ash-Base Card202.00
12Navigator Lambert-Base Card202.00
13Engineer Parker-Base Card202.00
14Technician Brett-Base Card202.00
15Introducing 'Jones'-Base Card202.00
16Crew of the Nostromo-Base Card202.00
17A Message from 'Mother'-Base Card202.00
18"Where's Earth?"-Base Card202.00
19Signals From Deep Space-Base Card202.00
20Ready to Land-Base Card202.00
21Asteroid Colony Design-Base Card202.00
22The Refinery-Base Card202.00
23The Planet in Sight-Base Card202.00
24Searing Electrical Fire!-Base Card202.00
25The Steamy Peril-Base Card202.00
26A Pensive Kane-Base Card202.00
27Futuristic Spacesuit-Base Card202.00
28Space Tug: Disengaged-Base Card202.00
29The Landing-Base Card202.00
30The Asteroid Explorers-Base Card202.00
31Walking to Derelict-Base Card202.00
32Bizarre Alien Landscape-Base Card202.00
33Grotesque Rock Formations-Base Card202.00
34Ash's Deception-Base Card202.00
35Explorers...Or Invaders?-Base Card202.00
36Nightmare Planet-Base Card202.00
37Dawn on the Devil World-Base Card202.00
38Dallas, Kane and Lambert-Base Card202.00
39The Derelict Spaceship-Base Card202.00
40Entrance to Derelict-Base Card202.00
41At Death's Door-Base Card202.00
42Mind-Boggling Sight!-Base Card202.00
43Fantastic Space Jockey-Base Card202.00
44Face of the Space Jockey-Base Card202.00
45Inspecting the 'Jockey'-Base Card202.00
46Sculpting the 'Jockey' Prop-Base Card202.00
47Creating a Space Jockey-Base Card202.00
48The Chamber Entrance-Base Card202.00
49Enter...the Hell Chamber!-Base Card202.00
50Egg Hatchery-Base Card202.00
51Kane's Discovery-Base Card202.00
52"Don't Touch it, Kane!"-Base Card202.00
53Unearthly Assault!-Base Card202.00
54Dressing a Movie Set-Base Card202.00
55Nostromo Tug Lifting Off-Base Card202.00
56Returning to the Refinery-Base Card202.00
57The Face Grabber-Base Card202.00
58Remains of a Monster-Base Card202.00
59The Last Supper-Base Card202.00
60The Thing Within Kane!-Base Card202.00
61The Chest Burster-Base Card202.00
62Alien Search Weapons-Base Card202.00
63The Search Begins-Base Card202.00
64"Oh, God...No! NO!"-Base Card202.00
65Hunting The Beast-Base Card202.00
66Dallas' Fate-Base Card202.00
67Ash...An Enemy?-Base Card202.00
68Struggle With Ash-Base Card202.00
69Ash Runs Amok!-Base Card202.00
70The Murderous Android-Base Card202.00
71The Secret Revealed-Base Card202.00
72"Where Can it Be?"-Base Card202.00
73Corridors of Nostromo-Base Card202.00
74Organic Spacecraft Design-Base Card202.00
75The Monster At Bay-Base Card202.00
76Unstoppable Horror!-Base Card202.00
77Escape Shuttle Narcissus-Base Card202.00
78It Lives to Destroy!-Base Card202.00
79Walking Nightmare!-Base Card202.00
80Spacesuit Storage Area-Base Card202.00
81Ripley Strikes Back!-Base Card202.00
82The Final Stand-Base Card202.00
83Blown Into Oblivion!-Base Card202.00
84The Survivor-Base Card202.00
S-1Engineer Parker-Stickers202.00
S-2Executive Officer Kane-Stickers202.00
S-3Captain Dallas-Stickers202.00
S-4Navigator Lambert-Stickers202.00
S-5Alien Search Weapons-Stickers202.00
S-6Shuttle Narcissus-Stickers202.00
S-7Space Jockey-Stickers202.00
S-8Nightmare Planet-Stickers202.00
S-9Nostromo Crew-Stickers202.00
S-10Asteroid Colony-Stickers202.00
S-11Ash's Deception-Stickers202.00
S-12Technician Brett-Stickers202.00
S-13Science Officer Ash-Stickers202.00
S-14Warrant Officer Ripley-Stickers202.00
S-15The Space Jockey-Stickers202.00
S-16Where Can It Be?-Stickers202.00
S-18Space Colony-Stickers202.00
S-19On The Planet-Stickers202.00
S-20"Where's Earth?"-Stickers202.00
S-21Dallas and Kane-Stickers202.00